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Tongue Twisters

Lesson 13 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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13. Tongue Twisters


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Tongue Twisters

often when starting out, new voiceover artists find themselves getting tied at the mic or even what feels like tongue tied even if you've warmed up. Well sometimes your addiction can feel sloppy or you hear funny noises in your voice that sounds like mouth clicks. All of these items often come from tension and coordination, tension in the mouth and neck and coordination of the lips and tongue as they work together To make words. In my experience, the best way to deal with this tension and coordination of developing very, very clear diction is by practicing tongue twisters while frustrating at first. If you practice a little bit each day, you'll find tongue twisters offer a huge payoff in the studio and over time that work will make you more efficient and increase the quality of your recordings in your package of materials. There are a bunch of tongue twisters to keep you quite busy today. However, we are going to do just one together so that I can show you the process. Let's start with...

this example, a big black bug bit, a big black bear and the big black bear bled blood. This black bug bled, blue, black blood while the other black bug bled blue. It's fun, right? And I'm sure you're going to stumble quickly. What we want to do is build accuracy first and speed Second, this gives the mouth and the tongue the ability to formulate all of the sounds. So start slow. Like this big black bug bit, a big black bear, Pause The video and try that 1st. Line yourself. Try it again now and speak it very clearly almost as if to overemphasize the diction slow, is the key like this? A big black bug bit, a big black bear, pause the video and try it as the sounds start to feel familiar. You can start to speed up a little like this. A big black bug bit, a big black bear, a big black bug bit, a big black bear, big black bug bit, a big black bear, a big black bug bit, a big black bear, a big black bug bit, a big black bear, a big black bug bit, a big black bear. Over time you can increase the speed, speed is not the ultimate goal and certainly won't happen on the first day, But over time you will be able to keep the clarity of your words sounds and pick up the speed. This will come in very handy when doing a commercial that has a lot of material to get into 30 seconds. For example, you can't cut the script and the listening audience needs to understand what you're saying, as I mentioned before with Mike's being so sensitive, you might notice you have some mouth noises and most of these noises create a negative impact on your recording. These can be cleared out by doing tongue twisters. This is because in order to say them correctly, you have to relax your tongue and Jaw. Some people have more mouth noise than others and you might not get 100% of your mouth noise removed. The goal, however, is to have a recording that people enjoy listening to. So if a few sounds slip in or the noise is very decreased over time due to your great practicing. That you can be very confident in knowing you are delivering great audio to your clients. Now, when it comes to practicing, only do this for about five minutes each day, a little bit done, right goes a long way over time. Most certainly do not do 30 minutes once a week, small chunks each day will give you much better results. In fact, I highly recommend using tongue twisters as a warm up before you jump into practicing your reads. We are almost to the end of the performance section of this course. Great work, keep up the practicing and stay regular. This is the best way to build your new skills.

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