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Shoot: Just the Kids

Lesson 10 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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Lesson Info

10. Shoot: Just the Kids

Lesson Info

Shoot: Just the Kids

Come sit down. I'm going to sit with you guys. Okay? So tell everybody your name's jacob and and how old are you? Eleven and eat okay. And your brother sister, you have a quite big family dinner which is cool are you excited to be here? How called us that and you like doggies but you don't have a dog yourself so just for the audience out there as well when you guys these kids have not already met this dog and so we don't know what's gonna happen, tonto so we'll start off with the kids first on as I said to you earlier, one was a display let's. Just have fun. Tell me a bit about your hobbies. Uh, what do you like doing well in school football, basketball and he's cool. And how about you electing soccer and golf and, um, a ballet it's not really a sport, but I like it. You like it? And I just asked the kids just before we come on if they could jump to um you might call it that on then. We also thought it might be quite funny if I try and have an american accent for this and the kids are ...

going to try and talk with an english accent, so I thought that might make his life a bit more and the audience out there can vote to see who's got the better accident but these guys are gonna wind up wearing the kids when you guys talk you sure put the mike really they're ugo cool okay let's start you want to give us to read it communities the microphone on I'm going to shoot generally video and photos because for this shoot we have agreed we're not going to shoot audio and I want the kids just to have a bit of fun till I get so what I will do it I'm going to try and talk you through my method of madness in my head on dso kids you'll have to bear with me because it won't be like a real shit where we were just I will stop on about the audience now because they need thio they're gonna learn from me if you can believe that s o I'm thinking I want to start off with the money I pod for mei and I'm going to get the kids doing something quite easy I didn't notice in this pot box there is a little attendant what it's called I'm gonna grab that's good tight shot of it um I don't know what this thing is called but this is like an old fashioned game when I have one at home and at christmas we always kind of play it with family even adults you ever played one of these things? No. Okay we're gonna have a go each I'm gonna have a go first they need teo and then I'm going to kill me while you're having a go yeah, so I'll show you so I'm gonna talk to you guys on the internet as well even before I pick up a camera special kid and I want the camera there I'm wanna build a relationship with these kids and have fun and so when the thing comes in the way it's not there anymore because otherwise they wouldn't be scary if I just shoved a big camera in your face is straightaway here and then we show you this this is I'm going to take one of these out because it'll make it easier so the idea here is the sea these holes the boy is going to fall down the holes so you have to try so you go this way around it's like a maze and a puzzle if you've ever done a possible so I don't see how far and kick it pretty well so you have to be really ah, but didn't make it to three yeah so you guys have to be that for may take ago each set my cameras are torched the internet so I'll give you a freebie practice yeah and then I'm going to kill me dances even more pressure don't beat me in the first go hey hey just did he already got positive with three so I've given the kids something teo occupy them why I can get my kit together again the whole time I'm going to try and build what we call report these kids have to trust me to pull off what we gonna pull off so as they're doing this, I'm going to shoot video first for me because I want this to be a little video piece, so I'm gonna take this off my tripod on hopefully was set up life way you gotta give your sister go to have you what's the highest number you got, tio full, okay, I'm anyone else and again I say bit like on a wedding day, keep contact with the person you're filming or photographing don't let it go quiet you probably figured from now I can talk, so my method of manus is I have an eighty five mil lens on onda was not the one point two it's a one point I the one point for me is a lovely lens for photography, but when I'm trying to use the focus ring on a it it just goes around too quickly, whereas this is a relatively cheaper lens and I can really get my cycle really, really quickly, so I'm going to start off with gonna think three sixty I'm not going to move these kids make sure your seat me up we move one eighty just for the cameras here I'm going to get tight of them the hands are moving the balls are going to get their faces and then I'm going to get a wide shore so probably maybe get three four shots all of ten seconds each on a good starting point is you need to hold your first shot for one two three seconds take the shot when I first started I was shooting like two, three seconds worth of the footage because I was being like rapid shooter and I can't have an in and out point when we start talking about the edit you need enough to cut off the beginning and the end so this is why I say seven to ten seconds from that so let's go I think I have a card in here so hopefully see yeah I'm gonna start this way around what number you are seven really think it too good at this I need more practice can I'm gonna come really in close kids I'm just going toe so I'm gonna hit record already before I pre focus but I could've pre focus this I will always recorded okay so I'm shooting fairly shallow because I'm on a fifty mile can get that near but for mai is quite interesting I don't think I'm recording let's go give me a shot of your screen okay hold on recording red dot yet so here's when the money part I can focus pull with us here or I can do this so this is when I could do that and then pull it away so if I wanted to do something quite called lycan in an hour focus pull this is what I love about them on ipod so you can see I'm no actually focusing aiken just made that backwards and forwards with what I want in focus uh if you have questions ask me questions as well the same time on that land well dio you were trying to get you got so many balls in the air but well do do you ever do side to side or is it always going in and out something I would do is normally that switch to something you still saying that so I'll do something like if I get my focus point here put on I would do something that goes like this oh cool a little bit slower again think about the jell o so if I don't have a slider or do a shot for my second reveal shot so we're doing there you go the other thing too dear I already pre focused kind of about here so I waited till she gave him back the puzzle because I'm not goes in focus out focus again thinking about the edit and if I want and get tighter right and just my focus will be on that ball now I probably would want to get some face detail and I know I'm gonna be back flip because of the window, so I'm going to try and come around and take a view slightly on the side or, like, embrace the natural day like that have so what would be nice here is if I went from jake, I'm not talking to you there what number you on seven I got some child's when I was your sister on annoying, isn't it? It's frustrating? So what I would do here is you think about I'm going to cut that tight shop with this show and I begin to get a focus pull him now, it's a kind of shooting quite shallow, it is a little bit difficult if we imagine this footage here instead of me now I already have a hand short, so I've gone faces hand shop now could come this way round ana shoot from this angle, something a bit it's, a game organizer haven't prefect kissed why I come back to her trying to hold this? I'm probably doing a few more seconds needed because I've got a focus full of man and guessing when she's going to give it back and say china anticipate the action so we have to be enough of their faces I'm going to get some detail off her hand in a different view, so again I'm going to try a focus pull here and if you imagine that my brain is going with that shot the next shot will be the first shot I shot from above so cutting the shots when we put this in the live at it tomorrow or the day three you'll see what I'm doing here I think if you shoot it shallow it's a bit more interesting I'm now going to get from here so excuse me back to you I'm gonna get try and get a wider shot of the kids playing and victoria for these spontaneous shoots whether you're doing portrait or weddings are you building that story in your head when you say you're building your edit shot shot shots so this for me is like a mini story of the kids andan I could shoot some stills along with it so for may I wanted details of them playing I want his face her face I want one eighty angles which is cool um yeah building a story so let me get here this is probably where I am from here is hard to see the focus having that big screens quite no going after that your guy does help does um what I'm going to do for you guys is I'm going to show you now on the moment I'm stopping starting which I will do on a normal shoot but on chaotic shoots I will do this on what's called reframe and focus so I go back to here you see, I get my friend first and then get my focus so what I would have to do in the edit now cut that out and say if then I need to get another quick shot, but I want to get hands very quickly so sometimes it's good to stop start some editors will tell you that they stop starr. Some medicines will say leave it rolling because you can imagine we're going to take up a lot more footage if I leave this world and in all the in betweens that they need to cut out from okay, let's, get these guys to let me let me throw out a question on that one. So if you're shooting stills and video in the same camera that that may change, correct? Um, yeah, you'll have to start rolling, but even war what im going out is the shot anticipations of the wide, the tightly angles going around someone one eighty I probably won't stop right star, but if I was running from here to there, I really should stop starting cause I know it's not going to be used, but for me, if I'm editing my stuff for the fusion shoot with the wedding, I left it rolling through the couple shots in between, I kind of got in a tree took my shore moved it again because it was very short sharp if you haven't got a lot of time not stop starting the video makes it quicker cool that makes sense okay, what did you get teo you gotta get your get engaged, okay? Let's, get rid of this can I get you to put that back in my basket? Two star can and I'm going to get you guys on this chair if you can yeah, and again jeremy, if you have questions just blast me teo so you can see these kids like brother sister so already I'm going before even say anything so this is similar to maybe on a wedding day I will get set up on what I'm going to do now is instead of shooting this at two point eight I'm probably going to shoot this at three point five so this is when you'll see I need to go to three twenty now instead of two hundred for the ice is so I'm going to stop down probably a four point five hundred in the area we shouldn't do this on a prime lens having a zoo might have um you guys like we just jody okay, uh okay, I got a hit record another this might be shaking um to your sister and brother when I was young right when my brother tried to give me a hug, I just so we need to do that like give her hook, give it looking like a safe give her heart garden and they have to be oh, so what I would do is I kind of even though in bowling I could take snippets out of this. What? You don't want to see the kids with the big mouth I like on board what's going on it's more like on for me that whole brothers just ilya love because you do love each other, right? Yeah. Is she just really annoying? Sometimes? Yeah. And what about him? Does he know you? Yeah. What does he dio keep talking to me? See terrible. Does he play with your barbie does and stuff, you know, give her another hook. Me, like, really become both if you were too big arms and just just pretend that you can have a big hug and make mommy happy? Uh, okay, I'm probably a little bit near with this lens, but I will most chat and speak to mrs why sometimes wanna try put this is easier, but for mein kind of that whole I was almost say to let's do it now, like, stick it times out each other for may now you see h other not me eight other joke you tickle her is she tickles so this is the stuff we're kind of like cute little bit shouldn't see that few seconds and I get them to keep doing it and now I would be taking stills so what I would do is I were grown up my store's cameras well because I'm going to try and do is I've tried to keep him still for a little bit on now we're going to move because you don't normally do this right? You know sisto sporting way yeah to another thing I'll show you the little kick I was asking them today I'm going to get you to do this and I'm gonna um you were doing it the right way I want to get you to do it and do it in unison together I'll show you how to do it first and we'll do it together so for may is about having games and playing games with kids and having movement in this video so what I would normally do is I will shoot the video first getting them moving because then with my still it's so easy for me to sorry focus and have my auto focus so we're going to get them to do this and I don't need to stand back on the fifty bill in victoria while we're doing that we want to let the internet knows that's the monitor you guys the monitor on top of the camera that she's using is really for creative life purposes and for this shoot normally you'd be looking at your the back of my would have this up to my iron which is a lot more stable and I would have it under my arm I do use a small hey hd monitor that is the actual name of the brand of the monitor ana actually marshall monitors are incredible but they are very pricey so if you are studying out, look at the small hasty monitors the seven inch and I think they've got a five inch now but you really like that contact point of the finder yeah yeah from there but with kids it's harder with kind of adults it's easier to zone now but kind of seeing their faces you see I'm trying to look this way so they can see me and build over a poor I can't stand up for may hopefully I can do this life to know the whole thing I showed you outside so we kind of go way I ain't the kind of and this is what I would have my style's coming probably for this so whenever we are kind of make it a game on a practice kids and what we do something like maybe three times and then get bored stand right in the middle of may so you don't kick her butt face me if you can set me back a little bit which what can you kick this side I find it hard I can any kick won side right can you wish I can you kick okay swap places just don't kick each other otherwise mom will really tell me off right stay there for me um okay I'm gonna get oh okay let me just check this is no place I can imagine what I'm going to just guess that we almost in a park and having something lovely to do this you probably wouldn't do this in a syria in the living room but I want to give you almost like my ideas tio what I would do that we're gonna go for up even though I'm a native a second this is actually very habitations that I'm going to pick them at the right point so I'm gonna count one two three okay and they have to try and do it together and see how good you are yeah you'll have more thank you yeah okay and you need to go higher than your brother does even though you're younger and smaller but meeting you speak just get a seven yeah okay are you ready one two three go okay so I have a look takes a few seconds oh bad bad you know what your sister is kicking butt right now that you got your tow go even hiring and get those needs high I can't move this way give him them around see making excuses okay? Are you ready? Okay. And this time hands really high up, you know, like a stardom ready one teo three way we've got a bit more rapid fire let's look at what they are I'm gonna get set up with video again like cool we gotta do this together, teo well, we're going to do this and video now so actually probably have the wrong lens on trying what I don't want to try and do is I'm going to ask you guys to almost imagine this I'm gonna have to crop their feet off so in order to make my video look a bit better you guys have to get your feet really hires okay? We got audio yeah on going to see he jumps higher. Are you ready? One, two, three oh, and at this point guys, I probably will be more mobile. I would then keep that going with the banter and get tight shots of their faces. This is when probably have put the wrong lens on for where I am. I would probably more shoot this on a seventy, two hundred and now go in tight and get their reactions. So is about playing and joking with these guys and you're rubbish come on, don't better let's go ready one, two, three go that was not bad, not bad, cool any questions? I thought I'd see if I can give you because I want to put that floor yeah let me guys I'm gonna change lens tur let's has put this seventy two, two hundred on even though we'll bring the dog in um your football that's grab the football okay, I did it last jake earlier on her thing maybe what they spend it on their fingers it's a bit hard oh, hey, I did that ok, um wait I'm going to try this I you gotta catching try for me play nice play nice okay, let me get you guys doing it this way to each other so jake sit sit there come this way before we start getting a so what I'm going to do here is well, a ce things like embrace the kids in with the stuff that they like in their games and toys, eh? So I'm going to shoot again I'm going to think about a shot here across the shoulder I'm gonna have her out focus shaking the ball back and forth I'm gonna then shoot this side. I will I know you guys crew will be in um I can't oh yes you system easier just be careful this is really is a hard ball don't throw out your sister to hold on then I want to get this for you yeah so do you imagine as he throws her it's great than to see her reaction, his reaction and then we'll probably get tight here and then what would be a really nice to grab shot is catching, so I will pre focused on her hands and wait for him to throw the ball and closer and see what we've got and again, I would normally shoot my stills first because it would be really easy and pre focused and they go from that can shoot this way so again, I'm gonna loosen the bottom one here what's cause you guys on that tall so you you sure k stay there before you go. One thing I do want to show close up camera is what I'm going to do to new kind of the horizons left and right. The great thing about having a seventy, two hundred and having the they play on here is that I can do this, I can loosen this really quickly sit in the field again. If I'm filming a wedding, I kind of loosen up horizons, I'm done, I don't have to kind of less so even if maybe I gently lean to my right, I can move the camera back and forth since there's, another quick tip care let's get focused up, you guys practice, but don't write too hard, okay, so we get so here let's go back to shooting this at two point eight so I'm going to go down to one sixty I'm going to put us down for two point a I'm gonna frame almost here gonna hit record and now I'm gonna interact things right now jay cooks really meaty that's that uh may now they're sniffing video is much more fun my guessing is here to point a if you watch really carefully it might be my eyesight it looks like he's going from infocus toe l focus because he's linked for catching that ball so we may need to move it back up therefore we might get away with it doesn't look that bad can I'm gonna we do my shot here I'm actually going to get jake's hands you can guess where they're gonna be okay really? I would want to even a tighter shot okay, so almost is a guessing game especially this and what I don't normally d'oh is tell their kids with adults and you'll see proper tomorrow I do cheat I asked him to exactly keeping that up again on the makeup artist but for kids that season there somehow we just got it ok and then going to go around the other way ask questions guys if you have questions, how many good catches you make a good one just once so you just want I had it like this yeah, um, and I'll try and cut the crew out of this one, and if you notice I'm putting her on the left of frame and him on the right of frame, so again, it looks more interesting to have one person this side, then the other person that side my still running, I guess her hands to again what's good is that her catches in similar movements is really hard for me to see if that isn't focus. So what I'm going to do is see the heart on her t shirt. There you go. Yeah, it's kind of it's watching it a few times that I wouldn't have recorded this before I hit record, I would have been watching it roughly frame get myself and then again, your sister looks so median concentration give us a smile, don't account in english, doing english accent for may, okay, so her last was priceless, so I would say I end up doing this ever it is, it doesn't matter what you talk about, what you say, we just need that actual after the rule after from there.

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