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Watercolor 101

Lesson 22 of 28

Last Class Preparation

Molly Murrah

Watercolor 101

Molly Murrah

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22. Last Class Preparation


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Lesson Info

Last Class Preparation

So for our last class there's going to be a little bit of extra prep then for this class and I will have a list of these supplies and the exercises files for the lead for the fifth week, so don't don't, you know, kill yourself trying to copy them down right now because I'll put that in the in the last exercise files that you can download before the class so but do this first on an eighth sheet of paper paint a variegated wash of colors I don't care what colors you use or anything wet your paper and drop in really intense blues and greens and reds and yellows whatever color you want to and do one of those variegated washes where everything just kind of all blend together but major, make sure you get some really good strong color in there somehow and then just let that dry and bring that with you to class on the last week then have these things on hand uh a few sheets of watercolor paper plane paper uh masking fluid and some sort of implement to get it on your paper with now if you bough...

t the daniel smith little tube where it has the little nibs that you cut off and use those nibs you can actually draw with but I often use a dedicated brush and I use a quill pen I use all three of those things um different kinds of salt if you can find them like there's a difference between kosher salt and margarita salt and table salt so and each one of them produces a different kind of effect on the paper depending on what you what you do um a transparent or white candle because wax candle wax khun b a resist on the paper and you can put it down and then paint around it and the paint won't seek and sink into the paper where you have the backs a single edge razor blade or an old credit card with a corner cut off uh an alcohol but a little thing of alcohol if you have it and an eye dropper and then a bit of rough same paper now I would say if you can't get all of this together the three most important things to get together for the class would be salt masking fluid and a razor or a credit card we have the masking right you have the masking fluid you miles yeah, you know if you have a quill pen you might want to bring it because it'll it'll produce a different effect but those three three swelled masking fluid and razor um if you get nothing else try to have it least those three and bring those with you when you come next time um you can mix your media's I mean some people paint pastels and water colors they they they do acrylics with in some areas and then put water colors and everything but if you're going to get to the place where your professional artist and you try to get into certain shows and things like that, they won't accept mixed media uh, water color shows you will not that will usually not accept like pastel on in a watercolor um it's a water media show um the transparent watercolors society watercolor west they won't even let you use opaque white watercolor paint like there's a watercolor paint called titanium white you can't even use that they literally put it under a black light to make sure that that it's transparent water called here looking for your expertise in that particular exactly so thes air just additional links to check out. I put ted not all in tony couch because I showed them in here and of course daniel smith always go to daniel smith and every day they seem to have an update on the danny smith website every time we do a class not dead wasn't here today, so I she won't be doing an update this week I don't know why she couldn't make it, but um they've been she's been writing updates of the class and posting them on my course page of daniel smith and those air fun tow to check out and then suggested research look for articles and samples various drawing techniques and, um, there's a oh, gosh, what's this got robert bennett, amazing drawer and that guy nathan folks in a t h a n f o w k e s I think it's nathan folks blogged dot net or something like that. I put his lincoln the first presentation I've never seen anybody draw like this guy. Uh, amazing. So go check this stuff out it's out there do research on perspective for shortening read articles about composition. Just this is what you need to do so summing it all up practice drawing often develop your contour drawing style whether you want to do a blind contour, the kind that you follow your eye around or do a more careful one developed tryto work on developing that style, learn about proportion of perspective reviewed design elements and principles that we went over crop photos in various ways to find your best composition. Try the grid approach to transferring your drawing to your paper both in taking an image and enlarging it or taking a large damaging and and making it smaller bills your skills and half a drawing, composing and painting these things that we drew today try painting them, try painting the little boy that you had in black and white I really would like to see what people come up with color ones

Class Description

Learn about color, papers, brushes, drawing and composition in this complete guide to watercolor. Molly Murrah teaches painting techniques that will help you create your own special works of art.



I would also recommend this class with some hesitation. This course is a broad and sweeping overview of watercolor painting. It is a good reference course and I will probably be treated like a reference book for watercolors. The skills we covered were valuable. It was beneficial to hear about the watercolor artists that Molly enjoyed and to have a list. The exercises were appropriate. I would recommend this course to someone who likes to know all the details of things before getting started. If you are someone that wants to jump right in this may be frustrating. Obviously, I am the latter. A few suggestions from my perspective....limit the product pushing. The references to Daniel Smith were off putting. I will try to avoid purchasing their products at all costs even if they are the best. It was very difficult to get access to the paint colors that she wanted us to have as some of the names are slightly different than what is available to me locally. I have already taken a beginner color watercolor course which I loved!! If I had not taken that course I probably would have been lost here. In that course(also online) we finished a project for every 10 minute lesson. I learned the basic technique's and it was FUN! I wish this class had more projects to practice that can be completed by a beginner and intermediate. Portraits seem like a large undertaking and it would be helpful to build confidence with smaller and simpler projects. I just felt a little discouraged. Molly is very talented and the work she shared was very thoughtful and showed incredible skill! I am very thankful that she took the time to teach the class and share her knowledge.

a Creativelive Student

This course was fabulous. Molly is a great artist/teacher. Her instruction has really unleashed my creativity and given me confidence to create.


Looks like a really fun class! I'll take it soon!