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How to Design Products

Lesson 34 from: Volume Sports Photography

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

How to Design Products

Lesson 34 from: Volume Sports Photography

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

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Lesson Info

34. How to Design Products

Lesson Info

How to Design Products

Alright, our package A. Alright, our package A. This is an old one. Package A is... We use in-house printing software, but we still have to create these backgrounds, these templates, we have to make them ourselves. I do not use... If you were using like Miller's, Miller's has a ton of those templates that are ready to rock that you can use that are good. There's like nothing wrong with them. You can customize them, you can put colors in and change fonts, and make them look really unique. I wanted to do my own, so what we did is literally just open... You start it as... an 8 by an 8 by at 300 DPI. Now I know that the base of this is going to be a gradient color between the school's colors, whatever they are. So I went to... a school that is blue... and gold. Go in with your gradient tool, and you can put this color as your base. What's cool about this is once you start to design this, and you're going to another school, maybe they're blue and white. Well, all you do: swap this baby ...

to white. Boom, it works. It's great. Couple things about the gradient tool: took me forever to figure out what this means, this line as you're drawing. That line is how long the shift is going to take to go from one color to another, okay? So, we want to go... That looks ridiculous. Okay, so we want it to be a very gradual shift. That was too gradual. Okay, now we have to go in, and this is just boring. It needs something more. I found... You have to have a good logo. That's always gonna go in that corner. But you go in... It needs something in the background. It's just not... It's not exciting. So we go with lightning. I literally just found lightning stroke brushes online, and I created layers of the lightning, and bring it in. So, we were talking about layers earlier. We're gonna turn off the logo layer. We're gonna pull this lightning down, and we can go in... and free transform that... like this. Now I see on some of these, you're gonna see that there's like that hard edge, but that's gonna be behind where the picture goes, the team picture, so who cares? So we need more. So I just hit command J, duplicate that layer, pull it over, go like that. Okay? We need more. Duplicate that layer. Pull it over. Okay, the only thing that I don't like right now is I feel like we needed the lightning in there to bring interest to the background, but now I feel like it's too much. Right, just too bold. So what we would do now is go in... Let's do one more little one over here. Let's take this. Alright. So go in like that. Now, all we're gonna do is take these lightning bolts. Group them. Now we have that whole group together, and all we need to do is take this opacity layer right here, and we can lower that down to where we can see them, so it still adds interest, but it's not (imitating explosion). Make sense? Go in again. Pull open that... logo, and we would go back to here because we talked about this earlier, and... I would put... my logo on it. Oh that's why. So... Toss your logo on it, and you're good. These products, the stuff that we're doing with this makes it a uniform look for all of our products. They all have the same style, the same general look, but it allows us the customization of letting them have it for their sport and for their logo. Right, it's specific to them. There's my logo. Put that over there, and we're done.

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Brian T

I've watched Matthew before, on Creative Live, and in person. He never fails to entertain and his knowledge is great. This class on high volume sports photography is the best one I've watched. I'm trying to break into this are of business, and he does a great job of breaking down each area. He is a great public speaker, and does a great job explaining what I need to know.

a Creativelive Student

Fantastic class! Matthew is not only a great teacher who easily gets his ideas and thoughts across but he's fun, funny and engaging. I keep coming back to watch again, and again.

Isaiah Salazar

I cannot full express my gratitude for this class. I have done T & I work before but just little aspects of it have evaded me.this class so far has been extremely helpful and it isn't even over yet. Thank you for not just being open, but being kind. Making it a point to say to "Play by the rules" and to emphasize "Run an ethical business" is refreshing. Don't Be Valdemort! ha ha.

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