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Shoot: Interview Example

We're gonna shoot two cameras, you're going to shoot camera and you're going to deal with audio, so stand with us because we're not gonna have a break, guys, but we're going to move this out the way and then we're gonna go for setting up and we have a lovely come in. We're doing this through questioning fantastic. So I know we're going way talked a little bit about this yesterday, but let's reiterate, a pro photographer asks, how do you sink your audio in your video and you use a hand clap? Or do you tell us a little bit about the way I respect about yesterday? When I first started? My edison says you need to do the clap action, and that doesn't really help you, however way, doing bigger shoots now because it really helps, but using something called floral ized, I was thinking for you final cut exits thinks it for you, I actually don't have any of that use premiere and I manually sinking by my eye. So if someone last if I could see a peek in the audio levels and we'll have a look at th...

at tomorrow, I will sink on the way to know its think as if you play both the lead audio's to the guide audio off your camera on this. It will echo completely otherwise it will be slightly off and you'll see you'll see them speaking it not say it right but if you want an easy plural eyes cuppa tea okay really english perfect okay, so holder if you guys could jump up form a um okay I'm going to guide them to make this a little bit easier if we could get a chair for dana he's gonna interview as well so now I need to have a touch of looking up to cameras because if you actually for you guys if you come this side and we kind of keep our backs towards here and the viewers at home will be able to say is it's way need to get the twelve puts up to a height where we're going to sit here with your interview and you're gonna don't know your name we're sorry mike so we're going to talk to come this size sorry because so I want to talk to mike here or even really you would want to be lower than this because you want to be at the same eye level what is mike so ideally I would want to be here but for this practical will go here do you do different from many women? You know how we women I'll show you the way to what we do the bride and groom I'll show you how I make a great book in camera s over this. Okay, I would generally say you just sit forward for me. You feel comfortable. We're gonna chap, we're going to ask you all sorts of questions now what I would want is I need the camera level here where my eyes are the first camera let's, go up the c three hundred and get up here. The rains are getting to multi task if you can also get this camera the same high fat leg because we're not going that high, gary. Okay, I'm going to leave these guys to try and get that, and I'm gonna talk to a camera here can generally what we're doing here is explaining when you shoot with two cameras, you need to make sure someone's eye level on both cameras is of the same high. If you're going to try and do a tight show and then a wide shot on one cameras up here on one comes down here, you're not going to have to come. You're gonna have to use horrible transitions. So this is what we'll be checking here that both cameras, the c three hundred is going to be tight and then the five d is going to start five he's going to be tired on a seventy, two hundred. And then the c three hundred is going to be the wide shot but we're gonna have him off to the left because we have a camera. Why did gemma we want to see jim you guys want teo so dana bring this camera this side so you want it right beside you but still face your interview flip your legs that way to sit facing that way from here oh, I see yeah, the great thing about the c three hundred or c one hundred is we could probably actually can't my c three hundred were tight close up in here I can actually feel my own tutorials and flip this that way. So what I'm doing an interview I just look to the side of this camera you're gonna have to do this almost like a five day so we're going to get this fixed first on we need to make sure that switch this on that this is gonna be this is gonna be at his eye height now for may even looking at what sort of thing we might need to move it up a little bit higher. So just that okay? Do you like going from here are the legs um probably depends on your tribe but she's just asking a great question and this is what we're getting these guys to do it would I have the lower legs down first maitham yesterday with my money but I had the bottom like fully extended psych quickly move it here these and doing interviews my photography tripod is really unstable so I don't want to use the very bottom next these air a little bit more stable than what I've got so I'd say we could bring him up or if we can bring that one up first won't you let me bring them off okay okay on we're going to get a frame we're going to keep him left frame if I can get a tight shot on the back of this camera while we're here I can explain peeking if you can see here try and get my hand on another question how come I'm not sitting behind the camera like I'm like car by much you kind of need the why isn't she sitting behind the camera if I do this now and talk to the internet sometime you're gonna tell me your life story you're gonna tell me your last right now I'm gonna have a report here and I'm gonna nod and I'm going to say yeah you're talking to me yeah I'm listening so it is tough what what I'm getting you guys to do stuff but it's what I do on a fusion shoot by myself so I want to show you what I will you'll see me do it later for live with the group okay so let's just quickly see peeking so I am going toe pull them out of focus and can you see there's like a little red you're saying now yeah yeah think how easy this now is peeking is about we can focus full really easy or you can see he's our focus again the room of his glasses are definitely and now we've got a set of four what would happen if can I just lay back and not sit forward come on lucky because the depth of plain it therefore there isn't that big, but if I shot this at one point too and he did this if he was speaking we're never gonna have that and focus talking heads keep it say five, six, six, three so you got that and try and suss out the movement and when someone sits down to talk with the hands they're moving backwards forwards or they just still so let's shoot this so the great thing about this camera is if we hit record or before I do that can I get a tight on the camera again? The great thing about this is I got a hit record and what's this I can zoom in while I recording on female again I also have something called seaver's let me quickly show you what zebras are um I'm going to change the exposure story can't you see from here I say spring up that ice okay people home see that as well it's like the screams trumpet shows you the highlights but this is zebras and what's cause I can turn those both of those things are for contenders the results we can turn them on so you see where it's actually really playing out I don't want to get into the whole setup zebras and peking but I've just turned this on full so people can really see the difference at home I wouldn't have my super set on this I would want my supers so I could see what was really blow now and don't worry about anything kills so that's without so you could guess that maybe that looks kind of okay but I she his forehead split out right yeah so we'll fix up and again jim if you want some more questions while I'm will dio so you wanted to touch on a touch on the commercial set up and so really that's kind of what we're going through at this point correct? Yeah oh even like this is a two camera set out but you'll see me do this exact set up with one camera and let's say the audio set up so you're see media is not with this because this makes it easy ok? I just wanted it least uses camera this morning because people are asking me facebook what is picking what is zebras at least you're seeing it now cool so let's have him after this side anyway turn off those zebras from me okay? Okay. It would be great on this camera if we can go really in time almost that set and maybe get this side get that in focus for me let's go fuck. Okay, chief focus if you want cool camera cell you would just we have to remember if you've got a five day got twelve minutes from the time you started the interview now let's get what we want to shoot this interview with audio what do you think safer to do in this room love mike we'll show them yes. Okay, go grab us a shotgun just on there grabbed me the short love mike too you can anyway perfect let's use that one if we can have this shotgun um live just for the audio fires out there. Thank you. So you want to hear me? Unless we do this let me just make sure no one was speaking as trying talk around here don't take one shoulder wait that can't be way would be ready to roll now we would hit the record button on for dana for you let me stand this with this now you don't have to worry about twelve minutes he's in focus now you would focus on actually doing the interview and then what I would say to lorenzo where do you want a bay if this is where the audio is as you coming from before you move can you just start talking about anything and don't stop talking for may mean danger we're going to keep talking so how's that sounding to your friends of providence and some good keep moving till you get to think about it you can keep talking here we might be in a really busy room and that's just crazy they're on I'm hoping now that lorenzo has something about the way you helped him out look at dana listen to him okay, so is the house your audio sounding is sounding much better there people at home can feel bit intimidated like there's this thing okay yeah okay let's go let's go! This is good this people are loving ring yes, ok. And now the difference between just battle for me tio what I'm showing here definitely not home you're going to hear this keep ah hopefully everyone at home is hearing how sentence if this mike is you got to get it right they are indeed yeah askew moving me really it's it is directional, right? You've got to be right straight there. So what we do now is the audience at home and not really going to hear dana but we're going to spend maybe two minutes asking questions get youto ad lib on what you're going tio I know everyone and I obviously don't make it really hard for the winter and go like this kind of the other thing I'm going to help you in a second for you you want to be as near as you can without being in the yeah even just under framed so then you would talk to dan and go how far can I go? You go high I can but you feel uncomfortable wearing store ready down there that's it right here and then when you have to look at where we now like you're like a piece of string from that mike where is it like we need to make sure yeah from your job just the mouth and am wherever he goes and then now I put my hat on for dana how it almost looks like a ago hey, I know we have this thing and it's sticking up your nose but every fine andi just to relax and chat may andi we're just going to talk about your amazing picture so go ahead so you can see now could you see the difference is his hostile and everything else and let me sit behind the camera let me shove you in the and your face and let me do anything to be o k I got tio so it is a little bit more difficult but once you be clever with your settings on these cameras you just leave them rolling and then you concentrating on now get some cool reactions from him from it. Go ahead now should I hit that? No, no, no. Okay, so I heard yet yesterday we spoke and guess where we're from. We were both from southern california where in southern calif uh southern l a area way yes, deputy seconds I'm guessing the audience is finding it really? That can really hear his voice and no hers. So can we swap to the last mike male just so I can show you the difference? So if you're one man band and you need to hear the interviewer asking the questions um you're gonna laugh like him out, not me and this is gonna be interesting because you don't have a show that we can turn this one off so I could get q to drop down and give me a second. I'm gonna turn diamonds all she's meeting okay, thank you. Go ahead. Laugh like on the t shirt it's pretty tricky, right? Because then we can you hear me now? Yes. Oh laughed like on a t shirt. Any any suggestions? Exactly what he's done here? Perfect. Your problem is, though, with these mikes here we get a close up, you see the love mike is pointing that way, but it doesn't matter because what matter does this love like have love mic has three sixty is not a shotgun so it's fine it will pick it up just be careful ofthe are mentioned now if you're ah a guy out in the food and you love michael woman up you probably wouldn't handle a woman doing that I would normally give a laugh mike even to another woman and go could you just places just underneath your clothes if you need a hand I'll help you on dh I guess just doing it discreetly for a guy it doesn't matter I mean normally when I left michael guy up anywhere that hoo hoo but it's my team the guy's air miking up a lady they won't probably go in there start going okay just down here on up here and the guys were really good when they did it to me yesterday and today but we're having more of a joke but I can't sit back down so we can't the mikes now that we have and was interesting as a time you're going to hear me anyway so this mic is not working for may the audio is coming from here so let's go again keep quiet wait yes it's fine that everyone knows his longing yeah I do and I'm actually going there in aa in a couple days my whole family lives in southern california yeah yeah there is no problem I can have you in the background I can beige pros and cons with the love mike's. Great, because now you can hear them both, and we don't have to worry about getting the angle right, but any little thing also, I'm you're going to hear. So how you feel, I think, were rounded up for that, because somehow we have pulled out. That was a great demo, a round of applause. Everybody, please think creative, live, and you guys need to show your you're like, hands up on, thanks to them, because they have let me do this this way, and I'm hoping it would change the way you have learned audio, because you needed to hear this, and I was first hold. It probably was impossible, and I really wanna thank created five. We put it way right.

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