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Volume Sports Photography

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Order Form Design & Layout

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

Volume Sports Photography

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

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7. Order Form Design & Layout


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Lesson Info

Order Form Design & Layout

So, designing order forms is really easy. You have to make them easy to understand. Taking away the friction from parents reading it is important. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to spend their money, right? So, we have a #10 envelope, just regular-sized envelope. I print these out at my studio. We just pop them in the printer. Oh, I want to go back to this. Yeah, one of the order forms that I saw that I was gonna talk about, they had 40 different packages on the cover, 40. It was incredible. I was like I'm a photographer who works in this industry, and I can't understand your order form. So, you want to make them as easy as possible to understand. We do envelopes, #10 envelopes. Pop these in. This is kinda universal, works for all of our sports. Print them out. It says order online at That is our prepaid online ordering system. They cannot view an order. We don't do that. It's got boxes for them to fill in. This is updated now. We do have an ...

area right below it where it says that you do consent to being in our marketing if you give us your email address. So, that's an important caveat to put on this, that you are not seeing on this slide. But if you do start data collection for email marketing, you do have to have a disclaimer that says you're signing up for my email list. You have to. So, basically, pretty self-explanatory. And we have this box right here, the image number. We're gonna go through the work flow of how we shoot our sports. But it is pretty simple right now. It's not a lot that you're gonna have to invest in technology or software to shoot sports the way that we do. It's literally, we bring two guys for our big, big, big jobs, and we have a assistant and a photographer. And so the photographer is shooting the images, making sure that they look good, and will communicate the frame number to the assistant. So, they will look at the back of the camera. They take two pictures. They will go IMG- Well they don't say IMG, 'cause that's (trails off) They go 4356-7, 4859-60, right? We count that number out. That number gets written on here. That's how we identify kids with our current workflow. We're working on some things that I'm gonna talk to you guys about later on. But that's what that box is for, okay? Our basic order forms, you'll find that most of my accounts have similar pricing. Almost all of them do. Our order forms are just printed on 8 and a half by piece of paper, okay? It's literally just a tri-fold machine. Then we just toss it on, folds them up. We stuff them in the envelopes. We send them out. All done in house.

Class Description

Add thousands of dollars in income to your existing photography business by adding team sports photography. Matthew ‘the Body’ Kemmetmueller runs a profitable volume business and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of the industry secrets with other photographers who want to start a business in this lucrative segment of the photo world.

In this class, Matthew will give you all of the information that you’ll need to start or expand your volume sports photography business. You’ll learn:

  • How to bid on contracts and what your pricing structure should be
  • The best workflow for photographing numerous teams in one day
  • The fastest ways to process orders and keep them organized
  • Lighting and posing for teams and individuals
  • How to use Photoshop to create banners and posters

By the end of this class, you’ll feel confident about entering the profitable volume sports photography business.


Brian T

I've watched Matthew before, on Creative Live, and in person. He never fails to entertain and his knowledge is great. This class on high volume sports photography is the best one I've watched. I'm trying to break into this are of business, and he does a great job of breaking down each area. He is a great public speaker, and does a great job explaining what I need to know.

a Creativelive Student

Fantastic class! Matthew is not only a great teacher who easily gets his ideas and thoughts across but he's fun, funny and engaging. I keep coming back to watch again, and again.

Isaiah Salazar

I cannot full express my gratitude for this class. I have done T & I work before but just little aspects of it have evaded me.this class so far has been extremely helpful and it isn't even over yet. Thank you for not just being open, but being kind. Making it a point to say to "Play by the rules" and to emphasize "Run an ethical business" is refreshing. Don't Be Valdemort! ha ha.