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Polarising Filters

Lesson 17 from: Videography 101: How to Use Your Camera to Record Videos

Tomas George

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17. Polarising Filters

<b>In this lesson, we will talk about polarising filters for camera lenses and their uses.</b>
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Polarising Filters

1 Okay, so now let's quickly talk about polarizing filters. 2 Polarizing filters screw onto the end of your lens, 3 and they allow you to cut out glares 4 and reflections from the sky, 5 and also help you increase color saturation. 6 There's a lot of polarized light in the sky, 7 and using a polarizing filter 8 allows you to see the clouds a bit better. 9 These are also very useful for ocean shots, 10 as these will help you get fewer reflections 11 and get more vibrant colors. 12 So I recommend getting one of these 13 if you're going to be filming nature, 14 where you might be filming the sky and water. 15 It can also be useful to have one 16 if you plan on filming reflective objects 17 such as cars and windows, 18 so maybe product shots or anything with glass. 19 A polarizing filter will have a ring on it, 20 which allows you to adjust the strength of the effect. 21 You can also get some ND and polarizer combos, 22 so a filter that combines both an ND filter 23 and the polarizing fi...

lter, which may be useful. 24 Okay, so that's a quick overview of polarizing filters. 25 Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next one.

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