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Shoot: Bride and Groom

Okay, for my other camera is around because it would be nice for you to see some stills just take himself on the show them afterwards. My long lens is probably there, but I think should be in my bag because again, I'm a bit limited kind of here, so we're going to talk about the isle now, if I may, about the way we will get the guys to put in our fake ill, but I'm going to set that the cup. What first? So we're gonna pretend that you are at the bottom of the isle to kind of face your kind of facing this way. So you're gonna pretend there is an efficient man? Yeah, you'll probably be that side him okay, just face your back towards fully thank you, honey, come in a little bit closer because you probably would have been closer and that maybe less say they're doing their vows so they're facing each other. Um, I generally would be shooting from the front anyway, okay? And I wouldn't have maybe a help for a second camera for fusion, so I will be taking my stills flipping video that was shown ...

you before, which is really, really simple, and I would keep in one position, but for the stuff when they walk out of the aisle and I want that story board I want it must have if I can't have blown us before I shoot the bonus just before they normally leave the service they will get presented with a certificate. I don't know if you guys see that here. So the efficient war kind of you know did you go? I said no, I do not owe so they you guys probably did you get given a certificate after us? So you're probably facing more this way. You probably have your okay again are well done. Congratulations. You are at this point I've already moved anyway. Photography do I want to take that shop so me and my second photographer has swapped during the after the signing register and I would be here perfect. I will be here. I'm going to swap these lenses now around, which is gonna be really annoying. Sorry, guys, hold on with me for one set. Can we get the arch in? And then I'll move out the way that will help you if you have any questions. Um, that's your techie question. Yeah. All right. This is super techie from earlier. And since we're just recording the audio, can you tell us a little bit about the frequencies you ever run into problems of messing up frequencies with, like the police department or other audio that might be in the neighborhood um sometimes you get radio taxis okay and you'll hear it again this is the whole audio segment checking frequency check it's clear wherever you are from there but usually kind of as long as you're not on the same frequency as the last mikes in the desk that they're using because the efficient may use a microphone too I would still love him up because I don't know I haven't got the feed or I don't want to feed it from a one man band I would just stick that up on the zoom because I just want I might not even use the audio I might just use of ours for my fish in peace but already in the morning I have got my audio I already know that that's what I would use over I do I do yeah not tonight really I could go I'm not even going to record the audio I don't need it but that's just a backup yeah that's yeah I'm going to get you guys to face the other way before you walk out says if you're still getting married can I ask a question of meena were going to ask you to remove your shoes if you don't mind so hawaiian wedding okay when I didn't want to show you guys is that just before they turn around I would swap with my second shooter and I would do this if there was a pretty archie come back after one side the trick is to kind of look twice to thinking let go over hit record so already the flowers are in focused I'm going to really cheap but hopefully at some point these two guys can I get you guys to just laugh joke looking at each other and then by the powers from that and even if I was doing this okay this is what our guys keep laughing joking don't do this okay now comes to myself whatever I'm getting there it doesn't really matter because it's just rolling and if I get anything cute and then if I want to do is focus paul just go okay we go we go keep filming I probably would stop I wouldn't leave it rolling okay turn around you're facing this way guys is if you're getting presented we have certificate and again even if I wanted to play around with this god really tighten them at this point normally they're looking at the efficient that's giving them the certificate so I'm going to get you to pretend before that happens I set this up or I'm not fussed about this let's just move now but I would be then this is when I get my stills because this is an important part s so this is the boner stuff do not let it take over your stills because their next dire you need stills of everything any questions on that what are you saying? You making sure you get stares of them receive a certificate? This is yeah, yeah, this don't get receiving certificate this if you've already set this up with the back it's normally with two cameras so the front I would have this in the morning and I'm doing I'm taking my skills and taking my skills and I can unclip and she let me go out on one I could show you exactly what I was doing haven't got play on this, but imagine I'm I'm taking stills alicia doing this, I have it here still looking each other ben video few seconds about and she's the rest of my stuff and then as I move and sweating my second chute, I take them on board with may I leave it in the bathroom wherever it is and I set this up super, super quick what I know many days to get the exit point is what we haven't got here, which is gonna make my life really hard is I haven't got pews haven't got chairs, but I will guess the chair I will look at one of the chairs and focus on that chair would be about here hyper focal distance I may not be able to do it on this lens and I will bring it over because what you don't want is, um I don't want literally those guys to walk into this camera I want to leave it rolling so I haven't got it all so if this is when a second shooter where they're signing the registers on lorenzo just come and stand in front okay then little bit nearer so we almost want to get it actually at the art of famer let's go down honey so this is when I could actually feel you should still get can you see that my tripods when we talk about a bold tripod I'm one k like lorenzo this is one so the great thing about you can't change it now but with this play and changing it yesterday let me let me try thinks one second let me do this I want you to class suport play I have to place on my camera's normally because I have one on here if I put another lens on and then this one and that's we're doing this I'm gonna ask a question yes victoria do you keep what's called? I think they call him a speed bag with you with your lenses like on you or how do you usually deal not lenses too heavy for me to put my lenses in but I keep my batteries on my memory cards because they're the things that have to constantly change quite could probably fit sixteen to thirty five in there but it's really hard to do it up when you can you could carry lenders in there thank you so this you'll see kind of it was originally like this okay I don't have time to play around with legs can try and get this level so the whole idea of having the grid the heavy bit on this you have a level we get tight shot here uh yeah so I'm moving the camera not the tripod because I loosened the bolt here on the other side you actually this's easier yeah I can make that you got that can start working quicker let me see where are you how could you come up with that arch I need to gauge where their head height is gonna pay as they come out for this damn right under me hey the olives for me if you can and I'm going to be much wrap it up my tripod is too low and there's a billow photography if I shoot low up they're gonna look bigger than they should do so quickly get this set up and this is when it's easy if you have the bottom late already out I'm not the top legs take a few more seconds okay see how wonky this is okay but I can do this I get why so much quicker even step right through that arch for me so he said she told them there from that some happy now if we let that go and leave it okay, jump out for whoa! One second. I'm taking a break. I'm going to crop off the top of the flowers because I would rather see their faces as they come through. Okay, I'm a bit like the dog. What was doing yesterday is they look like they're out of focus now, but when they hit that, that issue come into focus. The things happening here and it's good to know is on the seven o one heads with a heavy cameron up you can tighten up, you walk away from it and start to four. And this is why it's, good to maybe have the other part of that brace of the seventy two hundred just double checking because I had that I have a frame up, I walked away from the camera and it's because I haven't time to talk about the top are green. Make sure you have you don't sort of balance it, okay? Yeah, if I leased this is short and easy. This is why I happen in a rush like we do it here I loosen this now it's goingto have done out okay, you see that it's just gonna fall on all four forward or backwards so you'll get your shot frame it up and if you don't look tight enough, especially because it's pointing out that it's just gonna and you're even loose the camera so rushing around cause I've done that before and there's like a gray that would have been a cool shot by law step for that camera's nearly broken from there so then literally this is when walking up the aisle and hit record I'm going to get an exposure test shot here of these guys, okay, let me get mom and this is when they're now I've just got to remember not to get in the way I go here, I'm gonna be in a short so I almost make sure that I'm about here with her and I'll probably take shots from like, here, give me a smile like you just my e okay? And then what guys? I haven't got a worry about how fast I walk come here, guys, keep walking cool perfectly working apart, okay, I wasn't watching that, but I'm hoping that when they did that, did they go from our focus to infocus tonto? Why any questions on that? Um, I think don't get him to walk again so you can see yeah, yeah even this will work here. Watch this in focus what quite the end and I can still shoot if I wanted to shoot you coming, victoria, would you ever have them, like, stop in that local area and like kiss or something normally because I would say this is bonus I'm walking out of an hour this is the one time I don't interject and with all the wedding party behind you right now but yeah, you could you could tell them before they leave hey, guys, if you could just kiss right underneath this arch they may forget kiss here oh, kiss here. Oh, right kiss here depending probably me saying you need to hit a spot here, which is what actors do actors will know their spot with a focus puller exactly where they hit camera and it's um, focus I probably wouldn't do that to them, but it would be nice to try it, but okay, that's great, but why don't you come guarantee that shot that will be a demand happy short, potentially you and potentially you'd miss it, right? And then you missed the actual because, you know, if they just keep walking straight, they're going to be in focus. Yeah, I want the whole looks like I focus pull now on the motion in the booth on imagine another set up when he arrived that seventy two hundred is here with him sitting down talking to his body's pretty focused leave it rolling for twelve minutes if I get something, I get something, I'll take photos of her coming out of the car and if I capture that stuff that's another ten seconds there somewhere sometimes they're amazed when you get little nugget yeah like wow wow don't mix where he's like winking at his body and the one came back to say hey no one is gonna believe I was not even in front of that camera again what we did here confetti okay if you want to get a confetti shot because there is no way you can think about flip flip I need to just street sells she still shoot stills by get it fine um I was going to one more shot iowa sure can I get you back there so we're jumping about I wanna show you a establishing shot that we originally said we would get okay one second and I can I'm going to change lenses ideally this would be stuff we would do but along the service a church wedding or something like that twenty minutes I would not be messing around with sliders on a fusion shoot you just seem you'd be mad but just so I show you how I would do this establishment for slider shots that things that look really nice is having something to clothes left to right so if we're going to close left way should go right to left okay almost make those decisions your head throughout the day so instead of sliding always left to right so maybe here then the shot I'm going to start here and hide from that hey victoria which lends did you just switch to please twenty four twenty five again and I will say this is not the slider that I'm used to you okay but it does look quite smooth that's um a kind of a slider that I use in my style the glad track but check out canadia slider because they're really smooth this maybe we bring the glass back and again before we start sliding we need a focus point so if something something towards the end of these guys um ideally I want to think a bit more in the way of that because I don't want to reveal when I go from here to here on even again I probably would want teo do this come back a little bit I'm gonna see you man my show I'm a jackass okay and even if I hit record I'm not worried about the mess that I might take like dealing now with respect this way what I would hope here is there still some chairs here I'm going yeah come here don't look at camera you hoping I have some movement there that's sweet and you can go forward backwards on that but I won't date because we are short of time and I'm gonna do some couple of shots um and show you the whole couple process quickly I'm going to get rid of this no would you get the beginning shot of this ladder right when they first get to the altar after she comes? You know what? This is all the beginning shot somewhere else you're just going to get that to end it, but when she's coming down the aisle with dad or depending what kind of wedding it is, it could be her uncle that is major important don't shoot video actually any video you'll never see a fusion piece where I've shot video of that because I need to shoot still right? And what was the I believe you've covered admitting the way you will get the opening sliding shot coming in? I wouldn't know, but you're definitely thie end, so when I'm here for my photos, if I have time before the police taking them up for, you know, the final blessings in a church, there is that quiet moment where you're not even allowed down there. I swapped with my second photographer, so I'm going to get from that they come back to the main fun and then they will count anyway and I would just slide a short then if I wanted depending on the priest, because sometimes the priest in certain domine nominations of churches at home, I can't even move like there'd be like no flash don't take too many photos because we can hear the shutter open mark three and you have to be way way back there, so I'm not going to get down with a side of gay hey, priest just what you do kind of just sliding course I would never be allowed to photograph of film that chess depending on the charge of the dumb nomination of the church for me kind of roman catholic churches back home are much more lenient or kind of, I guess backed his shirt there more call about a catholic which I was brought up with oh my god, dan like, breathe and maybe one day I just wouldn't mess of the priest because he will have me out and I'm not going to do that to my client and again my way don't need it we don't have to have a side of shit we've gotta focus pull but this would be information you would know beforehand where he's like talking to a priest the one you okay? And I would see us out when I walk into the church hey, bubba bar is ok with you like it's, not a news flash among now can you show me where I can stand in church on that's where barrentine dom's is most places? Sorry, it'll lift your most places you're allowed to be almost here with a couple yeah variant in dom's I was stuck in a little cubbyhole here or even further back, I just have baxter heads the whole time until they went and set over at some seats. So again, you just have to make do for photos anyway. But I did you want to be here? I want to get there the reaction's. So if you had a aside to choose from, you choose arrived the bride? Yeah, because I normally do for photos anyway and I will know in a church of it's not even a civil service run the other way. I'll have my second shoe to stand over that way and then during the signing tow walk to the back and get me some back shots. But you would do photography was normally but yeah, don't try and pull off really cool crazy stuff for video on the future. It just is not worth it for me. All I need for video is I just need a glimpse of them at an order, which is my focus ball, that's all we need for the fusion peace if I could get boners, I'll get slider shot if I can get more of a bonus, maybe you have the time. I'm definitely going to get them walking out because for me, how do I jump from walking out into something house? I've got my stills, but that from his movement that for me is when video is actually nicer sometimes and seeing them laugh joke and wow, I just got married just still image could question as far as like now would you try to get both of them exiting or coming back down out and a splatter shot to close out or decide one of the other you took him kind of how this just swap linda's on both please um now I wouldn't try and shoot still slider shot, focus pull it's probably too much yeah I'm asking would you do one of the other like because I know you you were set up tio for ideally I would just go for jimmy just give you that I would go for the shot of them walking out of the shower every day than the cider shot because the slider shots a bit more intimidating because you need to kind of be on the floor what's easy with the slightest shot here I've got big screen and the screen too see imagine that you you have to lay on the floor to see that screen on the floor and again being in church doing that it's just no arm at the venue for the couple shots and suffered in out for the time yeah slider shot is gonna be your bike all your money shot so kanan doesn't make when I shot mommy yah when I shot medium frank format look down and I had an adapter for the so I wouldn't have to go all the way down is that doesn't can't make that sort of adapter yet security have a viewfinder but I've never used it so I can't say if it's on the floor with you can see it right the way up here I don't think so and this is why I can let my c three hundred right? Oh come on I don't want to start with what I have to be a most people who see the cider or half a slider was talking about the place on enough the slider also is on the tripod said underneath the slider my sliders all in one unit I have a plate I clip on to a tripod and then I slide up this height always take this lighter and put it on there and I slide it that higher on the floor so what I did here was on the floor but if I really had it on a tripod maybe with this camera than I could have moved it here and then I could just slide it, okay? Yeah, however, trying to walk around the wedding with amita long cider is annoying especially you don't know these things quick the slider shot for church maybe yeah if there's a risk of losing something else coming shot all day long to make it easy on yourself yeah, I can if I can basically get you guys to come forward a bit more now I'm gonna ask you just to hold this camera wire because normally I would put this down put us down on the side but because of the batteries here I'm gonna show you how it probably pose these guys for a still image first I will had to shoot it over another camera so you guys if you kind of put your toe forward for me and we would have done all this and appreciated as well, okay hips back great and kind of just bring your arms and really together hug each other for may. Okay? The one thing I would definitely have taught them in a pre shoot is make sure that you're really in the roost down your hands on top of his and the reason why that is I just want to make sure just get back what you wass she's thin and beautiful and skinny, but if we push her arm against her body I just made her army twice the size he knows so then always having I always say to them once you're married you rule the roof I got into you I never ever have to remind a bride after pre shoot tohave her arm on top because we are so worried as women of squashing our arms and making look fatter there's just that thing with a guy is that guy will be protective a guy will want to hug his woman and look after her is not on our wedding day on that I would do things like this so instead of I couldn't go grab her push her put her but I am normally will make them live again you did this he had go to him for me bring that hand down on his shoulder almost here yeah go okay I'm going quickly oh grab a light because I've got to get out my actual battery pack in line get some physic anyway of this anyway so that they're kind of this is when we were building forward and chin up a little bit come already coz foreheads former on because if we weren't natural daylight here grab it in a second I'm going to do the timetable thing now because it was trying using that today really quickly it works me getting someone and that and eyes up just a little bit more and almost look if I may now I want to shoot this portrait I can't so I'm going to go in and shoot still landscape really tight with these guys hi guys and you just look so solemn my god gordon no you're gonna have to take a job because he looks like his full night of sleep e to check my exposure we have something here. Okay jo check it out okay okay coming really close together again from a tilt forward just bring that hand down a little bit from there yeah and just live the showed off a little bit even how good his bicep hunky but yeah but nicer pretty your hands that's called this guy just lean forward a bit more guys chins up I'm looking at camera big smiles come on look away from me I can't I'm gonna flip video shut away because I have my still and I mean focus I'm gonna hit record and this is when I will be like this no what is there anything cool outside the window you can make out no okay grab here's my tie for me and just give him a warping kiss in front of thousands and thousands of people tio because I see how that was so cute what? You just did it at the end the whole brush lips this is when you need to have in your head quickly when you flip and why you flip and you will need to interact with them so for stills you can get them whether one of it let's do a little bit more guys come forward a bit more so kind of both come and stand beside me for a second and then I'm going to get you to walk back the way you want okay handsome this would be guys can you go over to that tree where we're going um that's it keep going, guys and when you get to the tree just kind of give each other a hug for may and they will probably generally I need to check on a focused they were this point while they're waiting for me to direct them for the still they would have been chatting playing with his hair but with a kind of like hey, whatever it wass and I cant guys let's take a couple shots and then I oppose them for the couple show to start shaving my shop so the in between moments of maybe the walk or even we could do something made with their hands if you both hold hands for may as if we have one more, let me just come we hit the lights in the studio I think what we'll do is victoria. Yes, I know we talked about reviewing a lot of the stills with you guys out there on the internet today, but I think we'll bring that into tomorrow so you guys will get a chance to see all these stills that we've been shooting in tomorrow's production so please definitely join us then, but we definitely have more right now this is forty what ellie day from data my gauges hold that better hold this for one second and it has a spot like you go ahead I can kind of dimap condemn the dimmer so ideally I won't want them so neither war because I'm really going to get kind of the whole shadow but dana if you can like them and always hard to get rid of that shadow I give you that perfect again guys turn around for me don't look at the light come over to the right hand side waiting closer if you can stand in front ofthe goal for may so kind of, um total this way more turtles may name forward I am actually gonna take this off I want to take like, a still let me quickly or before you take the video shop first I do have a shadow, but I would bring them further away from this I'm going to make sure I stop down to fifty of the second my lab. Okay, I'm gonna make sure they are in because so before I do that actually on a make sure that my frame is there a little bit every experience. So I'm going to meet my aperture come in tired. Sorry, dana. Okay, hit record. And then I would actually look up with your mom for me just give him the snow would look down at her cool, come back look away from camera there and just russia foreheads on each other gorgeous, ok, I'm moving so much here because I'm washing but keep that lie going if you can um how this is gonna hold up? I have no idea but let's see if you can still keep this life going. So this is that if I felt too still with now that's for guys look away from me almost a little bit more ramus will for ever more don't just come around a little bit more this way and turn up for me no, uh, let me come with you guys. I'm gonna get you to face the sweat stop! They're coming really close instead of leaning bag name forward for may look away almost look, uh here, gorgeous. Check ahead outdoor from a gorgeous day there I have a nasty shadow behind me that you will see but for time's sake, I'm hoping I can't you won't have to see this the other way around yet it's better than here. Okay, face each other for me. Just arrest those foreheads together and again kind of like just tilt towards the camera for me. Gorgeous put your arms around him. You see, then if I have my one, I thought I would let you just grab demonic but and that bit there then I would come around here and this is when I would go joe, give her that look that you give her that look

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