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Posing Masterclass

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Posing a Family

Bambi Cantrell

Posing Masterclass

Bambi Cantrell

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Lesson Info

12. Posing a Family

Lesson Info

Posing a Family

okay so with that said now we're going to move on to some really cool things and we're gonna photograph a wonderful family so you guys ready to do some damage we ready kevin let me bring your family over here and we got kevin and sarah and their children quinn quinton and uh hang on a second sarah little sarah and blah blah blah what's his name I knew it was braxton like toni braxton but the tony breast was a girl and then the other one is j j j something or other jerrick derricks that does not sound like a manly name I love that name I think that's cool okay kids I'm gonna have you come right over here and I want to keep I want to keep the look of this portrait session very clean and simple now when you look at their clothing you noticed that they're not dressed in super fancy clothes which means guess what I'm not gonna pose them in some really fancy way I want it to be very comfortable and very casual and I can tell you I'm probably gonna need an eight foot ladder to do this what I ...

want to do with these guys I want it to reflect who they are as a family and when you look at all marin their jeans and their casual clothes we want to keep it in that in that tone notice the color tones that they're wearing that not all doing the little matchy matchy thing I dont I tell my family's what I want them to do is I wanted to be in the same family in other words I wouldn't want sarah to be wearing just this light tone shirt see if she was wearing just this light tone shirt then all you'd see is that light tone shirt amongst all of this darker tonality but because everybody's closer in the same kind of in the same family you know the same intensity it will be a very nice casual image first of all I wanted to do we have any professional models here okay well I just want to make sure okay kevin you're the first guy that I'm gonna get post right here so kevin what I want you to do is mainline is gonna be over here right dad let's see let's try you running this sight the first thing I want him to do is I'm going to get kevin to sit on this chair I want him to drop the knee down on the cushion like this and then I'm gonna have him kind of basically fall back on the couch and you know why I'm doing that you see I eventually want him like this but you see by putting the knee in the chair first like that and then having them drop back it moves the butt to the back it'll make his body fall in the proper way pretty much right away okay so cab let me get you have a seat oh I don't know why I still have this clicker let me see how you doing love it okay good he came in that looks good you did that right the first time without any effort at all wow I'm impressed ok so that wasn't you kevin you're going to just lean into this arm right here when you get a little closer to the edge of the arm of the chair good job and you know what I want you to do kev can I have just bring your foot up there love it can you actually stretch out that leg a little bit beautiful get a little closer to me right here excellent ok bring that for this but you gotta love it when you say you're looking you look adorable okay sarah jean come right up here scooter now sara I'm gonna tuck sarah interrupters you could drop this foot down for a second I'm gonna put it back up there in a minute so I want sarah to come in cozy you're going to love this by the way this is a good thing for you okay so I want you to you're gonna just drop yourself down and getting cozy with your husband let me see how that looks for me go in and sit down all the way sarah and you know what sarah let's try this let me have you I'm gonna have you I want you to lean into into kevin okay go and sit down and turn your legs this way stretch him out I want you sitting on your butt good job let me say that looks and I want you to get in front of oh actually like that for you you know what kevin can you put your arm behind your bride right here beautiful and I wouldn't have been this front knee for me just a little bit in fact instead right there I love that now sarah this is real important for you what I want you to do is you're gonna flip the weight this way because I want there you go do you see why I did that because there's none of us women when you sit down guess what would you say sit down you put pressure on your on your thigh all you do is spread out the way so you look at that oh my gosh my thighs looked enormous so the idea is is by having them flip the weight away you can make anyone look younger and you could make them look thinner and more slanderous and just makes them look all fantastic okay so let's try something different here okay dan you're gonna put your arm right about here let me see how you guys look from camera position right here oh let's say I'm actually kind of like in that and you know might be kind of fun let me have you uncross your legs right there I might even have you sit down flat dad scoot over this place a little bit and then turn your feet towards me this way oh yeah I like that better and now I get it you're gonna lay right across his lap right there yeah the baby love it she's adorable okay flipped and I want you to tuck this leg underneath this one beautiful flip that way this way just a little scooter perfect and stretch out this like just a little love it let me see how that's working set up a hair this one yeah perfect it's always you you you okay and now let's see braxton come here kitty and braxton I'm gonna have you he's going to be kind of my anchor person back here I'm not sure where I'm going yet braxton but I'm kind of placing you right here for me okay um oh hang on a second um come here quinton quentin let me see what looks like to have you let me put this arm behind your wife right there just take it right back there let me see it looks like to have you sit there can you move forward just a little q t you're gonna sit up here on the arm of the right in the back oh yeah I love it love it love it scooter look closer to your dad beautiful right there excellent let's just get rid of that cushion let me see how that works when you're gonna lean towards me love it oh my god I'm loving it already you are the man I'll tell you right now braxton you are looking way too cool for school kiddo okay and then jerrick jared lissy we're gonna put you okay jared let me have you come right over here dad I just want you to lean into the picture like that okay did you see how I'm kind of building like a bit of pyramid shapes our love in fact I wouldn't change a thing on you I think you guys look awesome right there that looks good and then last but not least come here miss sarah and I think I'm gonna have you seen my daddy we're sorry about that honey let me have you sit like this and let's see what it looks like right here you know stretch out this leg right here let's see how you're looking right here actually I like this I think we're going to do us or going to say hey you know the only sarah sit up a little taller for second and hang on to kevin I want to scoot your butt back a little bit good job excellent right there and now let me see what looks like just for fun for you to cross that leg over this one guy style other way other leg yeah excellent and now just kind of lean layback into him right there I'm not sure where I'm going in I might actually I like that let's try that we'll do one like this and then we'll move on and do something different let's see how this looks you can't bring your chin down just a little bit and miss sarah that seated I want you to flip your weight this way and scoot back as much oh yeah now ben that top leg right there a little bit beautiful darling excellent lovett awesome gorgeous you'll see how you're looking right here sarah this year on this I turn your shoulders this way baby a little bit good job and you lean into your daddy love it hey papa lean towards me a little bit this way good just love it love it love it quinn quentin lean into your ugly brother right here on this side love in it's you guys awesome sarah on this side right here sarah can you turn your body this way a little bit honey beautiful oh I love that that's exactly what I want you to lean towards me a little bit q t you've never done it love it love and I'm gonna move a couple of people yet I like it armistice changed a couple of let's change it up now okay um miss sierra let's see uh dad's santa per second so yeah and let me see missy come out of here darling ok and now what I'm gonna have you do is I'm gonna have you let me have you okay actually I'm gonna have you come on this side baby sorry I want you to sit on this guy right here go ahead and bring your feet all the way up good and you're gonna flip I wantyou almost like falling off because you're going to roll this way no no no scoot your butt back that's a girl perfect right there and bring your bottom need forward a bit the job love it love it love it but what I want to do is we want to stretch this out just like that okay let's see how that's working right here miss sarah come right over here and you're going to sit right here let's see what that looks like I'm right up here and I want you to kind of getting cozy too mom oh actually love that that's where I want to go now you notice that I'm kind of making it a bit more random I don't want it too perfect because they're they're casual people let's try something different here daddy o oh uh jared come on this side cute dad come right over here and I just want you to kind of lean into your kids you bring this knee up like this just kind of lean into your kinfolk right here not a lot distance a little taller kevin that is perfect I'll tell you what your kids definitely oh this is beautiful have a seat right here but you're going to sit this one just kind of lean into your sister right here here let me have that ugly cushion right here let's see where we're going sarah and then I'm gonna probably change my camera I want to get a higher camera angle love hey sarah tilt your head like this take mom's hand right there beautiful darling excellent chin up a little bit sarah jean love and on the awesome that's beautiful gorgeous right here you know the only thing dad I want you to stand up tall for me and queen can you park your booty on that chair right there not quinn I'm sorry of ebola braxton yeah good park your butt right there yeah right there love it love it love it love it actually I like that that's actually adorable yeah hey sara do me a favor I want you to scoot forward to a little bit what was that yeah and now sarah I want you lean into your ugly brothers right here on this side love good job honey awesome love it sarah that is adorable right there there you go love innit boy you guys definitely look on your mom's side of the family that's for sure gore just love it right here sarah really proud of you baby beautiful and now it's coming a little bit looser here I'm gonna change my angle let me get a higher camera tried this one over first cables hey sarah can I get you to sit down the bottom for me now let's sit down on the floor I'm gonna like this I like this way better scoot your legs your legs that way beautiful honey that's for just once you lean into your mom this way a little bit and sarah that's standing sitting right there it's whoa okay very nice but we should really that's really perfect much better you two kids are perfect right here and now let me have a quinton come right down here and you're gonna fill in that hole right there can you turn your legs toward your mom a little bit you know what I actually know what we're actually I like where you're going I'm kind of liking that hey sarah that's on the floor ben journey when I want your top like that's beautiful right there and then braxton come over this way a little bit with your legs scoot your booty over this way love it and then I want you lean towards me right in here love it and then kevin come on this side right here and then quentin switch places with your dad I want to have you over there I'm not quitting I'm sorry jared hey you know what a quinton can you sit on the arm right there good job sculpture but back that way love it pal and I want your legs on the couch love it okay that was awesome for you I love it when you bring your hands together across your legs right there love in it love it love it love it oh that's actually looks better than I thought I got a backup let's try one like this that looks actually really nice love sarah darling love it darling um braxton you're taught you're perfect right there let me have you turn your legs that way a little bit beautiful excellent sara that seated right there tall with your back honey beautiful very nice and it's great and then jared let me see what looks like to have you can you put your knee right there put your knee right up in there the other leg this one right here yeah love and then just kind of lean towards this come in a little closer to your mom and dad actually hey by the way jared you know your mom told me about jennifer she told me all about how you and jennifer wanna date and everything and ah e ah e s o I'm not kidding you that b s works every time I'm not kidding you so that is just really good he's going day and who told you I was picking some random name I'm not getting you but that's all what it's all about you know right now this is just my warm up session I'm just having some fun could see its not again it's all about getting uncomfortable I'm going to move the couch out of the way let's try a couple different things I need to change this let's move this couch and I want to use that ratty piece right over there every time when I'm photographing especially young teenage boys are even from six up I'll always say you know what your mom was telling me I wasn't supposed to say anything about jennifer was I you know and I'll just make some eye make up trash all the time okay and then let's see I'm gonna turn this this way let's see where I want to go with this kevin let me have you seated but kevin you're going to sit it's real important that you just sit on the edge I want just the edge I'm not I'm going to photograph this way so I don't want him shooting I don't want to shoot into the crotch I want a photograph from like this area right here does that make sense I rather have this leg be the long leg and I just want something a little more casual right here let me see how that works for you oh gosh you're way too cute back up a little bit dad good job miss sarah have a seat on the floor right over here baby you're going to sit right over here on this side right here on on your booty but sarah come closer to your dad this way oh I like this for you come over more more more excellent good job and I want you to flip your weight this way so your legs are over that way good job good job I love it leading to dad a little bit right here and can you put your top like over your bottom leg this like right here took this like underneath it that's good stretch out this like a little bit I'll make your legs look long hey trust me honey sister I could feel your pain on that one okay I'm sarah come over here right there for me baby right there and I want you to tuck yourself a tiny bit behind kevin and this is really important for me to see how you can go like this or I can go like this that's what a hula dancer does as they move their hips that's actually how I learned posing was by watching the hula show in hawaii and I noticed that when the hula dancers ooh their hips from side to side that it shifted their weight one way or the other and oh my gosh that's great so I went into my room and I went into the and looked in the mirror and I started practicing those hula moves so what I want you to do is to practice shifting the weight from one day to the other and the way that you tell a client to do that is to push your hip this way or push her hip that way because what happens when they do that is that the weight shifts to that leg it's an easy moron ic proof way to get someone who's not a photographer to do what you want you know we don't want to use terms photography terms like put your weight on your back foot because what happens what any which is your back foot right now neither and they always do this little number where they throw themselves back right am I right and so I don't want them to do this so I really like this is a lot you look adorable I love this right here also can we assume that on kevin's face for second I'm going to photograph kevin from this side of his face because many of us way have a natural bento our nose and you want to photograph into the bend and his nose is a little bit of a bend going in that direction so by photographing him a little bit more on that side it makes the nose looked more straight otherwise if I photographed him on this side it makes the lows the nose look mork crooked does that make sense to you so I always think about member I told you if you want to pay attention to facial anatomy just learn to pay attention you don't have to take pictures with your camera take pictures with your brain and then it'll work great so mr ewing push your hip that way away from us gorgeous and now with your chest just lean towards kevin a little bit good job beautiful oh you are adorable come towards with your feet on here beautiful darling you look marvellous you look good okay good unless you want to put you okay quinn clinton come right here daddy o let's see where I want to go with you I want you to park your butt right there let's see how that works love like that but you're gonna lean over your sister this way a little bit and sarah just like bring your hands like this and just kind of like good job let me not a whole bunch of no you could relax quinn just a little bit and I'm kind of like where I've got to go but I'm not sure I'm going yet okay and then let's see jerrick I want to have you I think I'm gonna have you like over here want you to get comfortable and I think I want to have you almost like I like that let's see how this looks eyes that look for me okay let's try that oh I love it already actually this looks great for you I'm telling and you told me kevin he was the ugly son I'm going to get doing great I'll tell you right now I have a million of them brax and I'm not kidding you I've got a mall covered okay and braxton I want you you're going to just lean across towards me this way hey kevin sculpture booty back a little bit and then just leaned towards me right here you have got a great face for for horror movies you love it you guys hey braxton that's awesome baby love oh the only one I would need to fix sarah miss sarah can I have you like stretch out both your legs that way a little bit but not don't cross him like that a flip onto your side lay on your hit by right here more and then ben your bottom needs real important bend that bottom that's it love yeah look atyou ah that's a girl love it for just okay sarah that was the worst smile I have ever seen in my whole life you ought to be arrested for that thing I'm telling you love a dying awesome hey sarah bring both of your knees up and just lean up and turn your legs this way right here turn your legs this way towards me right here good and now sit back on your butt and bring your knees right up in front of you just like love it beautiful that's what I'm looking for wow that looks awesome for her yeah baby look at those long legs eggs huh let it got it going on land and this saturday of it out of this a lot of awesome oh baby and loving it oh my goodness she is just a lover hearted darling all I can tell you right now kevin you are in serious trouble okay and you know the only person I'm not feeling really good about it can I have that box back there and I want you to put it behind braxton and put don'tjust stand on it I want to get him up a little higher I'm not sure where I'm going with that we might just have to eliminate him completely I just kidding poking on something that might be too high let's see how that works whoa that looks a little but he looks like a giant there can you park your butt there let me see what that looks like braxton yeah love it just like that awesome yeah can you lean into this way look right you got it daddy o oh yeah punk in love and it's awesome excellent quinton I told you jennifer said no I ain't having no part of that boy love even though he is way too hot she did she sent me an email earlier today and she said you know please you know quinton is just like my favorite he's like my boy ah love it love it love it good job love it okay now you know what the one thing I want you kids to do is I want all of you just a crowd around mom and dad right there just really close getting cozy I love it and dad lean towards sarah is a little bit awesome and sarah just put both of your arms right in front lean into daddy's like that good job you guys on the catherine I want you to get mom and nfl great there one two three and hugs that's the worst thing I ever saw love it actually sarah lean back right here guys love that right you kids just getting cozy right there beautiful well quentin don't smile whatever you do quit I told you but you're sarah lovett got it beautiful excellent okay you guys are great I'll tell you right now this is just way too cute you guys are doing awesome e I know you think so huh okay you know what I'm gonna get up on my ladder not going to get on the eight foot letter just for fun I want to see what it looks like from a really high camera angle just for fun bambi can I ask you a question what I'm doing that and that is folks have asked this earlier with a with the wedding party as well and that is do you have any tips for the people who were on the floor with kind of legs out not getting kind of ah weird body angle yes give me a second you know what I mean higher angle okay exactly great is that really the real thing with photographing people on the floor you just want to make sure you want to flip their weight one way or the other I'll show you exactly what I'm talking about yeah this actually looks good I like this angle this looks good okay kevin meister bring your chin up a little bit more dad beautiful acts of miss sarah shut up with your face off that's real important see with sarah I need her face up not her eyes because we tend to go like this and raise our eyebrows and I want her face up loving it awesome right here sarah bring your chin up a little baby gaur just love excellent eleven awesome okay sarah loves telling make love to the camera you beautiful girl I just don't know how you would just love it you guys are way too cute awesome nice get very nice and got it cool okay got it all right so let's see let me hop down from here and I'll give you some tips on them and then then the next thing I want to do is I want to do it we'll have no chair at all consuming grab this for a second thanks okay the thing to keep in mind hey sarah can I use you as my model for a second is have a seat on the ground for second the biggest thing to keep in mind is we want to stretch out the body we want to stretch out the legs so what I try to do is I want you to flip onto this part of your thought beautiful look at how nice that makes her legs look your top me bring your top any closer to me beautiful do you see how by dropping this leg down I don't want it right on top like that because it'll make her look thicker it makes herb legs look thicker makes anyone and she what is she probably weighed eighty pounds and she's a little bitty girl but noticed by dropping this leg down a little bit see how it rolls her hips forward a bit can you guys see that okay cassie when you do that it's going to give her more curve in here and make her look more shapely so that's what ideally what I want to do now there are some people that you can fudge with and you can make it you can you can divide the rules for instance sit on your booty and now now if I just had her sit flat leg like this that looks of ecstatic but now bring this home over this way just a little bit and just good put both of your arms behind you and now been one of your knees beautiful see how he took it now and you broke it it was we broke that static nous so she could eat really be photographed just like this it would work out ok for her because she's a tiny little girl I would not photographed some of my size especially from a higher camera angle sitting down on the floor like this like this like she is because it's going to spread my thighs out like if you just see me sitting down like this I mean that's not flattering for me it shows this right here and see how it stretches out I mean it it pulls my my thighs out so especially for someone who's a bigger person like myself it is even more important that I shift and roll the weight forward because I want the backside which is the biggest part of my body I wanted us far behind because if you can't see it it doesn't exist right so I want to drop this need down as much as I can on my legs and then stretch them out because it'll make even short legs like mine look taller longer does that make sense to any of questions on that okay so now what I want to do is I want to do a couple of standing posters with these guys we're ok ok actually actually don't move kids I like that and you know what I want to do can we just like it yeah I wanted but I don't want what I want to use it just can we just like used the the bombing lamp because little before were against the wall like that it's probably going to give us a shadow I don't want yeah daddy how can you open the window I just opened it all away because he had yeah oh yeah and I think you kids don't move this is actually I feel this the others are fine they're not bad but this is to me gonna work so much better it's going to be a little bit more cool looking so what the only thing I need to do is I need to can we maybe taken open that work is I know I'm going to need because I need to get some light on this side their faces actually that's gonna look great okay miss serge oh actually let's see sara come over here and sarah you turn your feet this way excellent and kevin come here babe I want you to come and just stand right here by your wife let me have you just guys getting cozy I don't want to create a firing squad oh actually this is gonna look great for you I like it already but and this is important look what she's doing with her legs right or wrong why okay right it's pushing it but it's also the other thing that's making it bad is that it's putting pressure on this thigh and when you put the pressure on that five that's closest to the camera it makes it bigger we don't want it to look bigger so that's what your legs now look at how much a huge difference that made I mean we just made her look better so you're gonna just come in nice and cozy right in here beautiful and you guys are way too cute sarah lean to come towards me just a little bit perfect see I need to get the light on her face as faces muchas on hiss and let's see where I want to go I love the way you boys are and I'm thinking I might even have sarah just now I think I'm gonna have her over here um sarah I want you to come on this side of your dad just kind of like you can lean back into him just a little bit like that let's try that uh and we're going to shoot this with natural light let me grab my camera and let's see I gotta change my settings okay so we're gonna go from steppe instead of f ade I want to go toe like f eighteen two point eight because they're all on the same plane oh uh oh uh oh okay here we go hold on a second um what I want to do is because we've got this this cool kind of a family grouping I think they're going to be actually a really cool this will be a very cool picture this might be what I'm looking for right here um are we done did you get me unhooked okay perfect so what I did is I changed my settings I'm not going to use strobe anymore let's turn off our receiver and I'm going to use just the natural light I want kevin lean into your wife with your chin a little bit and get in real close very nice love it just chin down a little bit kevin and leaning with your chest towards your beautiful bride how long do you sarah and you and kevin been married oh good for you loving it awesome gosh guys that with way better you know what the thing I want to do is I'm gonna move you boys over this way about a foot I want to create some space between you good job love it love it love it and hey quentin love that right there oh that looks actually great braxton turn your feet this way and then you cross your ankles now and then sarah just fold your arms like this in front love and that lean into daddy a little bit can you bend that knee right here beautiful honey that's nice lena I wanted just ahead kevin a little bit taller on your back loving it gorgeous love and it's awesome you guys look right here quint actually though that's nice jared right here buddy hey jerk put relax your elbows a little bit excellent beautiful love and it right there awesome actually this looks good you guys really should do this more often you know what let me have kevin let me have you switched places with your bride right there excellent beautiful and then looking very nice you know what this time hey kevin can I have you turn this way a little more I want to see more of your booty right here okay I'm not really trying to see your booty but what happens is I just want to shake him up a little bit actually this looks so much better for them tell me that looks so much better the only thing is that I just got I got to get jared here love it jared love age eric do not smile whatever you do jerk very good love it darling awesome beautiful beautiful hey sarah lean towards your mother just a little bit more beautiful oh so that's awesome right there excellent and braxton right about here braxton you're in what grade you in school oh you're saying we're gonna go to college oh really and what about you jack where you going to school what was that can you just hold your arms across your chest like this jerk love and lean towards me a little jerk love awesome awesome awesome hey jerk are you into sports like which one oh shut up okay can I just talk about the forty niners you know it's your can you put your hand just talking through your pocket right there nice love it love it love it I just have a real quick question for you derek really good right there love have you always been this ugly or is this a new thing for you I got to I got you yeah maybe that's what it's all about I told you that I love it when it works and works yeah baby loving awesome okay cool all right good you know what and that's what it's all about you I mean you gotta have some fun with these people because it's just like you know it's like you know this is I'm sorry we're nobody's going to get cancer from this okay it's just nobody gonna get cancer right here hey mom and dad just hold hands right there the backhand not the front hand like that right that love it oh and you know just for fun let's listen I love what you're doing kevin I love this for you much better right there can you just take your hand in your pocket right there nice nice guys hey you know what I'll tell you right now you know by the way kevin told me jerrick that he's going to get you a new car he has he's already told me yeah he says he's going to get you that little portion on eleven are either that of the vw bug nice yeah no sarah's the one who's going to get the little beemer oh did I say I'm sorry I didn't mean to steal the beans right here guys and you know what he got just crowd around your mom and dad right there and you guys are gonna walk towards me okay justcause crowd around with your arms like this we're family okay we are family love and braxton you can actually touch your dad hey you guys and on the count of three I want you to walk towards me right your guys love it but don't touch the goods okay get ready guys on caffrey walked towards me right you're ready one two three and go that's the worst job I ever saw in my whole life you guys back to it one more time oh my love hey this time okay um okay jared you put your arms on your two buddies your palace your buds love it right you come on and quit I know that you're the adopted one but it's okay I love it this work so good I'm telling you right now wait this is just waiting you guys are way too cute I love it love it excellent right there kids awesome got it thank you guys very very much that was great you know give him a hand oh that was awesome thank you kids you guys were amazing fabulous how much time do we have it's three thirty so we've great amount of time okay waken go until four so we have we can do something que onda or we can not teo to do this a couple of little bit of hey hang on kid you're not done yet can I have my hang on don't go away sarah I want to do a couple of each of them by themselves seventy two hundred millimeter lens yeah let me do a couple of the key each of the kids by themselves I know where I want to go that way yeah natural light we're going to stay with come on scoot apart you're gonna go first something can we put this chair over here put it right against the wall back there oh I see deficit scooted over this way a little bit cause I want to get the light on her face and sara I want you to stand in the chair you're going to stand in the tresses on time you ever get to do it I promise I don't tell your mom I let you do it no no no I think I'm going oh actually this is really good for her all I could already you can you can you sit down on the back of the chair and then bring one of your feet upon that broad that right there on the side on the arm yeah going you could you know just the other way just like this yeah I love it it just kind of lean towards me oh hang on I got to take up hold on a second here hey did you justice my camera did you change the settings to fiftieth to wait okay sorry it's hard being me okay beautiful just bring your arms on the back of the chair that love excellent oh sarah that's adorable for you love it wow beautiful very very nice so oh sarah that's beautiful for you that's a fake a smile I've ever seen in the universe I'm telling you right now good jump excellent so sir what do you do for fun got it has nice do you really mean they still do that these days and age wow that's amazing okay so what's your boyfriend's name don't shut it off shut the front door I love it okay you know I'm gonna have you sit in the chair this times to channel but throw your legs over that way let's try this one oh I like that for you this is for chris but flipping away towards me but it's gonna be wholesome okay beautiful I love it I love it you know what this is so cute for you bring your elbow up on the chair oh darling look aha yeah baby haha yeah are awesome doll and oh yeah she is darling beautiful clip your wait just wait now and you're gonna like it but I love you don't where you're like I think that's just cute as it could be you're just I'm telling you right there love in it gorgeous beautiful beautiful beautiful excellent okay now one last shot like this just so what you sit I want you to put your feet in the chair just like a curl into your knees right here like this the future but back and then you're going towards me beautiful very nice but you know what hey missy sarah I need you to like it to tilt your head this way and turn your face that way oh that's it lovely not a lot good job and then bring your held your hand up right here and we'll bring him right in your face right there nice oh that's gorgeous kiddo bring your elbow on that woman that surely love it darling but stretch it out a little bit I want to see a little stretch in your arms nice except turn your face this way a little bit excellent so how'd you increase me shut of until god she's too cute I'm telling you right now who cares about the rest of y'all this one's a keeper okay okay sarah jean come out of your baby ok quint come quentin and I don't want to let's get out of the chair for him actually before we get the chair sit in the back of the chair yeah go and step on the top waken you know let's get rid of that right there love it that's awesome for you oh yeah I love it yeah that's my boy right there I'll tell you right now and so what uh what grade you in okay so what I want to know is this jennifer told me about the dance she told me all about how that you tried to get her to dance with you what am I saying she tried to dance with you and you said no I'm not so not going down that road you said loser I love that guy like awesome beautiful cake wouldn't stand up good let's give her the chair for him you'd say ok right there can you just suck your thumbs for your pocket right there good and what you're gonna put pressure back side against the wall right there and I just want you to kind of hang and lean towards me love it darling look at you okay relax for just a second I got you all screwed up here now can you lean back against the wall with your back shin down a little bit so do you are you in the cross and all that stuff no what do you play hey guess what by the way do you know gary payton is but the best player he's like an old time u basketball player you probably I think he left before you were born I shot his wedding what can I say god awesome perfect really good hey turn your feet this way and you know what let me with that chair closer but I don't want you to sit in it moving towards him because he's just gonna sit on the side of it on the arm right here have a seat park your butt right there good job love it oh et tu suey lovett you don't quentin just bring it lean towards me right here beautiful and you'll bring one of your men you straddle that I love you awesome I'm telling you right now oh gosh we got cement ammunition here way gotta do some editing on this one quentin love it love it awesome but that is a great smile on you nice and got it very good got it beautiful kids and he's amazing your natural okay jerrick it's your turn baby and hang out and do something different with you jerk can you just get teo wait todo you are I e love it okay I want you leaning against the wall over there jerk you are adorable if nothing else I'm killing oh yeah I love that jericho working for me honey you know what is it about middle children okay I can relate with you jericho because I was a middle kid I get it I totally get it so jared have you ever seen the movie zoo lander yeah oh yeah I need your best latigo ra I know you're still working on that one okay and then you know what jared come over here and just lean up against there for a second okay maybe working for me oh yeah loving it awesome gorgeous jack I'll tell you right now who is your daddy now about wear so got you covered right there buddy I'm loving it okay just stand up and lean against walls give me the chair right about there and just right there for me oh you know what kind of cool oh yeah love actually that's nice look at the size of those guns on that kid right there whoa wait oh gosh I'm telling you right now I am so in love with this kid he's got supports now you're adorable come of your daddy o okay but last but not least coming over here braxton I know it's a total tough act I mean what are you gonna do now okay braxton you know I want you to do oh this is gonna be so cool for you I love it already love it hey braxton we'll start from over here and just took your thumb for your pockets right there and you're going to actually come over here for a second I love it I love it I see where I'm going now okay and I want you to turn your feet this way ok good and what I want you you're gonna walk this way and then look over your shoulder at me like like like like like like what do you want like you're checking out a cute chick ready one two three go awesome baby let's try this way but this time I want you to start go this way and then look back at all those ugly people over there okay okay ready one two three go yeah baby a love it as my boy okay now just come right here in the middle right here and although she was leaning against the wall can you hang for me you're not hang see I think that's a thing you know you've got to get cool you're too cool for school love awesome children that way a little bit brexit loving it nice wow I'll tell you right now I don't care what they say you're way better than that they say you are beautiful in this time put your hand right in front your face right there yeah that's what we do with all the ugly kids you are adorable but I'll say look at how cute he looks you're adorable thank you honey ah mom and dad where's mom and dad coming over here now in my mind these pictures that we're doing right now these are black and white this to me is just it needs to be a black and white scene and I love us can I just say that you guys are unbelievable I don't know where you found them but this is like the perfect family I'm not kidding I am so in love with you guys you're just awesome okay you know what I'm a medulla I'm sara stand in front of her husband beautiful and then the cab and we should just wrap your arm like right around her chest right here across the top no don't choke her though that's beautiful and I need both of you to lean towards me a little bit you know and sarah that's a girl right there good kevin lean in to her a whole bunch of just give her a hug with your cheek right there love it kevin bring your chin down a little bit I'll love it awesome beautiful turn your feet the other way both of you I think I like serious on the side of her face actually sarah oh yeah hang on yeah let's try that okay oh I like that a whole better for her why do I like it better look at how pretty that looks for her kevin turn your feet this way a little bit and then sarah lean into him with your shoulder right here this is a real tight close oh I like that and kevin lean in to her with your cheek right there love that awesome gorgeous kids wow how'd you guys meet in a bar right really are you like are you the kind of like kevin can you wrap your arm right across your chest right there on that backside and then say I love it sarah both of you lean towards me a little bit and kevin bringing chin down and lean into her awesome beautiful beautiful fake a smal I ever saw us sarah beautiful chin down a little bit dad and no small whatever you do don't even do it don't do it dad I love love baby love gorgeous stay right there and I'm gonna do a couple more to get a higher camera angle kevin come on this side of sarah and can I have that stool right there okay kevin turn your feet towards your wife right there and let me see your face I'll switch places here put your arm over his in the back over his arm put it right in his hairline right like right up in his hair on the back side like I want to see it yeah that's it can you put your hand right and get closer to your love oh yeah excellent right there love oh sarah you know what the only thing what's wrong with this what am I doing wrong here so I've got to keep kevin don't want to have his his shoulder turn too much relax the shoulders look okay kevin that's nice yeah love it chin down just a little bit kay pu I mean sarah that's that's that's a new name for you guys love it beautiful and put your hand right I want to see that hand in his hair love it darling beautiful good no big small this time love beautiful perfect gorgeous and got it beautiful

Class Description

Do you have problems diverse groups of clients? Are you unsure if your lighting and posing are on point? Join award-winning and Nikon Ambassador Bambi Cantrell in this comprehensive class covering all aspects of posing, lighting and developing a successful portrait studio.

In this class, Bambi will:

  • Show you the best lighting for different scenarios
  • Camera angles that flatter
  • How to add creativity to your portrait shoots

You will learn ​Bambi​'s​ secrets of how she continues to innovate in her photography and business​.​


a Creativelive Student

I almost didn't bought this course due to low rating and what other reviewers were saying about her, but because it was on sale at incredibly low price that i decided to bite the bullet. And I am so glad I did. First of, for those reviewer that find her offensive, because she talks loud or make some jokes to her models or her audience, i don't think that it is offensive at all and neither did her audience or everyone in the studio. As a matter of fact, they were enjoying it. And I did too, was laughing while watching them laugh and having a good time. There was nothing wrong with the audio. I heard her just fine. I found her class to be the best class ever because she only not answers questions by theory, she demonstrate them live with the participation of her audience and the creative live crew and that's what made her class very interesting and not boring. She also uses real people and not models with perfect sizes or figures and it really helped me a lot because i have a challenge when it comes to posing plus sized people. I love her sense of bluntness, humor and at the same time, all the wonderful nuggets of wisdom she shared to her audience. I had purchased tons of creative class about photography and to tell you honestly, i haven even watched the full content on some of these classes because i get sleepy and bored but with Bambi's class, i watched her class in just 2 days without even feeling bored. I don't write reviews and in fact this is my first time to write a review here on creative live because i just feel the need to say that it's very unfair for her to be criticized liked that. I love you Bambi, I love your personality, I love your style and the information you taught were very invaluable. Thank you.

Melissa Baker Griffin

Loved the invaluable lessons! I can't wait to go through them all again. They are jam packed with valuable and tactical information that creatives on every level can take from. Her energy and personal style creates a great experience! I can only imagine how cool it would be to take a class from her in person! She is such a treat and so inspiring! I LOVE how enthusiastic Bambi is about the questions she receives and encourages phototgraphers to continue to grow, learn, and think out of the box. Thank you creative live! I feel like there should've been something like fire works at the end because she did outstanding!

Anne Dougherty

I’ll be honest. Ms Cantrell moves very fast, but her experience, humor and confidence are infectious. I thought I would check out a lesson or two and ended up watching and listening to her entire program. She is clear about her process and why it works so well. Her portraits are beautiful, whether individual or group situations. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations, and I am a landscape and pet photographer. But I feel like I learned a lot about seeing, and was reminded of approaches to running your own creative business that are valuable for anyone. I have been very impressed by the professional instructors in every one of the CreativeLive courses I’ve watched or bought. It’s not every professional who can teach! I know. I am one who could not handle classroom situations. So happy I was able to join in on these classes. Thank you, Bambi, for all of your energy, and for sharing your knowledge with all of us. This was quite a ride!