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Debrief with Workshop Participants


Wedding Photography

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Debrief with Workshop Participants


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Debrief with Workshop Participants

let's go around one time have introduced each other just quickly yourself quickly then we'll start taking questions and answers and then you can also talk about your own learning about what this has been like for you so maybe maybe like five minutes you know less than five minutes just kind of introduce yourself and maybe what what what this experience has meant to you so far what you've gotten out of this and then we'll just cancel out the internet wantto ask um my name's address mitt I'm from company again denmark and if you want following my twitter handle is audrey smith's photo uh this experience is being just mind blowing I knew I'd get a lot out of the out of it but it's just going way beyond my expectations and it's connected me with people that are writing to me saying hey I'm a photographer in sweden how about we just connected maybe meet at some point and just chat about our market and people just also sending me their experience of the creative life courses this photographe...

r who sent me her blood and she's like hey I was so excited during the whole workshop that I I took pictures well of you guys were shooting I would took pictures of my screen but I took pictures anyway and it was just great to connect with people on top of the other good things that are happening here in the classroom so for me my name is nate perks I am from star idaho just a little town outside of boise idaho and just like I understand this has been unbelievable absolutely exceeded my expectations I knew jazz and jamie we're gonna be fabulous and that this has been an incredible event but this has blown me away on one my favorite part about it is yesterday while we weren't shooting way kind of a tag team we were at a restaurant down down the street just kind of hanging out and all talking and every night I think every night we've gone out going out to eat our been together with the other student and every time we get together we just talked about how mind blowing this is how life changing this as how incredible it is and I think with the greatest things that I have learned from this one of the things that still um just comes setting in my mind is that we have the permission to be ourselves on dh as a photographer it's really important to be yourself to truly be who you are because if you're yourself then you attract the right kind of people that you're gonna want a photograph and that's something that has blown me away because I've started to learn that we have an audio ok um that's blown me away because it it's so relieving to able to be yourself andi I think that's something that jasmine does better than anyone in this world is she's completely herself so it's been amazing if you want to follow me on twitter my handle is is uh at mate perks and so it's n a t e p r k s this has been actually incredible event and I'm excited to hear all your questions we should mention that uh that danielle for jai is has just joined is she sitting sitting with us right now hi daniel all right we're just going around and we've had a couple students that have slept in ah ah um and we're going around in just introducing everyone really quick I'm stephanie miller from los angeles and my twitter handle is s similar photos um this experience you know I can't say anything bad about it I I was so nervous to come and be on camera and to be like the kid who knew nothing but it really hasn't mattered at all um I feel like everyone here has been so helpful and I've learned so much and um I actually got to shoot the bragging ready and the ceremony which are my absolute favorite parts of the day and you know working with with jasmine with jd I you know the communication was there and it was like a dance going around and I felt like we were all in sync so I mean it was really fun to do that with them and then danielle we you know you are you're the you're the designer behind what jasmine was shooting all day yesterday um and uh I want you know wait a chance to talk to you before the wedding but maybe why don't I bring you up in a little bitter why don't we do a little q and a with the uh with the students here gets units has some questions for the students and then I actually have the uh the images that you sent me um and uh we could have a point there maybe talked a little bit about we thought danielle could be open for people ask questions about working with wedding designers wedding coordinators and also about how she gets her photographer's work published in various magazines all right so can susan people ask anything on the internet yes they are uh ken instead has asked how do you see things differently while working with jasmine or did your old style takeover um okay I'll go ahead and foreign name that's that's a really good question because being with jasmine and being in this event this five day workshop has completely made me see things differently um been able to see how focused jasmine ends is on creating her brand and that's something that I didn't think about as much for when I went to go shoot a wedding I was shooting a wedding and you know my style came out and everything but jasmine has her three words are fun fabulous and fresh and she really emphasize on those three words and making sure every image that you photograph you're betraying those three words and I think that's really really important and so I've been thinking about my three words kind of playing around with different words and I brought to see jasmine and j d as they're photographing they are thinking about their three words and they are working on creating a stronger brand and that's something to me there's rule it changed my outlook just thinking about my brands twenty four seven and trying to put that brand out there and really kind of defining my style on how I should I don't know if I answered the question yes you did definitely and I think the whole bit about everything being a division of your brand that was just a new like term and way to think about it everything is a division of your brand I thought also that um seen them work together was terrific it wass the kind of team work that they have going on is um is really amazing and and I think that our brand is much stronger because off the work that they can achieve as a team together everyone needs a video made my dad text me this morning he's been watching the whole time he text me is like everyone needs a jd is a word together that e they work together so well it's absolutely that they can communicate without even talking and they are so in sync with each other he's the perfect they're the perfect being indian couple it's amazing judgment said yesterday that he was her secret weapon yeah and I think she she knows I think she appreciates him how important he is on the whole thing so kind of leads to the next question um from may in the chat room were you able to incorporate your three words style into the shoot time yesterday I definitely think so I mean when I look at at a wedding and look at the bride and groom I see one of my words was classy and I see those classic moments and that's what I really go for I look for when they're looking into each other's eyes and when they are um you know holding each other's hands and you know those moments are classic and that's what I what I was really shooting awesome about you too yeah for me it was it makes off wanting my own style in the pictures but also just trying to think about jasmine's brand because I was shooting for her and I knew that also so great point along there was trying to mix the two together and see what I could bring to her brand while living in her brand that's a lot of words in your head okay yeah you know that's an actual liketo see it's asked jasmine when she comes back is how you know where does your brand fall when your second shooting you know how you know how when you're when you're building a portion is the second shooter well I don't know what you want yeah yeah yeah it's really true it's uh she is too little pep talk beforehand she talked about how how important this is and how you're right I think I'll and obviously she convinced herself but I think what she is saying shooting she's letting that brand of that first shooter um kind of kind of go out there and she doesn't try to take away from that and that's one thing that she kind of mentioned to us as well is that we're still representing the bank the brand of jasmine star on dh and so I think he's right yesterday we could focus on our three words a little bit I think especially on the first looked the day before on thursday we're really able to focus on our three words she told us we could shoot for us which is really fun because we all had a chance to kind of take a billion laura and kind of create something that were symbolic of our three words but for sure I think they're always in your head I mean your style of shooting can't really leave you even if you're trying to shoot for someone else you've got your own style so so it's uh definitely always there in the back hear mine but you also want oh get the right kind of images for jasmine and jd because you are shooting back up for them well and I was watching the re watch because of course I can't watch it while this is happening and there are a number of times where she is really focused on you know her task and she talks about the fact that she knows her second and third shooters are taking care of this stuff for and she's relying on them to take care of this because she can't that's a lot of it did you feel when you're out there not the pressure it wasn't really even jd said yes so he was like oh it was great to have you guys as third shooter because I had some stress off me so uh jasmine had some stressful it's dress off and so did jd and mindy green one on twitters and had asked to you specifically audrey how you felt when j d he said he would love to have you as a third shooter all the time oh yeah I told him afterwards he gave me way too much credit at that one point but it was live and on the internet so uh so buddy it was very nice of him to see that I know I had just a lot off fun working with um uh it was great so rough on uh on twitter asks and nate you talked about branding but what is the thing that you'll work on with highest priority after this course um I think that just that branding I think it's so huge creating creating universal branding between my my website my block my business cards whatever it is the way I interact with people my e mails um the first communication that I have with my clients the biggest thing I think will be branding and incorporating myself into that brain not just going to um someone to design a brand for me but but but incorporating myself my personality my love's um who I am into that branding so that people when they see that branding they get a piece of nate perks they get they get a piece of you and they feel like I think when the greatest things with grace compliments that a lot people show it's jasmine is that they feel like they know her without ever even meeting her and so she's done so amazing at sharing herself with people so they feel like they know her hands too I feel like I felt like I knew her before you came to this event and she's so true to herself I think it's a really important thing over all about branding a lot of times people talk about branding in someone who doesn't get very personal in just hires a brandon come you need to brand them and it's not all about having matching letterhead and match cards and having you know your bog and everything matches all about putting yourself into because if you have someone else brand you and you just kind of follow along with them than yourself isn't in it and people are going to get confused yes they see an overall image that brands you but it's not you and so I think what jasmine is brilliant at is putting herself into her brand and her brand is her and what she creates and I think that's why people feel comfortable with her why she makes people feel comfortable in everything fits together and so that's much different than like you said nate going in having a company brand you in pain I'm just to kind of do that for you have to put yourself into it first you know it can I just say I think that's huge I think that's huge I think a lot of people brand themselves for the person they would like to be yes instead of the person that they are and I think one of the things that really comes through you can never know from the letter hit whether whether whether their branding for the first thing I want to be or the person they are but you know I think it's really clear the jasmine is being jasmine and that happens to very much match with her brand and I'm not sure I mean and and and we get that in person deep thoughts good advice ok another question from the chat room from shutter clique can the students describe something that occurred they were unprepared for I was unprepared for the first day of the first look and um you know we we thought we were shooting inside where the first look was so I knew I was like okay I'm gonna have imposed like this and I'm gonna bring the chairs over and I was so ready and then we moved outside and I was like okay wait wait I got to get my mind around this and does mrs are you ready and I go okay and the light was changed and the light was changing you know I I was completely unprepared for that and that's what actually where I said I froze up I mean I I had no idea and I was like come this way and she you know she was very awkwardly posed and but I just tried to roll with it that's all I could do and you did kill good job you guys have comments on the unprepared yeah I think that moment who was for me samos stephanie I thought we'd stay inside no we didn't eso you know you deal with it and you learn from it and then if you don't rock it right out moment and you just take what you can out of it it was scary it was uh I got lucky I guess stay inside she told us about an hour beforehand this he's gonna give us at first I thought she's going to get one or two students like five minutes but then like I started realize that she's gonna get everyone five minutes to kind of pose them on dh I was nervous I was was unexpected and it was hard but I'm relieved that she made us do that because she made all of us go completely out of our comfort zone and when you do that obviously you learn a lot and I definitely learned a lot on dh it was it wasn't a total experience and it was it was fun for me to watch you guys because I saw that nervousness but then you had to get in the zone and you did so it was fun to watch I think in general weddings that happens anyway I mean in brighton all of a sudden say hey you know I see this cool bridge over here I want a photo here or like yesterday lord decided oh I want to go mingle with the guests right now you know we were like about forty minutes ahead of schedule that had that big grand entrance and you know brides and grooms those air our clients we have to make him happy so if all of a sudden you know there's a break in the sun and after it was raining and they said they want a couple pictures outside you have to be prepared photographers tio you know switch you're thinking about the lighting about the equipment that you have with the lens that you have on and be able to switch over and make that happens with a client so I think that was probably a great experience we've got more questions think okay this is from may for nate do you think that um jasmine's marketing tips will work for you in a small in the small town of star it's funny cause I asked jasmine that same question a similar question a couple days it was yes we know that two days ago if I felt like I should market outside my community and the way she answer I think she no I think um I think it will I think her branding techniques apply everywhere no matter who you are I think the biggest part of our branding technique is to be yourself and that's something I've learned so much is that have the freedom to be yourself and people will love you for it and and the people that you will tracked here block will be very much like you and they will be great great clients she connects and repels connects repels and that blows me away that that she is repelling people that might not be the best fit but she connects with people that would be great fits and so I think whether you're from a small town or a big city I think you can always be connecting repelling and connecting with the right kinds of brides andi so yeah I think it's very very applicable great answer thanks and keep it real keep it really I love it janet kwon on twitter is asking if you ever felt like you were in the way of jd or jasmine while your third shooting I uh when I was doing the bride can ready I put on my lazy girl wins e used my twenty four seventy and I stepped back I was not getting in jazz this way she was like and in the mode she was in the zone I was like I'm not going to get in her way and I put that on and I was able to zoom in and see where I needed to be and you know during the ceremony I had on the big seventy eight two hundred so you know I kind of watched where they were and I just rotated whatever they did great I see we've got a couple new people who join into the crowd come on in you find your way through the maze of our couples all right so we have such an and victoria joining us we've just been introducing we introduced all ourselves individually to the internet for those that might have missed us along the way and wait color coordinated coronated today I did not get between people online are happy see yes why don't you both take you know a minute to just gonna introduce yourself and let people know maybe a little bit about what you've got out of the left three days so far and it was like third shooting with jasmine and then uh now that people know you here that you're going to start being cultured with questions yeah is amazing turns you know second shoot with your third shoot with just men and uh and j d uh yeah it's just unbelievable got got lot got a lot out of it it's just interesting to see how they work and how they move and what what they what their kind of focusing on second shoe a lot predominate only second shooting so I felt very comfortable within that zone on dumb and it was good I like try to get you know images that there were there were getting but then at the same time focus on areas that other things were going on within the venue and try and get some kind of moments as well and try and give them something different teo their collections yes that's great because that's what jasmine and j d were sort of asking you to do is get those um moments that they couldn't get it and I was looking at someone years after words and they're awesome victorian for me I don't second shoot very often so it was a totally new experience on um I at one point I just remember sort of standing back and just watching the synergy between them which I thought was amazing like jasmine would move and j d would just have this sort of psychic brain wave of knowing where to go and they would just sort of move around together and I was I watched a little bit because I thought it was just cool the way they work together and I did a little bit of the same massage in when they were shooting something I was trying to shoot something totally different so I would go and do I did a lot of candids yesterday and it was fun because the guests were awesome everybody was super friendly and uh the whole family is so nice and everybody was really into it you know so it was fun and I chatted with people a bit and um it was good it was a good learning experience I wish I could have seen more of what jasmine was doing but I'll watch everyone exactly um you need you talked a little bit about this but maybe for the internet if one of you could talk about what jasmine did say to you as with regard to being a third shooter or second shooter do you do the third shooter's get to keep their images of so we post them on the website on your website so if somebody could talk to that a little bit um we are going to keep our images and after jasmine post her images first we have permission to go ahead and put him on our box way will well read between those and we'll have available for everyone and we make also sleeping credit the names of the people are asking questions to hundred possible sure so jen from the chat room that was that was clicked carrie thanks jen from the chat room would like to know uh what is the one thing that you would have done differently for this wedding if it was yours one year instead of forward it wouldn't be live yeah no mind would be live but it would be the longer time for him to planet it didn't seem like it was planned in four weeks though I mean from my perspective when we got there it seemed like it was really pulled together the venue looked phenomenal um everything seemed to go off really well it like it seemed like a really well planned wedding so theo you're good to human a lot of I don't know if you shot a lot of what happened sort of in the in between times when everybody was running around sort of resetting room and stuff but it was cool everybody lend a hand everyone helped out and it seemed really well planned so um for me uh just she and was something that maybe I would've done differently is uh I like to location scout we usually get to a venue and just like if we're there fifteen minutes before something we quickly scout around the area see whether some beautiful backgrounds and things like that so on our break I just literally pretended or whatever that I had five minutes to go around and I shot a few different backgrounds too just say to myself you know when you're going to say when you're gonna do your own wedding how would you do this you know you've you've got five minutes the pressure's on so I just went right off some cool steps or some really nice see some beautiful red and yellow backgrounds around there and stuff so for me that's something that I have maybe like you know uh done for the wedding but you know they would just uh good morning e throat one judge I was just thinking about this watching this because I I have supported work with primarily commercial photographers and you know shooting the details the jasmine shooting and that's much how she was super is the realization of how many details to shoot in how little time I mean each one of those detail shots could be a three hour two four hour you know shoot for a commercial photographer if that was your primary client and here you know here she's doing it while everybody is outside getting a photo taken just to distract them from the fact that the whole room is being turned around and and she has to do the chandeliers and she has to do this and she has to do that and there's just this this list of basically it sounded like almost everything that daniel that you touched to put together she had to go capture in the moment they're whereas in a commercial world that would have happened you know un assembly line in a you know hours on end I was uniting just right you know usually in a commercial so which we've done a lot too you can move the lighting you could do all these different things you're any on you have the suit is time frame you know added a wedding or any kind of you know event like that you have whatever's there and you have to make it work and so I think one of her huge talents was making at work and really using everything and optimizing it to get that shot in a short amount of time with people running around and and I think she talked about that you have to be a commercial photographer photojournalist product photographer a many how many all types master okay next question from rusty tripod in the chat room can you give me what he's they ask give one example where you found yourself coming up short in a way that surprised you what was an ah ha moment um well I don't know it says in judaea really good at looking at within the background I don't know if I'm going to answer that question right but remember I was shooting the first dance I'm like these are so cool looking images like these awesome awesome and also near the very end of the first dance I'm looking down on like that maura I've got jazz and soft box right in the background right over their head that obviously doesn't go on quite the wedding designing it doesn't really fit with all the decor of the wedding and so I'm like no I got this wedding like lights off box in the background so I guess falling up short definitely um they are always looking for the exact perfect angles and the perfect light in the great light and I guess just keeping an eye open for that kind of stuff so I don't know if I answer that but uh huh uh huh uh for me it was the light was very tricky yesterday I found in the room and I'm I fall a bit short on that because I'm obviously still learning and so yeah sometimes I like oh this was you know click and like oh no that I shouldn't have done that that well but you know I learned to look around the room and see where best light would be and it was definitely a good learning experience to be working in that room so uh that that was a big uh yeah you need to spend more time on learning it all about lighting yeah jasmine when she was talking about using natural reflectors right was so tricky at this really bright light coming in from the window and that's where all the guests were arriving and everybody was standing there and I was doing candid so I didn't want to go up to people go just move like to feed over this way you know because that then you kind of lose the spontaneity of the moment but instead I started realized okay well wait a second what if I instead of standing here I'm going to go all the way over there to stand on the other side and you know so and then I looked for when people were standing in that good spot there was just two feet outside of the light so that I could use the light bouncing off the floor into their face so that was kind of for me that was like oh my god yeah why don't I do that more often huh okay next question that you were talking about um you know not looking down and seeing how often are you checking your images uh to make sure you got them right versus continuing to just shoot shoot shoot to make sure you're not gonna miss the next thing that's actually my question hi person do a lot I'm I'm kind of in a sense I will look at what I'm getting I want to make sure I'm getting is good and I'm not I'm not good enough to be like oh yes that's two fifty for this thank f three point five just to know I mean I'm taking pictures I'm making sure I'm getting right exposures and so a lot I that's just me personally though but I look a lot to make sure that my exposures and did you guys observe jasmine and j d and how much were they sort of checking their history rams and such I think jasmine would like I would see her she would shoot and then she would just she's so fast she's like you know like a fire foot everything about and she would just really quickly check and then it would seem like when she got the light right then she would keep going you know so she would check the first one and then boom I ve got it shoot shoot shoot so so what one of things offline is like basically I think it was uh it was becker he said you know once you've got the light right on duh and say your nuptial party or something and you can tell it's right or you're flicking to manual just lock it and rock it like if there if the light is the same it's not going to change just keep going with it basically but I know it's just yesterday you know she came just as soon as the sun creeps out of the cloud it gets bright as she knows straight way and she she knows you know don't need thio over under expose whatever it may be and I think that just comes with practice and that's that's the main thing I mean just always practice always be outside have your cover with you when you're when it's not important just be shooting with your friends and family and just know is how the light's changing its own in the shade are then the light are they you know as the sun come out the clouds or you know just keep an eye on the light all the time and uh I think jasmine of species a professional she she could just see that and knows it's like second second nature to us ok love bug and chat would like to know if any of you have attended photography school or if everyone here is self taught self taught uh self taught for a long period of time but I've bean teo struggles classes so just been to a flash photography because there's so much loan and I just wanted some structure so I went went to have total cost on that on dh another photography class maybe about three years ago just her really get teo understand apertura shots be shooting manual there's I think everyone's kind of self taught by the end of the day you're you're still learning you're gonna be online you're speaking to other people everyone's a teacher you know yesterday we were talking about you know our cameras and stuff so you're constantly studying and you no I don't think you can really learn everything by yourself without talking someone or whatever but having paid for stuff probably yeah those two classes and holly recommended uh I'm self taught as well but I mean what I think was a good decision a few years ago to join a camera club in montreal called the lakeshore camera club shout it to the lcc on dh I'm really lucky because it's a it's a club that has all kinds of different photographers and there's like photojournalists and there's commercial photographers and then there's like grandma who wants better pictures of her grandkids and so they have a lot of workshops and activities that have helped me learn a swell so that's been really good for me other than that no real school or anything yeah it's kind of something uh self talk kind of samos such an and uh if you like uh workshops or stay locked his blog's or read books but yeah I'm self taught to this is my first workshop I did take a basic dslr camera way back lands just so that I could know how to use my camera but since then it's been um something that jasmine did get on forums get in touch with people see what everybody's talking about and learning about and that's kind of how I learned about jasmine and got into everything so great so um c c coca in the chat room is asking how do you guys know what is appropriate to wear to a wedding and what determines it's what you wear way talking talking about this today e did it purely for um I actually was I actually dress professionally myself before jasmine directions jasmine did request that we dress like we're going to a business meeting um and that the guys were three pieces um I just personally I like to look nice so I adopted that before so uh yeah I guess you know as if you are attending a wedding your guest twenty blending is much possible yesterday are worse she actually I don't usually wear see first time of one you know a full three piece I usually wear a smart shirt trousers and a tight depending on the weather and stuff but uh at the same time I'm going to stay comfortable so but for me whatever the leave photographer is if I'm second cheating I asked them what's the best you know what do they want me to because at the end of the day you're representing their company so you will be um in line with their branding and be professional for them so uh ask obsolete you're or you know just do what you would do if it was your own wedding sometimes clients will ask you to wear something specific to you like I've had clients is said you know please we're all black like we don't want to see you kind of thing so okay uh which makes it really easy actually because if they tell you something specific that it's it's a no brainer but otherwise I just try to look professional and be comfortable I don't wear heels though like I can't know how jasmine can wear heels sometimes I'm I always wear flats because I I don't want to be like limping around with blisters athlete so well I have a question from sarah in the chat room and she wants to hear your craziest wedding stories uh what's the craziest thing that's happened daniella as well yeah well let's hold daniel daniel is actually gonna come into the second hour of this and then we'll we'll filter with questions okay we'll save that one for you yeah oh and it was we shot a wedding once where I was shooting the uh I was shooting cake and they were doing the cake cutting and somebody from the audience like one of the I don't know one of the best man not the best man but like one of the groomsmen thought it would be really funny to pretend to take the top tier off the cake and pretend to throw it out uh so and it was like one of those multi tiered cake with like the little delicate sort of um what do you call it columns supporting each tear so he goes up and he takes the top tier off the case and he goes back this and holds it up as though he's gonna throw it at them and yeah it's ground on there was everybody was mortified you know but luckily I shot the cake we before just to make sure that I had and we've done sort of a fake cake cutting so we still had pictures of him cutting the cake but at the moment everybody was mortified but after the bride and groom kind of laughed about it because it became sort of one of those funny stories that they tell of their wedding no uh for me probably uh wishing a wedding and uh I was the meal the other head talk for him have the car keys but we don't know which one had it and we go on get out of the boot and then shot the boot and the car keys with some of the gear was still in the boot and were like oh my god but we had two hours to like take the take the bride and groom out duel the shots but the car company actually came within twenty minutes to open up the boot I don't know how they did it but it like saved us but we were calling from the bride and groom they had no idea and so it was perfectly fine so that was pretty scary I think question from what sort of pronounce it I baron ex uh retweeted by photos by lenny what did you learn about how jasmine and j date relate to the bride and groom specifically uh while they were working and the guests were very they're very they're in the mix I mean they're very very personal with them I think they're doing all they can to make them all feel comfortable on uh I watched eighty as as jenny and I were going around doing kind of candids you do a lot of canada and he just kind of talked people little bit and then after you talk to me like a kind of a quick picture of you and you've got a good picture so they're very very personal almost like they're friends of the guest but at the same time inconspicuous and not in the way it's a very very cool balance and a cool mix that they have on obviously jasmine she's constantly making the rifle comfortable what we do for you uh you're you're the star type thing so yeah I really noticed how she just continue tio take charge of the situation like she had talked about before people control keeping khun in control but also with sort of the bride still ask you know as as the key person but and that was one of from any concerns during the day she always kept asking his lower happy because they were happy he's lower happy is everybody happy good so she is daniella happy hey some photographers who you know who were so worried about getting their shots that it's it's and they want to control the situation but they do it in a way that it's not as easy to work with with jazz when it was great because you know I'm able to tell her okay you know we've got five minutes to this but this has been moved up ten minutes does that work for you and she says yes it's great for me and she makes sure that she can be there for that shot and not be the kind of person that would say well no I'm not gonna be ready for that shot we need to make the bride wait she's not ever going to make the bride wait she's gonna make it work was going to make that couple happy you know and everyone again way all work together as a team really really well which is really nice well yesterday she came up to me and said how is craig doing you have all this going on you were thinking about how you're awesome you know I was watching the re watching that was on we got that on my chi so I actually got yeah I think she is worried about me and you know she's someone that gets under all the stress I hope you didn't hear my response is thank you what e got hard hard question I love the hard questions from jen in the chat room what do you think set you apart from any of us meaning the people watching and she goes on to say I why're you in seattle and we're sitting here watching on yes I give you permission toot your own horn I think it's not interesting hard maybe talk about maybe making your video and because you are all selected if people don't know that these students were selected by um bye jasmine star and you know I like you just speak up I think that's actually a little bit unfair does a student because I mean jasmine jasmine it's not a book it so let me just jump in say you know jasmine was not picking the best video she was not picking the best videographer to come here um you know many of you didn't have the best videos but you have you and one of the best but um you know and I believe you know it was really difficult for you but we talked about this a lot you know she really was looking for people of different levels of experience and a mix of women and men and so you know once you found you know and an experienced female that's that was once what they there was one flopped I mean and we try to get from different parts of the country and in part to the world so you know she really was trying to create environment where you guys would be a representative for a wide brace base of people out there um so this was not a popularity contest to see who you know who had the best ability to put together a thirty second video she really was looking for people she feels comfortable with and uh you know I could live with for five days and you guys got out of that one yeah you know they really you know and we can't we can't have a class about learning to be yourself and you know I think ultimately she picked you guys because you're yourselves and and you represented some things that need to happen in the classroom in order to be able to have this work for her so you know this was not about picking the best doctors the best videographers the best storytellers you know that you know this was not ah contest this was you know this was you know an audition or looking you know looking for people to be basically second shooters for jasmine for very specifically but you guys were held e I I don't want the people listening weigh one hundred twenty people have been in video night a couple people tweet up afterwards uh and said you know I thank god for some of these pics because it means that I have a chance of you know of being able to be picked you know your your video was great but it was just a straight on you talking at okay and I didn't even fulfill the sixty seconds I had a little in exactly and you know if we were yours would not have been the top video pick you know it's not one of the top six videos but that wasn't the criteria the criteria you know there was other criteria involved it was a matter of finding the right match for the right people you know that that would be able to bring the right type of questions on background experience and jasmine's very very you know she's very very smart she she you know she doesn't take things lightly and she puts a lot of work into it and just get a good job picking people that get along you've all got norm really well we've all been hanging out like afterwards and going out and doing stuff and so I think that was really cool for us too you know because we've made like friends I've heard there's like this name for the creative life I've I've heard way referred to as j start groupies but wait that's what your t shirts so jasmine talked about always wanting to have always having a second shooter can you guys talk about your experience and how you if you are first shooters how you find your second shooters it's one thing you know for jasmine to talk about it but people would like to know uh halina v specifically into twitter would like to know that's a question for that so hee okay or if you're a second shooter how did you you know how have you been getting your gigs with first shooters um well for as a second shooter I get the gig's through just answering every request possible through b school do twitter through what you know other people who have um who have just mentioned things I have some friends in the community my person my wedding photographer you know I connected with her and she she referred me since some of the people to connect with so whenever they say they need help with anything I respond to that whether or not they're going they answer I respond to every single one there's somebody that I have responded like six times and he has not had become but I keep I keep doing it and you know that has brought other jobs and they say oh well I'm I'm I have someone for this weekend but could you come next weekend I'm there so that's how I and do you do them for free uh no e build my brand start somewhere so um we did talk about what that's going to be you know I don't have a going rate but I do want to know beforehand you know what is that going to tell anyone yeah um offs ofthe second shooting la onda uh for me if I was looking for another second chute I want someone who's on dh kind of really creative bring something different andi also has experienced I guess within wedding photography and can kind of get the shots I would like to get but also give me something just new and fresh and that's going to help me learn a swell on dh give them good experience but to get there I mean I just recommend really just getting out their network me other photographers on dh just keep talking keep networking with people and that's really the best way tio take out there and uh and others start you know I don't even get I don't get paid I was but I just wanted to shoot I just want to be out there so I think the first first three or four I think which is completely free ours don't about reflecting carrying bags and stuff about our wedding and I was like thinking you know how would I shoot this what would I be looking out for you and you learn a ton by just watching other photographers and you know being in tune with them and then and then you can say you know now is okay if I can get stuck in a bit of money but to be honest beggars can't be choosers I I I strongly recommend if you wanna shoot weddings and there's a lot of people who are out there who want to shoot just just get out there and just do it and then you know get comfortable with things and then you can start asking for right maybe and go from there but definitely if you're a few experience and stuff and he should be should be get you working wass say I don't know just I mean just ask it doesn't hurt to ask uh definitely we talked about this last night and uh you know what just put yourself out there put put yourself out there go meet new people it doesn't never has to ask tio to go out and just ask someone if you consent form and send some of your work and I've had a lot of emails coming in people that want to say you shoot for me and and I use this asked if I could see their work and just kind of pants I don't know it's uh I haven't shot a ton of weddings at all I mean I'll just keep it real life having shot with any weddings and so it's I haven't had a big um need of going on finding saying sure there's a lot of it actually kind of funny that I've been talking a little with my wife about second shooting a sort of experiment with that but I guess it's kind different for everyone but cumbia chat hosted creative live and john gringo one more question for aubrey yeah and I don't say let's let's get maybe a couple more look I'd like to wrap up in about eight man to maybe just take a quick break and then we can have uh uh uh no thanks my brain is a little bit sleepy right now a mountain dew yes caffeine okay aubrey this is from uh audrey you're aware of all the names of love somebody somebody wrote that so that's probably why they're actually it says right here audrey do you plan to take this american wedding photography approach to denmark and the persons asking because they are a dane living in the u s and they'd like to know if you feel that this kind of fact the target that we work for the not so same dane eyes true though that denmark and off skinny needed in europe in janet's very I mean very very different types of weddings there but I definitely think that there's a lot that I came take from here and tried to bring in the end and that's actually one of the things that I've been looking at the markets there and seeing the photography and I just uh I wanted to try and raise the bar that's my goal for me when I go back I'm not melted down pretentious or anything but in scanning even this a lot that can be done and if you're there then yeah you can try to unstick with what's around but you can also try to learn from other places and see hey maybe there's something maybe this room for something a bit different here something that hasn't been done before and maybe we can bring something to denmark or friends or italy or wherever you are and um try to make it your own and the way you like and just keep it real and be yourself and so for me I've been influenced by the us so much that would be a lie to just stake teo the the way things are in denmark of course I'm going to pay attention to that but the rest is going to be way thank you weigh do you have more questions but or do you wantto let let's go for a few more on them I'm kind of watching the clock that's okay great so way started to talk about this but I don't know if anyone I can't get into specifics about um photos by jenny and photography by tr wondering what a reasonable fee for a second shooter is depends where you are what the scale of the wedding is radio and and uh how much experience you have and also if you're gonna be editing your own images if you just passed the images on that what are other factors then who that might go the first shooter is too like the budget you know what I mean if you're getting because you can pay all kinds of ranges for a photographer like where I am in jail if you look on craigslist you could get a wedding photographer for like seven hundred fifty bucks shoot your whole wedding you albums and whatever right so if that person was hiring a second shooter a ton of money like I don't know ten bucks an hour but I guess it depends so if you want to earn maura's a second shooter I would guess you know we're for jasmine or something released some sort of a budget built in to cover that president pence probably little bit on also if they're gonna be doing a lot of shooting I mean I know it's calls like a shooter but figured me doing a lot of shooting or more like assistant work more of like holding the bam are carrying the bags or getting water and stuff and obviously things should it does as well but um I think there's a whole variety of things that it depends upon and also I mean whether they're doing it just to build their portfolio whether they just want to come do it for free just to build their portfolio and whether they have the rights to use their images of loss answers do not have the rights to even use their images that they shoot so whether they even have the rights to use their images uh kind of what they're workflow is gonna be after that if all they're doing is going in shooting and then they're done it was kind of great great things for people to think about out there who are just starting thanks ok another question from can I do one more question from doofus snoop the question is as a second third shooter how did meeting lauren billy beforehand influence what you shot well I think uh because we weren't really the primary shooters at the wedding I don't know that meeting them beforehand made a huge difference because we weren't really interacting with them so much on the wedding day we were more in the background we were doing the candid shots and sort of the other stuff that the main photographer wasn't getting um what was cool about meeting them was that you've got a sense of their personality and that translated into the personality of the guests and the other people that were at the wedding so you just knew that everyone that was going to be there was going to be approachable and open to the idea of having the paparazzi around throughout the whole thing and so for me it helped me because I mean I when I'm doing a wedding I typically interact with the guests and family and stuff and try to you know may be friendly with them so that they're comfortable in front of the camera and I did the same thing here that answered uh help me shoot candidates for good guess because knowing their personalities that they're fun and they have a sense of humor um I was going for the guests that were laughing and you know the kids that were being goofy and I knew that they they would probably appreciate some of those shots rather than just like the more serious and you know like someone staring at another person where some people are very serious and they just want those intense moments so that helped me to kind of gauge what I should be shooting of the guests I think also more than anything meeting for me at least meeting lauren billy just put me at ease I mean they I wish I could meet up there really really cool couple I mean they're awesome they are hilarious laura is a so charming and wonderful and billy is a hilarious and this funny and they're there the coolest couple and I think more than anything they put me at ease that this is a really cool couple and they are awesome and we're going to our best to get awesome and we just want on dh and that they have a really cool life and just I don't know they're very very likable they feel like really good friends and there an amazing couple so more than anything just put me at ease I feel like jasmine was saying the same thing about them just how much he loved them as a couple and that made her I remember her saying makes me want her want teo just go above and beyond so offer sure is great to see through the job that's cool okay think maybe look for one more closing question okay wei had some tweets about you know this is great because a lot of the people out there are butting photographers versus in the position of jasmine star so great to hear your comments and uh let's see esterman photo wants to know if if you guys do have uh other daytime jobs or if photography is your major people want to know more about you got a great um so I used to be in online advertising but right now I'm at home taking care of my baby girl and that time with her kind of moved me along in the process off hey I have this cool dream in my head and maybe this is a good time tio uh kick it off and get going with it so uh right now no other data having jumped in taking care of my little girl um I am like right in that transition phase I feel like I'm about to make that transition to full time but uh it's kind of often on so when I'm off on photography I'm doing I do do it ourselves actually I'm a sales rep I alarm system so you must be created that I wish I were better so uh but but yeah it's it's a lot of fun to have a lot of flexibility so it gives me life flexibility built to put all my time and all my eggs in the basket of photography I feel like right now I'm trying to get enough jobs that I could switch over full time um I'm full time but that doesn't mean that I work every single day or that I shoot a wedding every weekend like I'm totally not there yet but I made the transition to sort of full time last year when uh I'm really lucky that I have a boyfriend who's very supportive and encourages me to follow what I want to do uh and he also runs his own business so I helped him with his business and I'm trying to build my photography business so I don't have like another day job but I don't know I guess I'm sort of full time part time kind of thing uh I'm actually in the content uh editor so I did that I qualified as a c I a about a year and a half ago on dh since then well I wanted to move to canada so I was out there for a year and was contracting is an accountant on basically working monday to friday every saturday or sunday would be second shooting in the summer so it's pretty much working seven days a week then and then and then I moved back to london conte weight from a private residence see cos the immigration if you're out there waiting away for that you might confuse so yes so that's where I am right now and uh I'm going back to london in a few weeks I'll be uh I'll be an accountant again but I'll be shooting every weekend and doing strong pissed off that I do and just keep practicing and then when I got to canada like some taken onto life changes on like moving country in twenty self in your career as well so um I just went full time july uh before that I was in grad school and I was a teacher and juggling too much and so now but kind of more simple in some way but I'm yeah kinda but I'm doing photography full time awesome well people uh online are just saying thanks for keeping it real you guys really caring about that loves you thank you student all right so what I think we're gonna do is we're going teo mute the mikes here for just a really five minute uh uh stretch break gonna reset a little bit um you know danielle up here and uh um we're gonna keep the questions coming so um if you have questions in particular about uh the planning it took in order to bring this wedding together in five in four weeks ours ours is that you know what tonto you can you can count the number of hours that daniel and I didn't sleep you know primarily daniella so anyway um so you back in about five minutes you get to watch us just walked around um and um your questions for danielle continued questions for our students um and in particular we had a lot of people who expressed interest in daniel's background getting publishing a number different magazines and she's brought some examples of that with her and might be able to talk a little bit about techniques or what uh what photographers need to do in order to get in making things so much and daniela raj who murdered says you look very beautiful today even after the busy schedule last tio thank you

Class Description

What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

Celebrated photographer Jasmine Star begins by telling her personal story of how she built her business from the ground up. She covers everything from equipment to pricing to marketing. According to Jasmine, the key to a successful wedding photography business is to build a unique brand that highlights your personality, strengths and talents.

You’ll then accompany Jasmine and her team as she shoots the real-life wedding of Laura and Billy, who graciously allowed CreativeLive to share their experience with the world. Jasmine will demonstrate how she gets the most creative, most meaningful wedding photos that will be treasured by the happy couple for the rest of their lives.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your wedding photography business from the beginning.

  • Market your business with websites, social media and blogging.

  • Create a unique brand and identify your target audience.

  • Rely less on fancy gear and more on your personality and talents.

  • Connect with your clients and build trust.

  • Use second shooters to help out on the big day.

  • Shoot a real wedding from start to finish.

  • Get the right lighting and pose your subjects.