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Shoot: Bride Prep

Lesson 23 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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23. Shoot: Bride Prep

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Lesson Info

Shoot: Bride Prep

Do you need this like I got it I got it now we're good. This is what's called let's make it work without that light and I need having the one line kind you guys just take a c way yeah, so while they're sending up again we have I just wanna let you guys know we have meena back but we also have devon who's our in house uh, makeup artist so it's great having her on set as well so we'd like to welcome and thank you I'm gonna try and shoot this side my way if you turn left ways and if you come outside so we cool so it's cool for me to have a makeup arses in here rather the may the thing with marissa is I don't want to do is get myself on this so I will look for even though and again people ask me a hundred mil macro even for stills faraway actually lover can I ask you just to meet thea just over that side perfect if you go ahead and almost this is when if this was a real day they won't be waiting for me at a go ahead she might have a just take some shots just be here I'm gonna speed it up a...

little bit more go ahead you guys just go ahead okay? I would think exposure scare six forty fifty so here, what I would want, and this is why I like them when I put is kind of I can get some stuff off the actual makeup. I should probably take this stills first because I wouldn't have time when I need to refocus, so I want to get my focus point anyway, okay? You ready for some questions? We're going a little yeah, okay, so when when you're in this intimate situation and I know his wedding photographers there's some people that like to be the fly on the wall and you said, okay, I'm not the fly on the wall. I have more of a person who really kind of gets down and dirty, do you? You've worked with the bride and groom previous to this, but will you also talk to the family members that makeup artists and the bridesmaids are ladies of honor that might be in the room as well? To kind of prep them for what your experience is going to be? I do, and I don't know sometimes I get to meet the parents beforehand for a nation wedding and other two most times they're doing but fly the bridal prep, the girls are getting ready, and they're talking about the chicken chin. On the hip movement so there's already that the brothers come back to hey hey do this chicken didn't we have a band tour really with the girls on again, I would say to the girls, don't worry, I'm not going to take any photos of you before like this is done and then the more we just get the end but things like that cool and then the amount of again you're shooting mostly natural light you're bringing it when you're coming into this situation and it's a pretty room and you're really just want to make sure that I could put the led where the hot shoe is now we just blast her with and then it's almost like using on camera flash it's going to be too tough to try and even this is when the mark three is much better because then I would have much higher I sow and cleanup by so then want to what we do here is going to change lenses anyway, case we keep having problems. All right, well, you guys are doing that. I'm going to read a couple of things from the internet that people have been saying so far about the class because we've been just having a great time here george t came out and said that this is the real thing and the class is awesome and jessica robert's tweeted creative live victoria greg, you guys are amazing well done and we've just been having a blast here these last couple days and you know, as we all know there's a lot of moving parts to making sure that we do the best job for you guys out there so how we doing over there? We got that lens on I'm gonna keep going okay became so I'm lengthening the bottom ones and then so I can just keep doing this this is gonna be easier for me because there's lenses heavy using at michelle this in a while but this is no more saying we should think I'm really I'm gonna have this at my eye level but really I would have this here with my eyepiece and have this down here can't you see I'm here with that eyepiece on there and that's how a pre shooting twelve o'clock but I'm going to shoot we'll leave it like this actually okay keys work now can I ask me now? Can I actually just to kind of move your chair a little bit more this way perfect except if I should let's shoot some stills first generally I would be getting the main thing you've got a woman slipping between the two is the fifty if the second I definitely want to move this up to sixty and that's what I was checking every time when I shoot fusion it's like what shutter speed? Where am I? Um so I'm on an exposure here gonna do a test show see what we've got on I'm guessing this is a little bit underwear so if I shoot a little bit under this over ok and that's your style right? I do yeah, but this is under here way over remarks that this now is when I'm going to interject I'm going to change again generally her eyes don't look great looking up like that so I say to the make up artist do you mind if I get a quick shop and just do that again but mean almost just don't look so high up so just pretend for may uh lose a little bit better and then what I would to straightaway is good I can't guys that's really cool thank you so much keep going I flipped live you I'm now here I'm in focus one, two, three keep moving guys for five six if I'm ready rapid shooting let's do what you normally would do this kind of go from here now I need that michael party oh, when is backlit okay let's go for a reflection instead one, two, three, four, five, six, seven a nine ten I'm going to cheat can you just keep doing that for may? Give me one second do you usually do this as the makeup is being done? Or we wait till she's pretty much finished and do a little more touch ups to get these shots? I'm going to start a video if I talk, I will literally have everything almost done and then just prep so ill that she asked the makeup artist at the end of her finishing, getting ready, can we do a pretend blesses shot miss farrah shop on dh that's? Why martin, could you just do that again? And then? If I want a still shot, I will probably come back more, so I would shoot more details for video type for this stuff and then have my white shirt rather than have a tightly tears of him, but I don't need three four angles stills of her mouth, but I will do for if you think about what we had, we had thiss we then have the mirror reflection of her doing the lipstick on why we were talking? I was around here getting this shot continue with this lens for that she see you would get kind of really tired or I'd go even tighter have macro type the other thing I can do, so can I get you girls to stand up for me? Okay, you come this way and about that face each other okay, I would hope that there will be a big window normally when we're getting ready I'm gonna have to shoot down on up for this but this is a time when I literally if I can't now get a silhouette on one sixty I'm fifty of a second I will up my either I cannot this or I would up my shutter speed and get whether come a little bit nearer girls and said I wanted to still this this is really hard to see if it's in focus okay, so I will flip to my still what do I need to dio make sure not sixty of a second get my focus point and I'm probably going to change my shut a little bit more my meat is telling me it's gonna be too dark terrible framing guys but you can get an idea so my focus point is there the problem with the money part is that we just done I've just moved my focus point is going to be out, so really I need to make sure you do that again girls just do that again for me and just hold as it don't move for may june your hand can you move your hand sideways so I could see yeah the brush perfect thank you stay for girls okay? And then I'm gonna flip video knowing that I'm in focus and I will go even tighter when I don't try and do is have exactly this shame shots is video as fighter and again if I keep my frame one to keep me even girls you're getting to see a bit more better is how actually um okay on the other suffered if you can sit back in the chair for me and face the mirror I'm hoping at you I can't take this off the tripod now I would normally take my camera off them on ipod and shoot some stills but because we've typed it on because everything's coming off imagine now I would shoot put ray but you still shot here I would shoot probably another still shot here and this is when I would go I've got what thirty seconds of video already still shows still shot still sure can I take it off now I'm not gonna play with it it's not worth it these goes khun gether on dh that's then when I would play photographer and say can you hold your position and not move because I don't want them to make really about I know everything about fiftieth of a second you gotta shoot this's the biggest thing is that's what you got to be so if it's really right bright in the room when I flip in between so if I'm shooting stills and I want to point a and I'm like eight hundred of a second and then I have to go to fifty of a second I will up the shutter speed if I'm not if the light isn't moving on I just want to focus pull can get away with it I can get away with maybe one hundred twenty for a second um if they're not moving too fast but I don't encourage this now breaking the rules I don't encourage everyone that they should start for fifty years it will give you a smooth finish to your film however if someone's going to be walking down the aisle I'd never shoot that like a thousand second but if it's joy I've initiated a one twenty if I can't get what I want will have a have a different filter and this is when the c one hundred I go two stops for stops six stops and day then I turn it off it's built into the camera yeah anything else here I probably would love to do photo wise you guys may not see me I'm going to go hide a little bit here um if I can get this shot can I made the move good I will do this that people's houses to so I almost think what I saw here is the devil in the mirror that's good stills fast so can I ve got almost remember my whole shuter street is on a hundred I wouldn't shoot this I want to shoot this a two point eight I'm gonna call my ship a spade I'm just adjusting my exposure guys and let me have a look at this. Can we have a nice red light? You can get the idea of uh I can let me do this and then we'll see okay, so I'm trying to get the reflection see the bevel of the mirror however again why would now? Because I want a good still of this and say, hey, could I get you to actually look into the mirror for mei and I think you just do me a blusher fake blusher shop, but hold it exactly there for me stay there. What? I could be really careful. I can now see my own reflection there was great don't you see me? I'm slightly moving like this like I would as a stilt document again. I can't do this on a trifle quickly. So hear what? My foot in this still I can see my cable here, but no, I don't have that cable. Um let me come with a little bit more. Can you move that way a little bit more nearer to the uh huh. Yeah, well, nina yeah, gorgeous let's have a look at those we've got that what I them would do straightaway is I would have been flipped to this mode as I'm talking to her gone down fifty of the second. You should be now, um, and if I need to adjust it, I would have adjusted it. Okay. Hey, meena, come on. Should have a happy day. You're marrying a man of your dreams cannot go look at the difference. Yeah, yeah, treat me in between moments and she doesn't even realize I'm taking video and then look at the makeup artist from a girl's chuckles that's great, you know, she don't even need to now get my three sixty like we could shoot so basic fusion with just that. But now, as I wanted it to look cool again, I would have got the shop here. Michael parties reaction may mean oh, look, how cute is that? Even if this is back when I would try and come, probably here, ignore the crane. Don't worry about the grain um, because you wouldn't have a crane on the morning of the wedding there and then this is what I'm gonna be woman's from chin up, honey, and lean forward for me a and laugh blather, keep going that last move, the other thing that I would do and I could do it step down where I am if I could get a shot here and I could go from that brush we got the wrong ends on here. Can I get you to kind of step away by the way, keep going and then come up to meaner and starting her makeup again? That side now we get the focus point and then we'll go to me now, okay? If I had the right lens on okay, maybe instead of forcing you back into the corner, teo will ask a question and we could get a room out here. I'm hoping you get the idea eso again kind of what I was trying to do with the brush is I had pre focused and I wanted it to look like she walked out of frame and went up inside brushing her face. It was in pakistan I was gonna pull focus, teo sort of like a dog with a ball yesterday it's like did it, you focused on the spot she walked in, she was in focus, I got you and I didn't even focus puller. However then I'm gambling on her coming to the exact same thing that cheek the end of that then gone here. So the end you anticipate with the action on this is the whole india thing. I'm trying to guess ahead of time than focus pull, focus, focus thank you, thank you guys she's doing here just what we have the green will ken I would definitely get a tight shot of here. Photos. You could again, video, but we've got too much video for fusion already. Here. We don't need that. Leave that on the still well, I'm still recording, ok, joe.

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