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Shoot: Kids with Dog

Lesson 11 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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Lesson Info

11. Shoot: Kids with Dog

Lesson Info

Shoot: Kids with Dog

Choose cute can we take off the ladies okay hey sweetie one attention booth can you hey ready come on them jenny jenny jenny oh how cute doggie so again guys I don't have a camera in my hand kind of especially with a dog kids kind of always just take five minutes to get that report you cute cute and she's really good she's not even find one hands she's so good so let's play let me get you to hold this and and because I want to make sure when you two feel comes in and she's not gonna bite you good go good girl you gonna drop it can we have it back when you have a back she's excited hey cool I can I'm gonna leave you guys just play with the door try and see if she would drop the ball and then give her the ball game okay and I'm mr mai is the between stuff okay this is what I'm just gonna hit record and I'm definitely for this stuff now and not stop and start I'm just gonna try and get at least five to ten seconds with fifty I'm gonna come down to their level I can probably watch the job ...

guys j can you always bring her back further back into the corner for may put down the other high school yeah so I probably want to move position again I don't really have a shot here a masked the dog from here so here what I'm gonna do is interact and go kids can you do that again and I did she would run on try and get her can you do that again just with her poor and I almost it's hard to see here but I want it I'm thinking about cutting this so I would want to see the angle we just shot and I want to see their faces going with the poor and then I want to see almost like her can we try the poor warm or something I said just do that one more time chaos right this is serious focus playing on really kind of getting in there tighter so I would make it a hundred times cooler and even kind of this is what's great about money part as I can get so low of me of the handle and getting can you just stroke her pour for me to now one second can you do that again strike another poor nearest may just get her to pick up her poor system there just pick up her actual poor sway the one nearest me as a cool kid hold on and then put it down and then can we do almost out of her mouth see if we can get ahead to drop the ball I can I'm definitely in the wrong position now for why am I okay? I'm gonna stop here I'm trying to focus pull so to point out is not the right aptitude for this stuff any questions yes so you don't own any off camera lady do you use flashes? Do you use any I die newsflash video but I do use lighting so I will use the kino leave alliance alone one is an led panel and it's absolutely amazing and the other is actually the guy the fluorescents that using here but generally on a shoot like this I will have the little led panels the lead zilla on the data line to do stuff like that but normally shooting this stuff inside of house eyes where you're going to pay I wouldn't bring big lights no for kids fusion shoot thank you so I'm like multi triple tasking s I'm just countering little segments what's really hard with a dog is guessing my frame and where it's going to come up where the focus point is thing getting those details okay jake, can we do that again? I said take the ball completely out and then put it back in and get her to figure it out. So this is when I said I'm thinking about my focus point was whether ball waas so is her hand comes in if united I'm not touched my focus ring the hand comes in some focus it's out of focus and then the dog picks it up so thinking about those focus planes does that make sense so if we do it here so if you imagine kind of mine my focus was on my way I have it here as she put it down and I asked her to take it out the show put it back in she happened to put it back him in the right place so that's the car I would have put the ball down and the dog picks up the ball and it's all in focus so you're basically picking out I'm picking up a plane by the way you want where you want the action that happen yeah so that way when it does happen you'll have just moved focus on anything I get it okay things like that is where I will make it easier for myself and other things that will be focused pulling when I have to um take some stills okay yes we're gonna solve all your battery got a couple questions to throw um if you're typically tell us would you do a consultation prior to the shoot day or do you do that after after you're done shooting could you tell us a little about that I get to know my client's really really well before we shoot however for kids fusion shoots formation we're probably got like forty five minutes to an hour thumb before we even shoot any photos and videos so even will go through setting up what clothes they're going where I want to make sure I don't have a leasing I'll make sure I have a really cool popping colors wherever the background is I want to wreck e the client's house and pick a room or daylight or picker a part of something so again then I can storyboard out short what I want I would know what games they like to play cartoon characters all kind of things I think the more that you know, the more you can earn two wrapped that's fantastic, so might you have the parents in a shoot like this or winning send you photographs of the locations or do you like to really actually going back? You know, I think sometimes like google maps is just so incredible because it's harder for me for overseas stuff, I can't wreck it so together, but if I can it's in the uk, I will go and have a look I would even make clients at their place or at mine and sometimes when you go to theirs and it's good to see you where you going to be shooting? You could suggest being really cool for go shit in the park and in the dark front room something like that, but yeah, even for a wedding day, I find even venues are shooting regular, eh? And I've got really favorite spots they'll move a chair they'll change the lighting and I don't want to drag a bride like a million miles and stilettos for a shot and then suddenly get there it's like oh yeah this used to be here but it's not now can you remind us where whether you're shooting in the thirty frames right now or the twenty four where I am or sixty she's twenty find twenty five okay yeah I'm shooting um actually like yeah she's twenty five because that's what I would shoot at home but ideally the u s u b shooting thirty okay I'm also going to show you I don't suggest you do this but there'll be times when something is happening and it's really cool and you don't have anyone I put a tripod so what I would know we dio is kind of balance myself as much as possible so if this is happening now I don't have time to go get that money part come on come on clone keeper doing that that's really cool come on video that you won't necessarily get away with us I don't encourage everyone to go totally handheld his hand how the potential style that people are shooting a little bit with these days and you condone it should I tell you my honest opinion and a hand how'd I think there's a vintage and then this kind of being a bit lazy the only handheld I guess in the kid's shoes I was in the bumper cars because I wanted it to go bang I want it to be shaking so if you intentionally one shaky fitted shoot it's okay, if you don't don't just label a vintage year for here if I kind of pick my focus and don't move but you you're see from that screen you can see me even breathing and talking is wobbling this camera yeah, the better thing to do you know what your thing is here is on the floor sorry keep knocking. I have I didn't bring it with me but I have something that I used when I first went on safari there's like a sam buy goes like a beanbag yeah um so I'm gonna hit unfortunately in the frame like here if we could get her pour down and I hand down into that bigger oh, wow hey, get us picking that focus plane and that's just on the floor so I'd rather have it on the floor than may but now I'm thinking about shot anticipation that's a really cool shot I now need faces any the dog so then I can swap back. I'm gonna fasten up a little bit so you see rapid shooting if I wanted to put slider on, I could just clip in and I'm gonna shoot this directly I have a head and I always show you this shot that you said like I don't have a slider I probably don't have time to get a slider so I'm going to do this and again from this I hope to find the dog to this I'm ready with the pool where did the ball go? Well, uh so you see even like I'm having trouble but I just need a few seconds to piece together and then again kind of just pat her on the head for me, so yeah, so I kind of would get harmed sure you don't get to smile and then moved to her do you want a dog? A sheep mummy for dog? Yeah, the thing that your knight is there is because I'm talking to she's just like the camera I didn't you don't want it if you want them to the camera and speak if no um also yet they kind of keep looking at dogs kids if I come and tickle you and we're gonna get cool smile I'm gonna take away a cistern a second give dougie with big pat I can give her a cuddle for may well, look, this is ana would run back and quickly frame I'm shooting still really shallow here, which is a bit dangerous, but as you can see, I can see when it's in an hour it's a lot easier like that dog but I want to be tighter so again having a zoom lens means I can reframe really really quickly from that even the shut down here again kind of thing the dog and that's a good doggie turn this way these kita pull out her mouth so kind of interacting a little bit kind of that was I had the shot is in focus let me see if I can get the bullet out of wells thank god okay she she cute dog things like now that will be nice to the video sheets and stills after they get tau wagging so now start thinking about the dog and type of the dog what types of the kids I've got the going playing can he get up hey and getting a towel wagging it's just taking a while to get my life you know you're doing that can you talk to us a little bit about raw? Some folks in the chat rooms like were used to shooting raw with stills yeah how does that work with video? You're not shooting rule with the video was shooting ten eighty by nineteen twenty but my still there we'll shoot on because I'm no I'm shooting on I'm shooting video and they're stopping in the shooting of still it doesn't matter that's still raw so as long as your settings for photo mode of what they are it's still e o okay the towel wagging shop so I don't see as you kids say that hey let's all come in could go let me got kind of a pool cue ok come to the side of her for me okay sit next to jake for me um I just want a tight wagon show and then what I probably will do is get pause so now I'm going to pull this off of here I'm gonna try and embrace the beauty with having the screen and we've got on here is that I now would have to be literally laying on the floor to see the back screen so what I would do is get a point okay? I can't focus and I think we're moving a summons I leave it for five seconds to ten seconds I will cut out the inbetween movements so when if we can actually put this piece together it will look down better than my video fetishist looking like one here even things like you can tell up and as long as I can hold this still it's going to look this way can you call her toe? Hey and victoria is there any post image stabilization that you're able to do in your software? You might pull that into something like that I would defer that was to shaking I think it will be a but she's out with foam anyway the girl I come stuff if it's a little bit wobbly you can study it but ideally you can see not having an image stabilizer limbs it's much easier the twenty fourth one or five or seventy three hundred is ah save save time and it's also it just saves the shakiness yeah because even really what I'm doing here is not having my eye to this I'm already shaking I've lost one point of contact and then I'm no I haven't got my foot on here because I'm not adult height that makes sense but just getting details I think the biggest thing about he was talking about story earlier on more shots I have kind of say takes phase stuff that you can be really guys upon you now and then you can do this but this is when I need my other hand because his hand probably won't be in focus so being able to do like a focus pull from here keep my phone it's it's gone quiet okay and I can do the cream like effect here going to do that against you can see I get even do this if I get him and focus to see how I'm going out fakers in focus so as I do this I can guess the focus again but again it is guessing it's not easy but if I was to dio make something quite simple if I take a still now and hopefully my focus point is in the middle jake just stay there for me for a second so I can hold the button and if you can see it pre focuses form a similar to the still so that I want to come out of still motion however, if I do this because people then go wait, we can do this world filming um if I made the camera if I do this now watch what happens come on okay see how it changes exposure the animal is out and it films the first each other so we don't want to be doing that do it before you actually hit the record button and then you can get a focus point I could do it here and it will pick her focus and then hit record but again we don't really have a shot here kind of is not an angle here is more e you see if I've got an angle here we start hitting record I can play in that focus plane so what I would do is keep that bowling and this is when I'm gonna grab the camera. This is when that you would leave it rolling and pray that the dog doesn't move in a ball and then I could get my still alongside so I would let you get something to marry the still so they couldn't get it to go this way hey jenny jenny go jimmy go teo let's um again I have lost my focus point here, so we're leaving cameras rolling I need to make sure that either the dog has made camera can I drive the tripod as well? I'm not gonna show you more of what I would call not me not behind the camera and shooting stills what videos rolling any questions? Yeah, do you a power asked earlier, do you have any special tricks when you're you're using that when you're trying to do the focus pools by keeping your camera steady points of contact? Um having that viewfinder on having this under your armpit kind of it's just that when you start getting really low, I can't have my foot on that on my arms, but your seat my with kind of having it under my armpit sounds really disgusting it really gives you another point of contact I'm gonna bring this right the way down and we have another question while you're doing that, do you? When you're at a wedding shoot, do you pretty much always keep the camera on that mono potter way used like, do you take it back and forth both okay all the time if I commit move rather banner mon ipod and if I have to make sure something's one hundred percent still like speeches if I'm going to be standing still for a period of a long time tripod the rest of the day will be slider glide cam when I put on the morning prep kind of when a break it's ready she's maybe got ten, fifteen minutes to finish off make up I have to monitor but that I have to be like rapid shooting probably not try board but almost zero handheld during the wedding which is what they were asking not like see what I was doing here never great that's good to know I can show you this right let's see how good my handheld is I'm kneeling yeah I'll get away with us but even if I hold my hours in and don't breathe it's still shaking you'll probably see worse in that screen yeah still kinda hard it on a brick wall on the floor um it doesn't even need to be a tripod but let's shoot in one eye yeah, but then that's my preference some people will hand held um there is a shop in verity and dom's off the lens flare and I have let you come out the church and took the still wasn't planning on shooting video and laying on the floor and then I rested on my chest and pre focused on just shot that video and I got my assistant to just wave the netting so again thinking it's handheld but I'm playing it safe from pre fakers impressing why focus sounds crazy way but I have to make sure how can I see here if it's in focus or not but I have a still this is like another ten seconds of footage and instead of me moving I want them even in the vow so I'm like assistant can you please linda oh oh sorry, sorry I kind of I would say to my sister like just wave the vows it looks like it's moving in the wind um I do sometimes they anything to get in spares I will be almost like this on the floor I have a pack of may but sometimes you get the right lens flare you have to kind of work out where the lens flare is and then if I do it on let's see then like this I'm not doing this this is worse much yeah just like on remember the pre focus so I don't have a beep on this well so I can hear it and I will play it safe or make sure they're in the center of the phone because I used the back button to focus not the front button eso l hope my focus point I know it's click to know it's there and then I don't want to even refrain video I can but I almost guessed smart put it that way I'm not going to film really great footage by guessing like this sorry any other questions on that? Yeah, you know, indy has a question about when you're shooting video it's almost I would say almost exclusively going to be landscape right? So and well yes tell us a little bit more about that and about the confusion definitely it's not goingto do it but there's show people what it looks like because I had a a bride walking around the corner I'm going to do it this way uh um something in focus I was named in okay, so say friends and yet everything you see video wise is there's going to be this way like what happens when I do this? It doesn't look good, right? It's like upside down, so yeah, um I did that with a bright coming around the corner one of the first thing I was like, oh, no, this isn't a good from there cia always landscape but photography the best fusion pieces sometimes I feel that if you could put stills at a landscape in with the landscape video there is less of a diver from those stills for my infusion is not noticing which is video and photos and itjust seamlessly come together when you have an upright shore you're gonna have black sides oh obviously doesn't fill the frame and the zooming and when we talk about how to zoom into the photo in the edit from that okay I'm going to try and set this keep on keep on some questions you like okay well d'oh it's gonna try I um kind of like a bit of a trick shot here so even though this is lower now on I'm going to do this on my knees I have no idea if this works I want to show you guys more about this whole technique of pulling the seine so listen the head so this is going to flop and I'm going to keep out of this I'm gonna get my focus point fast there and then we're gonna pull back so we can go out of focus two in focus look up look up look up k j crying in a deer's get you to stand behind me grabbed the bull for may but hide it from her first of all so she doesn't see you take it and hide it from a given her cutter can we have the full name I had what I wanted teo is I want the shot as as I go in the dog to look up I'm asking for the impossible but I'm going to have a girl come behind me joining your not doing still at the same you are I know money word but this is what it would be easier for me to now shoot a couple of heels flipped to video mode oh I hate that we lost up we'll go to the dog I had to sit down come sit down could go sam okay, we took your boy cookouts and we have the best dog. Thank you. Someone used to film this okay so that come right beside her stay there, baby. Yeah okay, so I probably need to be a bit higher my poor life tether apologies guys keep knocking thank you. Good so I can so we're gonna do a practice and what I'm gonna do is get jake what above my camera lens to kind of give her the ball but when I'm going to show the ball yeah, okay let's get this up so the trick here is don't make sure we've got all focus point and guessing where she's gonna be I'm a bit too knew I really want to be hired to do this. Good girl. Okay, this is better. So let's go here. Okay? I'm gonna have to pull focus this because my guessing as is her head comes up and she grabs that bull head's gonna be up like this so I'm gonna have to get it so I'll start off here and move in cage a quiet by my camera lens don't hide it had it almost here for mae but first of all haider okay, come on joys of working with dogs okay, so come really mimi if he can stay there, stay there okay, we have action. So here is my I have my twelve o'clock um I'm gonna go out, come with me a second drag. Okay? From here, you keep your hand there for may and when I say go, you give her the bull. Um, ok, let me hit record. Okay, this guy give him the ball. Can my friend when there's not right, they're still down one more time. Jake, grab the bull from her. We're going with the dogs. Guy, can we get you? Teo, hide that for me for a second. Sit down for me, sweetheart. Saving go ahead. Sit down. Okay, jake, what I want you to do is to know when you give her the ball kind of give it the night of that way. Yeah, but again, give me a second. Okay. Ready? One, two, three go a little bit out there. So you can see we're in cheating focus, but kind of again having that twelve o'clock. And if you were to do this on a wedding day with objects or people it's a lot easier than guessing where that dog, how high that dog's head is going to go, how high jake is going to actually transition the ball to the dog um, good, good.

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