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Today's Overview

Lesson 26 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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26. Today's Overview

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Lesson Info

Today's Overview

They too we went through film talk jargon, storytelling techniques and I was quite rushed through the wedding ship, but hopefully small I'm going to keep things more like bold moments, thinking in hopefully everyone's had some sleep today, the audio stuff I want to thank the internet, I want to thank honestly the audio's him here on the crew and the producers kicked butt yesterday, the stuff that everyone was tweeting and messaging was like, ah, har moments and the fact that you guys now are tweeting about boycott and sound just blows my mind. I didn't expect it to come across that well, so, yeah, um the life shoot, obviously for me, the live shoot was that she could be really honest. I was very disappointed with myself, but then I'm a creative I felt like was quite chaotic may on dh well, look at the image, I have not seen any of the video footage, I have no idea what it's like, I pulled up a few stones, obviously I didn't take his many sources that would day because I'm trying to tea...

ch you the fusion party video on what you'll see is basically some of them a nice shots with this slightly out of focus because as really why would have my viewfinder to my hand to my and I think you guys got to to play with what it really is like my set up and doing this, he imagined my focal plane is no moved before then I hit myself, so actually that's even a good idea for everyone is doing this out there the minute that you've flipped from video or photo hold, it does so don't move, don't sweat forward or backwards or move ahead because it is going to go out focus from their sunder listen, um, today I have so, so much to do today, but I do want everyone to start asking questions there's a few things that will come up that I know I'm going to do what was session that people before I got here from the uk, so please just talk about money, please talk about pricing talk about how you got from age to b and c whatever s o we're going to start with the basics of editing, I am not an editor, I hate editing, you'll probably come across this like I'm doing this don't loved, innit? I love doing kids animals I love doing weddings, I love shooting love sounds, marketing business. So this is what I was saying am I talk about outsourcing later on? I do have to do this, the fusion shoot we're going to dissect is one that I put together put together in around he was about hours from actually fetishes shot on wedding imported in so it is doable like I want you to know you can do it however, I still would advise you to outsource everyone's probably bad enough photo editing photos you don't want to spend any more time behind this thing because you're rate per hour for this thing is not enough it is when you have a camera in your hands now we're going to talk about business, which I really really love branding I'm going toe I have brought my old brandon I found like I jump my prices but I found you can see the colors of my branding and disgusting this and I'm going to get other the audience out there, you're not going to have to fill this I want the guys here to feel the difference between what I have now toe what I gave before and just what it looks like, what it feels like and what we can talk about paperweights and everything kills like that for me is like, wow, well customer services your number number one I'm going to call today the blood is a balancing blood is the technical information, but for me also the blood is the customer service who pays your bills who pays your overheads and it's them them and you're giving a gift as well as the other thing we talk about up until gosh I think it was six months ago when I mean from banking into photography so how am I ever going to bless people how is this job was ever going to do there the last six months of the open eternities and realizing that your snapshot of someone's moment of life is timeless because it will never be back again that kind of stuff so I'm going to try and inspire people today to value what we do and then pricing makes it a little bit easier to go I'm doing a really hard job I'm giving it my soul and every wedding I don't want to do that for two hundred pounds and I won't talk dollars either so it's of booze of pricing and I deliberately called it that because for me when I was starting out no one would tell me how to price people joked about how much attempt by it was it didn't help mei I needed to know the stuff I was like why is no one telling me this? And I asked us and no one would talk about it in the industry even back home I've asked the seminars that we run on the tours they don't want me to talk about it so creative life didn't get to see my side so I'm going to talk about a thousand marketing pr networking and I'm going to give you my honest opinion off those two because I tried it all um and I spent a lot of money, then we're gonna tackle the whole run, the bank, change the bank, and I would try and get your heads around that, and then the rest of that segment will make sense, and I think it will it's working for me, so maybe it'll work for you may be a way, and the other thing I would say to you guys that are watching, which I wanted to sound day one and I forgot, whenever you go to seminar or workshop, especially when you're learning you'll find someone you like and then you think I have to do exactly that way. I always think if you just get one nugget each time you go to seminar or workshop that's, all you need and it's called tow have lots of people you're aspired to bay and say, I really like how they do that don't make her do that and that's the way that you will start being you so always don't be a clone of somebody else. Just there is a saying I could never get this right, that if you just clone someone else, you're copping. If you take bits from everybody else, you're getting inspired, merging together from that. Um, we're going to talk about planning for success, and this is the stuff when I'm going to turn it into something a little bit different to what people put we think we're going teo on the feature, I'm basically going toe scare out of everybody at the end of this with a video because I am shocked and scared and just like, my gosh, are we there already? When I talk about four k, I suggested to a wedding blogger, the biggest wedding blogger in the uk I wrote in two thousand eleven that this day would come, she wouldn't put it engine that night, wine and it's here I didn't even think it would take I thought it would take five years is here it's? Not perfect. I'm going to tell you the pros and cons, but you know what? Sonia making a k already it's already there there's a camera with a k it's gonna be all right now, the reds are shifting more so they're always shoes. Um, whether any questions from the last couple of days, you guys, I think we're good. We would go to these guys if they have any questions I'll take and I'll take a peek and see what the internet has to say. Right now, I'm still wrapping my head around it, but I can tell you that I was, like, literally pull something out of each and every time I've said here and it's like I have you keep saying, you little nugget, I have a bucket of negative right now, so it's, like, the biggest thing I was thinking about, like, all last night was like, I need to kind of be more of a people person, my background has been, like, a get it done now, but it, like, so down, take it easy, it's okay? Like, you mean, the role playing that we did with, you know, you were came in, he was like high, and I'm just like, you know, I'm just like, okay, what is it that lets you know? But on the other side of have been like, hey, how you doing that all the photography and the sails and everything else you know, to the wayside, how are you doing? What can I do to help you? And is there a problem if it is it's something that I can help you with or whatever, instead of, you know, you're my type of studio? I know you're here for what you already know that, so don't look at that they're there, so you know it comes with experience and we had a chat last night. Anyway, I think we're quite similar in the fact with your military background on my banking background it was do or die, it was billions of dollars that you do it, you get sacked, you do it well, you have to do better and people are not nice to each other in the office is there is no time and that is very much like we all got to do this together and that's it that's not how you feeling this morning? It was and I still kind of have that now, so I had to work through the same thing. It didn't come naturally. Anyone else think this is the great thing is I love the fact I've gotta say that you guys are so honest and honestly, you saying about behind the camera? I bet there was, like, five thousand people saying the same thing is no, the one question when I was trying to work that I was like, I need to get behind the camera and I just figure now I know sandy put you guys have her one here she's use the whole time, her kids with a camera here because she wants a connection with them s I think again how much report you have, you can hide behind a camera you're so beautiful and amazing don't hide behind I love sandy I thought w p p I and I stopped her and I was like yeah yeah so those are the nuggets I've gotten from here to today's the scariest day for me because the business side of this because when I was shooting you know that eighteen year old year run in the magazine business I had an agent doing all that work and getting a percentage of every cover I got and she and that picture of like it's cindy crawford that I shot for people magazine for the fifty most beautiful people that picture be sent to europe which would be duped forty times two forty agents and each one of those agents would sell it to forty of their magazines so I got paid by residuals those days are god really they they're selling it it's it's a different world so I was never taught the business side of this I was like people have retired I was in my early twenties there in their seventies they're retired it's I don't know where to go so that's why creative live is like I keep coming back to these class at my computer trying t get it because it's the business side ist asking for the money and people when they don't want to pay it's you know the first time this week I didn't take it personally took creative lives advice and said you know maybe that's just not your client I think everything you just said they're at least half of everybody watching or maybe more that percentage has to be more right. This's a difference? I think that's helped me be successful and what's going to shock your is when I tell you about my first year, you would've thought I got my finances right? Oh, no, thanks, birthday party badly we're going to hear the truth the whole two way. Yeah, kind of I would say so really for may you will kind of employed in a way that you've got a paycheck and you got dividends that you're coming out with. But everybody out there now has to be our sole trader or limited company it's slightly different here, but you have to be the photographer, the re toucher that cleaning the house, keeping the b a t returns attacks it. This is why this job is so hard, but you know, what gets me is none of us value what we do for the money that we charge either because we're created as like, oh, what? I'm not good enough, I'm not good enough and don't get me wrong, I think all this stuff ideas not good, I just have to go into why called banker mode, I have to go either run a charity or I have to pay my bills no one else is going to pay my bills I'm this is why I'm so jealous of robin vanessa I need a husband a husband I didn't go home again hey I've got it then go hey pluskat yeah I need to pay your bills I need to pay my bills and had to pay the bills and supporting people in africa who stress and it's all me as your crew builds and gets bigger I haven't amazing crew but the buck stops with me my client it doesn't matter if somebody somewhere in my business makes a mistake it's my fault they brought me that same issue and I guess that's the stuff there I don't take it too much on that because I still want to try and keep this about fusion but what's been amazing these last couple of days I was really worried that I didn't want to show you all my videos in just six of fusion videos be some of you now are growing like an dana you already want to shoot film no even just fusion but everything you have learned in the two days you just keep going it doesn't mean like that what you're learning now is kind of the star of cinematography confusion you're gonna walk out after three days in a month time go this is so easy right let's let's really get into this especially you everywhere you victoria yeah, the proposals air coming in right now, jared let's, say you want teo pippi jones. I mean there. Can you at least make these guys? They don't trust me when I say that people feel the same out there for them, like there's, people that haven't got a clue about business, their creatives, they love what they're doing and in all honesty, it's, not fun, but I'm going to try and talk about balance sheet and pia now today, try and make it fun. I still wouldn't understand this, too, a year ago, and I'm a techie banker was still. I got my accounts is like, I don't understand what number what number do I look at? What number does? Meanwhile, what's now was prediction, so we will talk about that stuff.

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Absolutely hands down best creative live class I have taken!!! Victoria is a delight and her insight on photography is genius! She has a warmness about her that makes you feel like you've known her forever! She's that person you've been looking for to answer all the questions everyone else in the business won't!!! Victoria,thank you,a million times thank you! xoxoxo

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Amazing course! I absolutely loved every minute of it! Learned so much and she really inspired me to get up and try out what I've learned. Already booked two test shoots! Victoria clearly put a lot of planning and effort into making the best possible class for all the students involved. Please bring her back to do a whole segment on audio for wedding videos!

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I loved this course. Victoria is an excellent teacher, smart business woman, a trailblazing creative and an inspirational speaker. I highly recommend her course to anyone looking into learning fusion with production value.

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