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Keys to Success

Lesson 33 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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33. Keys to Success

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Lesson Info

Keys to Success

So let's talk about the fun stuff we talked about run the bank and then we talked about getting inspiring change the bank what stops us is fear we all know what we want to go to and what we want teo but the whole thing for mayor was I have lived my whole life and therefore until I went to tony robbins convention I still have here called you p w if you have no head of tiny weapons I am a little bit of tony robbins I like your hair like hauling course ismail lightbulb moments every sentences and on stairs is a lightbulb moment on this is why form a kind of I have people that inspire me in the industry but those guys the entrepreneurs that people that changing maya's bill gates doing stuff in african it doesn't need thio these people think differently these people would talk about being realistic little bit later on dh kind of people that told we had a quick conversation on the break that everyone might be in the interest you're saying he has been done before I got told the fusion is not ...

going to take off even for like a week before I left here on a facebook post and they were saying to me several people saying to me that we talked about it five years ago I was never going to happen is never gonna happen everyone has an opinion but sometimes you know, in your girl don't listen and just keep kinds I would say definitely take everything kin and then make a choice so I'm going to talk about roughly how I conquered fear I wouldn't say conquering fair I went to this convention nine I was gonna walk across hot coals bare foot and I couldn't get round in my head I was like, yeah, five thousand people it was like a rock concert for four days this man did not take a break we did not have tea break lunch break it started at one nine am we finished eleven p m one day he went straight three, two, two a m I was like man does me stopped the way we're running I wouldn't even really ate you grab stuff in the morning we were running to the lose to come back because you're going to miss something he was like amazing. So then I was like, all day I'm waiting on first that yeah, yeah how do we do this thing? Okay, maybe it's just not for real because you can't physically walk on hot coals but we all did and I do have a video of myself I was told I was not allowed to film myself I had a gopro grease meat on the light flashing off they said that it was just too dangerous of course I am! I'm going to listen now by complaining video because the words coming out of my head as I was walking across the hot coals do you telephone cannot be forecast anyway for may, what I thought I was going for was to conquer fear and to walk west fire boy was over on because the next two or three days that was easy the next two or three days was more about not believing myself thinking I'm not good enough all the things that we all do and trying to tackle that somehow so that nobody has been just gone one these things or listen to his downloads just he will change the way you think and society makes you think a certain way and we we get bored up with it in school and no one questions that these guys are the top they question it that unreasonable? So what I would say is I learned to dance of fear teo teo after rent on the break if he could warn us strictly come dancing it is a very english thing, but I know you guys have it here I'm not actually really totally going to make you dance way wantto okay? You're a strong man, I am yes somewhere so grandpa home theis fear I I am may I kind of try and pull against fear yeah, I can't do it it's hard he's strong however, this is a really stupid nosey but I know you guys are crazy. What am I doing it now? Thank ee if I try and run away from fear try and conquer fear I know strong is the answer never going to be strongest with fear is never not gonna be in your life you've got a dance with her and what that really means is you know, a jump on the band working with it and turn it into excitement about you ok, I'm nervous I'm fearful behind go in I'm moving, I'm taking steps in one direction I am walking across fire because I'm not a fear is going to stop me here I know how good I'm going to feel when I get there and then this is why you guys up with my crazy I wear this every day now to remind mei when I down really I walked across hot coals and I did and five thousand other people did with mei was amazing I'm going to move on because questions just go check out any weapons he's amazing um this I want some interaction from everybody and I'm going to beg and plead that I know what it's like when I'm working at home and I'm watching creative live and I'm triple toe asking I need you to do this for may there is method to my madness I've really thought this course through and I need the light bulb moment and I need you to do this so you can all stand up for you guys too I can't make jim stand up but june is going to do this too from his chair he's gonna stand up come forward you have to trust me I'm gonna talk you through this but those your home this is easier because you can close your eyes you can look silly at home wherever you are you watching find somewhere where nobody is watching and we are going to do put your feet together santa will shake albert okay, put your arm up and right in front of you and point a finger you can after three, we're going to see how far we can turn around when you two really remember that point ready? One, two, three go. Okay, remember what? You get to come back round. Yeah, I'm down. We're gonna visualize don't we need to move close your eyes take a deep breath and I want you to imagine your arm slowly coming up don't you keep your arm down your arm now is in front of your body then I want you to imagine turning all the way around, but don't move to the point where you just pointed tio you're gonna come back down, your arm goes back down when they don't want more time you know I was going to come up to the top we're going to do it again keep going round keep going round you're going to go past the point you just went really see that you're going past that point to like another twenty five percent I'm back down last go we're gonna visualize a ll the way up now now you've got an hour head on you you're going to turn three sixty see it happened a ll the way round we're right back to beginning, okay? Wake up, shake it out now and if the real daddy ok, your mom turn for may as far as you can go now, how much further did everyone turn? I want to get some food back from home hopefully this is working you guys to go further five percent why? Why didn't like I was five time I wasn't scared the second time I wasn't I didn't I knew what to buy you guys some sort of vision of it have a reason for I was gonna go because you say they go further than you went before to go our way around so it's like why why don't we not go is like physically, yeah, we worked out proceed limitation yeah, kind of yeah that's why I'm getting out but everything we dio we already have what I call the glass ceiling the temperature gauge if I could have some feedback from the internet how much further did they go give you a couple of minutes so for me is like a thermostat okay when the thermostat is turned up and the room is cold that will get hotter and hotter and hotter and then what will happen? It will stop it'll cut up in the family come on so again, even someone who's physically fit or whatever subconsciously you have a ceiling point and this is when pricing as well we'll get to fill there will be something morally inside you that makes you feel like he could charge what you could and charging too much is too much it's not right to earn money with a job I really love you know these people like tiny robin's richard branson they don't it's not about the money and it's not a guilt trip guess what? They don't have a sudden glass ceiling they don't shove a limitation here. What I really want to explain to you just that with how many seconds do we have a minute of visualization? I know what happened did you suddenly get fitter? No from what? What yoga um and this is what I'm talking about the four minute mile and you guys would know this more about them the uk so fault like roger bannister up until he ran a four minute mile it was impossible no one could do it guess how many people did it afterwards up to this day everybody is in like where I've actually written down somewhere it lasted forty six days okay? And then twelve people running why was that? Because they took that it couldn't be done away. Yeah, why did roger on the four minute mile he believed he could do it? Yeah, he had night training he wasn't fair hey had visualized millions of times that it was possible so your brain his brain has said it was possible but it just shows you unless someone else does it first don't wait for everybody to do fusion this's when I've got to say my first year I went back to s w p p and suddenly I was like my closest so no one in this room knows that wow, I have another year wow, I'm so grateful and so thankful because I would not be here if I wasn't trying to do something different. If I didn't take a gamble everyone is the same as everyone will tell you that it's impossible there's keep asking the questions here from the internet yeah, fantastic so tracy martin twenty percent further j's photo probably thirty percent further wedding bill all the way around and your and your friend craig in vancouver tripped over grischa craig I love you if it wasn't for craig I wouldn't be here craig is the one that recommended that I come on this show and somehow they said yes so I love you and thank you and hopefully everyone is liking what I'm doing so there's good just remember that when you think the impossible isn't impossible and I find this really hard this is still new for may like trying to visualize I need to really visualize the world line than the kid but I still don't believe it until I do and why it happened um we funny enough talked about this last night about the whole method off fear you're gonna have a cost of battle you're gonna be like going backwards forwards backwards dance with it a bit then you're gonna get fearful in time paul then you dance with it and come back and for me this martin luther king speech is really about do you know what if you can't fly one you can't even walk you can't walk core and then I had a bit of a move by your now is move millimeters even when you were crying and had enough and you want to quit just get up the next day and move a millimeter do you know how many people fell this close to make here there's ninety five percent of businesses are this close and they give up from there my poor coach and it's actually quite happy that he's uh because he was going to give you some home truths about me. But why have I got a coach it's really different from this industry? I even think it's quite an american thing to get coach it. This is really not a british thing, but for may, I missed the accountability I wrote down stuff that I wanted to do. I went to s w p p every year and wrote the same notes and had inspirational speakers. I was like, I've got to do this, I need to do twitter need to do my block. I need to look at my finances, I'm doing what? The next year I'd write the same notes down oh, but I'll need to shoot the weddings I've gotta retouch on busy, busy, busy and the thing I left my job was because I wanted to be my own boss and I found myself feeling like I need a kind of off I need someone to kick my butt. I need someone to be tough for me to drive me to kind of go you really want to do this, why you're not doing it and the other probe thing for me is jeff is not in the industry I didn't want to have someone, so I think it's really good to have a photography mental, but get a business mental almost jeff does like a life coach to his time and help me get a life but it's a tough job I didn't tell him that one, I hide it, but someone to give you that reality check why are you editing for five days a week? Well, you know, when I'm a photographer, a on dh excuse an excuse on excusing your photography. Yeah, yeah let's, let's talk about how tough the industry is and what this is his business, what you doing? You have a choice you don't wanna do it disintegrated and there's a little kind of that whole I think the danger of keeping in our industry and not dipping our is the we were really easy on each other so kind. I tried the mentoring thing between man's and photographers. We just weren't good excuses. We call it a kind of high level procrastination. So it's not procrastinating dossier and not working is protocol estimation let's do all the other stuff that's not as important as the really big scary everything that I'm scared to do and a coach may not be right for you the other thing I want to really thank therefore it's jeff gave me almost had to explain this jeff goes me the option to dream this is going to sound nuts behind courage to me tio not think the normal to not think I haven't got twenty five years experience dad, why don't you give me a camera? I don't really know what I'm doing people thought I should stay in banking was stupid I was really good at my job he gave me the it's cool it's cool to know what dream whatever dream dream so I love jeff for that as well it wasn't a family member my mom is my book my mom is going to tell me I'm great but there she is quite good she's quite critical my mom is never going to kind of really tell me the real truth or let me get away with stuff and I'll give excuses she doesn't know she's not in the industry um and jeff has no hidden agenda I'm not talking about another photographer that maybe wearing oh, I don't need to get really successful because then you're going to nick my clients you see the hole? Um jeff was supposed to come on in here and talk about so people that have the money hire a coach for people that don't what do you do and things I think about this you have the whole tiny robinsons in the mastermind graves so what does tony do? Tony is great a lot of stuff but he brings in front turn his marketing brenda bouchard all these amazing people they all are buddies and talk to each other and mastermind together we've got to stop being scared to talk to her competition I am great buddies my film competition we film for each other if there is a huge gig on we are going to tag together because I trust them maitresse may and then we can put on the best of the best in the industry u k for that job I said again who? No no no what if they still my client I just want to challenge you this is all about is lost that challenge you to think different mane um so like masterminds set up masterminds between go picture photographer look a chase jarvis how did he get to where he is? This is not normal for photographer this is a dream this is a vision and he pull he went down hard with his co founders to make this work and why is he doing it for him? Really no for you guys and you guys watching for free ninety nine dollars really on whatever they say he's doing it to give back to this industry we wanted to be better chase is one of these great people chase does not have a glass ceiling here I would love to meet chase and put all that I want to meet you chase I want to know where chases glass ceiling is where he's goals our names are on that no I am going to give the one to one scott of session to this amazing woman sing here can't see but those of you in the audience have been listened to her drop the kleins she worked with oprah bill clinton they just cindy crawford and like that swap come and teach you what woman ideo so for you I would love you to have the one to one with your and then you have to call me afterwards because I see my courage is just just amaze me for normal and gives me courage and pushes me and help me get to where I want to get to and he's amazing and jeff I know you could make it you're probably feeling really bad but it's cool you don't have to tell everybody how I rate and tough I am on myself and everything else that he would say okay, we can move on this is good, we didn't do the jackal can four cases success that's what the first one is I know what you want I did not know what I wanted, I can't let me do what I did I wanted as many weddings as I could in my first year I also know what you want be careful about what you won did I just think I got what I wanted I wanted a lot of weddings I was just like if I should let the waiting's yeah yeah yeah this is how it is just one of many but it is I can slit my wrists at the end of that year I killed it well you know I want to go back to banking it's not fun I'm not enjoying it how people can say they love weddings I'm not enjoying this um why do you wantto this similar to the wisdom thing to say I could say I want to be on I wanted to give me a because it'll be easy if we talk it through it give me a goal what do you want give me something big that you won't have a photography anything anything I would like to be able to take my wife and kids on a vacation okay why do you want I've never been on one oh god I need a sponsor to give teo been on a vacation because you were working right you ever seizure was working at war yeah like for my entire in my entire life I mean we yeah okay, I'm gonna keep putting as well so he wants a vacation why do you wantto because you never had one day I'm out think what do you really wanna no that's no good. I was doing tio tio let's pick another itself. Okay, question. What do you want me to go? I want to have a career back bigger and better than I had. Good. Why? Because I believe that I have the experience that I can do it in a different way. Why play with me? Because I stated I stayed home and had a life. Why? I'm gonna keep asking if that was important to me at that time why kick it? So I want the life better jordan, don't go into the past that's the but yeah. So you want your career back? Yes, why do you wantto? Because now I think I'll appreciate it more than I did back then. Why? Because I was so busy doing it that I didn't have time to stop. I could keep going, but basically what I want to get out with dana is we're really good at the first point. The second point is really tough. You have to keep asking why? Because sometimes you don't know why you want something? Is it just tick books? Is it a call with everyone says you should have? Why is more to do with feelings? It will make me for this I can then be a blessing I will get happy it will make me pay crowd not the mystery the general it's all I know how did it's it's what god could mia's the guest because you want to give yeah that's it that will give you this number to is what helps kick their butt because number one this's why photographers we never get anything done we're really gonna go I want to do this I want to do that and make this list and make this plan but then if I don't really know why I want her I'm never gonna have enough drive to do it on when the going gets tough I'll never be able to push through so keep even audience takes him time to this is so hard today it took me when I went away on that plane in antigua even creative life didn't come from anywhere on before you do anything when I was putting my slides together I went three days what's my goal why do I want those goals and then create a massive action plan? Okay, so this is if we put it into I'm going to use the tony robbins and energy I wanna lose way that's my girl why don't I want at least way? Because I want to look like I did back in banking now I want to feel good one ofyour healthy vitality I want to feel alive and I want to live on ted bruce chocolates and then I go, I will run every day for away or every day for half a hour, then I twist my ankle and all my girl's got a window and I just get back to normal in your creative, massive action plan. Then let me speak several ways to get there, and the last point is review change at that if I can't run, I can't go swimming if I can't swim, I'll pump ways, whether I'll take diet, I won't eat and we could talk it there's a million ways. Richard branson did not get to where he was because he knew the journey he knew why he wanted her and he went, if this isn't what I do this this is what I'll try this this isn't right that climate stuff I want to help you give you the tools that I go out ofthe u p w with tony robbins, because this for me massive light bulb moment and even jeff, this is what's great with jeff, why do you want these things that I write down? Really? Oh, and this is when I watch a bit of sandy park, if we had a terminal illness tomorrow, are we all going to want to go out and photograph and film and kind of doing this stuff? That's not in my equation, atal so the good thing with this is use this for business uses for life, and when you do your business plan, work out what? Why is that? I want these things, and then when an opportunity comes up, I used to get swayed down another path you go? No, because this did not get me. This doesn't get me these things, it's not right for may instead of going oh, yeah, but I just keep visualizing focus if there are any questions. Yeah, there's a quote from nigel marsh that I watch ted talks so spend probably now, a lot of my time trying to get my drive and my inspiration and push myself harder and tougher. And this was on ted talks. There are thousands and thousands of people out there leading nice of quiet, screaming desperation when they work long hours, hard jobs hate on, they hate the jobs to enable them to buy things that they don't need to impress people, and they don't even like that is your go to work in a box, eat breakfast in a box, come home and watch a box. I don't want that life, I want to challenge myself, I want to dream I wanna live, and nigel march that for me was my life, yeah, good money, I had a home I was working long hours, I did the box box box box and then what did I do for I went on holidays or I got drunk what handbags and shoes I don't need any of that I just want to feel alive and I want I want I want to live so this is really hard for me overnight success does not happen overnight and everyone kind of the best people in the world you'll see people pop up those people did not get there by click of a finger there are sacrifices and what I wanted to talk about is that it all seems rosy I want to give you two lines of my career so far and the first one is I had a dream a safari that I would just be one with this camera I called my dream I somehow I have a career it's been a well wind I've had success beyond success I love what I do my work is amazing my clients of the best climbers in the world I'm achieving crazy stuff that I could never ever dream off and it seems I can write it down that's happening said she quite speaking out and it's just incredible and my friends and family are so proud of may let me give you the other point and if I went on to go on this is not true by the way I'm manning millions of pounds and I have a yard and I drive up in a bentley and I keep going you will all slightly turn off may yeah now let me tell you a different story but it's the same story so I gave my life up head one day off the whole of the first year I was working even christmas day I went down and I sat in that room my retouched will come in and come out my friends thought I had a lovely time you two as traveling around the world even you three I was in ten countries in five days and everyone thinks it's glamorous and lovely where I'm on a plane I'm tired this is why I can't kill myself of elephants I'm having what I call a mini mental breakdown the first year crying my eyes out because it's so hard to learn fusion because there's no one to teach may and because I feel failure as a comic it works a shot in the wrong shutter speeds and that I could say to you I didn't line I was taken on too much working too much I felt too honor to my clients to say no they were begging me to book me because I had such great pharaohs so I shoot three weddings back to back in london I will never fly and she wore wedding the next day aboard this couple begged may so we shot three a team got food poisoning the night before luckily I switched them up I have three hours state on the way to airport I have shooting pains I don't feel good stand up in the own planner passed out girl on the plane the whole journey put linda is going you have to shoot this wedding please you have to shoot this wedding get off the plane I'm all good to go you're really sick still the groomsmen of my groom is picking us up from the airport to our journey and I can't I'm not still very sick she takes me to the doctors I get injections I get told I must lay down arrest what do I do know I have to shoot this way I tell the greens man because I thought I'm gonna have to go and I sit in the car like this I then five minutes before we get a green space jump out that car throw up on my hands and knees in front of them well go on then I feel great and shoot my wedding and I'm fine or should a groom spreads I'm sick all day long but they don't know because I'm holding together I'm like for the service can take my shop and I don't normally move further service I'm moving because I feel like I'm gonna pass out and then I got a four hour break laying on the beach because everyone was eating that I should have learned my lesson. Yeah, why was that not a seafood? I think killing myself three months later when they're just going to me. So down I have three days before I'm going the one of my dreams himalayas documentary undercover making a difference in people's lives. And I felt pain in my side. I was running. I had an ex army personal trainer that I said to him, I have three weeks to get fit to track the himalayas and carry twenty five kilos of my back. And I haven't been to the gym in eight years. He did a good job, but I had tourney my goin five years before that and didn't realize I ended up in any didn't want haven't I beg my mom to take me from annie back home for my clients so I could do my emails and back again. You would have thought you'd learned. Yeah, and then I had a hernia, but you do have it in the blessing either. I met jeff as a referral I had have a holiday, my health stopped. May I have physically couldn't walk and then working, and that is when I learned to drink, that is when I had creative life, the other thing that I regret this day is there was something really big on with a big celebrity and my mom's sister was very ill, but that wish is going to be fine and I went to do the job and she passed away and I wasn't there for a job, so I want to say to you, do you know, do what I did and put my business fair sometime in the hard way that your family had time editing in front of that pc I don't have kids, but damn you kids know her mom or dad well given give way deserve to get paid now get a move on wow, I didn't want to come in here for three days and not tell you bit of truth it's not all rosy, but I'm hoping I'm going to the light now I'm hoping that whole when I showed you that outside of being your hero, I lied she was on my hands and knees just how they helped by what this out didn't have created five why didn't you have someone on here? Tio um okay oh let's go let's move keeping it together now okay, so not home any breakdown or talk about whenever I feel like doing that now I'm like tony robbins same oven I'm not giving up, I'm not giving up, I'm going to keep warning calling calling on this for mai is everyone thinks that brick wall is there for a reason right you can get through it read this quite this quiet is amazing the brick walls are there for a reason the great cause of there not to keep us out the cause of their to give us a chance to show how badly we want something that brit cause of those there who stopped people who don't want it badly enough they're there to stop other people please I beg you this guy is a really long thing to watching youtube nothing is gonna stand my zing so we were goingto kick down the walls now no more tears no what is come on positive let's go so I am at this time dana I want out dana both if you're an amazing people but they know take a minute I'm gonna ask damon come up here until her story about a failure because I don't have one as good okay I have one is good I want you guys to guess what the audience could guess the audience we know some of these these people look at these clothes after being cut from high school basketball team he went home and got himself in a room and cried right he got cut from his basketball team at school tonight here this is my children what happens if michael jordan would have listened to that coach at the time no disrespect to the coat he wasn't able to speak to him he was nearly four years old and his teacher said he would never amount to much yeah hey wasn't time come on never amount to much what is it, eh lacking imagination come on that wasn't his report card he created this tio no written ideas this is what I say to you be unreasonable be reasonable but being unreasonable richard branson tony robbins these guys did not listen to this steve jobs he has changed the world and how we use technology I'm not seeing this one for may this one for me is the biggest one too stupid to learn anything is going to field where might succeed by virtually every his present pleasant personality thomas edison yeah be unreasonable these people did not have it easy. These people did not just walk the path these people took a risk on dana if I can ask you to come up to come up and do it yeah nizhny buckle because you inspire may owe but I have I have to start with saying it it did happen for me overnight it did it was good it did and it's like I was at the right place at the right time and I don't believe in luck but I was just like it the right place at the right time when I was twenty one twenty two I just totally my career I would had pictures in time magazine so I might my career went so fast that when it stopped I fell really hard so that's but there in the beginning tell them your story when I know don't it did not have overnight success that we should go back to the first shoot table. This is the second year I was in nineteen eighty four the olympics were in los angeles and in london's sunday times twenty four years old in the london sunday pines asked me to photograph rupert murdoch for the cover the linton sunday times so I went to the beverly wilshire hotel I had my tripod set up I hired my first assistant to make sure everything was I wasn't going to shake and everything was I never shoot with a tripod ever so that's another reason I love your class so I had it all set up and mr murdock, please stand there in the lobby of that had the whole the operating theatre of australian, the background projected and transparency film and seven shots and I said that's it shook my human shit he goes that's all you get me walked away and I started and I didn't use a motor drive because I wanted to feel the film go through and as I started going there was no assistant didn't load the camera so I ran up to the studio and twenty four years old like mr merrick that there was no film in the camera he goes tough tough and I walked away and I called my agent in new york who's french and I said, hey leon, you won't believe this but there was no film in the camera and she's laughing and she was has you hysterical and she goes and her french accent she said, my darling, you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs welcome to sigma so sigma was like one of the biggest agents he's like gamma like corbis and graham are getting out so fast forward two years later and then I get a call from newsweek magazine thing we have an assignment for you, and everybody in the industry knew about that all the photojournalists knew about my experience with rupert murdoch, so I get a call from someone who knew about what happened to me. She was like an assignment for you eight on april first I said, what is that rupert murdoch? It says april fools, you've gotta be joking because no, now you want to go his office that I'd go up to his office no assistant just me get in there, don't say anything to him photograph them ran in newsweek magazine like it well picture this big story on him I'm walking on sunset boulevard two years later he writes a biography where he writes a book about himself or he bought the picture that I took of him for his book cover so it's like you know I didn't rub it in his face but it was the I thought my cur ended before it started so to have no film in the camera the first time I shot him and not a backup assistant or a backup camera to having the cover of his book was pretty I challenge anyone out there that they have a bigger failure than the way you you still had an amazing career anyway he was bewitched away through it just proves if you would have given up on being devastated well what have you been? You wouldn't have had the career the fact that you just went ok I must up olen no the agent said you need to know when on my refrigerator you gotta come on right someday it says my one sticker on my refrigerator says never never never never give out and winston churchill so I'm right now my career even though it sounds like celebrity was celebrity stuff I am on my knees crawling right now it will pay off how we doing with twitter followers what do we have a twitter handle? You figure out the toy I will put it on mine and I'm taking you to follow this amazing maybe I can't wait to see her come back come I think you're going to smash it you want to give her a round of applause thank you for sharing something so that you didn't know what he would really want to talk about. And you just add that to a lot of people. But I know it will help people watching because they'll be like man. If she did that, we can do anything.

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Amazing course! I absolutely loved every minute of it! Learned so much and she really inspired me to get up and try out what I've learned. Already booked two test shoots! Victoria clearly put a lot of planning and effort into making the best possible class for all the students involved. Please bring her back to do a whole segment on audio for wedding videos!

a Creativelive Student

I loved this course. Victoria is an excellent teacher, smart business woman, a trailblazing creative and an inspirational speaker. I highly recommend her course to anyone looking into learning fusion with production value.

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