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General Q&A

Lesson 7 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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Lesson Info

7. General Q&A

Lesson Info

General Q&A

I'm doing for you guys I'm showing you laying myself bare with these horrible videos because I want you to know I have the night my head I really want you guys to learn the easy way and just what if anyone's a bit confused because it looks like is this a fusion course we've just seen like videos I had to tell you my story into the journey and this was the truth and now we're going to hit fusion from now onwards in and in some ways now this makes it not scary because you don't have to do some crazy hollywood six camera should we're talking about ten seconds sections video the shoot I'm going to play you next is a shoot with a really beautiful couple it was a lovely english touch wedding the couple were really arty I'm quite into something new and this is why I would say I've had a lot of people say to me how you selling fusion my clients are not asking for fusion there's no market for it I would say of course your clients don't know what fusion iss we don't even know what fusion is how ...

are they going to ask for a sofa may it was about pitching a bit like with a client in my own juggle work how does the client know unless you don't show them or educate them so I pitched this to verity and um the they didn't have a budget for a videographer or for our fourteen and I said some how about I play around with confusion view of course they didn't know what that meant, but I'm going to just take snippets of video throughout the day and put it in with my siding stills I will show you on day three the e mail they sent me that they've let me show everybody because it speaks volumes off what clients actually received this whole moving images and still shots on what they think not what we think what they think the pros and cons of that wass esso on that now I also heard someone film may film this all day long I have to say huge thank you to my second shooter linda johnson I know you're watching she keeps me sane so let's say when you were playing on a big wedding video fusion it's great to have a second photographer that you know has your back that you know has shorts covered I don't have to worry linda goes does linda's thing and then I'm just thinking photography, video, photography, video all day and managing my client so without linda thank you without you probably couldn't afford this off on we have behind the scenes as well former because a few people didn't believe I did this solo um but then to complete that was that um so hey guy somebody asked me recently trying to find my love for you. I'm gonna be thinking about it on this is what I came up with. I love the smile I love your cackle when being missed aegis I love your city voices although I'm a carriage state I love the fact that you love the arts and of course all things chocolatey. Can we take a little time? That porch in a rocking chair leave the lad on army mean you out there reminisce every moment passed. Father time share yuan are growing old together we stood face toe ever want nano. You're muscle collapse of us for going to take it slow little things you do I love about you hold you close like the day we met him. What your last golden sky tonight star tell a story good on my tonight on I just know that I know it. Beautiful. I love your staggering organizational skills and prowess. Well, I love also your passion. Join despite I love the way that you get cross when I'm stubborn very, very rarely stubborn. Some come up some more honey shared of adultery colors on the leaves are changing seasons move in and stay aware of time go we got some history a little bit older never you still looks good to me not know you are mad so I got a lot of us were going to take a small little things you do I love about you hold your course of the day we met much love for sky tonight star love your attraction to observe but I love you I love your attention and just wait do I love the fact that I turned government gotten into a lot of reasons why I love chatting with smooth arrest in iraq chance you sicken me background way time share today I've gained the most astonishing you wise on something that I know all share life's ups and downs with with a great story and you must soul good laugh off of smoke gonna take slow little things you do I love about you hold you close of the day we men watching last golden sky tonight story way be beautiful just just ah ah very, very proud indeed just to say husband's you're my soul mate and I love you with all my heart go ahead yeah, just a quick question that was fantastic hey, people are asking about the music and licensing you want to talk about that now do we have that coming? We're going to talk about that my great but I do use some freedom on the music bed on dh then also composers what I would say it have some amazing giveaways from some freedom a music boet sam freebie songs on some freedom occasionally do every three months they do like nineteen, ninety nine dollars for any track I was spent the whole day listening three tracks I like it just by whole chunk so sometimes what's good is to kind of have a host of music ready because you're fine when you're editing and peace I'll be like this track doesn't see this couple what this track it's gonna be great for this couple so up until now I've never got a track in my head and visualize shot by shot to track I will always just shoot and then find a track and it was only with my crazy fairy tale shoot that I'll show you on the last day that I knew shot by shot what I wanted to the track because I wasn't gonna have enough time to edit it to bring it to create a life and I wanted you to see it s some people do other ways around, but I know the lights obviously in hollywood they will have a composer post from there yeah and it is don't news normal music yeah, you can on actual delivery of videos or blue rays if you buy the licenses, but you can on the internet, eso using like, I don't know, take that song or something. Kinds will ask you, I want a song to me. I have full reign over this trader on the music because this is my cells piece kind of and clients almost agree to that this is my free rein, creativity, and then on their main format, it will use whatever music they want from a problem. Any questions for you guys? You're saying that the music that was on the video you've just shown was music that you had composer with. Okay, sure, now you're able you label to put that one like, I guess, on your website and whatnot, and yeah, so then your client says, hey, we love that song, but who want this other song? So you actually probably the longer versions if you're filming a film on the delivery of our form, products are forty five minutes for a wedding, so it's not actually that along, but then we need several tracks along with audio, so we'll get them to give us like, six, eight, ten different songs that they really love on, we'll work it around. But my kinds honestly incredible they leave a lot of it to me and I'm like whatever you think best we trust you it's a bit like you don't hire a photographer and then tell them how to take the shorts is very similar zing if you love myself of photography trust me and I together with the team it will mirror as long as it mirrors and that's what you like and you like trailers then we want to produce something quite different here you can probably see now from everyone is ready different on my wedding albums of the same for me is about them it's not about may and if they're really touchy feely then we'll have a really romantic music if they're not and they're just really hilarious and funny and comedic and not not touching you I have to try and mirror them in my films and photos then just go couple number two imposed three and location for it's gonna be boring for anyone doing that so and it pushes your boundaries creativity to kind of let me try something up tempo let me try something slower uh okay um on one point about that video was it was glad cam as well yeah, because I'm shooting solo eso I literally shot most of that with amon ipod and I go I can some of it was shot without me even behind the camera so you're probably wondering no one's asked the question yet. Puglia, how did I film and photograph them walking out the isle? I was photographing and if you notice in the speeches, you could see a flash going off, I was photographing so what we're going to do now set up and I will show you how I did some of those things that I'm pretty focusing or guessing focus, we're going to go for the focus and leaving this something like this rolling and I'm taking stills behind it thiss way I'm concentrating on what I have to get the shot where dominic winks, a camera I was outside photographing the bride's arrival didn't even know that was going on. They wink at each other, they things about our great because I get a bonus for teach you when I get back, I'm like, oh, this is cool, okay on dh, sometimes you won't get up, so what I would say is don't bank on the bonus stuff, the camera's rolling, unmanned, make sure you know what you need on again. Really? There was too much video in that piece for me again. I have others lows that I didn't put in there, I could have had a full film trailer that day. And actually linda was really good was like cheating too much video shooting to my studio yeah, but I just want what about this was gonna be very good in the film where this bert and even if I speak about I could never have planned that dominic was going to say what he said about verity and the minute I heard him say that was like that's my film trevor that's my fusion hey that's my audio but what I did do is make sure I got the service and just love mike tim with my zoom and just let it roll and I was like all of the speeches so then I would have generally got it from that, so if he speech wasn't great, I would have eased the fouls or bits of other audio when now you say you had your camera just set up just to record like the ceremony itself, okay, so you think I'm just gonna get going shut off twelve minutes or whatever it said it said, ok, I get ten minutes and thirty seconds to get back over here to turn it back on and whatnot so you would just set it up different I guess every ten minutes you've said in a new location and see if you can't move not in a church and where they put me in that church for me doesn't the edit could move oh, so you just like in there once, but I can't even get photos of the couple at one point I was like, oh, good backs of heads on dh then they moved over to some chairs on every photographer, filmmaker, whatever you do, you're going to get that you just had to make the best of what I had, and then I noticed the candles and the vicar I thought you were going to fix bull, why mating, but choose to do the video snippets at the safe points don't do it on the kiss the sun and registers the ring none of that's in here because I'm just taking stills have to now that stuff all the other stuff, which fills our is snippets of video, okay, so it's, almost like I don't think that you're filming solo are for wedding I was starting this's a just really cute ten second bits that will help told story. So when dominate talks about her smile, what was great as I already knew, I kind of captured her laughing in the morning, so I'm sticking that when he says and I love your smile and then she sees her smile thinks that so basically you should be rolled in a sense, yeah, totally apart from maga speeches is tougher, but again, we're going to go through the life wedding couple edit we're going to show you how I set up the aisle on dh faked that show I shouldn't call it cheating that's going cheese making life easy we're going to actually shoot the isle on the couple and show you the pre focus we're going to do bridal perhaps, but a brighter perhaps on dh interviews for the bride and groom to normally in the morning as you saw some of the other videos if you have a story or snippets of great audio, you don't even need to see their faces so a lot of that his whole speech you only saw his face talking for a few seconds and then you just saw a couple shots is that what you would use in the h h find for you switch it on leave it for the whole service haven't gotta worry about stop starting if I have audio synch to this camera every time I stop filming the audio stops recording okay? I don't want that I want to be after she stills video whatever on the knowing that I've got a safe really good quality audio now you put it that way so you know you're putting it by a by speaker somewhere or me oh, you haven't only but but the mikes I guess well, so like what we've got on or here on dh then I know money would check with headphones just before we start and do a check with him and then I just leave it running okay, so he's might he look like and again when we talk about placement where to place it? So we get all three that's fantastic victoria do a video shot list I haven't done because it used to be in my head but for verities I haven't got it with me but I planned shot by shore. What would do is on the whiteboard session and the editor when we dissected are right out because I knew I would get more footage in the morning and exactly what it wanted audio it was totally planned before even got there so it wasn't like a winged it if that makes sense so I need the snippets that wanted and then on the day I happened to get more stuff that was really great thank you and I will show you a have an app called storyboards for the biggest shoots have done will show you that day to editing we'll go through that and a three sorry is editing and you khun storyboard stuff this free aps everywhere for it now really and it helps when you're working with kids so my kids she not that fusion ship but my kid's film issue I wanted to show them what I wanted them today and it's a really cool piece of software and you had mentioned glide cam for this shoot? Was it the mark three and the I was using my tears this is almost too and this is the other this's the other thing that I wanted to come on here I could've bought mark threes I could have always see three hundred just going to make this work the proves that you can make it work on the lenses twenty four, twenty five, seventy, two hundred and macro that's it cool as you tell us sixteen to thirty five on the girl I cam on if anyone hasn't asked me this question which I'm surprised, how are my focusing on nikolai? Come on, moving someone should have asked that question we'll ask, how are you focusing on there is I haven't got it with me a sixteen to thirty five there is a sweet spot, so when we start talking about focusing, we need to think about hyper focal lens, which is a photographer. We kind of have a day where just click and auto focus so depending on what aptitude on what lens where's your you're whipped the fuel in focus and not on playing with that so that's what I do a lot, I'm thinking hyper focal ems a ll the time all day on making my life easy, the sixteen to thirty five of you have a really for wise was show actually when we carry on or have someone was a grab a sixteen thirty five on my bag, at some point I'll show you exactly where it is, and you almost have it infinity focus. So I know that if it comes from here is in and it's in, probably all the way here and then maybe it's out. So if you can imagine, I could do a shot from looks like focus pull out in and is not as I stay here, right the way around you it's always going to be in focus because, like any steadicam rig or a glide cam, you cannot be doing this it's gonna mess the balance, okay, thank you question way! I would explain what I'm going to twenty in three days is I am basically you're going to try and drink our water holes that's the only way I could explain it, but I'm gonna blast you with everything I know, and this is why I think it is great to have the course nights, every wind and quit watching this, but I don't want you to walk away from three days and not having as much as I can give you that makes sense, so it is a lot to take on the water. Trying to drink from it but it will sink in tow even post in the next month in the next couple of months when you're filming you'll get nuggets of light bulb movements that go uh this is what she meant so question from the internet from sunny day wants to know the short clips that you've been showing us are these trailers on lee or do you deliver a longer video to the clients four fusion pieces this is let's see what they're getting because it's just a woman it is just me on my own shooting stills and video four weddings and a full on cinematography we deliver forty five minutes on a film trailer but in the disc we will have the force ceremony is almost like an l a takers and extras and also the first dance on dh speeches but rather than have like a four five our wedding video is going to be boring I don't want continuous I have this thing with my editors if I want to do this fast forward on board it's not good enough that's reek artless cut it down and we are potentially trying to get it down to twenty minutes which is kind of insane but it is more we want a film that people would just watch and watch and watch no mom and dad will come round to watch the four, five hours and we'll watch it was a couple and everyone watching again and this is what the trailers people sent on facebook online, worldwide. For people that can make the wedding, people just watch a much, much.

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