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Lesson 48 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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48. Nerves


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since we work all alone in our walk in closets, it might surprise you that some people who are new to voiceover do get nervous. So I wanted to discuss this so that nerves do not keep you from reaching your goals. Does voiceover make you nervous? Of course it can voice over is a form of performing and public speaking and performing can certainly make people nervous. Therefore, I think it makes complete sense that performing at the mic and submitting those recordings to people can bring out some nerves. So what do we do about it? Well, the first thing to note is that we're taking on a new skill and with that we might find ourselves uncomfortable. That is okay. I understand you're in a new land so you should be a little uncomfortable at first overtime. Two things will happen. One, you'll become more familiar with the landscape, which of course brings a sense of ease and two, you'll become more durable. The more you practice. What do I mean by that? Well, think of learning a new skill and ...

having nerves a bit like working out at the gym. When you first lift a heavy weight at the gym, it feels pretty heavy. But if you keep lifting that weight over time, the weight doesn't feel as heavy. The weight certainly isn't lighter. You've become stronger and the same strength building happens when we're working on new skills and putting ourselves out there in new territory. Here are some ways I recommend you can help build your skill set and start to feel more comfortable in voiceover, Read out loud as often as you can read to kids or volunteer for library programs. This will help build your skill set and get you performing, which is exactly what we want when we're at the mic, take an acting or improvisation class voiceover is acting, so continue to build on your acting skills, Take client feedback with a yes and approach client feedback does not mean you did anything wrong. It means the client is polishing or fine tuning their end product by saying yes, I'd be happy to assist you, offer a great service and earn a repeat client. And finally, I had a friend say, once my racing heart doesn't bother me if I don't care, which I think is a really fun way to simply say, yeah, there are times we might have uncomfortable sensations in our bodies and push ourselves into new territory. So enjoy the ride and know that each of us in the voiceover industry have been there and survived to tell about it in the next session, we'll further discuss some vocal exercises to help keep your routine interesting

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