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Recap and Overview of the Day

I just want to thank everyone stuff with I had a flurry of emails, text messages, facebook requests of my personal facebook has kind of bombarded on. I just had some great comments even from people all of the world. Lithuania, australia, london, big up, the massive crew. Sorry, I had to say that and it's, just great. Now I have so many people behind me. I was I had a lot of funny enough people that had transitioned from a day job that we're doing this and even in banking. So it's, nice to know that some banking people that crazy is made to leave the industry on the other thing. Just you guys kind of you guys being here is well, and although you think I'm inspiring you and even the internet, you guys are inspiring may kind of. I'm just like, wow, okay, how can I make this course more interactive on dh? This is when I have to go, you guys behind the cameras and audio. Jim will probably talk about next what we're going to do today, but I have almost asked the impossible of creative life a...

nd you guys got a rocket and pull it off today for may, so big things for you guys to making this work that I'm doing this so you guys can learn, but I really wanted the audience out there on the internet to hear the audio, so this is something that before we do that segment I want to talk about it may go wrong, it may not go right but hold with us because if you can hear it for real, you're really going to learn thank you. So we hopefully discussed what the word fusion wass and again, I had some facebook comments yesterday from people all over saying, oh my gosh, I'm already doing this and I didn't know what it was called so it's good and again, I really want to say to you guys out there and, you know, there's, no rules just be creative, it doesn't matter whether you're a photographer or a filmmaker or you do flogs or blog's for may, I don't cost myself in either camp, I just want to be creative and whatever towards the industry going to give me, I'm going to grab them and play with him and have fun, and I know from the last year my photography friend, sometimes we're saved me on you're turning into this filmmaker now or than the vice? I'm getting pulled in both directions, but may I wish the video for months and then I'll be like I already miss stills and then I should stores on I miss video. So for me, the whole fusion thing being after, as I say, flip, is that my cake and eating it? Tio um, I gave you a little insight to my chaotic journey into this business. We did some kin of you on again, jim, just for the internet of anyone still has questions about kip that I didn't address yesterday, just blast me today, especially when we do the shoot or the pre shoots on you guys to because it's probably stuff when you go to sleep or wake up and go, what was that she was talking about? Um, we talked about setting the camera up to shoot videos, so hopefully everyone at home, please set it up. I want you to keep practicing what we're doing, and diana will give you my camera today you can play around with preplanning for shoots, we will talk about more pre planning for shoot, so I'm going to do a whiteboard session today on dh or I'll shoot this afternoon, we will talk about literally how we're going to plan it for a real wedding day on that we did the life real chaos shoot so even for may yesterday was I have no idea how it's going to turn out on I wanted it to be difficult there's people that have said to me why did you make a call? But I think you guys will learn if I couldn't walk through the park and have a model model kids on a model dog and everyone's trying is not reality it really isn't. So hopefully someone that's something from that chaos yesterday and now the day too so we're going to talk about jargon and film talk um I'm not going to go too much into it I'm going to go into what I think you need to know that if you're going to shoot yourself or if you going freelance and hire people in from that background, you need to know how to communicate them to know what you want. We would talk about storytelling techniques so I hinted at some of this stuff yesterday when I was shooting so people might have been last about shot anticipation storytelling on not just car wash left, right? So we're going to talk about when I would actually use that to tell a story from there also all about video sorry all about audio so we're gonna really tackle I want to like banish this fear for everybody watching that's my challenge is the audio is not gonna be an issue after this segment and just to prompt everybody, I'm going to go into mohr than what you would need to know for fusion because I would rather give you too much and then you can choose to use the easy part or thing you have the knowledge and I'm going to switch it around and you guys, I'm going to do a live talking head shop so when I also say talking head in the industry and the film industry of talking head is obviously you're kind of news presenter someone on a promo video on what I wanted to give creative live although this course is mainly photography kind of portrays on weddings, I know people out there that filming, promote or taking photos for products primeau's now if I can teach you this in the segment, you can go out and make a lot of money by doing a talking head because nobody does because they're too scared the audio and I'm going to show you how simple it is because you guys didn't do it um we are goingto I pitched again my last minute requests this morning thank you, creative life we're going to see the c one hundred and action I don't think anyone maybe understood my peking comments because I'm not very good at explaining the peking with a red line we're going to do it and show you the back of the camera today s o we will divvy up the roles I'm going to make it difficult for you guys I will be here to help you because I want you to have the issues that the online audience would have us well, setting yourself we're going to go from scratch, not just switch on and here auto planning for the consultation so for me this is when I love what I do and it's your seeming public and change like I was with the kids it's about me it's about them is about their story we're going to talk about report and how to build report your clients had to build clients trust before I have a real couple, so again, I don't have a model and I know these guys just got married in august, so they're not going to be models hopefully they will feel ok in this environment in the studio, on your seeing me work as if I had two on a wedding day. We're going to try and mission after that hour live fusion shoot what's difficult we don't have a whole day to do the wedding, but I'm going to try and cover grooms, perp reid's prep I'm going to do an audio interview myself so I can also show everybody out there how I have to do it by myself if I have to do and how you do that so you'll get both and then I'm going to do walking down the aisle, and I'm going to really show you how to do that pre focus, and I'm just going to shoot stills so you can see some of this, and then we would do some couple shots. What I was talking about, jim, this morning, we were talking about that it's all great when you have, like, a carcel amazing, they news, but I want to show you when there is a a crappy room that you need to slither, and we're going to use one light to create, like well by video and fight a way really appreciate that here a creative life, because we were watching, of course, those castles yesterday, and we're like, look, you know, how you only as shooting castles their way usually have sort of, you know, from some rough spots, you know? So that's going to be perfect? We appreciate that I came that room kind of like weddings in pubs, so my clients find it really fascinating why will use on the set? And this is a game where we'll grab the utensil that I picked up the first day I got here and try it, I want to kind of open your heads up, tio it's, really hard cause everyone goes get your gear, but you know when you haven't got it and you've just got one line, what can you do with the life? She threw the line? How about we just grab something that's at the client's house and user things like diffusing her dress, pull her dress up and have a reflective? You haven't got one, so I'm much more of something like that that I'm so hyper running around like a crazy woman that I don't pull out a reflector. Well, maybe I don't have my different filter that I'm like, ok, how do I trouble shoot and get what I want in camera and as exciting as more exciting, more of a challenge for me to go, okay, this doesn't look very pretty how do I pull off a kickout show? That kind of thing? Um, I'm also on a white board, the pre plan and for that, you know, some guys have looked at the storyboard I will pick up and show you on my ipad a bit of a storyboard I did for a really big, massive shoot so you can see it but dude, there's so many out there do you play with them? They do help, but I will let you write on pay because that's what I did for the wedding fusions. Okay, I'm going to start off with today. I have quite a few giveaways and tomorrow I have loads. What I've done is I've listed all the giveaways on the vd training academy, and what I'm gonna do is at lunchtime today and by tomorrow morning I'm going to just randomly pick people, so I'm going to put this out to you guys and also twister. If you khun do any cool quotes today or ways were inspiring you or even funny tweets, I will. We're pick and choose who wins what products and I have got a host of giveaways my sponsors and contributors to this has been so generous. I want some of these sonar first off by saying thank you to have to, um I don't know if you guys get this out here, but it is a global magazine of seeing it in vancouver when I was on april, the coursing about this magazine is there's, not just wedding focused is very much about the best took of his outlet. Almost from your background, they'll feature the guys from time magazine, commercial wedding portrait and for me, it's really nice. Sometimes you get knee east into a section where your wedding wedding wedding, where you could really learn something from a fashion photographer or commercial photographer. So, yeah, we have one free subscription on the details will be on facebook, but its for year and it's the paper version. It will be sent anywhere around the world. So thank you, too.

Class Description

Combining video and photography brings an entirely new dimension to crafting wedding stories. Join Victoria Grech for a three-day course that will give you the tools to work as a fusion videographer/photographer, with stunning, marketable results.

Victoria will guide you through everything you need to know about working with both photo and video as a single shooter. You’ll learn about each stage of creating a dynamic fusion story, from selecting the right equipment to shooting seamlessly. Victoria will also cover how to integrate fusion services into an existing photography business and how to successfully market fusion packages to new and current clients.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to work confidently as a fusion photographer to capture dynamic wedding stories, land the right clients, and grow your business.