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Setting Goals

Lesson 46 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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46. Setting Goals


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Setting Goals

one of the tricky things about being self employed is that we work alone. If you are hired by a company to work in an office, someone tells you when to arrive how long to work and what duties you should perform when you work for yourself, you have to decide and organize all of those items yourself. This can become mundane unless we know why we want that responsibility. So a great place to start in being self employed is goal setting. I encourage you to get some paper and pause this video often to write down some goals as we go through this lesson, take your time and really give the answers to these questions some thought because these are the foundations that will keep you motivated and inspired first, let's answer some important questions. Why are you doing voiceover and be detailed with your answer? Maybe you want extra money, Maybe you dream of hearing your voice on the radio, Maybe it's time for a career change. Do not judge your answer. If you have big dreams for voiceover, write ...

them down what is the personal benefit? There may be a lot of stresses and needs in your life bills today, college tuition to consider etcetera, but in order to motivate all of those, take care of yourself first because if you know what your personal benefit is and you honor that benefit, you'll find yourself enjoying what you can do for others even more. What is at the heart of that decision, you have found your personal benefit. Now write down why you named that benefit this might seem silly at first, right? I mean making money at home working for yourself. Seems self explanatory, but maybe you are a procrastinator. There is nothing wrong with that. As I keep telling my wife when it's my turn to do the laundry. Or maybe this is simply your first venture for yourself and you're a little nervous. There may be many different items that make each of us unique and or have kept us from being self employed in the past. And this is why taking the time to write down detailed answers to these questions is so important. Those answers will keep you coming back to the studio when you feel like a day off are frustrated or even just simply questioning yourself. And yes, we all question ourselves from time to time. So I encourage you to pause this video if you haven't already and really consider why are you doing voiceover? What is the personal benefit and what is at the heart of that benefit In the next lesson, we'll talk about creating a daily to do list

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