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Music and Product Delivery

I keep getting asked about this whole one I put thing and steadicam thing so I have asked for a detail and how this guy got so um in india I only had this on I should've brought my camera but if you can imagine a bit like a steady cams that kind of the balance of the balance is the same on the bottom of the top on the way to make that plan it's a little bit better is to kind of gays like if I balance this now for this without cameron I will mess around with this bit first canfield itself to its seeking for the difference so this feels quite solid now you don't want to tip this way or tip that way then what I would do is I will have there's no under my own this now is more here no but higher cameras on here but the camera will be this way should it on a sixteen to thirty five more lens and the whole point of this thing I will pick up a napkin then is looking real econ crazy because of that working here if I try and it's hard enough to get this steady so again at my armies out here on my...

footsteps are like heel toe heel toe heel toe like I would do with a steadicam iq but I'm holding like this arm is going to hurt and I'm doing this but then what happens when I want teo if you saw through the crowds like this, I can can't start doing that so I will use this and now I can move from there have that makes you do need to practice up on the practice is going to be this and even there's someone ipods there's something called a steady pod have a look at city part of really really like it haven't got one yet, but I've played around with one so it's a money pod that has three feet that a bit bigger it's almost got weighted feet that you can leave it and film the service and not touch it was this one before they can pick it up and it's much easier it has a moving part here to do the steadicam stuff it's a mono pod kind of a tripod over three legs and you khun play around steadicam whether I think it's perfect for portrait photographers I haven't used enough um the guy can the thing with god come the court come does one thing but this steady poured and it's made in america reason why I haven't got one hour to come then we have to get it imported there's a couple of guys in the uk that user and they're really good can I ask you about one more? Um there was a question earlier if you had known about um m o v I movie stabilization system. Okay, I played with that ibc okay? I am goingto have I'm going to be biased because I've used like, a phantom city camera if he's a really huge wig on and I can you're always talking about what plans? If I was going to go here and then turn left at the door, I have like I have a pan until head and I could move. I love the concept of the movie and I'm gonna be playing with it in october. However, to really get kicked back shots, you're going to need three people, you need someone to tow a freighter and then you want to someone isn't a bit like the heavy guys they will remote focus and someone to make the frame. So for me that I'm saying three people right for the wedding market the very small won the movie that fits the five day yeah probably called, but you get it a lag. So if you imagine the internet will now, if they could go there, see a picture but the's guys went, we have to see if you imagine like the helicopter has a quadcopter but it's like a hand or it's kimble so the camera is on a gimbal moving you can do this and the camera doesn't move and as you move around with it, then it's really steady and you can get some cool shots that you wouldn't do on steadicam, but as you turn corners, you're going to get a lag so you turn and the skin boys going and then it will turn but what I really want to try and actually only spent ten minutes playing with that it didn't feel that heavy as the goal I come because quite comes one hand soaps to hand but it's an interesting product and I would say that there was loads of versions of those ibc in amsterdam I think you're going to see my photo do one have you seen the big circle? Yeah that you hold haven't tried them so I wouldn't know I bought the soup rice and she brought the girl but you should know that you know the person who was a person that suit brought in from australia I don't know anyway about the class and I watched it way to go thirteen's coffee greek gods that I was trying to think of very similar yeah, but price point as well for me the movie I think it's about fifteen k for this slightly bigger one and I wonder if I still need three people to do that if I think now cost wise for xuan huy steadicam guy probably no show but I want to play with it yeah, that was kelly brown who's super race brother. Thank you with what I call the steering wheel. I tried things unless you just play with all these stabilisation put out because the camera just doesn't have any. Not really brown haley bartholomew okay, way, baby girl kelly brought the baby. Yeah, I want to talk about some freedom. Is it bad and licenses ppr licenses? You guys will actually probably need to double check because I just know the license saying generally that works for our countries and across the growth it may be different to us, but for us for when we are delivering a dvd or billy way when the clients pick commercial music that they like, I have to buy one of these licenses and it's almost like a license on a sticker and that one license it for home use for viewing. But if they were to do what we're doing now projecting to an audience he would need a different licence. It will cost a lot more money. The music bed and some freedom of the two companies are used. There were loads and loads out there, but I just have happened to find everything on there and I like him and they also are offering now which is really good a license for like a wedding photographer and filmmaker, but also if we should commercial shoot and it was to go on tv were now able to buy those licenses where you can pay the actual money and have it broadcast license this helps um let me have a look and this year I've got it down here so that peopie ellis the dubbing of sound recordings onto videotapes or dvds of weddings christenings bomb it family gatherings domestic and functions private functions when you start having something public for instance on the national wedding show I had to get different licenses because it was public things like when you do wedding fares and you want to play your videos find out about what the licensing is here I don't know what it is for you guys and on that note I have five lucky winners for some freedom um if you tweet me quite all day today I'm going to pick most of the winners from yesterday and today you guys can go for shit that there's something going on you know on twitter dana I am but I don't know having in the break we will say that I don't know having my name to the audience I mean what was okay this's the audience I want you to get behind me and explain that when we set dana twitter account up I want to get her at least a thousand followers today, okay? This is a big ass the way I want to see oh do you know what audience and twisted let's show the power of twitter? I wasn't gonna mention it now I had a direct message from richard branson by twitter andi still I can show you first hear direct message when do you ever get access to these people if I emailed if I sent kind of knocked on his door tried to get meeting find him he's not gonna talk to mae get on having a hot flash I'm good it's like I'm so embarrassed with the people you know in the connections this is your research get on twitter and then the audience is going to prove me ryan those people that believe in twister I find out about news first I trust my followers I will ask them hey what's the best whatever has anyone used this I need to find a location for a shoot on within five seconds or ten seconds I have my answer weii we set up a lunch time I will show you how to set up a twitter account and then we will get from lunchtime to the end of the day let's see if we can hit five hundred and the five hundred person that gets on her followers I will give another free one to one session with may so that's my yeah okay um so music bed music better going to give me two freebies but they're also going to give me ten percent off for everybody and I don't know what the end point is this so get surfing, get by music now for ten percent off I don't normally dedicate today your lose time if you have important edit to do, don't go do this the next couple of days you just get lost there's thousands and thousands and thousands of years from now it'll be my next question I got a triple, you know, another company script, several scoop and I started like listening to music and then I just cut so sort of like facebook like you hit a button I got so lost is there a way to like I say, I wanted to find kid music I want to find wedding music I want I just started listening to every single and two hours went by that this was really good bye yeah, that isn't there a way to do you have a trick you used when you are looking for a piece of me words he was I'm searching for if it's a wedding and I want cinematic pace kids happy flower up tempo like so I will normally go pick the minute because sometimes I find amazing track and it's like forty seconds, but it's not enough to pick the minutes my between one and three, then one a midtempo wanna slow tempo instrumental for may most of our stuff up until the last fusion piece very dumb I have always convinced two metals judgmental okay but that's not you guys what's your brand pictured your song to your brand or to the fit it theater will take days and days and particularly for my chef shoot I'm probably still not sure we've got the right track on dh I will say hi team later on because he has not seen this this is hot off the press I'm going to show you that almost finish rough cards so I tweeted him this morning to say hey come on what at this time because I'll be playing it and I hope you like it from there so get tweeting I'll put those at last time now let's talk about put up delivery so once you can kind of get your head around even fusion the next question is well how do I give it to my client like how do I because this is not photo album this is not a product product you're not printing so then we get into the scary world and a big controversial today about memory cards, discs and those kinds thing these and for may help until probably when I met these companies here I was asking my album supplies I'm doing this fusion thing it will take off you need to start thinking about put us we're going to need them because there may how much money can I still charge when I'm doing a dvd case for me it's just like this only so much and where's my upsell where's my light with a wedding fine I have the wedding album have a frame print have upset on wedding pages have parents books many books the wedding kind of side of things gives you the industry to earn the up sell afterwards with this fusion up until very recently I felt like when we gave delivered over the film there was really tough to do any more ourselves for may. Well, it was like there wasn't an easy upsell so now was really good. Is that these products make it look expensive. So this is the home in jim had a little conversation earlier on about when you go into a beautiful breaded shop you get your sea and some nice wrapping. When you walk into mcdonald's you get handed on a piece of paper. We probably don't even get a receipt it's like when we talk about branding who are you? Where are you? Are you on that conveyor belt off land's s o I will talk about embedding video clips in your web site. I have a dummy account, but what I will do on my jimmy account is turned off or the video settings so then I tag that into my blawg so when what I didn't want wass I didn't want my clients to click on my block with my video and then click for mia and go off somewhere else try and keep your traffic on your website so generally twitter ship of facebook, facebook blawg website however, I still don't do that right? But for me, for me it's kind of way because video now for me is very much more industry kind of based, so I will follow filmmakers and vice versa and I'll be looking at what's on there and what's what's happening in the industry and then I almost do I want my clients on video I'm gonna don't mind, but I probably want them on my website when they're looking at their album and then they click and look at their video so you can because there was some people that don't know you can when you let you click a button and go and beg code, you could take what you want on that you want to share, but and you want the romeo logo you just take it all off, okay? Um let's talk about, um delivering the products on dh you cannot get away with us either you dvd I can't sew any dvds anymore because our footage is so high res that I have to down scalloped her a dvd that it looks like esty footage so I talked to my clients and say, we don't even offer now a dvd it's blue ray, and now you've got to start thinking about you need a blueberry player, you need a blue robe burner, you need to know how to do blue ray authoring and doing tightening when you look in and you get all the this is what I'm doing animation. So we have what on animations for our intro videos of the blue raise those alone, or like many movies where it kind of goes in, that comes up and it seem one seem too so this is where for the long edit of, say, service, it will be a service said it, it will be seen whatever, and then you can go to each scene. However, you don't have to do that if you don't want to, you could just let you give them the dvd that comes up and you hit play and a place. What is your market one? And if you don't know how to do it, then just I'll see you at his first find someone that can, because you're looking in the woods, I wass like, I don't know how to do billy ray authoring I did have a look I could do dvd ones, but as it is this worth my time and money and I really don't like it, it doesn't make me happy, and I don't enjoy and there's no, I'm not passionate about it, no, as you know, it could be done, but now I do so it's like, okay, but I'm still going to start at the bottom and comedy yeah, I'm like I don't even have it blue, really, it could be the difference of so you're breaking into the market from the mid market to the top market and the mid market or your competition are just doing a dvd that plays and you talk about look at this animated title sequences and you can pick scenes just like hollywood who they gonna book? Yeah, more value and they'll go back and say, hey, do you do this now? Okay, we'll have it! They're having there as an option on again that could be an upsell were still for me that's not really he really tired there's more money. I know it's, not fair products, so I do so memory sticks now and I have done for the last six months because I have a max to fifty gig. Blue ray couldn't fit everything on their people remember, we're talking about like several several events for weddings, trailers, the out stuff we will also do like what's called an out takes so if there's some really funny stuff that happened that we filmed that I don't know were added on, but it will be in a separate singh s o that goes down well on dh for may. How long was the mini disk? Did anyone have a mini disc player? Now I'm sharing how? I mean, like the normal cd dvd. But then they also have a small yeah, thank you. I have they lasted. All of I don't know a year. Yeah. Okay. And I bought the player I bought the disks was really into music at the time and recording stuff. Go on, then. Even blue ray, how long is blue we're gonna be here? We have eight case only cameras. They're would do sixteen k there's only fifty gig on that disk. And all we're doing is downsizing, downsizing footed. Why we shooting fetches up great fetish to downsize it to make it worth. And if he noticed every single tv you by now has a stick for a memory stick, they have hard drives. This is wrong before we start getting questions. Because when I was coming into the industry, I was told never, ever, ever saw a disc, and I understand that however I'm in a digital age, I honestly arm on dh, I don't print photos even as a photographer, I don't I have stuff that means something to me on my ipad on taking photos on my iphone and posting them to switzer. I don't print them well, so I would say embrace it but charge enough for charge enough for the shoot sell the album and then when they have the album, you can have the disk of images or whatever it was our refuge in shoot costed in that then pay for those images. I also give away the trailers for the wedding people at the wedding a free download people think I'm crazy to do that when we talk about braving fans and marketing, they do it for me like the clients have paid me for my work and now I just need an advertising I don't want to do a wedding for and spent five grand on a wedding fair would probably ten with the branding when I can give a free minute to minute traitor to a thousand people and they're just going to show it to another thousand people in another thousand people enough people see how social media is horrible but good in some ways to this is why marketeers like I'm going to say no, you need to get frank kern on this show some of you won't even heard of him he is a genius check out frank kern and has loads of free stuff he can market anybody in anything and he says now in this day and age people would kill twenty thirty years ago to have social media I did magazine advertising and I was told you have to have a presence for six issues to even have a you can have will get you five hundred followers in a day how could you do that? You couldn't buy that take a deep breath embrace on you know what it's called but not everyone is going to agree with me with this and about selling this do what's right for you but this works mae and I want my kinds to see these videos in the highest quality that we shot them in I want it to look great like when you we print we use a lab this is the difference between may as in they were still download images with your copyright through I've seen them in flames when I walk in people's houses I know kids this is a copy of a photographer all over that's what turned me off teo photography because I see my work in people's homes with my logo and I even stopped because they're down there taking screenshot something's going on and it's frustrating I mean it's like to me and with the moms shooting over my shoulder when I'm shooting that something and I was shooting this celebrity recently for a magazine cover and the publicist was behind me and he was thinking instagram because the hair makeup person turned me onto instagram and he was just retired, you know, kind of like using the filters in like sent it off immediately meanwhile, and the picture was fabulous on its iphone, I have to say, but itwas so that's kind of that's when I saw you coming on that you know, I better learn some something I was put this is in our clients are going to demand what they want and we can stand the four and hold it in, hold it in hold and say no, no, no and I think also we we are nasty about people getting into this industry they just said that if they do it for nothing, we talk about pricing, I'll explain that we all came from somewhere just by the time we get to the place we are we're like yeah, they're making an industry no then no, we need to always a game we need to all put our prices up winning toe all have value and I would say what we're doing with this whole copyright thing is we're not treating the disease were treating the symptom my sense is like you can linda, this is from you she mentioned this about the way I eat not be healthy, she said, yeah, if you going this fasting dia you guys I think you guys are the five to or the guy that fasted in america for thirty days juices only he's so amazing he didn't have to take medication and she explains it like this big ship and it's sinking there's big holes in it detox for a few weeks find the water level comes down the hole's still there you need to fix the holes hopefully that visually as well that just stuck with may fix the issue keep treating the symptoms but when you go to the doctor unless you fix the issue and the issue is clients want digital images our world is going digital we need to find a way to have probability from it then just stand there and go I'm not selling it this I'm not going to send anything digital and this is where I'll be controversial and there were people that go she is mad no no no no at that point have you got any feedback if no I'm goingto show you some cool branding that will enable you tore up the prices so if I give someone just this and say that's fifteen thousand pounds for your wedding video thank you to mom and dad too yes how much did we pay for this thing I see you feel like I do I call you I couldn't do that this is just a memory sick however if I had something like I've put this box away packaging this is like her big to me this is like a watch box and expensive books tissue paper and I have a very very cool and it feels heavy memory stick and you could get this branded on this I can charge a bit more than that maybe delivery I went a w o p p I this year to see them I sought on ly thing that caught my eye and I so great that these air here these the great thing about this I have an amazing giveaway is whether this company is even these little things this is maybe what we get girlie I like this stuff this stuff is I kind of like this is back in my fashion days and branding this is that all this stuff is really cute this is great um for me as well having something more chunkier can hold and did other coursing about here check out this hard drive so you're branded hard drive that's nets I didn't see that e medical on this company outfor ideas they want import where they at where they see us we're gonna have to come here to get this look at this but I would say for made from my market which is really find this is not my market that's malibu that's that speech as beach that's rustic vintage wedding right stick your prints in the memory card that don't mean you're handing over everything they'll paying for this you aren't you have been paid, you're happy with what you want. Even if you sell low res images the facebook, then I will say even I would call this more even other owns a kind of having the actual dvd cases with their fighters and then dvd on the side or blue way and printing those and companies will print them or I've got printer that I can print this myself. Please don't ask for the name of the printer because I won't remember it is a cannon something okay, then what? Really, really, really excited about because there still was infusion from a is I wanted this isn't a fully finished, but because I couldn't get these before I come out here imagine now you open this up and there was several alan pages in this I'm going to use this because the audio is not very thing about the mass book, so it would open up. I probably should have told me give me a shot, they can hear the audio imagine this I can put on here a full wedding several trials so I could use it as a pro product or I could give it to my client's school screen resolution damn good, that was one line that we show you also I can stick on photo slight change so you could put try could import track onto this now imagine the few pages of a portrait shoot here and they flip to the back of the book and then I see the diffusion piece of video I love this this's amazing like academy award and this is branded that's okay? Is anyone asking how much these are feeling? They're not asking yet but you know you and I talked about that book today when I saw that when you show that to me I mean I was I was absolutely blown away this is incredible when you're talking about video and delivering video to people and something that the bride and groom the portrait people khun send out to their family that gave me this thing is is beautiful even like this you can have a fully branded version all covers or you khun bulk buy just keep it simple so if you have something like this you could use this for fusion shoots, commercial shoes and maybe your top him wedding client's offer that as a bespoke product I'm gonna click the next slide on here we're going to comeback to branding but so we have the shot to the price so two hundred dollars which is about hours about a hundred pounds one hundred twenty pounds for the philly designed one yeah if you bowled by fifty burgs they work out I think about thirty quid in london so fifty five dollars what can you sell that for four hundred dollars three hundred dollars is not thirty quid is that no, this is like a mini ipad in here and you know what the clients conduce a usb they can plug it in they can put other stuff on there if they weren't you could always use this's the transfer method and not even have one of these if you don't want one of these of my subversive can you I guess I guess you can make the size of the hard drive that's in it I mean, I guess you can order having bigger or smaller whatever but I think the biggest so far they've got about sixteen gig because most people using this um I found these guys they're they're working with bentley the kardashians and very high end put up to kind of do that whole giveaway and I was a psych this is my fusion product. This is getting closer and closer. I now want to put these in touch with my album supplier because I want the most amazing prince in the book on the video thing at the back. So you have your cake and thing with is this different sizes there's a ten inch screen there's a seventy screen there's many business cards do you flip open that this is cool depending what market you're in? This may not be a sensible but I think even a porch a market fifty five dollars definitely definitely worth that to take down those promo codes and then come back to re branding on one lucky winner, and I think this is amazing, generous office, I want to thank brian from photo flash drive, two hundred fifty dollars, worth of product on accounts to get tweeting, I will pick these up on dh again. I'm going to be working with brian about really working on this whole fusion thing and tidying up, and I really sets him could you do this this and this? But this was like, yep, we could do it, which is great that's what I'm going to say on finishing that, any questions, if we just we just killed it with no, we just killed it with that that was that was really awesome. So let's, talk about I know what a lot of couples sometime are looking for, and we've had some people here creative live that air up opponent of this is same day editing and giving, delivering images like a portion of images to the couple so they can get on facebook. Can you talk a little bit about please, same day at it wise, I used to do the same day edit photos, and it really helps with getting that whole marketing referral getting bookings the same day edits video, we haven't done a force cinematography one but we probably will do what I would do now with that is I would hire one person just to shoot the traitor day and everyone else get that footage and you've got to start thinking about you need a mac that's fast enough to get the import, the footage, I wouldn't do it where you've got everyone's footage coming in and going like we did somewhere I shot a shot that was really cool that keeps going through, um, I wouldn't give my clients maybe the edit than there, but then I also this is probably why haven't on the same day at it? Yeah, I am selling my clients that this is blood, sweat and tears that goes into this we color grade, we have a composer composing the track, especially for you takes time if I could pull off the same day at it in an hour and a half to me, I would be a client but doesn't take that long. Then dessert. Why am I waiting? Like a month for my wedding film? You could do this in four and in that hour and a half weeks that's what people normally do, and I would rather say, we can do you really rough little sideshow, but I want your film trying to be a film trailer. I want to edit it. I want to pick the right points I want to color grader I wanna have the composer that you've hired to compose the track. Talk about stills, how you're talking about fifty pills or video. You have another videographer. They're shooting like their own little documentary that imagine if you're doing a cinematography team now photos and film, normally you'll get all the footage back and then pick the best fitted for the trader, right? What I'm saying for same day at it, how I want, where like one person's? Well, we'll be just shoot edit for the edit for the trailer, so he would just get the trailer shop. I won't be doing anything else, but I still haven't done it yet. I said I would, but I think it's going to degrade my push ups my range if I do that, and even I know people charge a lot of money for that, but if they hire composer, I can't put a composed under pressure for an hour and a half because he needs to see to fit it off icer versa they would want it done up from, and I think it gets away from the wow factor like when they I I mean, takes away that when when they've waited a month because I saw I was at a wedding and the photographers were just. They had the screens up. When they had the pictures come up as people were eating. I think it's kind of cheap in the hole, like me, a little bit it's, going cheap in that, you're right. I didn't make it as no. You're gonna get foreign against do what's right for you guys.

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Combining video and photography brings an entirely new dimension to crafting wedding stories. Join Victoria Grech for a three-day course that will give you the tools to work as a fusion videographer/photographer, with stunning, marketable results.

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