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What is the Future?

Lesson 34 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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Lesson Info

34. What is the Future?

Lesson Info

What is the Future?

On dh for me we've been talking about this whole fork a thing? What isf okay, so we know it's like more than double the five defecit from there the moment the only dear salah that's actually filming. Ok, I say no idea, slow because of the other ones. Now that is the one d c there are video cameras that shoot raw like the red so it's out there and if you think about actually hollywood film, where do you think they first pull the stills from thirty five mil? Was it was a still lv actual original film that they would pull? I'm okay again, it will be like where's, but written lee stills were pulled from video way, way back then what I would say with here is with this camera, there was no cut out on us just keeps wobbling its full frame so that my c three hundred I've got that cropped I've got my full frame back again. I've got my form factor, which is it's didi it's, a deer salon it's a lot easier to use I records for k onto cf cards. I did have a question personally, I think on academy pa...

ge about sst storage and being able, I was told that don't worry about final of the cf cards just put was called like a ninja google them guys they're literally like stays that you plug in and you record straight to the ssd and then it would run the kodak to progress how much big stuff you want to put in there and for may I already have cf cards I don't need her for this cannon won't let you record okay on an estate here on a hard drive all over you have to called to cf cards there was so many good points about there and start googling this whole fork a dslr camera for k is definitely the future when I was at I b c and amsterdam the whole thing is about okay one day we're live streaming for k now as you know we don't but the quality is just way too good but the issues are not talking about it it's all great yeah, we want resolution I got fifteen minutes one of sixty four gig card info okay we were shooting on one twenty eight get cards at a speed of a hundred milliseconds or one sixty expensive cards I begged borrowed hide them stilled thank you sandisk for my four case shoot like at the moment maybe five to seven hundred pounds for a card my ben sporting's interfere run for half an hour you want to fill sweating I was actually sitting by the camera interviewing him I could feel the burning about back in my head of my team going we have four cards on the surface keep going. And I was like, I don't want to stop his flow he was in a place where he felt comfortable. I wanted his story. The issue is off a sudden there is someone that's done a wedding album in australia. Abraham joffee have a look at his video. It will convince you to do fusion. When I saw that, that was one of my get off my knees and amen. Yes, I knew it. I don't know it. I think there will be a day that I just shoot video and I pulled the second. We're guessing the right second blinkers. Ah, hi. Funny. Just twenty five frames per second, sixty frames per second. I'll just go back and forth to scare that moment that I want all sounds too good to be true because there are issues. Fifty of the shutter speed is an issue and it's a big, big issue. So for may stills, we're gonna pull out from ben. Shoot. The food is not really moving. So it's not an issue running kids and dogs. We will have an issue, but I bet a lot of money that cannon nick on sony were they all working on this, they'll find the fix so just be aware be aware about four k and and everyone talking about ok? I don't think it's an issue about the price of the cf course they always come down when I bought my fate to take its story just going to come down for the light to the other end football cast yeah, there's big issues we we don't even have four case screens, so I'm going to show you for k footage I had to downgrade it to ten, eighty I should have asked creative life for four k viewing monitor I think they would have said no, um up until this year in the u s I think I saw something for like eight grand for like a fourteen um four k screen and ibc they're doing them, they were like fifty ground when it first came out. Well, I'm not going to talk about okay because right now I'm still trying to get my head about four k people will say we don't need that was the point when we went even view info okay for me it's about money and it's about providing a great thing for my kite is longevity said ben will have his chute and for k for when we do get that, but may I shot me and pull and it was only man paul and only two cameras because these cameras is so expensive that we couldn't have six cameras, so there were four k I will shoot so that I'll crop in and get my wide cropping and get my time and that's what they do and sometimes in the films as you can shoot and then crop in you can shoot and have a latitude that you can play with. It is so sharp, it's scary! I can't wait till I get my prince back and send them to look for I'm kind of excited, but I'm scared because I think it's going to be really good. Any questions about four k or anything? Yeah, you're answering them all, I'm on your anticipating, which is great, I actually think I've forgotten a lot about folk, eh? I'm learning, I'm trying to be a sponge for this fork a thing now for me, apart from remember and touching my first story about the x factor of in for me, the four k was the second most stressful xiu I have ever done, and unfortunately we filmed behind the scenes so you'll see it all when it gets edited on I even do a piece to camera at the end of it and I didn't want to where has video taken my career from a I don't think I could have even drained of this if someone sits me, I was going to even shoot video I was just like, oh man, I'm trying to get my head around being able to be a stills photographer I'm just saying this is my first year I've just got to the end of my first year I'm now about getting so I don't have to retouch and fudge everything on didn't get something quite getting camera on about opposing knighting yeah video really and that was you two I didn't want to do it I forced myself to do it and then my journey was very much of a love hate it was very hate I'm doing this because I think I have to send my why am I doing here? I want to start with technology I want to make more money I want to be nish and it will work and now thousands and surprised I haven't been asked this question we used to definitely up sell albums everything house now people would downing their albums not as much because they want the feature film they want the film of the composer they want the wow nous of ah this is what they vote to may victoria we can't thank you enough for the amazing faces she took on our wedding day. We really appreciate you going to so much trouble for us coming early leaving late hardly taking a break for a glass quarter way can't believe that day was so perfect that the weather was so wonderful your fighters catch the mood of the day the emotion that laughter so well they bring back a smile to our face is they bring back truly precious memories there were so many stressful moments but you stayed calm throughout and you were a consummate professional your calmness kept us calm we were so incredibly lucky to have had you there taking photos of our day and we haven't even mentioned the video wow it's amazing and so beautiful it's amazing that don speech fits so well with all the some choices worked well with the images and speech it's incredible and made us laugh and it made us cry it's so nice to have a record of our day with moving images it does bring back the day back or the emotion of the day more clearly in many ways but still images and the moving images work so well together we didn't know what to expect when you mentioned doing some filming on the film has surpassed our wildest imaginations. We had to know we don't need to know about the other because that's just normal stuff but that's from a client give them something new every one system ing my cars went after fusion that don't understand fusion hey didn't but now they dio and there's something in that whole brackets for me that says damn the video is captain more motion some house in the still image because it has the audio the more we all raise the bar the mall chase raised the bar there's my town's chase raise the bar do something wow even more with creative lifeless so more people achieve the vision and if we can't visualize the more we will just keep going just keep pushing just do something I would say right one thing down if you're going to be really thankful my class one thing down that you can achieve and for me do it work out why you want what work out the four success things even if it's a small thing just promise to never give up and do it and put yourself first um then if I move on so obviously my dream of being here which is quite crazy and I think it won't sink into it on the plane home I go oh my god I'm going to take box creative live they give you one of my other ones is really scary but I don't know where this comes from for ted talks really who the hell is going to have me on ted talks talking about what but it's on there? I don't know if it will happen the lion is on there when I said teo I will shoo like I'm so did it people laughed at me this is my other thing if people aren't laughing at your dreams they're not big enough I love the fact that everybody laughed at me for shooting a lion watch me, I promise you one day I'll get my wish and maybe it will be your creative life and care the other challenge for mate wass I decided that when I did the hell e fitted it felt like a long time before I push myself pushed my team we thought about the same day edit I was like, you know, what's actually achievable now because we have no what we're doing so then I was like, okay, let's go bigger tech it let's embrace kind of rig when people were asking me about rick, I said I'd never use it I put one on once and it felt awkward I thought like robocop didn't like it so how can I use my hands? And then I decided that we really do you know what I love I do love animal kids I'm not a portrait photographer I'm not an animal photographer, so I decided to dio talk more about it that's what four k first but either my imagination went a little bit crazy. This is when jeff will say to me, why can you not just do a shoot with a dog when you see the other film your you'll understand why but I'm gonna pay you before I play this film ben sporting if you're watching thank you so much because ben we have shot together on smirnoff campaigns dove campaigns is photography on ben has so much patience with me because he says it takes too long on we don't shoot food ben's really cool or really big ben actually we're very similar we haven't had it easy and we just striving and we have a vision in which is never going to give up. Ben actually isn't the most amazing creative chef when you hopefully this for documentary when it's done you're see to me he's like a photographer filmmaker he's taking his clients on a journey through food and the way it's served not just kick ass dishes how he serves he's food I went for an eleven course mill at a restaurant that he was setting up a menu for on what turned up on the bugs was a question mark in this little box and I wasn't allowed tohave it until the second course and I just loved it I had a night out to here for me also is an inspiration but honestly on this shoe ben I know you were just that why all it takes is like already one more time I'm tired come on and chefs will want to do stuff but the film you saw two cameras we needed several angles we needed to get what we did we wanted to push it out the park as well been trusted me with this film I said to them, let me do this film with you he thought, is there someone that could shoot stills and video that would cover the two band was going to get someone else to do it? You trusted me and I really hope that you like this because he hasn't even seen this either this is not even a final finish this is almost the rough cup it's great in a little bit I'm so a lot of it we let this in camera I wanted a great in camera so I used kino lights, which were amazing he's the deaver the slab I used a lot of what you've got here is well, I had thirty five thousand pounds worth of lighting to like this shoe I also want to thank because I can not forget anyone here. Sorry kanan for loaning me one of the one d c's I want to thank vai car who also we were specialising what we could use to get the sounds and get the finally sounds for some of this stuff sennheiser o'connor you wouldn't probably heard off, but people but vincent left we'll talk about o'connor this's first time yousa follow focus on a hand rig um daito, hire a camera guy if you're watching I love you and thank you he provided me with a kiss a cane um tripods benton petrol bag there were so many people that put this together and help may my crew pete james thank you for behind the scenes and making me do the piece to camera people who appreciate and I probably will look back on it and wish I didn't want to do it I was not feeling like I am now I was done on what's good is you're see my brain wave pull pull cook oh my gosh this is when I have to say the most amazing thank you we have shot together now for so long that when I talk about my fairytale shit we were shooting separately different scenes you don't do that you honestly don't do that paul you had my back side we just we'll work together this is when you grow to figure teams and you can no production companies you worked together with people because you know where they're going to be no what shot they're going to pay and you are all my sight my rock thank you the rest of my team who film others as well yeah but paul these last two shoes boy ross the poor I can't tell you about my editor we only shot this stuff about three weeks ago back to back ross you have done an amazing job I'm sorry I was driving you crazy set by his side he also on the day did what's called which is backing up these cards because we had tto what these cards I have never done that on a shoot we couldn't get enough memory card that was scary enough stephane, if you're on there my boom audio guru thank you and I know you needed lots of patients because we kind of just went for the visual art and it went out the window band and james one of our assistants and of course ben sporting this is for you and I hope in a prey that you like it. My name is spaulding, I'm a london based chef andi, and talk a little bit about my journey where I am today is oppression. I started out seventeen challenge cooking had no ruin trust off our young guys to bunk classes in high school I just couldn't stand that tourist on dh I was falling into the wrong crowd and really being very productive on dh got enrolled for my brother actually evil people in brighton city college moved to brighton. I started it on the first day I went in there on believing they're absolutely loved a buzzing I went to new york for five day holiday back in two thousand six wait literally got off the plane in typical impulsive fashion, went into the nearest internet cafe, researched a little bit about the restaurants and then walked into the four through mission star restaurants at the time the last one person where I walked in the middle of lunch service and spoke with the chef seen jonathan ben I it's like I have a job and he just sort of got me on I think about the sheer audacity out there he just looked at me with a bloody hell this kid's got some booze you know? You know, I had ups and downs made a lot of mistakes colossal mistakes you know and you know, I actually do when whenever you start cooking or in any job really got not back down size with my actually I suppose and they really drummond she three words they're like respect, humility and integrity and that's a real lifelong lesson of things no rules which is a new project guests are told to bring the least favorite ingredient and the fiber ingredient my challenge and what our promises I have to incorporate that into the middle of the night for me and for me that works because that that stimulate I'm excited by that you know, for challenge going forward with everything keep learning structuring things keep looking for faster, more efficient ways to do things keep challenging myself as a chef you know as well not getting bored and bringing in new exciting projects this's the first like the biggest screen I have even seen that on can you know, see the difference in detail? This's ten eighty um but hope ben I don't envy still out but I hope he likes it on it was ical for us next is this is the problem when I have time off the non anything come from the plane to antigua because I had to have a break and I didn't work so I started to treat men have a vision on anyone do the lion and animals and originally I had this shoot on my board for creative live and then jeff quite rightly I was right there was no way we could pull this office is going to drive me nuts it was kind of silly to do so and then linda if you're watching pitch me she could get me sixteen rich backs how cool would that look funny in that camera and I'm not going to blame me because you know it's you I did the creative thing I did the chinese stuff really sixteen big dogs so what I want to stay here is this was chaos beyond chaos my mom was helping me make costumes because I wanted it to look like a mini put his way I went into this no as a portrait shoe and you tell me what it looks like two weeks planning everyone was stressed out I have to thank canny cannon I shot these with cinema lenses fifty mil one three five for the taking people out there on a forty mill they are beautiful I want them um sennheiser called kana to firm the petrol bag steadicam zephyr daito the light panel story we were supposed to shoot two four pm it was half nine and night and pitch black dark in the forest and I had these poor kids doing the last seam and the light panels that I said I didn't need that I was going to leave at home saved my backside because the footage that you see in the dark I would not have had or pulled this off without those and then we could find a way back to the car we need to do I haven't checked my phone but the kids at home and staying up late in the uk and the crew and some of the team just to watch this nobody has seen this so I want to thank the sixteen dogs I don't know your name because I can't let you know how all the owners and actually they know from the behind you'll see the behind the scenes of this the dogs were not the problem the dogs were great I want to thank peter if you're listening you for we are behind the scenes so these guys will be able to see how we pulled this off dade you shot some amazing behind the scenes stills you could see the action that was going on phil he was not even an audio guy that we decided to make him lighting ma'am and audio way had to dub audio because we didn't put audio first because of timing pole pull cook again again we were shooting different scenes how could I pull this off? No way would I pull this off without paul my team are the people that should get the gratitude not may martin linda, listen martine was my study come up stopping me from falling over linda without you and sarah you help me plan this thank you. Sue a famous ridgeback trainer was there ross for sound design listen to this sound design for this last even on nate I want to really thank um sally for her location she lent me a horse her filled her paddock sarah who I turned into a witch carmel who was paul's girlfriend who we turned into a second body last minute very last but not least. And if I have forgotten anyone I'm really sorry a lini tom hugo I love you so much and I hope you love this because honestly without you guys you trusted may you acted your butts off and you deserve hollywood awards he goes looks like a witch so some puppies from the ridge backs no way between here and the rio way you won't get it back yeah, wait liver and dramatic and that was awesome that is so cool I've got it terry something really funny? Because before that this is the first time they've seen now lenny went to school the day after and told the kids at school that she'd be leaving school because she was going to be in a hollywood film really? Oh so I really really hope for mei this is about this is my first that was for mae this is my my first test shoot this is like let's do something really cool that on one kids everyone told me not to do it every told me it was impossible to shoot in a day they were right we just just got what we needed everyone told me shoes child actors not like instead of real kids it just is for you, kid so I hope they love debt it's so fun so just wanna let you know we did just get a tweet and that says thanks for the shoutout on creative live it's amazing to see our hard work go live from paul cook oh, hey tell ross to my gosh like this see things took stress that is great that itjust goes past in three minutes all day all day and poor khun do without you so thank you props to you um gonna finish on never funny we have this thing where I never never never give up we learned more from our failures than we do from success and honestly, don't let it stop you because failure builds character do you get through the next thing we all know this stuff we do I just sometimes I find being on the chat rooms facebook everyone's really negative I wasn't going to say this but sometimes I interest is so negative when we just got here I'm aya kind of kiss and you know I know go out and play harder you know get better clients get better be better stop nagging moaning I want to use a different word but help her and it's okay to foul boy I have made my career on the biggest failures yours I'll get one was because you were the sure one day but failure after failure after failure and I just learned and carried on no my failures that what gives me the strength to push through my pain and that's where I got my motivation from to just kick us to push myself harder than anyone else could think of may so this I didn't go into that she was doing a portrait issue I wanted games of thrones I honestly did and I had to manage my own expectations that I was not going to pull games of thrones off on poor cook he was trying to help me do that, but I was just like if I aim for the moon and hit the stars it's better than a portray shoe and I'm hoping that no one would have expected these last two shoots for may and the way it goes, what do I do next? But could I have my ipod? Because I'm going to finish off with a quote and I know most of us any questions before I do would you want me to do do my goodbye question have to crow from a crew won't be surprised because I asked what snoop dog on this morning is a crazy from around? I should say I should have something like a very famous poet. Let me make sure I get up here and can this kind of quote or up for may spurs me on and gives me the strength to just do it on dh when I'm fearful, when I'm annoyed at myself, I was jumping up and down in my hotel room last night, you guys of china told me I was like she went back to student perfect it and it just kept quite in this quoting quite indigo move on one thing I would say the lot of us just kick ourselves on what creative is never good enough, it never is, but then I also say to my team good is not good enough, I probably have a high expectation like instead of anyone else, I'm I'm the toughest person. But I think I am I am unreasonable this was unreasonable to do a shoot in a day four k was unreasonable for creative life lights unreasonable but if those people that give up we don't be unreasonable we won't get there. So when that note before I say this I want to say the most amazing thank you to crake many for a phone may to manage to like sneak me on here somehow creative live the crew every single one of you I did ask for everybody's names were told it wasn't how I don't have time you guys chemicals that laughing at me now because I keep kind of thicken my hair and twitching and swaying I'm making it really easy and I should know because I normally behind the camera the audio team can't flair but I walked it thank you creative life thank you for let me do it heather if it wasn't for you produced on set here than I would not have been able to do that this was so tough for heather yesterday and the crew why what I wanted to do in each segment they gave me my dream I just kept asking I would have said okay, fine I kept asking I kept asking different ways june I love you and thank you for having my back all that that I'm trying to keep you on time because I'm really bad at being on time thank you thank you. I know she's not here she's probably watching she has been like my mom here looking after may and you to the water you and kathy jenkins you too I'm so blessed to have you here and the people that you're here that you gave up your time with your kids to come listen to may I don't pray in the hope that you will make those of money so you can go have ten thousand holidays and vacations and for humans see I'm so excited you what I'll get her on twitter I'm going to retweet at the end of this and if you do appreciate this by the course and follow this woman this woman we're gonna want to see her I want to see you change you one day be here I challenge you you're amazing you're inspire may but if you did that night our deepest fear is not that were inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure is online no darkness that frightens us most your playing small does not serve the world there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people around you don't feel insecure we were all meant to shine as children there good looking guy sorry uh and you know what it's not just in some of us is in every single one of us and as we let our in light shine we unconsciously give us permission to do the same. And as we're liberated from our fear, our presence and lights up and have to think thank you for making my dream come true. My, my unbelievable. Fisher. I'm living it now without you guys. You guys, you guys online and internet. When I've been kicking myself every night in the hotel, going back, you have kept me going because I never think I'm good enough, like everyone else. But I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here, and I'm still for a dream.

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