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Moving to Fusion

Lesson 2 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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2. Moving to Fusion

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Moving to Fusion

But this means that the first year I was directing, editing, taking still taking videos, we touching or yeah, I literally for the people there are out on twitter that almost my industry buddies, they will know they were telling me, don't do this. Why you doing this? This is stupid. Your photographer and it's only been the last things months, really that people said, hey, do you know this video thing you're doing now? It's kind of working for mein? My aim is to make sure you guys don't do this like I'm going to tell you a ll the things I did wrong, so you don't have to have this little episode of wall okay, let's go through talking about the difference between actual photo and video because of me they all really different. The mayor photograph is so just a snapshot in time, it's just a beauty. Peace is there, you can have so much emotion in just one image, so for may things like when the the brian's dad is speaking to her and saying something beautiful and she wants her eye with a tear ...

snatcher that for me is just a moment that she'll never forget. However, I kind of looking it conceivable remember what dad said to her the moment ten years down the line, probably no, um, so views for me I think we've always looked photographer you whether it's fashion or anything else and you're a view and you kind of guests what was happening it's kind of a two way thing in some person can look at one photo and think something and someone else would think something else for me it's totally different video for me this is what I love about videos you can make someone feel or laugh or choir you take them on a journey as a director from how you shoot and how you use the camera movement they don't really paws up it's not like we're going paws so it takes more of a buying for someone to look at that and what shirt and spend more time than the one image for me as well I'm really going to show you how much more audio is probably more of a visual on this took me the hard long route to learn this being a photographer I think very much about image image in here fighting a member of the order kind of gets rusted but you kind of see the progression you'll see how audio really makes a difference for me with audio if you're watching a visual that is a little bit shaky kind of your eye will get usedto if you suddenly hear audio and then it crackles you're pulling it cables like unplug something wrong um so there is a big difference from there I'm just more stats I wanted to convince you of how everyone's talking about video videos of future infusions of a future. I took some stats off of the forrester research and it's really interesting that all your views that come to the website, any twenty percent of them what she read meister data, the text, or as if you have a video on there with the play button, eighty percent of people will click that play butter and again, it's more time, more visitors keeping an interactive I actually, probably a year and a half ago started getting video e mails from the u s so instead of people emailing me, they're sending me a video and then it's, almost like you can imagine junk mail, though, that I have to click it. I want to know what it is, I can't tell I can't just, like block junk mail, like, okay, this is cool, and then I have a connection to that person. I think for me, for video, you can show your personality more than written text from there, you've also got great things, like kind of website ceo converting clients that if you have video, this stuff, they say that they will buy with you more than if you don't have, and then this last one for me, is kind of where it proves the future they're saying like the moment where traffic is a third it will be ninety percent of all traffic on youtube and that's not even just youtube I think it's just gonna grow and grow and grow the iphones make it incredible really easy just to do something video you don't even need to use this but I even think for people that are not photographers of filmmakers so wedding bloggers everyone needs to get on the video and start they call it flog you heard of that saying like it's instead of a blogger it's like yeah you have it it's not a nice word but yeah it's of log with mean yeah three blocks so I think you're going to see litchi that keep going on everyone's going to be doing video blog's so you caught a lot of us really hate being in front of the camera when you're photographer you just have to embrace it trust me e right now okay, so this is when I wanted teo interact with you guys I have three guesses what your three biggest fears are if we start with you guys on dh, then head out to the audience I want to know people's three biggest fears on why they no filming today because we all know it's not that we don't know we could do it that's something you don't know it's the preplanning part it's like I've been when I was a photojournalist and when I'd go doing all these covers for good housekeeping ladies home journal I just get thrown into someone's house and I just have to make I just have to figure it out on the fly there's no pre visualization because you never know what's gonna happen on the set, so I didn't have like with everything all the teachers and creative life I've seen so far it's like there's even with even sue bryce it's like you get to draw out what's going like storyboard it and that's what my I need to learn to do is to like, sit there and calm down think it through from beginning to end I know there's a beginning a middle of an end to every story to every foot like when I worked at life magazine you should be opening the middle and the end shot so that's my biggest year give me another couple give me three more kids do any of this and I know that you're everything you're saying is right because I'm not being nearly in the business for ten years and raising my kids you've got to do things so fast that going through a block and going through I hit that little white translucent arrow to see the video quickly to see a video it draws me in more than photos dio anymore I mean be honest, just everything you're saying you have and I'm lucky to have the experience of the background than I've had, but I know that's kind of there's a new age and this is the new age what you're doing and what I've done I'm so blessed to have done what I did, but I also have to come to terms with this is the next generation of what's gonna happen in our industry that's my feeling I don't even know what fusion is I mean to be honest with you, I have no idea I'm sitting here just totally like a newbie I have no idea what was there yeah, but look atyou but e look at how fabulous and nice and bright but, you know, I think we will always have a need for pictures there's no doubt, but I also go when I came here at the airport to see the magazine's shrinking, they're dying, they're dying every I mean it's so sad, it's sad but it's the realization of what I've kind of been on ice for ten years it's like I've come awake again and now you know, I kind of wish I had when my kids were younger video, more videos of them and they're going through the pictures now they're like in the older teens and twenties and they like the pictures but video and he's got five kids it's hard, right? I mean it's very, very difficult want to hear when they're in the bubble bath, what they were saying in the booth rubbish should know the enemy is what I mean clients it's not about perfect either way all don't start because we wanted perfect what do you see? My video? Well, your video and people out here are responding as well because they also got tons of fears building a story doing that the right way, pulling focus, pulling focus, getting enough camera movement in the shots to make it feel like video is right audio who think for a lot of people and I'll just use this as an example when I was a skier, I didn't want to start snow warning because I knew how to get down the mountain on guy was like, I don't want to learn a new sport when I already know how to do this so you don't know snowboarding people are just flying past you and you're like I can go fast so it's kind of like once you go through all of the difficulties of learning to use camera here and then to start over again with video and you're just like, I don't wanna have to go through all of that over again pain the pain yeah, the warning, the learning curve because I know the three days of snowboarding and frustration so frustrate however, now how much cooler is a pain it is, I would say, dana kind of I think a lot of people out there will so where you're coming from, but what I would say c is you have such a wealth of experience like I would kill to have that that makes sense, you know, killed, do you so perfect, but for may, I could never see how my fashion background all my banking background would ever fit this career. I've got to tell you, I think both of those have been helped to making me where I am going to never disregard wave been from but always look forward and I would say everyone's fearful on day three, we're going to really talk about tackling fear and I hopefully what inspire you on encourage you to do some crazy stuff, but yeah, we'll go through all that stuff definitely and I'm going to make you film before the end of three days, any way? Thankyou, lorenza, I would say like my biggest defect is am I doing it right? Am I able to get the type of I know what I want to see in my head and my getting the same thing in front of a camera that's going on in my head because it's like, okay I would compare myself to like movies and other stuff and it's like I'm filming an earthquake but you know and everything is everybody else has stuff that's just smooth silk and it's like there's gotta be an easier way to do this when I mean it's almost like the fear factors do I know enough information you know I mean like pulling focus do I have the right equipment you know it's like and that's what you're saying earlier and I kind of got thrown off a little bit because sell it you were talking about going from and two thousand pound photographer to eight hundred pounds I carry a lot of equipment but you were talking about money and I'm just like wait a minute I carry a lot of equipment like that there's no way the worst you could carry a hundred pounds of equipment but maybe I was wrong but yes and now I'm questioning you think three when I tell you another story but yeah it is it is a lot more kit to carry on by end up carrying and not being like you those days when I just shoot stills and I just have a think tank volley and it's just lovely other days on a ship video even getting this kid here on planes and things is no easy through customs from that aren't weekend I'm sure there'll be questions about that now on still for me like even you know, ten years ago I'd have ten cases when used film polaroid, mumia like roll film I mean, I've come from the medium format roll film, transparency life and the at lax they see me coming on the curbside and those guys were ready to help me unload and everybody was ready three and now it was digital so much easy it's so much better it's lighter it's more on the fly it's great and believe me, everyone has the cameras yeah, this is you know the differences here when people moved from film to digital it was about thirty k investment and what did everyone so back home a fat one worked? All this it's not gonna last is now look what happened to those people that didn't move from film went out of business problem and I was not that when I first saw this video is not what I thought yeah, everyone tonto video just about learning photography I turn here I just knew I didn't have a choice if I wanted to keep up. And even now with facebook and twitter there's so much I can't even keep up I'm thinking about having a young intern coming that you do exactly what they could do all the social media so just for pepper dining, pepperdine university and like I needed a student just do that so I can and use people that are good, so that what will be good in these three days, your work out, what you love and what you're not so good at and the mind vise would be, do the stuff you're loving, you're good at, and outsource arrest, mate. Then you get a great production or rounds. So my guess is for here were, did I get something right cost of equipment again? How much money do I have to spend to do this? And I'm going to show you stuff with just a money part on a five day something, build the kit off and show you the productions to show you what's possible audio, like after tomorrow, I will be fine, and editing from any kind of it was, oh my god, how did we get the video? And and the time? Because it is a lot more time to edit video than it stills.

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Absolutely hands down best creative live class I have taken!!! Victoria is a delight and her insight on photography is genius! She has a warmness about her that makes you feel like you've known her forever! She's that person you've been looking for to answer all the questions everyone else in the business won't!!! Victoria,thank you,a million times thank you! xoxoxo

Sarah Shotts

Amazing course! I absolutely loved every minute of it! Learned so much and she really inspired me to get up and try out what I've learned. Already booked two test shoots! Victoria clearly put a lot of planning and effort into making the best possible class for all the students involved. Please bring her back to do a whole segment on audio for wedding videos!

a Creativelive Student

I loved this course. Victoria is an excellent teacher, smart business woman, a trailblazing creative and an inspirational speaker. I highly recommend her course to anyone looking into learning fusion with production value.

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