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today is all about business well we've had a ton of images that we've looked at you know if we spent we sent the first day talking about branding second day cam preparing for the wedding we have the big wedding we had the review of everything so now now what you know now how do we go about building our business so that we get to do another wedding in another wedding another wedding and you know and and build the type of life that you want to live absolutely and kind on that segway note I'd like to bring chase jarvis and just kind of have you know talk to talk one on one with you and to be able to also complete surprise and a true true true honor in a short amount of time a short amount of time I really do feel so supported I really do like this is a huge thing that everybody I think I'm crashing your party good how you doing good I'm great craig just concerned dialect diving into I'm gonna slide back you khun seymour her unless in me the competition I will get to the um so I wanted to ...

uh rewind a little bit recap because that's kind of what craig started to do um I've been kind of behind the scenes a little bit here I'm really excited to be in seattle and this is going on I've been watching a lot from my iphone and ipad and stuff from home amazing um what's give me like just surmised what's been going on in your brain for the rest of the world tell us just the three hundred sixty uh degree view from thirty seven thousand feet well I think the one thing that pops me first and foremost would be that I think you're a depiction a true depiction of what a leader does and a leader get this pants dirty you were picking up chairs at five o'clock in the morning after the wedding we did not have enough or we wanted more volunteers to come help and reassembled we understand early in the morning girlfriend is not about me picking up chairs about you I understand I truly understand what I do you think that it does I think it sets atonality for what type of successful venture you're running and it's a leader by example so having said that this is in awhile adventure and I think that I've learned more about myself and I've learned more about these amazing people that have stayed by my side in more than anything I was really happy that I stayed true she what the brand and the experiences about in light of everything that was going our way sweet sweet well it was really exciting everytime I tuned dinner was able to tune in from from home or from wherever I was everything really great I got to give you guys a high five on all of the participation and especially um the internet I'm not sure what camera I'm on right now but um you're you're always participation and this has been like uncertain unt topped to date for creative live we trended on the front page of twitter I mean it's like lindsay lohan ask jasmine that's that's pretty crazy um the and a lot of that comes from your participation and that's really what what craig and I are trying to cultivate here a creative life is this um never before integration of what you guys are experiencing out there in the internet and live world class free creative education this is my like two minute platform I kind of feel like I'm on a telethon right here but the reality of what we're doing is is all this is very very expensive it's very expensive to do this production with probably forty people whirling around um the you know bringing you in all of the technology it's very expensive and while we're trying to provide that model for free it absolutely requires that a certain percentage of people in the world download this and if this is a kind of a personal message to you if you can afford it if you think this is worth taking away at some point in the future we would love it to download I rarely ask for like direct please pay and I'm doing that because it's really essential to keep what it is that we're trying to create here going it's been successful but we're just kind of staying one step ahead of the the the monster that's biting in our heels so be really grateful um and I know the class is going to go up a little bit in like eight hours so be a good time to save some money um that again none of this is possible that you guys and and all of the participation that you guys have um have thrown at this has made it possible for it's giving you a lot of energy and now we've talked off camera about that um can you talk to me briefly about do you feel like you're getting to connect with the people I know you're basically best friends with all these folks way yeah but what about what about I mean can you talk to me because this is something I'm trying to understand from someone who's who's driving this this democratize creative education and I need to know what's your relationship with the audience well I have to say that I probably would not have been able to make it today five if it wasn't for the continuous outpouring of support I think that it was huge thing that we did and what a lot of people don't see is that they saw myself and jd and craig sometimes on the wedding day and they saw one of our five amazing third shooter's that day but what they didn't see literally was about twenty five people behind the dark curtain all with your pieces go go go channel red channel green camera five go here go there backing up the court the court the court and a lot of people don't see is all of that behind the scenes you know and I did I think a lot of it was something I'm not prepared for I have never done anything like this and yesterday I spoke openly to the class and even put it on the web I can't fell into a funk yesterday when you are so revealing and so open it's difficult you open yourself up to a lot of criticism of course I don't do it right mike you know and I said it from beginning but I'm doing it wrong okay good then die by the sword but everybody has been so gracious they're extraordinarily forgiving awesome um and again I've going to echo what she was saying that was very well said better and I could have said it um the the internet is absolutely crucial and you don't see what's going on but I'm not expecting you to be a part of that just support us what you can which is a great segue way too if if you think this is his killer like we all do there are other classes that have been really instrumental in creative live there's all the underlying stuff all of the software education and stuff but other classes like from zacarias the one light guru himself good friend we had him up and that was an inspiration for you right so his class is available as well for I think a hundred twenty nine bucks and vince la ferree came up and did if you are a wedding shooter and you don't think that video is an important part of the next evolution then you need to pay a little bit more better attention because that's going to be a big part of it and vince took us all the way through shooting motion with with all of the new s h d d slr so those things are available to um I'm going to stop selling stuff very good at it I'm better taking pictures because this is clearly awkward for me but thank you very much if you can go take a look at those other classes that be killer I have a list of vendors to think that I wanted to say we're getting free or discounted services from a list of vendors that's ah probably a mile long on and you send it to me the email but I haven't received it yet so can you have your computer and I just wanted to take again two minutes to thank these folks so that so that we can feel good about what they've done teo and maybe mabel that well celeste is bringing the computer I just want teo openly thank you guys on behalf of wedding photographers like there is clearly a market for all the people who have tuned in there's clearly a market for people who want online education and for you to do this for us is great so do it again wait of course I'm just going to read this is on the website at creativity comes last course is less jasmine star but one I think daniella of course laura match but little or much banks you but you're right in front of everybody suddenly knows that I'm being actually thanked a fix music is then a great job of supporting us thank you um ah where yuko botha leather craftsman um photographers at it shoot sack show it white house custom color w p p I b b j linen bloom by bella bella vita planning in paper company brooklyn grace jewelry command shift design erich hecht raina coleman um for hair in hair and makeup um gosh jenny bauer makeup jubilee wedding ceremony reception music band was just awesome um lucinda's cakes of distinction for the cake stuff pacific party for the candidate pacific party canopies for those amazing chairs that we had um pickle a press call letter press invitations offi invitation illustrations russell dean little catering seven salon seven salon amazing the bridal hair stuff theo's chocolate winnie for the venue thank you so much alex walt walls for additional lighting um you got that list that I just went over is part of like I want to say thanks to those people have provided us discounted goods or services to make this possible and and minutes in addition to the twenty five people who run around tearing their hair out thiss was huge major effort but were not shy have taken on things that are big and we hope that this has changed a lot of people's lives and if there's anyone I forgot there's this you should go reference this list really so thank you for for doing that and wanted to share and disclose all of the people that air supporting us we're trying to support them yeah and she was good to remind me that there was probably twenty volunteers showed up to so the list is too long um our little chat from chase jarvis live being weak is live on youtube now perfect people should go check that out after you're done today because they have not received enough jasmine starting your twitter feed looks worse than mine as faras the amount of of just people clogging it with just how can I get more so um I gotta kick it over here and tell me what's in store for today because I have to take off at when I when I do have a chance to check in about three o'clock today I want to know what I'm going to see can you tell me yes we are going to be talking about we're gonna look everything from a retrospective because it's really important to know where you start and once you feel like you're towards the finish line to turn back and think how can I end this the way exactly I want to end it how can I brand this experience because clearly I love this wedding if I could shoot the quintessential laura and billy every single weekend like looking over our shoulder right if I could shoot this couple everything weakened I would I would be extraordinary happy how do I do that how do I go after the proverbial laura and billy's of the world and how can I further my brand through future clients that's what we're talking about today because that's the crux of what we do we don't shoot wedding I mean I shoot weddings sure my business is twenty percent photography and eighty percent business and I just want to go back and execute that idea because if you walk away from today thinking that it's about the imagery then you're probably going about it the wrong way yeah you gotta have good pictures to get in the door that's a but beyond beyond that that really is is core to how you're taking care of the people that are taking care of you I'm gonna get more because if you can't you're trying to do this for a living and you can't sustain the business part of it you don't you don't really have a business that you have an expensive hot eyes that a little hard e no I I've said that publicly for a long time so I'm looking forward to getting your take on that and again the two are thing is live on youtube dot com slash eight chaser one two three is my youtube channel so um thank you guys very much I'm going to turn over that was a long one thank you no thank you thank you thank you thank you great okay cool so that was a great intro he's wonderful it's great I mean I'm just glad that I'm on his team for real I think that we're all on his team and people who are watching online are on his team um subscribing teo um what I referred to his tribes I read the book tribes changed my life it's the idea of people coming together and sharing a singular belief and when I can when I follow a strong leader it allows me to become a strong leader to people who might be following me and not him but as a debt as a dissemination of this ideology is I perhaps might follow chase and perhaps you might tell him or might not and might follow me and that's okay because people are following you who might not follow me who might not follow him so we each have tried victoria what I like you you think I'm funny this's great you do so much more you go really dio um but really I think it's um it's a really good thing and I'm gonna put my notes real quick um I just want to say again thank you for everything that we did like yesterday was like a huge deal so thank you um okay doesn't he have lingering questions first I just wanna set the tone I think today I wanted teo I didn't even give you an opportunity oh that's okay I was trying to buy some time here at breakfast together I know what questions you have and we'll get to those later ok I know that people really like you for real okay so um like I openly shared with y'all but which is what I'll share with the internet um john am I in your camera or who's came around one I'm on john's camera um I openly shared with um my wonderful the creative life I've at breakfast today that yesterday I woke up and I was extraordinarily excited I felt like I had you know gone to the moon and back and I was done with the wedding and I felt like everything was gonna be coasting and I was cool and I think that it ended up biting me in the bomb because when I you know walk through yesterday I got in the car and I fell into extreme funk I was in such a bad mood I probably wasn't a very fun person to be around okay I wasn't a fun person to be around and we had originally had dinner reservations and I totally said I'm not going I'm in this bad of a mood and I need to be in silence I'm tired of hearing my voice and I think I made a lot of mistakes that was revealed openly and candidly to the public and it was really really really hard to take a step back and realize ok I let it all out there and this morning I blogged about it it was like I think I referred to it as those dreams that you have when you're naked in front of her in laws it's awful and you just can I please just wake up and I realize it's real life and more than anything what I really want to reiterate that clearly it isn't about the images to a certain extent it is but what we spoke about over breakfast today was that it opened the door for people to say if she shoots like that and she could be where she is then I'm okay where I am and I'm moving in the right direction if that was the cost of me feeling the way that I felt yesterday very happy okay I think it's okay thank you for your support having said that now let's work on the magic okay because I let it all out there I should good the bad the ugly the not so pretty it's all good now let's work on it let's see how both you and I could do it together and move forward with the brand that we want to so on wednesday we talk about we we spoke about draining the experience and that is the cornerstone the linchpin of how I run my business how I would ideally love for all of you to go home and run your business what we do like I just told to chase is twenty percent photography and eighty percent business if you don't re program your brain I will say it again because it will probably be edited your um probably going about it the wrong way you probably most likely have an expensive hobby so how can we turn what we do into a business something that we're both passionate and profitable about clients don't hire me just for the photos they hired me for the experience we've established this we've talked about it but now can we put it into practice this is what I want you guys to walk away from you can't just talk the talk you walk the walk keep it continuous from point a to point b all the way dizzy on thursday we then spoke about the technicality of shooting we put it into principle because like chase that earlier you have to have good photos to begin with right so let's go back to the roots of where the cornerstone of our business is shooting we talked about finding good light that was a big thing that's a huge benchmark for what we do is photographer specifically in an ever changing dynamic thing like a wedding we have a myriad of lighting situation how can we find the good light given um all the mixed elements how to use natural reflectors that's a huge thing on finding on light and using what you have instead of taking a bunch of gear that may or mean definitely take it but it may not be necessary if you train your eye um so much so victoria totally hopefully we'll travel light a little bit lighter we also spoke about the ten by ten rule this is applicable to any wedding photographer if you have a ten a ten foot by ten foot square you now know how to get ten poses now don't go copying the poses that we just did right and a lot of times I noticed maybe perhaps on facebook or comments on the block or people who've been supportive and they're constantly reminding other photographers either newbies or trained people hey it's cool that you're learning from thousand star but don't go and be jasmine star I agree but I am so confident in who I am as a person I know you can't be me it's quite honestly I have revealed all of my secrets right I showed you how if I'm a light I showed you one hundred percent how I shoot a wedding I showed you my post processing I showed you the whole gallery I'm talking you all the vendors that I use who I love he's my secret I don't believe in secrets I am the secret victoria artery stephanie it's my brain maybe it's my brain stephanie such nate is the secret those of you who are watching online you are the secret I could take these five people and keep with me for five years and we could shoot every single wedding together and we could post process the same thing together and we were if we were to shoot the exact same wedding we would shoot it differently so differently you are the secret and how are you capitalizing on that and if you do take the ten by ten square what are you doing with your ten by ten I actually here's another pose that I didn't think about laura did say that she was willing to get on the ground did she not we didn't we didn't put around the ground but there we go that's it pot's eleven there and with when she's on the ground you could shoot that three or four different ways using your lenses what can you do in the tent by tent make it your own also to shoot with your three branded words in mind I think that nate so aptly it was wonderful to hear because sometimes I feel like I'm talking I'm talking and then nate said that it was nice to see that j d and I shoot with our words in mind and unbeknownst to me I really do but because become so ingrained in what we do it was thursday on friday we shot the wedding now the questions that I wanted to ask in retrospect um can I execute a j star experience on a wedding given everything that we were given that day given that with there were for three or four video cameras given that there was thousands of people watching online given the fact that we had a confessional given the fact that we had a control room given the fact that we had a really gnarly lighting situation given the fact that we had no air conditioned building on a hot summer day with one hundred fifty people at a one room given the fact that we had a thirty minute time toe flip the ceremony to the reception and get details given the fact that he had to take one hundred and forty people across can I can I do that and at the end of the day I did maybe not the best but I did and I'm proud of how it come out and I'm proud that you guys actually helps me do that so thank you um also my question always is how did I make the clients how did I make their family feel actually noted this as we're shooting very action to their experience their first idea of photos in their mind come from how I'm interacting with them I can tell you quite honestly that's billy's mom loved the photos the day before the wedding she liked me when I saw her I stopped what I was doing I went to her and I hugged her and I thanked her mr bo cop I was like whoa whoa whoa who's this little girl here I have him to I didn't care what did I make him feel they were sacrificing their privacy on behalf of the internet community and wedding photographers entirely how how can I thank them for that how did I make them feel at the end of the night I made sure to go up of course toe lauren billy but he went up to both their parents and they personally thanked them and I hugged um mrs broke off and I know that there have having a family reunion this weekend and billy invited us to a family reunion and I said if we didn't have a wedding next weekend we would probably stay and go to your family reunion I invited myself I probably wouldn't have gone but the fact that I feel comfortable enough to say that to her after is a division of yes me as a photographer but me as a person how could we infuse that in the types of relationships that we build is a division of our brand they liked my photos far before they even saw with the photos look like they associate emotion with the end result and I think that we shouldn't take it away we should extract like that from the experience can I safely assume what they would say about the photography experience the jasmine star for talking experience and please forgive me for using and third person because I want each of you to go home and say as a division a victoria as a division of nate can I safely assume what the experience would be I feel I can safely assume that laura and billy are happy it can safely assume that their parents are happy and I can safely assume that their closest network their bridal party the people that were with me the longest are happy that makes me proud and I hope that when you go out and do your wedding's it makes you proud to say everybody liked me that's great that's what you want your brand association to be also did I live up can't oh the wedding what was their initial reaction to the photos on the wedding day this is why I'm such a huge proponent of saint day slide shows their first reaction their sacrifice for giving up their day and this dress the little bit of stress that you know of course I don't want to show my pictures on the internet as in putting together the slide show but I don't want to show like what I have to do to make them presentable but I'm a firm believer try to shoot from the can't most if not I'm probably seventy five percent of the photos that went into the same day slideshow we're directly from the camera again it goes back to the emotional next emotional connection that the clients feel towards those photos the first wedding photos that the bride and groom saw of their day were mine not pictures that were tagged on them from facebook from point and shoot cameras from the guests at the wedding they were mine and I wasn't sure if laura and billy saw the slide show until the girl who was manning the photo booth came up to me and she took a picture of laura and billy watching the slideshow and war was crying and then they then told her that one of the photos the one in the alley backlit was going to be a canvas in their home how do that's their reaction to the photos that's their emotional connection to something they just saw on the laptop that again is a division of the jazz and star experience not again not referring to myself in third person but take my name out and put yours there saturday yesterday was the review right this is kind of like my least favorite day of the mall when I actually thought the wedding was gonna be my least favorite but I was wrong um now did I live up toe wednesday's notion or idea of branding the experience I would say yes did I live up to thursday's notion of shooting technically technically given the situation I would say yes review people hire me for twenty for my what I call the twenty percent factor we all given that wedding yesterday would shoot eighty percent of the day the exact same way no I don't I don't care how good how great you are we would shoot eighty percent of the day roughly the same way what people are paying before is a twenty percent difference the twenty percent of who I am that nobody else can replicate duplicate or imitate word ok amen that's right these air on ly the things that I can get because they're my eyes it's what I've trained myself to see it is innate ability that we contain his individuals because at the end of the day I have come to believe both from personal and professional experience that brides are choosing photographers they're not choosing photographs we need to take ourselves away from that notion from a previous notion that we think they're judging us on our portfolio because really they're judging us on who we are on what we're betraying online and yes our portfolio is a division of that but it is not all of that so at the end of yesterday I had a conversation with craig and I felt like we were running really fast and we were like go go go go go but what we were seeing was the trees and we didn't see the forest and it took him um to call me out on the carpet and he said where we going and I'm like we're going everywhere fast on he's just like okay why don't we just bring it down a little bit and he was so right again I guess it goes back to your training experience can you listen to criticism from people you trust this was not in my notes but that was a good point right I trusted craig to say let's bring it back to where we need to be because after yesterday I left here feeling kind of not so good about myself and I felt good that people were like ding she's just I I could kind of shoot like her not really what I want to hear if I'm being straight up and honest but if that empowers other people I'm totally okay with that so we saw the trees now let's see the forest the entire edit is made up of things for the client and it's not necessarily a direct reflection of my brand in that we had cocktail hour pictures we had a bunch of candids we had formals now tio everybody who saw the thousand image edit online they're like that's ight but to my bride and I'm speaking as a bride each of those pictures is priceless we need to remember that and those of you on line please give me a little bit of grace when you saw those pictures they're not what I would put out on the internet but they are so precious to laura and billy not because I'm good but because I remember how precious all of our wedding pictures were with my wedding photographer I love them all so know that when you look at your editor know that your clients will love them individually irrespective of anybody else when you know that it kind of makes you feel a little bit better about what you do also um I don't put out too much on the web I only put out what is going to be compelling two new clients that's why I am both audrey said uh I think you said that um I don't want to misquote you but we were sitting at breakfast more along the ideas that she said we shoot kind of similarly right like basically if jasmine can do that I could do that more or less say I said you know if you don't have to have all of your pictures perfect is before I was just trying to reach for not even the stars like beyond this time it was like you know trying to make all my picture perfect and having a hard time you know bringing myself down and seeing what you do I was like oh it's okay to not have everything perfect is like he said it's not always about the technicalities in the perfection it's the moment in catching that great and actually what she said that kind of hit me out of the blue was that she said that when she looked at my blogged she assumed that all my photos looked like that internet what is you know that is good as I will ever get like that as high as I go and if you don't think it's good great it's probably not what good I got that day um but as you saw yesterday that wasn't the entire gallery so what I am pushing forward for my brand is not for the claims that they have it's for the clients that I want keep that in mind sometimes I visit online portfolios or blog's and people post so so so many pictures is that for yourself is that for your current client or is that for a future client I always think in terms of a fee your client because that's what my business is going um one thing too is I what I mentioned is that cocktail hour is cocktail hour is cocktail hour I don't think I've ever posted anything online from cocktail hour but we take those photos on behalf of the client going back to the idea of balancing both your professional desires and your client's desires so once we've established that the entire one thousand picture ed it was for the client what then is for the brand I want talk and very focussed on that today that is the thesis for today what then from all the photos we saw yesterday will be for my brand and I will talk you through the process and I'll walk you through what I do basically what I want to brand is the experience but if I were to say that it seems kind of assault eric out there really deep dot the experience okay how how do we effectively communicate the experience how then would we do that how I do that is first informers through the slide show because that's a complete storytelling ah branded storytelling experience from jasmine star set to music for sentimental reasons for the bride and groom that is what I do I also use the show it plus sights I don't call it my facebook technique because I want to infuse facebook with the jazz and star experience that is branded not simply tagging my photos tagging my clients and photos I want to put a division of my website on facebook and that's what show it allows me to dio I also do a block post this is a story of their day through my words and my lens I also tangentially use twitter but that's a very small component it just like a reminder to get people there where I want them and basically I leverage I leverage what makes me different I leveraged my perspective and my perspective is leveraged through the mediums that I just spoke about through the slide shows and through the plus side it's primarily through the written word of my bog and again through the sideshow as linked through my block as well so yesterday we spoke about thie side shows things like that um craig do you think I would be able to showcase what's on my with on my computer because it would kind of be if I if I brought you to this point and I talk about the branding experience um it left me at a point yesterday to think I think I have to do is lie joe I think dang it I didn't want to do work last night I didn't but at uh one o'clock in the morning janey was very supportive and he said you're gonna do this you have to you have to finish it and I think again a division of the jasmine star brand as retain a ble to photographers is finished it craig said jasmine you can't peter out and it felt like I was doing that yesterday I felt like it so I want to start today thinking let's end it as experiencing the day through my lens and we will then move to your pictures talk about from your perspective will probably I will be blogging no that wedding day that log post I give you a sneak peek to earlier in the day sure details well I wanted to block it on friday of course this week was all over the place and I said I want to really dedicate myself to this block post well that's going up tomorrow and it took some time to write that block post see I work all I do is work I'm really not fun but either way I can give you a sneak peek to what I wrote from their perspective I didn't have an opportunity to write for lauren billy but I really did want to take a step back because I want to write their story and give it due credit so maybe we'll take a couple questions as we hook up the computer so it's actually going to take me a little bit of work it's it's probably take a break for me to be a look of the computer it doesn't take a long break but it's going to be you know right right in your space and during everything okay well maybe we could do that cause I kind of feel like brought everybody is point it's kind of like right there okay can I just say I mean s o I've worked with a lot of people doing this type of training and you are incredibly strong I mean I just I just got to say you know you have we have thrown one curve ball after another and you have put it all out there and I'm this this you have been taking huge risks at every step and every step taking risks beyond what you were comfortable with end finding it in yourself to keep going and just take that step up next to the next step and I'm just I gotta say I am eyes hard and you've been and you have been worthy of it I know I totally know I haven't you know and it would not be able to do haven't this if it wasn't for jd totally totally I absolutely I want to give up he just pushes and pushes and pushes so well you might be a little you know emotionally wavering wearing this but when you get home and you assess this whole process you're going to be so proud of yourself and and you're gonna feel the strength that you've gained over this over this thing with opportunity thank you very much um so when I do this when I come take your computer work behind the scenes and get that going and why I don't want to I see if you guys can keep up your cute maybe do a little bit of q and great and if you guys don't mind since we had inopportune this morning I'm gonna focus a little bit more on the interwebs you guys have something to add to it totally so I want this to be a q and a for all of us if you say jasmine can I add to that please totally please please please great and I just want to add to that a little bit bye leslie austin says you've done an amazing thing in allowing new photographers to believe that they can succeed so you are al can in the chat room says you are a true artist thing e I'm not going to get online I'm just gonna visit from oh yes it's just that it's that's ready they're great perfect I'm sorry that's our own little language fragmented sentences so we have some since we're focusing on business questions today I have some business questions that aren't sort of related to exactly what we've been talking about the wedding flow but um let's see can you tell us a little bit about the place where you meet your clients in rick fernandez is asking do I know you're in florida I really think this is a total this is a total like tangent but whatever people who leave comments on my block and people who who like are active participants on the facebook like paige I know you I totally dio I know rick he's married he's in florida and somebody had e mailed me and asked for a recommendation for a photographer in florida and I wasn't really familiar with that market but because rick had constantly left comments and I visited his block I recommended rick if I know he's going to be easy to do a good job so it is what it is I say that too much somebody said that on my facebook page you say that too much and whatever okay wear you wearing so like I mentioned before I really like working from home I feel like I'm most creative and I like I prefer working from like a tank top and sweats that's my phone favorite work off it when I need to meet clients I've been very fortunate teo collaborate with videographers and orange county they're actually worldwide videographers elysium and they have this beautiful studio space in orange county and they've allowed me to use their their meeting space when I'm not when I want to meet with planes and actually works well because when they come in I say are you looking for a videographer of a great recommendation so it's been great it's wonderful great what do you recommend needful for his because for example my apartment I can't bring any comments to that well you know the first goodness two years I met at starbucks and again the only reason why I felt like it became a necessity for me to move in a different direction was because of my pricing when I got when I started charging you might start when I started my collections at around five thousand I kind of felt that meeting at starbucks was no longer reflective people are thinking gosh you know because that was just a starting point but most likely if I was starting at five thousand clients or most likely booking in the seven thousand dollars range and they're thinking I'm paying this girl seven thousand dollars and were still meeting at starbucks I don't know if they thought that but I kind of felt that and I knew that I had to make a difference and so we started looking at studio spaces in orange county and literally like nine hundred square feet is like two thousand dollars a month and it was just too much and you know the doors opened for me to work with elise iem and I don't meet with too many clients I probably have two meetings a month so I'm never in their hair and it's it's a really great situation um rhythms of red has just asked do you do sales promo czar do you feel it devalues service based businesses I don't have you know I think there are people who do sales and pro mose and it works well for their business to each his own I don't do it I don't don't do it okay that might be perhaps I saw that question as well more applicable and other types of photography photography fortune fritz harris's wedding photography is not like it's a one time thing I'm absolutely and you're working with him for like pet and portrait and family style for talking for your working with repeat customers you know there's it's good to keep in constant communication if a gallery goes you know goes you know gallery ends like in six months if you want to renew it for the holidays it's nice to start it off with the promo I'm working with one time clients they go in they get what they need and hopefully they never have to come back to me ever but they were further read so I have a question in twitter from both share it grey and in the california barefoot soul uh are there advantages to using your own name over creating a name for your business so for your brand and then do you think that your name as a brand works or should we have a brand like you're jay star logo so that's kind of twofold well the geezer logo isn't the brand okay it's just a symbol of what the grand represent right so that means to be clearly identified um I firmly believe that names are good for what we do as wedding in portrait photographers I wouldn't necessarily I might not have the same belief if I was a commercial photographer I don't know but I can speak confidently in the realm of wedding portrait I believe it personalizing as much of the brand as we can works to our advantage if you become like you know subway fare photographs or something it's great but it's non identifiable nate perks is from star idaho and nate will shoot your wedding that to me is a little bit more approachable it's it's personal things of that nature um I have a question from devon photo I think that was the last question was from him also what is the one thing that you say it makes it a jay star wedding branding experience and I know we kind of covered you know you said we smile we dressed nice these kinds of things but definitely what we is just what we spoke about right now that's the experience it's um it's making sure that what people like the photos before they even see the photos to me that is branding the experience and I think that that's something that any photographer khun d'oh do whatever it takes to make sure that your clients like their wedding photos far before the singing l broom in twitter's asking how do you gather the couple stories is there a questionnaire that you use no um I get this question quite often I don't have a question here I listen to what my clients are thing and if I feel like there's a lapse somewhere in their description I asked them about it and it's funny because a couple who has been dating for a while at the same thing happens lauren billy we went out to dinner and I asked them well how did you guys meet and they're like what you saw the video and I'm like what I saw was the pour some sugar on me version you know when she's out there washing your car pools that's version I saw and that's the version that most we'll call that the poor some sugar on me version that every couple will give you because they don't think that you truly care they'll say oh she was my neighbour I saw her washing car she was super cute we met at a party that's the version that most people will give you it isn't until you ask them and I said okay well I of course I know that version but why don't you tell me what really happened then we got a thirty five minutes story how they met and then when andi actually they admitted a party and then they flipped they skipped on to the next part I had to back them up because remember I'm taking notes for the story in my head I'm like wait a minute how did you guys go from here to here and they're like oh well detonated it up if you care about what they're talking about you have more than enough details to write a little bit more about them people just don't ask enough I think I know that sounds negative I need to get shania tara hey eyes also serious why so serious yeah yesterday but just wanting with regard to names how do you remember everyone's name because I know that during the wedding you know you like oh hey michelle hey look obviously laura and billy you're gonna remember but you know everyone else from the from a bridesmaid tonight moms and stuff but I have a big problem remembering names on daddy kind of needed that okay I think this is a great question and thank you for giving me a really soft and question susan get asking the hard questions you guys naturally I know with the internet of great great okay so this question is so so so important to the j star experience when you remember people's names you are no longer a business entity you're a division of the wedding and so when I met amanda on the wedding day the first thing is the mint amenable banda in an effective landa landa ok that one was for that one um I when I met ari laura another one of laura's bridesmaids they called her ari ari ari and when I introduced myself she said I'm ariel when I thought of r e l I thought of ariel from the little mermaid so I did brandon I mean name association she kind of had like reddish hair aerials reddish hair remembered it billy's last name is very very very memorable it's bowcock I will remember the last name bowcock for the rest of my life who has that nobody has that name bo cock and so whenever I saw mrs bowcock or mr bowcock that was easy mr march banks mrs march banks I remember people's names and any time and it I don't have to remember they had I think twelve in the bridal party I don't have to remember all twelve you remember three or four and you could say oh I'm going to stand here and our east under there and can you stand next to amanda amanda benefit and you just have to remember a few of them on each side and all of a sudden they become very very very warm to you and you talked to grandma huh grandma grandma's love hugging touch people like we're so afraid of this professional thing and that's saying you know just like that nice warm touching her back as you guide somebody how are you doing that totally changes that human interaction and I think that's a big thing a huge thing to what we d'oh are we good to go craig on the slide show okay is there sound so um as they're working on the sound um picking music for slide shows is always like a big thing for me and especially because where are putting this out on the internet and uh the downloads will be sold it's a very different dynamic and how the slideshow will work but I was kind of like a hard news about it I was like texting like chase last night and I'm like no I'm not going to use world music like no this is like a big deal big deal big deal and thankfully julie the band that played game celeste went this morning to get them to sign a release for us to use their music so how perfect was it tohave a jubilee song who I loved I loved just who they were I loved what they represented I mean how rad half of their proceeds goes to your champion champion against slavery and here we are being able tio use it and if you like the song going download it's number four from the e p a jubilee um it's awesome I love what they stand for I'm really really really proud tio have their sideshow set to music that played at their wedding so for those of you in line you guys want to get it to billy are we ready to go okay um okay so this is what this is just a version of what will be put up online I haven't had the opportunity to put together my online sites over that's going up later today I will actually have a block to sooner than anticipated because they worked late last night okay great ah wait a minute ding it wait sorry can we get this how can we get this off screen for sec sorry oh thing is it wasn't ready sorry okay it iss can you book with their perfect um can we ask a few questions of did you in e are you okay okay yes and if there aren't any online I could take something from you guys if you guys have any questions but it's our if there are some little straightaway saving from yes yeah saving from yesterday nat light photo had asked uh what did you learn from this weekend what was your takeaway you know I uh I uh it's funny because um since I do allow jasmine and pretty much take all that work all the stress and all the worrying is on jasmine shoulder I kind of uh going into this state especially the wedding day I from the very beginning from when we woke up I was always trying to put him in front of my mind that today's just about you the wedding day and I kind of ignored the cameras that's why I look so terrible on I mean you guys telling me online you know I tried not to even care that the cameras were there and the entire time I thought that jasmine was the one that was just being videotaped and I was just going on the periphery maybe every once in a while have a little cameo or something so it was very easy for me to kind of block everything out and treated just like a normal wedding day I didn't feel um I and I and I feel guilty because I didn't feel the pressure of of you know cameras um and I think that you know I might have looked silly but at the end of the day I'm glad I kind of took that that approach because I don't know it just help me also be more supportive to jasmine you know sometimes I don't know what movie it was like you know the worst thing is when jasmine stressed out saying what's going on I need help and me saying I don't know what's going on I'm going way just gonna slap each other and we're like let's go like you know like get it together johnny type of thing but um it was it was great because you know I was just able to be there for jasmine there's times where jasmine just needed a break a breather someone had just calm her down and say collect herself that she's doing well you know it's just that you know that that that level of support and so yeah what I got out of it was um pretty much what I get out of all the weddings I've just got a great experience I love uh lauren billy billy is the man if you're watching billy I don't think you are but uh I just had a really good time hanging out with billy and his you know I hang out with I always hang out with the groomsmen and uh it's always so different to see just the interaction between the guys and I you know I just uh yeah I was just I just enjoyed the wedding uh and that's it I want teo we'll have another question for you okay from catherine in the chat room what is the best advice that you could give to a first shooter in regards to how they instruct and work together with the second shooter wow this one's gonna be tough because I I would say patients but it's tougher sometimes the first shooter because the adrenaline on the wedding day is so high and I mean and the stress is so high that being patient I know it depends it depends if it's a one time second shooter but what what advice would you give to a first I'm sorry like what as a second shooter what advice would you give to first shooters and you know yeah better coach you yeah right um if it's a uh first shooter that you're gonna be working with four for a while um the advice would be uh being able to um not only learned the experience that the first shooter wants to give off er and emulated as best as possible you know really trying tio uh be a chameleon to the brand of that first shooter because a lot of second shooters are shooting to work their way up to become a parachuter were in my position I don't I'm not working myself I'm not working my way to become a first shooter and create my own business so it's very easy for me to say you know really capture what you're doing for the first shooter um um but if that's the case I guess my advice would be just for the first shooters to be patient with your second shooter's a lot of times it doesn't come on the like the second second shooters you guys were all great and gosh it seems like you guys have been working with us forever um and I think that that's just a great thing uh but a lot of the times I think that just a little bit of patient because once you get the swing of things wants to get rolling the team that dynamic is just amazing and I think that goes for it for almost anything but I guess I would be my advice is not be so quick and say you know I need I need I need to scratch this second shooter I need a new one uh you know and keep on going so they just give give give give it some time all right thank you jay is not the best advice but jason stevens in twitter's asked as her second shooter how can you tell when jasmine has the shot and you can shoot reactions or when you need to get her back uh jasmine is pretty distinct when she's shooting and yeah when she has a really nicely when she has a shot she like will squeal which is such a weird e it's I don't know if you and your side online and so weird sound it's like that's the son you make one like someone you know in shooting in your house or like you're being robbed or something like that doesn't just has like these sounds and that's when I know like what she's saying behind her camera is spot on is good and uh and I'm I'm able to do more candids and you know what um I don't think jasmine has ever expected me to come out and deliver like the the the amazing amazing shot so I feel like I have the liberty to kind of do candids and and shoot for for what I think might be best for that day which is really good being able to have that that flexibility where I don't always have to just shoot cannons or just always have jasmine's back which is always what I do but you know I'm not always worried like oh my gosh did I get that for jasmine did I get that for jasmine I'm shooting and she's allowing me to be myself as a photographer which is great okay question from h day studios how do you and jasmine differ entry your work from your life together my husband is my business partner and sometimes it's tough for him to take direction for me on a shoot any advice for him what other aspects of the business do you do for jasmine daily work wise okay differentiate you know it's very easy to mix business and our personal life and and it's it is very easy one day it's like it doesn't it doesn't just it can slowly easily just mention it seems like well when is our personal time and we've learned early on when we were shooting you know a lot of weddings in the first years thirty eight weddings we did lose track and there were there were moments of that we had like just a realization where we need to catch we need to be able to grasp this uh this in order for it to work and what we've decided you know what works really well for jasmine and I and I know it's different for everyone but for jasmine and I we have set schedules and set structures in our day jasmine wakes up and works a certain amount of hours and checks out uh you know six o'clock six thirty ish but in between the day intermittently there's always we share lunch together we we worked from home together but we don't work in the same office we have different places where we work so we don't see each other all the time we're not thinking you know because when I think that when you were working in the same office sometimes if she just wants to do not talk to herself but like just vent it's okay you know if I were there and I listen then I'll give my two cents or if I said something just you know you know like if I was frustrated then she tried to you know help me out and I think that that sometimes just builds extra frustration when we kind of just needed we are space on we meet up for lunch we have a dog so we walk her dog a lot and we use that as an excuse for us to hang out and kind of decompress on our walks we try not to talk about business although we usually we know we do but you know the walks are consiste about twenty minutes and you know maybe five of it is about business five ten the other half we just talk about the day how beautiful the day is you know whatever is going on a cz we're walking and uh that was one question I know the other question there was a couple of questions and you answer I mean they were where they wanted to know what it what advice you have for this lady's husband for being a business partner and you're saying no and yet day of weddings day of what you and on the day of I know that sometimes I want to pull out the husband card like say please or you know I think I have no right but in a high stress situation you don't say like go get the flash please you say I need the flash you know and I think at first it was really hard for me at first you know I remember that I told this story before but one of the times when I realized what I was doing was took jasmine she said she said this uh we were on our way to our wedding and we needed we needed gas and she's like can you pull off and get some gas before we get on the freeway and head on over to the venue I said and I looked at the in the meat I said we'll make it I was like I think this is good for twenty miles will be fine yeah we're pretty on empty and I and I have a bad reputation I've gotten stuck on the freeway a couple times for not filling up but I was just like you know what I think we're fine and I pulled the husband card at that time it was one of our first weddings and I got on the freeway took off we made it to the venue I pulled off got some gas and jasmine looked you know I got the gas and it wasn't until I got in the car and she looked at me and and we she paused and I was like and she said if you were shooting if you were second shoot shooting for david j which is our wedding photographer she said would you have gotten gas before we got on the freeway when he asked and I just hit me and I was just like I would have done yeah if he would have said I need some water I would have pulled off and gotten some water if you said I need the windows clean before we leave I would clean the windows I you know I would have vacuumed the rugs whatever he asked I would have done and so on wedding days I realized right there and then it's I have like I have a different role uh it's not a husband I'm a business partner and my role on the wedding day is to be an assistant s o I know that's hard it's hard it's hard it's hard I think for a lot of guys are a lot of us to kind of just if you're if it's your wife but it's just being able teo to understand that part of the business and I know that there's different roles you know when it comes to personal business so cool that was a great perfect amount of time okay all right okay and so this is the first time I see it you so here with all that wait wait wait wait wait uh I e teo wait for the better I am I am much and for my heart first off no I am much much of the way no that's that I feel that um your eyes notice because you went through the entire edit together I did take pictures out of sequence in order to tell the story where we were given where we were specifically the ring photo I put on top of the theo box that I took well laura was getting ready but I use that photo as a specific inter relate to indicate to the viewer we're now starting the ceremony at theo it's still great um there are a few things that uh I've done even throughout the ceremony I took a certain photos out of different portions of the ceremony out in which the order in which I take in them but it's me telling the story through my lead through our lenses at given different points in order to effectively articulate the story now part of what I talk about is we're not that this one was at all ghetto fabulous whatsoever but there were certain elements that I wouldn't necessarily want to showcase perhaps at the end of the evening it wasn't so much a dancing party so I made the active decision not to include dancing photos because to me I don't want the lingering effect of her slide show to end with lauren billy and then maybe three or four people on the dance floor that's not what I want them to I want to end this saijo with them laughing that way to me for mike's words just at the party the highlight of the evening when was everybody's laughing at the the out takes real so I'm going to end the slideshow from my perspective what I felt the highlight wass and not ended on just because we should there's no such thing is because we shouldn't side shows if I felt I have ended slide shows um after the grant after the processional of a ceremony because that was where it was stronger maybe I didn't have enough coverage through through the reception perhaps I mean there's just so many different things I'm the story teller for my brand if the client would like to make a slight bit of their own they're more than entitled to use the side shows to showcase and leverage your perspective what makes you different you saw the entire edit yesterday I wouldn't have I'm happy once it once photographers and it gets her hands on it makes them pretty and put them out I'm happy for all of her guests to go through them they mean something to those guests because they know the bride and groom anybody who doesn't have direct access to that particular avenue will only ever see this I am happy I'm happy I've happily branded laura and billy's day given in light of everything that we're given and dealt so what then now can you go and do teo to showcase to brand until leverage who you are as a photographer and showcase how great you are your particular vision of storytelling that was a big disclaimer okay uh and I'm excited I actually really really really I'm excited to go home and block it and get it ready and treat it as if it was any other wedding um nobody else has to know the pressure behind the day if you were with us at the entire journey thank you you saw what happened now it's done it's a regular wedding laura and billy are my clients I will tag them in their show it plus site on facebook next week when they're home from the honeymoon do you have any questions from the internet are loving it and saying that it's a beautiful bravo applause thank you make it into europe and again did not I think the jubilee music meant itself very well to this particular sideshow not only was it there on the day but it was it was their mood I feel like they had a very mature wedding it wasn't a party that it wasn't like a major rager was a dinner party with nice music and it was adult like atmosphere is very nice and I felt like jubilee did a great job in parlaying the overall vibe so question from weddings that pop in the chat room do you always put your love at the end of your slide shows that you give the client and is the end of and at the end of the slide show during the wedding day as well yes um for me it ends and for the same days like joy because I have it on a loop it acts as a point of demarcation this is the end and now we're starting at the beginning I want people to know that there are only you know thirty five or forty images than have to sit there and repeat it um and at the end of an online sideshow I do put my logo because I remember what we said at the very beginning slide shows are online commercials for your photography starring your clients um just like as if my friend who is an amazing singer and she was able to sing and star in a ford commercial she said here's a link to the ford commercial online I went online and saw the ford commercial and I saw her and I was happy at the very end ford came up I was watching afford commercial starring my best friend I am now hoping that my clients will send their slight joe's saying please watch a jazz and starr commercial starring me they're not saying that but essentially they are how can we again leverage or online brent to fully execute who we are as artists and business people I have some questions around uh where do you normally source your slide show music so we got this one from uh from jubilee but sort of selective is asking where do you get your sideshow music from normally it's a myriad it's a myriad um of things I'm not I mean it just depends so much on the client um yesterday I found a site I was trying to I was trying to pick music and we were because this is broadcasting over the minute we were limited very much and I'm a huge fan of amy seeley and she has she's collaborated with the sight um once I get my computer back I'll be able to give you this site just what oh yeah yeah I'm so glad craig's here um yeah because I'm so professional lab okay okay great um it's all it's all good it's all good um okay um okay with etiquette and actually e mailed my friend david j last night because I was just like listen I have a hard time we actually were on a music site looking for royalty free music and there's so many songs like how do you choose you know and I knew that I loved amy see lied and I said I think it's going to set a good tone any is actually from either the seattle vancouver area I love what she does and she's collaborate with cycled with etiquette dot com and you pay a licensing fee to use her music uh hurt song the trees want you back kills me kills me it was like my night it was like in the two thousand six anthem song love love love it seriously she's amazing download her music use it love it but again a myriad of different ways to get music just depends but again the music really does set the tone for for what you're you're putting out and how do you spell her last name oh it's amy am y c l e s e l y but don't go to itunes goto with at a kit dot com it's s e l y all right shutting her out good good she's great she's amazing she's talented question from mirage in the chat room what is your brand jasmine start photography and not jasmine star wedding photography wedding my brand is just a star so what we have is a division this is jackson star photography I also have justice or workshops and in the future we have a new venture that we are hopefully going to mark on soon and of course it makes it sound like I'm trying to tease people I've been trying not to announce it because we thought we were going to launch it a few months ago and I'm so glad I didn't tease people then because while we're still waiting eso is going to division so um I think it's very important and I'm not at all equating myself with martha stewart has martha stewart magazine martha stewart cooking martha stewart living oprah has oprah style everything and I've come to believe that we as people have divisions of who we are so this is one division doesn't your photography and that's what I'm doing here but I wouldn't use jetson star I don't use jessica photography on facebook if you go and you like the fan page or if you like the like paige whatever they're calling it these days one of these kids are these crazy kids are calling it these days if you if you like that paige it's not called jazz star photography it's jazz star because I want you to like overall the brand and within that brand their sub components so do you then have somebody asked question earlier about a personal personal page versus jasmine star um you know what I think I don't know I keep on going back and forth what happened with facebook and I've noticed ever since that event is people are trying to send me friend friend request but facebook taps you out at five thousand friends and I didn't know that and so I was like I want to be friends with everybody so I accepted everyone because you know in the photography community we know each other through blog's and I make sure you read my vlog let's be friends whatever and then I got to five thousand and then I realized I don't know I don't even I don't even know like one one hundredth of the people on who are on my personal fan but made for my personal facebook page and when I go to the feed I don't see anybody that I know personally and so I think that I might change my personal page two people that I just know but I'm still waiting on that but where I interact the most where I actually feel the most conversations happening is on the lake page there are people who are golden nuggets of amazing ness on that page if you go to the jazz and star like paige yes there's the wall and they haven't been able to participate on the wall I actually tried to answer every person that writes on the wall because to meet I can't answer all my emails personally but if I answer a question facebook thousands of people see it to me that is leveraging my online voice so I try to answer that I haven't touched into facebook too much and I haven't touched into twitter too much either because I feel like there there's a lot going out on the web and it is affecting me personally that I've just decided I'm just gonna close that avenue just for a few days because I have a lot going on it's a big it's a big bite of the internet to take right so I'm just focusing on just creative life and whatever will be will be after I will try to touch on the facebook page when I can but if you click on the discussions tab on that page there are literally hundreds thousands of people who are posting questions and people hoping each other out it'd become this organic community of just warm and fuzziness and I love it love it love it love it so go there enjoy we will try to touch base and we get back home so because l golden as well as k g k j p p photography are asking who was your jasmine star when you first started you're helping so many people right now who helped you uh well I'm sure you guys a second and I haven't been so nice no david j david j my wedding photographer I you know it goes back to who initially inspired you and he was the person who opened my eyes and somebody on twitter posted or our weddings like joe it's under exact wedding slide show it was modified I think for like a youtube version but um you know what you know when I look back at it still brings back the very memories of who I wass in two thousand five and that person is so different and it's so beautiful to see like that like we're kids like wanted to be a judge it's a business and stressing us know it's it was beautiful is he all over in and him and another photographer by the name of mike cologne david j was based in santa barbara so ten gentilly we're in contact I mean I stalked his log so I was more like uni directional I liked him a lot I just followed him and I was like uh j d would come home from work and like so david j was in connecticut and shot a wedding and he's like oh my god enough already but I was through david j I was able tio go to mike cologne workshop and mike was just a huge beacon of inspiration clearly at a different point he's the type of photographer who's shooting twenty thousand dollar weddings and so when you first start you're like I'll never get to that point and never say never I sat in his workshop his very first workshop in newport beach and I said never will I ever get there and four years later we're halfway there uh good you know it just would've who would've thunk it I'm halfway there in different terms not is his like success I have a long long long way to go but in different in different markers definitely question from ayana in the chat room did you intentionally identify the number of images to fit the length of the song um is that something that would make me so only way smart but really what it comes down to is I don't like to keep slide shows because remember it's a commercial and unless we are acutely aware of who's in the commercial our attention span is very short this one is a little bit long I will say that this song was about four minutes and fifty seven seconds that's about as long as I'm going to get miss saijo as long I usually like keeping them around the four minute mark that's the sweet spot because a stranger will watch another stranger if the photos are good for four minutes so in order teo get about a three point three second turnaround on each image that roughly is working in like the seventy five image mark you know if I can get anywhere between seventy and seventy five images for a wedding site so this is a bit longer but again because we had so much time with the bride and groom um and also there were photos yesterday that I edited in class and I said oh I really like that didn't make the slide show because as I was putting it together it didn't make sense I had to I I ask myself with the three questions um the photos specifically that I think we all remembered was um when they walk out after the ceremony and then they went outside and then there were the light was shining on them between the port a potties it was all shadowed I kept it in the slideshow and it just didn't work it wasn't it didn't work with me three words it came out and again timed it to the side show and that's something I time all my slide shows to music through through show it side jos

Class Description

What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

Celebrated photographer Jasmine Star begins by telling her personal story of how she built her business from the ground up. She covers everything from equipment to pricing to marketing. According to Jasmine, the key to a successful wedding photography business is to build a unique brand that highlights your personality, strengths and talents.

You’ll then accompany Jasmine and her team as she shoots the real-life wedding of Laura and Billy, who graciously allowed CreativeLive to share their experience with the world. Jasmine will demonstrate how she gets the most creative, most meaningful wedding photos that will be treasured by the happy couple for the rest of their lives.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

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  • Market your business with websites, social media and blogging.

  • Create a unique brand and identify your target audience.

  • Rely less on fancy gear and more on your personality and talents.

  • Connect with your clients and build trust.

  • Use second shooters to help out on the big day.

  • Shoot a real wedding from start to finish.

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