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Web Publishing in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Lesson 3 of 3

Sharing to Instagram

Jared Platt

Web Publishing in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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3. Sharing to Instagram

Lesson Info

Sharing to Instagram

The other thing that we want to show you is how that connects. So this whole thing not only is that, um collection connecting to websites specifically for proofing and your website and even through published services to websites and even your blawg, we can also because this collection is shared with the cloud and we have access it to it in the cloud that means it's also on every single one of our devices. And so I have all of my collections here in my phone, which is fantastic, because now I Congar oh, and share things wherever happened to be on say Instagram. So let's go into light room on my phone and I'm just gonna click on this portfolio here. So I click on that portfolio and you can see that I've got exactly the same cat collection here as I had on my computer and also that we were working with on the Web and that we shared to the portfolio website. So I'm gonna scan through here and find an image, and I really like this image right here. So I'm going to share this image out to In...

stagram. I didn't have to make a J peg of it. I don't have toe make a J Peg and then send it over to my phone and then have my phone so that it's It's just right in light room. So I'm gonna click on this little share button at the very top of the of the screen. So click on that and then I'm going to open while there's there's a lot of different options here. Um, share to is a pretty easy option to get those images out, and you can share it toe either people, or you can share it to different applications that happen to be on your phone. And if you click MAWR, you can then choose what types of things show up in that menu. So there's a lot of different places that you can send it. But in our case, what we want to do is send it to Instagram. Now there's two options to send Instagram. There's Instagram and light room literally. Send it to Instagram, but it's not quite as easy to when you're hash tagging, and when you're adding people to it, they don't show up because it's not your not actually on the instagram app And so it's I prefer to copy it to Instagram rather than using the instagram option which directly throws it on instagram. So I'm gonna do copied instagram and you can see how it opened up Instagram And it gave me my options for I'm gonna put it on my feed and I'm in a give me the whole thing and hit next and no, I don't want to add any stupid filters to it. I've already done everything I want to it. So adding that and then I'm gonna add a caption. I love stain glass windows in deep, dark churches with haunting statt s statues. Uh, emerging from the darkness. Yes, that happens all the time. Okay, So I just made a post and I'm going Teoh add a couple little ATS and Hashtags. So was shot with a cannon. So see how it's it's responsive because I copied it to Instagram. If I was doing this through the instagram post, it wouldn't pull these up. So I want to put Canon USA on their, um and I want to say, um oh, and plus Aiken, go back to light room at any point because I'm I'm in two different APs and I can go in and say, OK, let's close this down and I can get the information down here about what shot it. So it's a mark four. I just wanted to double check which camera is using. And so now I'm going to say, uh, Canon, See, Canon five. They're Canon five d mark for Okay, so I've hashtagged it and I've put at on it. And then location is actually in Budapest. Our wait, No, that's not in brutal fashion. Or was it? It's not in Budapest. It's in Ah, frog. There we go. And notice that I've also got Facebook set up so that when I click on this, it's also gonna add it to Facebook. So I could also do that Twitter and Tumblr. The beauty of it is that everywhere. Any time I put something on on on Instagram, it's going to go toe all of those places at once. So perfect for me. I just hit, share and boom! It's adding it to my There it is right there. So I've added it to my feed, ready to go. And so that was easy. And any time I'm just sitting around with nothing to do or I'm in a line or waiting for a kid at school or something like that. I just think, Oh, what's in my portfolio that I could share? And I just kind of scroll through. Go. That one looks good. Type something about it, send it out so you could do that very easily because you're connected to your photos at all times no matter where you are, even if it's on your phone. So the phone is a fantastic way to connect yourself to your public and also to your photos all at the same time. Um, I love using light or mobile for that one purpose, but it's also very great to be able to connect all of your clients to images to be able to proof them with people. I use the proofing option all the time, especially with corporate work where I just need someone to choose a head shot. So I'm going to send them a website. They're going to choose a head shot that I'm an edit it deliver it. I use the lighter mobile option all the time when I'm trying to collect images looking through him on my phone and adding him to collections and then, in the end, sharing them out to social media. So these options are amazing, and they're all available to you inside of light from classic. If you'll just make a collection and then share it toe light removal, and that's all you got to do. And that is the process of sharing through Light Room Classic through the Web through collections.

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  • Archive photos and catalogs
  • Use cloud storage to export as a catalog
  • Add images to your portfolio and add your portfolio to a drive


Lightroom Classic 9.2, Lightroom Mobile 5.2 (lesson 3) 

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