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The Magic of Lists

Lesson 11 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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11. The Magic of Lists

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The Magic of Lists

Okay. So we've learned to speak from the heart, not from the head, We've worked on speed, pitch and volume. We've talked about being an actor and now we're going to talk about delivering lists when a client gives you a script, it will often contain a series of benefits for the listener. Our product comes with this, that and all of these learning how to deliver these lists along with numbers and web addresses will really take your reads to the next level when creating a list. It can be very easy for new voiceover artists to become monotone. When that happens, the list of benefits gets lost or even can sound un interesting. So I have developed a really easy way to practice making lists and it's called going over the roller coaster. Going over the roller coaster is a change in pitch. You start with a neutral pitch and let your voice go up with each list item and then bring it back down by the last item here are a couple of examples just listen while I demonstrate and then we'll practice t...

ogether the steps to good communication are to listen, understand believe console and suggest, did you notice how my voice started neutral and went up as I read the list and then worked its way back down by the end of the list. Listen, understand believe console and suggest try it with me. Listen, understand believe console and suggest here is another example. We love working with this, that those in these, let's read it together slower the first time and then a little quicker the second time we love working with this. That those and these. Let's try it again. We love working with this that those and these excellent work Now on to numbers and web address is if a client has a number in the script almost 99% of the time. It's because the information is very important. We made $20 million dollars last season. $20 million dollars is a big deal. Right? So we want to use that elongation technique to bring out that important number. If not that number gets lost or understated. Last season we made $ million. If you say it too fast, it gets lost. It sounds like it's not interesting information. Last season we made $20 million dollars discounts are also always a big deal. Everyone loves to save money. Right? Get 20% cash back on your first purchase. All right. And finally in closing this lesson, Web addresses like with numbers. Web addresses are a big deal. And they are often the last piece of information in a read. Once the product has been introduced. And the listener is excited. The goal is obviously to get that listener to visit the website and buy a product. If we rush through the web address and do not pronounce it very carefully, making sure every word is very easy to understand. Then we've essentially lost our entire read. Once we have our audience hooked. We want to make sure we finish the job by making sure they understand what website to visit. For more information, visit www dot Fiverr dot com. Today. For more information, visit www dot Fiverr dot com. Today. For more information, visit www dot Fiverr dot com. Today. I hope you can see how landing that final web address can make a big difference. Try it with me. For more information, visit www dot Fiverr dot com Today. Great work adding the rollercoaster of lists, elongating numbers and delivering very specific web addresses. We'll have clients returning again and again, wow. Look at how many skills you've built already. This is fun, isn't it. In the next lesson, we're going to develop five basic characters together. That will be the launching pad for 99% of your reads. See you next time.

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