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Where is all the money?

Lesson 3 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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3. Where is all the money?


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What Is Voice Over?


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Where is all the money?


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Where is all the money?

So you've signed up for this class and you're excited to get going and record your first project and make some extra money. But what is voice over when I started I thought it would be exciting to record tv commercials or even play a cartoon character and while I have done both, little did I know that the real meat and potatoes of my voice over business would be in neither of those two fields. Only 5% of the entire voiceover industry is commercial. This stuff you hear on TV or radio ads, the other 95% of the industry is narration and this is where you'll find a plethora of work to build your business. What is narration, narration is a wide field in the voiceover industry consisting of Youtube and web videos for things like product launches, telephone systems that greet customers and help them get to the right department, e learning and training videos like the computer modules for new employees, audiobook video game characters and much more. Let's dig into each section a little and disc...

uss how much work is really out there. Have you ever listened to an audiobook Audiobooks are now being recorded at a rate of over 36,000 books a year. That's a lot of books. Youtube, Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Isn't that mind blowing. And a lot of those videos need voiceover. In fact, since people are on the internet more than on their tv, many companies actually skip tv and send their ads right to youtube. Gaming. The gaming industry is projected to be a $119 billion 2019. Many games need real actors to voice the characters. I'm sure you can imagine that $119 billion dollars has the opportunity to create a lot of jobs. And I have voiced games from right here on Fiverr. The reason I started this program introducing you to the different markets in the voiceover industry is because I want you to see upfront how vast the options are. There is quite literally a market for every voice and interest have a medical background. There is a specialty in voiceover for medical narration. Are you a teacher? Maybe you're a perfect fit for E learning. Have an industrial background. Corporations are constantly producing videos for product launches, how to videos and employee training. Now that we've busted the myths and you have an idea of the kind of projects that are out there waiting for your expertise. Let's get to the work itself. In the next video, we'll actually start doing voiceover

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