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Shoot: Kids with Dog Part 2

I really want to be loved because I'm gonna get the kids to walk to camera we're going to get the point we're probably going to get to the point where they are now and I'm gonna bring them back to the back of the room and get them walking back in victorian you should weddings do you ever use a shoulder mount? I said I would never ever use a rig I tried one once it was so intimidating and heavy however on day three I'm going to show you I had a thirteen kato regan and hold depending on a wedding now I don't think you need it for a wedding and I think it's intrusive but for bigger shoots with I think if you need a follow focus unit and I will show you that on day three the more bigger production is you getting teo justifies having it off with this thing and you know, what's great about this is I can get shots that don't normally happen if you've got a big wig on people now you're filming people think I'm taking stills on this right? Thank you so what I'm gonna do is get jake, can you com...

e to almost the edge of the carpet for may and stand up? I always get the dogs gonna follow kit so that's just my one let's keep doing this to my help switch on switch off for the cable well, mr cable back in normally you wouldn't have this set up, but even when I use my small hosting monitor, if you can see when we flipped into live, you married it crops the image to how it is at the five day marty doesn't out put four hasty and she is not liking it were there were there were there does not touch this woman. So I dele I'm going to guess j k means to your left a little bit more kids have been so patient. Okay, so we shoot this a two point a I will try and get them to come right in the middle. Um so get right away, back, guys, all the way back to the other chair for may and you see, they're out of focus now, so this is top of thing I would do on our wedding day as well. I'm going to leave it rolling, knowing that when they come on two point eight when they probably come about here to hear they're gonna be in focus so let's get you sing down, sit down if you guys can stand because then when I'm gonna get you to do is walk two camera, come on, boobs hopes forget it, and the missing neighbours may believe it rolling um and this is when the frame has to almost be quite right I was wondering where thank it's shaking come just that side a little bit may keep her back when the dog right away back keep coming back come back come this way you go on the mount she's been amazing it's just saying what I think okay okay give me the ball. I'm going to give you one of you get the ball she'll follow you with the pool I e I e I know you are not having both come come this way ok come, come, come okay, so I'm gonna leave the camera there and I would just run and grab the stills because right now I know they're out of focus but they'll be pre focused and when we walk if you can stop at the edge of the carpet from a and you can get down on the dog I'm going to make you laugh and joke and be silly yeah and teo waken pull it back and we can't don't worry so then why is she sending across here? I'm going to forget about the video um you guys could just walk in a straight line will be really good where you are okay big laughing, joking okay, maybe can we watch that video footage back actually let's see if they did come into focus see if this will work on live okay okay we probably got a lot to go through so I will still take some voters always that can't we walked out of frame if you saw that let's have a look or not yeah okay so if we're going to sit down let's do this let's do this again and make it work let's pre focus where they are now cam and just so we're clear when you're you're pre focusing quick you're doing sort of your doing and still node I'm as she doing it and both then video move both but I could do this so if I used my back burner um that you could do it over here so really though I need to make sure that I am you see in state weakened it on video when it turns green isn't like that so I could have done that if I do it still okay cause I never still will be going so and neither focus here when we flipped a video made and they would have moved out of the fight is plain already where we are and now the trick is gonna pay um you know what do we do this with a dog kid stay where you are and sit down jake for me come in eleven error I'm gonna have a record here I'm going to move back a little bit more so I've got a really tight frame with these kids is gonna be a bit dangerous I'm gonna lock this off but now I'm gonna I tried to do this for the dog come me come on this way you could stay that star that may come here come with me go and then I'm gonna get can I get you because she'll come to you and she daddy oh she's so cute I can't I'm gonna roll this because if I throw it that's not gonna be a no thank go come here come here sweetie so all the time this is remember I have twelve minutes for mrs rolling sinfully go on then we will get on I'm gonna preempt my still so we want kids when she comes to you don't you move um dad is gonna wave the bull and if you control the bull in kids save you can pick it up from a okay so what the dog down which may or the think a sky it's got cable the bowling for may action dog teo get go what? I'm gonna try again I think we go back to live you let me try this instead okay? You can just stay where you are hook come back along this way way go okay let's go let's go so hopefully thinks that I should have got that finally have a look at this one I should have at least got her in and out of focus and then what you got to think about fusion will cut to my still show that we took a few seconds earlier so it doesn't matter that she ran into focus on the one out of focus I just want a few seconds of the movement still sure picking the ball up so almost was really good with video is you can tell parts of the story without all of that and this is the mindset you guys are gonna have to get into this but it didn't matter I'm going to cut here and then go to a still going to see me jump policy is that what if the kids are cool stan one pace you see how there's no movement from the camera, the movements from the people in front of the camera my frame has dropped so dearly you would not chop people's heads off have there so hopefully she will come through a bit of really good and again cheating focus movement think about a few seconds off the dog from here to here cut from stills just focus and try and pull focus focus on that dog like us we saw the doctor even bun conducted a then the chances of me actually I don't know how report that often you early on, the chances of me gauging the dog moving was too difficult, so what it looks like here is that I have this and then you're pulling focus on the double come into focus plane but she didn't want teo but even stuff like this this show I could been cut to the hand shot the tight hand stuff I have on the floor now she's in focus and if we do if she actually moves to the next shot's not too long second wise this stuff finally I shot this what could we at now? Is the kid's doing that now? Just the hands, the faces three sixty and then where do this on one camera I would shoot a few stills would flip video that makes sense it makes it a lot harder shooting, but this should look much better if I'm not in the shop and as much nicer to have the the long in focus than out focus now you see my hand okay didn't quite work, but you get the idea of what I was trying to change I'm trying achieve a dog running and then bang and focus cut the video to the still or go from that clip to another quick that you happened to show earlier where the dogs playing around with a ball and put the stills in between that makes sense it seems to me that a lot of your style is part photojournalism like you're really you're some of their tae you're getting into this and catching that moment but then you also turn into like addiction mode. Can you talk a little bit about that? For the kids stuff? May I try not to interact on a wedding? Your seat tomorrow everything is posed everything I call it almost cheating it with a bride and groom with kids, I think to capture kids in their true who they are, you have to let them play and be and just interact a little bit, but things like, could you just do that again? Could you get her some, especially for the video, helped me with my focus point help me for the movement on I will interject and try and direct a little bit, and normally the chutes that I would do it normally outside world running around and again, this is when I have to pre focus. I have to guess my hope of focal death because there's no way definitely kids I can contrive focus pulling, but it it's in an hour, but yet naturally, I'm not documentary shooter, I'm totally the opposite. You're like steven spielberg way of the wedding. No, I mean, we're seeing this amazing work I just for may I am the documentary photographers, I don't know how they do on our wedding day was for may, I could just go to broad just that way, liver chin up dissidents and bang out my someone look nicer here documentary to documentary it had to be in a fly on the wall and just hope and pray they look at me and smile I kind of like leaving them to it and just tweaking cool. Hey, victoria, I know we have a couple slides to get to you after this you want to you want to do it? Yeah. Let's wrap up ok, mom let's do some more stuff maybe without the doggy so I can get you guys moving. Thank you. Hey, gonna get you being such a good go skating too, daddy thank you for her she's been amazing. Thank you very much. Can I have the money? Let me describe this so I'm just gonna do a little bit more with the kids e and I'm going to just show you the wool on the pre focus thing again and little bits like that. So, guys, if you walk by the way back there for me before you were when you come to the edge of the carpet again sorry this but I need to do my cheat thing first year it's come all the way in um actually what we're gonna do stop halfway for me so come in right into the middle sea that big square but there that's it okay, stay there let me move back a bit I'm going to get the kids now tow walk past my camera's honestly, a few other tricks that used to make it easier is I will I'm going to definitely have to focus for this so the best I can do is maybe shoot up which I don't want teo I'm going to definitely do this easy already maybe my camera movement is a lot stay there it doesn't move with much okay I'm going to get you to go right to the back of copper and then I'm going to get you to walk towards the camera and I get to hold hands I put it right in front of my camera come right the way past so kind of jake you're going to come this way and you're going to come the other way and let go of your hands ready go go go hold hands for me there are fakers right past the cameras so again it will look like a focus pull rather than in and out or if I did wanna focus post on a message again then this is what's way about them when I party is having this handle like this as they want to camera help may be nice more slow yeah okay let's go and I'm gonna lift whoa, whoa, whoa let's do it again what I will do here as well is actually loosen the head again so it's really least because they're frame height the frame high as they move towards me they get all they get taller so I will have to do almost this or that way okay last joke back can you talk to stick it in my own way okay ready go go go go, go! Well okay started fast but on different lenders like seventy two hundred you're saying this is what I love the seventy two hundred yeah, I'm kind of moving in here you think the opposite I would think this focus ring has quite a sure so when you start filming those there's longer focus rings this is so quick that I am to do that I have to go left of them right now and it's really hard to have missed the focus ring way quickly let me just swap um kids can you move that towards me so I can get that star thank you. Okay, so I'm going to stick this on even the twenty four, twenty five kids let's just say this one more time and here we go give me a second have you seen you on the screen will come on a second you can say hi to yourself it's my okay, so I'm now shooting a four there's a little bit darker but I'm not going to change my exposure but here of you I've got a longer focus full I'm not even going to stand up to do this twenty forty one twenty, forty one of five okay walk slowly for may it's a little bit easier seeing my favorite drink it slower I've got more giving it so working out if you're gonna focus for what other lenses to focus porn and you'll have your favorite lenses for may the seventy two hundred every time but I think we'll go back to the slides you give me five e yeah so on the on the wedding day when you're you got a lot of equipment right and a lot of moving parts can you remind us again you talked earlier about your cruise? How do you change those numbers when you're looking at a shoot like you might have three assistants? You have a photography assistant tell us a little bit about that. I want teo our wedding without after kiva photography assistant at least on my advice for people doing this is cheekily you can get your photo system he was talking about running around trying to switch on enough cameras. What you could do is have one camera the bank that's rolling and just ask you a second shooter just watch the time and stuff and started twelve minutes but I would say that's for full filming not for fusion you just need the ten seconds yeah so when we talk about the ill, I'm doing everything from the front, and then just before they walk out and I would do this for stills, I'm there at the back of the old take that exit, I will set out what we just did with the kids here on a seventy, two hundred pre focus half the way down the aisle and no, from here on in try and guess the frame high off their heads and then keep it rolling. I shoot stills all the way out, so yeah, I would say gauging what you would need is definitely two shooters and even for video, if you're going to talk about more cinematography, two people, three cameras to cameras minimum, you have to have two angles when that camera stops or if your battery suddenly cuts our you have nothing to cut. We discovered this afternoon way, so yeah, bit chaotic. Um, it will be interesting to see when we pull that footage because I only have a few stores, but at least what I want to show you is it may have looked like brandon this, but when I show you bit by bit by bit and I don't use transitions like the fade in fade out I did at the beginning but if you watch any great hollywood film there is not told they're there for a reason so this is when you'll see the details and the angles that piece together and you'll see the amount of footage she had to film to maybe get five seconds seven seconds core makes sense I have a quick question now when you were saying there with when you're doing like the same type of what were you doing a a lot of filming using more than using to three people one that but if you're just doing fusion with getting five in ten seconds you could just do by yourself I think you should really start that way and that's when you're paying this is when you could probably see that kind of the angles I already had film it's so easy for me to just go change the shutter speed not fiftieth up and adjust my exposure click, click click, click click click but the whole thing on your own on the model party, right? Yeah it's a couple of shots and stuff and even if I want to shoot obviously this way portrait I will then just took it off really quickly this way ok back on for a few seconds because definitely the seventy two, two hundred has an image stabilization I definitely can't hype out that was like from their thiss probably made it very difficult for me to shoot stills and video together, but that was the only way for us to let the audience see stills and video of that makes sense. But, yeah, it will be much quicker, and I only shoot the two unmanned for stuff working at the hour of the speeches. Everything causes, quite simply, just keep one camera. I don't need several angles. Just ten seconds. Take my cells ten seconds, making more sense. Okay, um

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