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Lesson 32 from: Wedding Cinematography

Ray Roman

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32. Pricing

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so we dabbled a little bit into what pricing and doing what learning about the wedding right so they've told us about the wedding they've told us exactly what's going to go down because we've sent them a simple question here it's all we need so basically when the clients inquire with us I don't call them back we just send off a reply email in the email we have this exact questionnaire this is all we use for this I want to know the location of the ceremony this is basically tell me where the wedding is because it might be a wedding that's in california texas or new york or maybe in my backyard maybe in palm beach miami I need to know where the ceremony's at what's the ceremony start time usually say four pm six pm or seven p m now I know it's a daytime wedding our nighttime wedding based on the time reception location what have the reception location is different from the ceremony application they have two venues now as opposed to one sometimes you have a wedding where it's one stop sho...

p you have a bride getting ready there you have ceremony there you have the reception there would you charge a little bit more money because maybe you have to travel an hour to get from the ceremony to the reception is it going to create a longer day are you gonna have to include more hours of coverage because you're gonna have to count for dr times no right to take in all these things are there any events prior to the ceremony that require coverage this is key because what are they gonna put in there they might say just bride preparation so I said besides the bride getting ready what else do you have planned what did they say we're going to have a berat then I know it's an indian wedding what did they say what we're gonna do a first look and we're to do a signing with tuba then I know it's a jewish wedding right do I have to build more time into the package because now it's a jewish wedding or it's an indian wedding right you fill me so now when I'm determining what the price is going to be because I don't have a price I have a range said ok if it's ah it's a regular wedding maybe a one stop shop nokia tuba signing no long hours things like that maybe it's going to start at the beginning of my range but now as soon as you start adding in multiple locations more hours of coverage mohr coverage because I have a tuba signing have first looks I have a berat I've got second ceremony whatever the case may be I need to know about these things how many guests are you expecting eight hundred so now you're like well maybe have to bring in additional person to help cover this joy enormous wedding maybe it's just fifty guests so fifty gas might tell you hey maybe it's a simpler wedding it's not so uh it's not so big maybe there's not gonna be that much work involved where will the bride get dressed this is another issue because you may have three different locations you may have bright getting dressed here groom getting dressed at his house ceremony at a church and a reception at a hotel so you have four different locations are you maybe going to charge a little bit more for your time probably you're probably gonna have to include more hours of coverage which means if you have a second and third shooter do they work for free or you have to pay them for each hour you pay him hourly so there's a difference between twelve and sixteen hours of coverage and seven or eight hours of coverage or nine hours of coverage because you haven't paid this person hourly she had to take these things into consideration because at the end of the day you don't want to be left paying guys further hourly wage and now that stuff's kind of cutting into your potential profit now you're losing money are there any spit this is big are there any special performances plan for the reception special performances I'm not talking about first answers I'm not talking about speeches I'm not talking about cake cutting I'm not talking about bouquet toss not talking about sparkler exits I'm talking about performances why is this so critical to this questionnaire especially if you get into high end events special performance could mean what they could bring somebody in to sing for an hour a famous singer special performance could be circus soleil who comes in circus away imagine I've had them in a couple of my weddings they put on a twenty thirty minute performance cirque de soleil stout if you don't ask these questions and you just throw them number what are you responsible for now you're responsible for everything you responsible for the entire day you're responsible for michael will blame whoever they bring in to say at the wedding mariah carey whoever it is you're responsible for cirque du soleil right you gotta do all this for that same price that you quoted them before knowing all about the wedding so what happens when they asked they answer the questionnaire now now they say it's all at one location there's nothing going on before there's no special performances all right perfect here's my price and I'm going to send them a proposal with the price to cover that wedding that they've explained to me now what happens if somebody surprises them with michael bubbly at the wedding or a circus soleil performance that they never told us about when we quoted them that price what do we do then charge extra are you going to show michael billy in the film but no he was part of the day you have to show michael will blame the film are you going to show the entire michael blake concert that you're not going to show why because this wedding was not about michael blake this wedding is still about the bride and the groom so your film has to still have balance so here's the thing I don't charge for every little thing that happens at a wedding because you're going to see absolutely everything that happened on the wedding day but it's the film has still got to have balance it's still got even if cirque de soleil was there sure you're still going to see circus away there even if you didn't tell me about circus away you're still going to see it but what you're not going to see is the entire twenty minutes cirque de soleil performance so what happens now my client calls may after they received a twenty minute film and they says hey where's the rest michael blake we paid a million dollars for michael blake where's the rest of the footage and you know what I say we we recorded everything I mean we have everything but you have to understand that the wedding film is not about michael blade the boy ding film is about your son and daughter but we have all the footage so we can give we can sell you a full version if you want it edit it you just have to pay to have it edit it it's only fair you didn't think we were going to work for free and edit this big long concert for free did you does it make sense that we're not going to work for free that we're not gonna edit for free because this is something that they never told me about when I quoted the original price they never told me I was going to have to edit on our long michael blake concert or a twenty minute cirque du soleil performance so if I just include that stuff and I just produce it I'm working for free I'm basically not charging them for the editing of ah full concert or a full twenty minute performance by cirque de soleil does that take time to produce how long could take a day or two right and I'm going to sit there for a day or two and work for free on something that they never told me about it just it's not fair right we only want what's fair we just want to be compensated for our time that that we have to use to edit maybe a concert maybe a performance maybe a surprise singer or anything that's long ok and that we couldn't include an actual film sometimes they may ask for it sometimes they may not but if they do ask for it you can always go back this is the beauty of it you can always go back to the questionnaire said ma'am but you know when you filled out the questionnaire you never did tell us about this this and this and this is why we quoted you this price and not this price that's everything so we've given everything away right we've given to sell ours away we've given blue rays away we give our time away how do we start making some of that money back that we've lost how do we do it how are we going to recover because I'm gonna help you recover today I'm gonna help you recover from all the damage that wedding videographers have done to themselves in the industry I am going to help you recover I'll tell you a story I was invited to a photographer studio and this is a very well known photographer in south florida and he showed me everything they moved into a brand new studio showed me and the entire studio all the shooting space all this stuff and then he brought me to the room where they present their work to the brights and he was showing me all of albums and all the stuff I was like wow this is great this is just amazing stuff and then he showed me all their pricing which was kind of odd they started showing me all their marketing tools and all their pricing and whatnot and I was just like he's like hey let me show you our pricing our pricing guides and I said okay so I sat there and I opened it up and then I looked at the price and I was kind of shocked because it was so low and I was just like wow guys you're cheap you know you're like very well known your works like flawless and this price like you could make more money I was telling this guy you could be making more money and then he says what do you talking about and I says you know your your price here it's not that high he's like yeah but it doesn't include anything it just includes my time at the wedding imagine my time taking photographs and that's it that was the starting price I was just I wish we could do that I wish we could say hey you're just going to pay for our time at your wedding but you're not actually going to receive any video on behalf photographers get away with this stuff but this is their geniuses that's why I like to learn from photographers they're actually able to get by not actually including a national product that they're going to receive this is basically just for their time at the wedding taking photos now if you want prince guess what it's extra if you want it now oh you wanted an album guess what how much do you think photographers up sell these albums were how much profit do you thinks built in to the price of a photo album your photographer you know yeah it's ideally seventy five to eighty percent let's get into the world of photographers now because your photographer this is good if you're selling a photo album for a thousand dollars how much is the photo album cost a good photo album on some of the top vendors you're looking at no less than fifteen hundred usually that you're selling it to the client you know there's the cost of some of the top albums leather alot perfect okay so you're paying fifteen hundred dollars for an album how much is a client paying for the same album they're paying time for the design on top of the product give it to me baby how much oh gosh well it sze built in eighty percent time could be four five thousand dollars really easily easily for five thousand dollars look how much profit they're building in to this price for now this photographer that had this low range that he was starting at he showed me a few of his latest contracts with clients and they were all thirteen thousand dollars eighteen thousand dollars fifteen thousand dollars twelve thousand dollars and I was just like and I couldn't believe it and it was all of these overpriced like profit loaded extras that they were able to sell to the clients and I says wow this is genius how do we do that with video because we don't have albums we can't do prints the only thing that we have is what is a dvd all we have is a dvd and I'm thinking there's got to be some product here so what I did was because I was like most of you guys I had packages and now what do you have in these packages do you have things that you can take out that could become and all a cart item of course we do you have a little one minute trailer you have a full version of your ceremony you have a full version of your speeches and those are ala carte items that are sold separately but the people you included they include him there that's the difference they're included in the package but the point is taking them out and just selling them separate still having that sixty five hundred dollar package but now with an awl a cart where they can order those items to add to your sixty five hundred package so what do we do oh and here's the thing you have to remember when you're in the when you're in the booking process with the client who's in control at that point who has the money the client so who's in control the clan once you're booked for the job who's in control you are because we've achieved ago we've got the money so when you're at the stage where you don't have the money you're more inclined teo maybe budge on the price or give some things away because you're trying to get to the money you haven't understand something this is almost like uh it's almost like a competition because we're trying to make money the clients are trying to save money who's gonna win who's gonna win because their goal is to save money our goal is to make money so let's talk about back and sales I ripped this right from photographers let's take a look at a sample package eight hours of coverage twenty five minute film three hd cameras five blue ray same day at it love story documentary cut and the raw files for eight thousand five hundred dollars does that seem tio dio it's a good deal for the client and it's not bad for you it's eight thousand five hundred dollars right that's not about payday but what if you took everything out and just charge for it still included your services the number of hours in the film but all those extras now you charge for it and you don't just charge for it you loaded it with profit because this folks is the first time that you're actually going to make some profit because if you're just selling your package as is right now today are you making much profit for the first time this is your opportunity to go out and make some profit on your work because when you're spending fifty sixty seventy hours editing a film and you only charge two thousand dollars how much profit are you making what your are really hourly rate after all your expenses you're not making that much money now let's say you don't start eighty five hundred dollars let's say you start up thirty nine hundred dollars with the same scenario let's say this was your price and you did the same exact thing it's still twelve thousand four hundred dollars and here's the deal if they don't have the money to afford any of these extras and most times they're not goingto they're not going at all this stuff but I tell you I tell you I had a bride that called me one time and this is one of the many brides that always as extras to their package and this bright called me in a panic and she said ray oh my god I got a problem and I said what happened and she goes I'm trying to add everything on your allah cart to the contract and doesn't fit like there's no room toe add everything and I was thinking like oh my god this is crazy you know and my allah cart which I'll show you here in a little bit it's much longer than that it's much longer than that so the potential is there and what have I done I haven't limited anybody spending so they have the money to spend they can add some olive card stuff if they don't have the money to spend they just go with your basic rate but your basic rate is what this is key it's it's a price that's fair for you to go out with your team and cover this wedding and come back and do the post production on that wedding and you don't feel is though you haven't been paid enough for the amount of work that you have to do it's just a number that's fair so my starting price is eighty five hundred dollars that's my starting range and how did I come up with this number this is key how do you come up with your starting range well cost of goods and then you determine your hourly rate based on where you are in your market and you go from the time of the hour of times you're gonna be there at the shoot and afterwards and your contractors exactly but is that what is that number it's a fair number right it's a fair number in my mind where I said you know what for eighty five hundred dollars I'm okay with going out and giving nine hours of coverage we will produce a beautiful feature film and we'll provide three dvds and that's it now if they have the money to spend they're now going to add to that eighty five hundred eighty five hundred dollars but here's the other key that I'm going to tell you avoid high pressure sales this is the worst thing that you can do you don't want to make the client feel is though they have tto add all these extras to the package to make it what it's going to be which is a beautiful film and the first thing you know that I don't even tell clients about the extras ever I never even mentioned them as soon as they inquire I sent him a questionnaire they send me the responses and I send them a formal proposal that says nothing about the extras as soon as they e mailed me back and they says what are the next steps we want to move forward we wanna book the date or whatnot I said I'm gonna send you contract our deposit is fifty percent just send that back and will secure the date for you and I still never mentioned the extras so what happens and I'll show you a proposal here this is a sample proposal and and I've got some something's listed in here you know it's a whole bunch of uh predict production and logistical gibberish that I have in here because they want to feel as though if they're paying nine ten fifteen thousand dollars they want to feel is though what are we getting for this money but when you look at this this is all just gibberish it's production stuff is the logistical stuff there's not one thing that they can take out because what our clients prozac whatare they loved to dio if you offer ah five camera shoot they say well why don't need five cameras only need one we don't need five dvds we only need one we don't need ten hours of coverage we only need six how much is the price now isn't that what they always do they always want to take something out so if you have a package that's just loaded with these things that they can take out what are they looking to dio without knowing anything about production they're going to tell you exactly what you need to cover their event you don't need three cameras you only need one you don't need high definition audio or however you awarded in your package you just need you know one you don't need three camera people you only need to you know things like that we don't need five dvds you only need two hear what can they take out are they going to take out ray roman know they can take out the film no I think I'll take out the hours of coverage no it's the only thing that you could possibly take out there's nothing to take out so here's my price there's nothing to take out we're good they come back at me and they said okay we're good with it what's the next steps so I said here's the contract and for the first time they're receiving my contract and my contract has all the legal terms it's gonna have blank spaces so they can fill out their personal data and all the information about the wedding and exactly what they're purchasing which in this case is a ninety five hundred hour film right that doesn't include travel or anything for the first time now that they're getting the contract attached to the contract is a form with my extras it's the first time they're seeing it and now what happens now what happens now they said oh my god what is this and I'll get a phone call or an email and it said rain what's the deal with all these extras and I said listen first things first you don't have to get one of those extras to make the film what it's going to be you're going to get an amazing film without any of those extras now if you wanted to say like rehearsal dinner coverage or you wanted to do like the same beheaded or anything like that you know you could always add extras but you don't have to add not even one extra I want to put their their mind at ease and I want them to know and I want them to have peace of peace of mind knowing that they don't have to add one thing to the package to make the film what it's going to be which is going to be a beautifully composed feature film so what happens now and I'm telling you guys you have to try this system out because at least eighty percent of the time when the contract comes back it comes back for more than what I had quoted in the proposal because they've added at least one two sometimes three sometimes four extras in there and I'm gonna tell you the other beauty about these extras right now number one their way overpriced there's so there's so much profit built in to these extras that is something unimaginable another thing that I told the clients is this and this is really good because right now you're you're still trying to close a deal you don't have the money and who's in control they're in control so what have they told you oh man we really want a movie trailer tattoo our package that thing's way overpriced actually the movie trailer is not that overprice because it is a lot of work that goes into the traders on the highlights let's use something else has as an example better let's use um rehearsal dinner coverage rehearsal dinner coverage is twenty five hundred dollars and usually rehearsal dinner coverage is what we're just recording speeches for maybe an hour could I could I flex a little bit on that price could I say you know what instead of twenty five hundred hours I tell you what I do for eighteen hundred dollars so now take eighteen hundred dollars and add it to ninety five hundred dollars and now they want out of highlights or trailer and I can still give him a discount two thousand dollars you know because there's so much profit built in there now I can negotiate a little bit but I cannot negotiate with the ninety five hundred dollar price it's non negotiable let me try to go back to that I can't negotiate with that because there's not a lot of profit built into my base rate that is kind of like a number that's fair for me to do the amount of work that's involved to cover this particular wedding that number I can't budge on these numbers on the extras I can budge a little bit no look at raw footage for instance where israel footage raw footage raw footage on an external hard drive how much work does it cost me to deliver raw files not a lot right so what happens if they say okay we want your package we want to add rehearsal dinner coverage a trailer but you know what my mom really wants raw footage my mom really wants raw footage and what do I say I said I'll tell you what I'll do it's it's typically twelve hundred dollars for the raw footage but if you want to get you know my price plus a rehearsal dinner coverage and the trailer I'm gonna give you the royal falls for no charge it's twelve hundred dollars but I might give it to you for no charge does it cost me any money no it cost me a little bit of money a forty dollars hard drive and I just drag and drop their all files onto an external hard drive and I put it in the mail right it cost me forty dollars to make close thirteen thousand dollars fourteen thousand dollars I'm saying so a lot some of these options you have some some flexibility look at my travel fees to travel internationally or domestic three thousand dollars fifteen hundred dollars so as soon as they come to me be smart about this and they say okay we need you to travel to california with this and then they asked me what can you do on the price because ninety five hundred dollars is just it's just too much and I say because ninety five hundred dollars fair for me to come to california just do a simple wedding no problem pay for all my travel give me nine five hundred dollars I used to be an ex cop and you just take me about three months to make ninety five hundred dollars so to make it in one weekend I'm pretty good to go it's pretty fair for may I keep things in perspective I have not lost touch with reality ninety five hundred dollars two times a month I do the math you know is about nineteen thousand dollars for me there's a lot of money uh a month you know that would take me like a half a year to make you know as a police officer ninety five hundred hours so what do I say to them is there anything you can do on the price I said I'll tell you what we typically charged a fifteen hundred dollar travel fee I will go ahead and wave the fifteen hundred dollar travel fee you feel me so now they're saving fifteen hundred dollars that it doesn't cost me anything tto wave that I'm not losing any product and now I closed the deal on something that doesn't even cost me any money so things like that travel fees raw footage especially that's an easy deal closer these air deal closers if you need to close the deal and they really want it and it's not costing a lot of work like say like a same day at the same t get it I can't really negotiate that because those are a lot of work highlights and trailers it's a lot of work so those types of things they're not really negotiable but the things that don't cost me too much money look at a full version for instance full version of a ceremony and speeches this very popular because the two things that generally make a wedding film long and boring or what a long ceremony and long speeches so generally if you deliver a twenty minute film that this is the beauty of delivering twenty minute films why don't clients order full versions and raw footage because they're curious they said wait a minute you've been there all day there's got to be so much more I mean this twenty minute film is killer but I'm telling you there's got to be so muchmore forage thatyou're you're hiding from us you know you've been too lazy to edit this stuff together there's so much more footage man you were there nine hours you've got to be ableto produced ah sixty minute film that's just going to rock our world right and I tell him flat out and I tell them this during the consul so that they understand especially the parents tell him just like this is so listen you have to understand especially the parents because when I tell thee you know the couple of the young couple of the cool couple that's into my work and stuff like that I say yeah it's gonna be like eighteen twenty minutes or like cool cool and then I look over the parents and the like you know almost like which talk about well it's you know like you know because the parents are paying all this money and they're like twenty minutes is this guy nuts you know the parents haven't seen the work or anything like that and they're like but ray what do you mean it's only gonna be twenty minutes you know where's the rest of food is gonna be there all day and I told this is best analogy you could give them in the world I said I said ms rabinowitz you know if it's you know I said you have to understand in hollywood they go out and they film for almost a year and they have producers and directors and scripts and storyboards and multimillion dollar sets and the final product after a year is probably ninety minutes I said I only have one day and I don't have any actors you know trained actors actresses script storyboards producers multimillion dollar sets I only have you know a beautiful couple with a beautiful story to tell but I only have one day it would be impossible for me to give you a ninety minute film that's actually going to entertain you you know because there's such a lack of content you know hollywood films for a year because they're looking they're cutting down all this content to ninety minutes to something that's actually going to put you in your seat as a viewer and entertain you can't do the same in one day and I've had situations where I've delivered the film and maybe another family member that didn't know any better they're asking the parents are like that film was great but I was only twenty minutes you know where's the rest and they're actually telling them it's like you know mary he's only got one day you know to get all this content that's gonna entertain us his fears it's not like hollywood you know where they go out for a year and they got producers and directors I'm telling you they do it and they become like your messengers to educate the rest of the family but please do yourself a favor and educate your clients as best you can just show you khun set the expectations you have to be able to set the expectation or you going to run into some problems but you might run into a problem anyways with some of the parents they're still gonna want full versions and raw footage and the only reason they want that stuff because they're curious they're so curious they're they're assuming there must be that much more footage that you're concealing or that you film throughout the day and there's really just not but ah full versions of ceremony speeches and raw footage all that stuff is product that I can sell right here not full versions it doesn't cost me a lot of work because after we do ah ah poor allies of the ceremony everything's already sunk up we just have to go through and clean it up and maybe put a fade in and a fade out exported put on a dvd and we've just made fifteen hundred dollars for not a lot of work that's involved with that so those types of things that don't don't create a lot of work there are a lot more negotiable than the things that do create a lot of work you know like in this case you know a theatrical trailer same day at its uh rehearsal dinners that's negotiable so so it just depends what the extras but the base price I tell you whatever your price is whatever you're starting prices whatever you here's the key you have to come up with a number in your mind where you have to say you know what I'm definitely worth seven thousand dollars minimum and I'm never going to drop even a dollar below seven thousand dollars starting just out of respect for myself and all the work that I'm doing I'm never going to drop that number because it's disrespectful to me it's even disrespect for a client to expect me to drop my number below say seven thousand dollars or whatever your number that you choose in your mind because you work too hard you know we worked too hard knife I put in my mind or says you know what I know the type of work that would produce I know the amount of work that we do and eighty five hundred dollars for us is a fair number and I don't drop below that I've had clients come up to me and they said or planners call me and they'll say ray can you come down to seven thousand and it's absolutely not we'll give you seven thousand dollars cash right now and book that date how seven thousand dollars cash and a lot of money for an ex cop does a lot of money and you know what I do with the cash I push it back across table because I don't want to set a lower standard for myself whatever that number is in your mind don't draw don't be tempted to fall into the trap and go below that number just figure out what your numbers it maybe five thousand it maybe six thousand whatever the number is don't drop below and you have to believe in yourself and know that the big fish is going to come and pay you what you're worth but you have to value yourself your work before you ever going to get the client to value your work remember that you have to respect yourself all of us doing we have to together collectively we have to start raising the standard off wedding cinematography or videography we have to raise the standard but we can't do it alone the one percenters can't do it we meet some of that ninety nine percent to kind of help us out and raising the standard a little bit question yeah so I get looking at those extras I think you know it's again out of the photographers book it's great to be able to negotiate with that after you've said you take away the one two parts that I don't understand is still how you could possibly completely wave the travel fees because it doesn't look like there's I mean cost even just from say east coast to california three hundred dollars in plane ticket plus if you read the proposal is that already included client responsible for all travel expenses okay it's not and I'm sorry I couldn't see that from there it was in very small print so that that is just saying I'm east coast travel fee is just an inconvenience fee for me to actually leave my backyard to film a wedding in amsterdam you know for neil or travel to rome or the ukraine or brazil or whatever that's a very flexible travel fee because I've actually already raised the price of the package just to travel you know it's not eighty five hundred dollars anymore it's ninety five hundred dollars if you've ever done a destination wedding either in photography or video what do you always do in a destination wedding you always tend to work more because you want to make a cool so you're spending more time that you're not being paid to make this whole experience cool I build that into my price because I already know I'm gonna go out the day before and I'm gonna be filming all these really cool location shots we're gonna take a lot of time it's already building into the price instead of starting at eighty five hundred dollars I'll start in ninety five hundred dollars plus travel and are you seeing on a plane for a day before and the day after instead of being at home with your kids for free exactly good point and that's that's the thing do you value your time with your family you gotta build it into the price building into the price but have some things in your extras that are negotiable that you can say you know what I tell you what I'll wave my travel fee close the deal maybe maybe not oh your mom wants to roll footage depends how bad you want to close the deal but please don't negotiate your bottom line whatever your bottom linus that's the key don't negotiate that negotiate your extras because extras have so much profit built into them where you don't have to even mess with this price this price here is yours to keep this is the price that's fair for you to go out and do all this work and brush your butt and sit there for fifty sixty seventy hours in post production and create this beautiful masterpiece of a film that's what you can't confuse things that's what this is for and this is the fair number that we've come up in our minds and you can't alter that you can't lower the standard for yourself the extras they've got all types of prophet built in do photographers negotiate sometimes with books like if they want to get five books instead of two oh yeah and I mean from a lot of photographers have the mindset that they they inflate the ala carte so that your packages there you know if you're buying a tin products from one publishing house then you're saving one shipping price and so you're able to pass that on savings and perceived value exactly so you've got some buffer room and there that you can play with right you got some buffer room built in we need buff room but we don't have buffer room here that's the problem and I tell finds I said listen I don't have like negotiating room built into my my pricing you know like some other vendors able to do that you know like your floral your entertainment maybe your cake maybe even your photographers but this here is just really just covering production costs you know I don't have I don't have any room to negotiate in this price now baxter us I can negotiate a little bit I can negotiate a little bit you know depends what it is maybe I can work with you on some of the numbers just depends but this price here I can't come down on this is just covering my production costs you know I have expenses I have people that I have to pay and we're going to sit there for a couple weeks at it in this main feature it's just I can't mess with this number I mean that one is what it is if you want to talk about some extras and you are I'm not a stickler for time I always work at sure always show up early and I always leave late on a wedding day because you know what then of the day I'm still leaving with this and I know and I've already took into account that I'm going to work early and stay late I've already taken that into account but in my mind I've been paid fairly to cover this wedding and I'm happy and I'm happy doing what I'm doing in most videographers if you ask them if they're one hundred percent happy with what they're charging they're going to tell you they're not so what does that tell you they're not happy doing this job of wedding cinematography and that's not a good thing because you're never really going to be truly passionate about your work if you're just going and working weekend week out it you're just not happy doing what you're doing

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The content provided here is great for videographers starting out in the wedding industry and also for pros/semi-pros fine tuning their video skills. In fact this is the only course in wedding videography that I can find on Creative Live. There are a couple other for corporate or film making video course, not dealing with wedding video. Also an HDDSLR course is available. That said Creative Live needs to put out a couple more updated wedding video courses, as this one is a several years old now and many pros are now using Dual-Pixel autofocus or fast sensor auto-focusing in Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and now Nikon also in Z cameras with great stabilization in many cameras (which should be discussed affecting the shots and video coverage). Although the rest of the course is great on how to plan out video coverage at your wedding, with the advent of great autofocusing systems today in DSLRs and mirrorless that could make some difference to how video is shot. I still give this course a thumbs up, as it is the best course (and only course) currently on CreativeLive for wedding video/cinematography, however I would encourage CL to create a new course being developed and recorded as much as happened in the last 5 years in video DSLRs and mirrorless, which makes a difference to shooting video. How wedding video coverage is done and planning the shots and angles of view, and equipment is still useful information to buy this course. The presenter Ray Roman is also an excellent teacher. So get this course now, and another one once an update is made. CL has lots of photo courses on wedding, not many for wedding video.

a Creativelive Student

A couple of years ago, I made a bold and somewhat wreckless choice to take out a home equity loan in order to help finance my son's dream to start a wedding cinematography business. Together, we embarked on a journey to learn everything we could about the business. The most important choice we made was to purchase the Ray Roman Wedding Cinematography course. This class saved us so much money as it helped us understand our camera, audio and essential and non-essential gear. We were inspired by the artistry in Ray's work and have implemented many of his techniques in order to Improve the quality and production value of our films. In under three years, we have filmed over 50 weddings and our company is well established in our area. Buying Ray's class was easily the best investment I made for my son's business, One Night Only Films. Thank you Creativelive and Ray Roman for helping us start a successful and profitable business.

a Creativelive Student

WOW!!! What an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to be there in studio with the creative live team and Ray and all I have to say is it was amazing! The creative live team was FIRST class and this course was jammed packed with information!!! Forgive me if I asked to many questions but I wanted just to pull all the info I could of out of Ray. From being there in person and owning the course itself I have to say that this is a MUST have for all cinematographers of any level! Buy it and watch it again and again! Thank you creative live for this amazing opportunity! -Aaron

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