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Morning Bride Preparation


Wedding Photography

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Morning Bride Preparation


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Morning Bride Preparation

okay so we are at chase service studio it is friday it is a day of laura and billy's wedding and I arrived just leave it early to get pictures of laura and her bridesmaids getting ready I will get also detail shots of her dress prevail her shoes her garter anything else that I think would want to document the day she also has a lot of her bridesmaids and mother in law and her mom here getting ready someone take all those shots and also gonna try stylized in a lot of the details right now laura doesn't have any makeup on and she's working on her hair so most girls don't want pictures of them without their hair and makeup done at least earlier on in the face is so I'm not gonna focus so much on laura right now I'm gonna focus on the details that will take me out twenty five thirty minutes and then I'll focus entirely on getting candids of laura and her girls looking all cute and then we get ready for the first look so come on ok so what I'm looking for right now this place is that I can ...

hang laura's wedding dress is actually hung right now on what I think might be a light a picture and I probably will keep it there for a second I'll probably try shooting the dress and maybe one or two locations and just trying to get the best shot that I possibly can given the environment that we're shooting in so a lot of people were asking yesterday about laura's dress they were worried that it was gonna get dirty because we did their first look yesterday and I'm really happy because look at her dress she walked around on the floor and they probably had to clean it yesterday just a bit but it looks brand new and I think it's just one of the advantages of having a first look doing what you know what you're able to dio and for good photos and still have a nice time line for the day usually shoot the dress um wide open that's just like my style it's something that I prefer I'll likely shoot her dressed it like the one point to buy can light in here is truly spectacular I'm just moving this light pictures so I can get the front of her dress facing my light source which is a window which is an open window on that side laura has acute customized hanger for her wedding dress so I don't need thio sometimes if you have like a cheap I'm hanger and there's a lot of stuffing in the dress I like to take that out because that's not how the bride wants remember her dress doesn't want to think of it with stuffing in it great so my settings are one point two six forty two the second two fifty s o so what I'll shoot I will shoot a vertical shot from top to bottom and then I'll go in and I'll just get a waist up shot so I'll also get a picture of the tag of the dress it helps me remember who the wedding dress vendor wise so later if I want a block about it or other people have questions about what her dress was in distress is a priscilla of boston so I'm just gonna take a picture for my own memory so that I know what it wass and I don't have to ask you for it later I'll now also get a vertical shot have any type of detail ing right now I'm shooting I'm getting a lot of white in the frame some shooting at two fifty I s o one point two four hundred shutter speed has to get a wide shot of the dress in relation to the environment that that it's in I would probably change the position of the dress but given were given what we're given the only other place that I would think about hanging address would be on that wall but I don't know how dirty that wall is and I'm happy with the shots that I have of the dress now I feel confident that she'll like them so I'm not gonna mess around with what I have to do if I didn't feel comfortable with it then I would try pushing myself to get a different shot but I think overall I'm okay with how it looks now I'm gonna grab her shoes and um move kind from there so like yesterday laura where her gorgeous jimmy choos but absolutely fabulous any time a girl is wearing this type of shoe she's gonna want like a really nice detail shot of it so I'll say allies and maybe two or three different ways I'm gonna change my so because I'm closer to my light source back in this room it's a little bit darker but I'm right here by the window I'll likely shoot on the shoes of a two point oh I'm gonna shoot down on the shoe right now my settings are two point oh four hundred shutter speed in one sixty so so I noticed that laura has a look a vintage feel to her wedding so partially why I chose to shoot on this brown box is because it doesn't necessarily scream as much of the maternity as environment in which we're shooting in I want to make sure that all her for details still kind of looking field like she imagined them I love the screen chair that I'm sitting next to and I'll likely shoot the shoes on them as well but for right now I want to make sure that I'm getting detail shots that are reflective of her and then veto shot center fucked with my style with a nice little malin and always styling the shoes so that you could see the label of the shoe that help slater onto your loving so I can do by sitting down at this angle is not get all the other drunk in the background not junk there's a lot of like bags and clothes what happens if I purchase these shoes up on a slight angle and I could scoop down beneath the angle I can actually shoot at an upward angle and all I'm really getting is the exposed roof of the location that were in and um seems like the corrugated steel so it's still kind of blends in with right now I'm shooting at a two point oh four hundred dollars a week in one sixty s o b do now is I'm gonna move back into the room so it's darker back here someone change what I said to go up to two fifty where it was originally so shooting the dress in this location and getting light from behind me so I need to make sure that I'm not in the direction of the light wilson just a bit to the side and I actually like the way that this steel is working with in relation to the shoes so I'm going tio just test the light right now see kind of where I'm standing I kind of like this late it's a two point elf to fifty I s o two hundred shutter speed at this angle I could still get the entire shoot and I can also the label jimmy choo that's important the shoe is the shoot because of jimmy choo and I ride and I'm a poet do you know what julie laura's wearing no she's wearing today so what else is all grab all the details and I'm gonna see if I could tell them in such a way that everything kind of works together like a collective picture I could notice off the bat that she has a pearl clutch she has an off white and tan or beige garter but she has silver droplet earrings that are kind of crystal I won't put the two together because I don't think stylistically they go together but one thing she does have that I think looks really cool with this picture is her ring rings gold so anytime I can combine items that can be photographed together I definitely will I will shoot with fifty I'm gonna go to a three point five because I want more things and focus I'm gonna drop my risotto one sixty amusing center focal point go down to one hundred of the second some three point five one hundred of second one hundred sixty that kind of is exactly what I wanted so I have an aerial shot looking down on what I want I will get a slightly shot that's like facing me just a bit so now I have the wedding rings I shoot very classic wedding ring shots because again I'm always airing on the side of what the client wants so I shoot for the client with an issue a little something for me again the light here is amazing because I'm shooting in the macro I'm not getting too much of the surrounding background so I'm only going to be concerned about the light that will keep the rings in their case I will shoot the rings in their case and then I'll do something fun for me I'm using a cent a focal point I use the macro lens because there's details in this lens that you just can't get with any other luns center for going on the diamond a marine we should issue a really on it again I'm having the rings face my light source okay so what does happen now is I feel like I got everything that I needed I'm still waiting for a shot of the veil that's mean scenes but I have a shot of the dress so I feel good I'm guessing that these are the bridesmaids dresses a detail that I think is really cool because it tells a little bit story of the day I'm not gonna change anything about this rap you know that some people might style is it by taking bags or shoes away from what it is I'm not like it I like the messiness of the scene because I feel like that's truly the part of the day so I'm a huge fan of juxtaposition off things that necessarily wouldn't belong so way have a veil on we have concrete it's probably not the most typical picture but I really love it we'll see if it works if it works we're golden if it doesn't we just change it now my settings are one point two two hundred seconds hundreds of s o s just hung up the vale at a different location again I went back to the location where I stuck the shoes because I thought it might be cool later if I want to design it and with the dip dick because I shot the shoes in the exact same location so I think it might be cool later on to put both pictures next to each other perhaps if it works it works if it doesn't nothing's lost big five relief have all the details now laura's hair is mostly done she's a little bit more makeup on so these are the times that I want to get candids of her friends of her mom I just met her mom total sweetheart now now relax smoke shooting candids one hundred percent up until she gets into the dress so it's a really small room in the back so I'm gonna try to see out of them as much as possible because I don't want to cramp laura style her moment in the state of distance and I'm using just this area right here to frame what's going on behind laura so my settings are one point two two hundred of the second two fifty s o and I'll just shoot and I just kind of wait and I'll just see how long it's gonna be before I get the shot that I want but again relaxing taking in the moment it's waiting one thing I probably to shoot teo are invitations if she hasn't so probably ask the imitations in a bit one thing to note as well is that there's a toilet in the room and so I'm trying to shoot in a way that's not with the toilet I wanted look it make it look like bars in the studio sort it's not in the bathroom wait is your phone off my shoulder that's kind of awesome e it's really uh my light sources right here this light is the best light photographer's dream light it's like a shooting slight all day every day so in this have a particular setting I dropped my eye so down to one hundred and I'm gonna just for my shutter speed great my shutter speed is five hundred one point teo f stop in a hundred so remember how do you know my setting gonna be out five hundred shutter speed one point two I s o n one hundred um so is exactly um why I like shooting in locations previously so then I can go back and know exactly what my settings are gonna do without having to worry so much about it I I I well now it's your money ugo shooting and I'm two fifty one point two one hundred ah shoot right now are nobody's here in this section I'm gonna shoot a few details of just the makeup photos um because I think they help tell the story later on when I put together a slide show I want to make sure that I have trimmed snoring transitionary pictures and make it works really well for that because you show um pictures of makeup and then you show pictures of lord getting her makeup done instead of saying like instead of just simply having laura moved from hair and makeup pictures you have her hair and then show a detail shot of makeup and then show her getting her makeup it just kind of helps connect the dots for viewers that makes it a little bit more interesting all of this in time so my settings are at one point two four hundred shutter speed one hundred s o one hundred because the bright light from outside is directly under things cool I'll come back and revisit the idea of this in a minute I feel like the photos and I'm getting are okay but they're not it's kind of what I'm picturing so we'll just wait for a minute and then with them they're probably also put on the eighty five to shoot at a distance because when I'm shooting makeup photos I don't want to stand too close to the make up artist or too close to the bride because I'm all up in her business and that's not fun for anybody wait wait eighty five um eighty five also shoots out of one point two eight if I point to you and that I don't need to change the settings because settings will be the same between fifty and eighty five two forty five arno to thirty oh no billy should be here at two thirty um so she'll probably be putting on a dress I don't know to twenty five to twenty yeah this is marge are you leaving I was gonna take her do you need me did you want to be here when laura gets into her dress e want to see my dress well I can tell you that yes she's a problem in like fifteen minutes she'll be getting into her dress okay now do you need the family they're free to just party we'll be shooting the bridal party around three but if the family could get there around three fifteen will be ready to go at three thirty and once we get all the formal pictures done after the ceremony we won't have to shoot so many and you guys go directly into cocktail hour and just relax for the rest the night okay so if you could be there around three fifteen so we can start shooting at three thirty if that's okay but the bridal party needs to be two three three three so this is what I think is that happen laura's mom went to go drop group off at the hotel and then she's not come back so that laura can get into the dress that way we might be running a little late because of that so I'm going to try toe mentally put that into my timeline going to wait for her mom somebody sees over other girls get dressed to be ready for laura so nobody's scoring around at the last minute and then when her mom walks in that's immediately we will honor us so that billy can come here and we could start their photos for these I asked laura what she felt comfortable being shot how she felt being shot and she said that um she's not really modest it was a total joke but that conveyed to me that she's ok being photographed in her undergarments but I'll try to you to be as classy as possible and I feel like anything is pushing their limits it will not be included in the edit right now I'll probably just be shooting mom in this movie and a guy said to fifty enough so that I don't get any of laura's bottom area she's just a portion of the screen and the minute the minute she covers himself god givens good I'm shooting now percent laura are you ready way bring billion and then the girls take care of all of this perfect you just start yelling at command do you want to bring billion right now okay um we can have it right here in this fight is amazing okay so how do you want teo don't come in kiddy really can you follow me and like ten second it's totally not a first look but she's just ready and waiting a week has well fun okay totally cool right yes weigh in here really wait wait wave good bye five minutes we'll get the cars which it out get it yes I can do a couple shots of you guys here perfect yeah right here is perfect um judy can you get um laura's ok from the refrigerator turned that light the light billy I'll have you here marking on my hand like this at this distance can you guys get over this way so the light is coming in from behind me I'm gonna be shooting them to point to one twentieth of a second gorge laura I was right billy you're looking so handsome too sorry billy's looking good billy's looking really good you're gonna you're gonna use that word on your honeymoon totally you're like maura you look gorge did you track the bottom I need it totally dry yet billy can you look here brad nice good beautiful I'm gonna put you guys against the concrete now okay so for these I kind of want just a little bit of movement so you'll likely um really can you send this way way have you really ok but I'm not gonna tell you what to do okay so what we just do a little practice dance move thing here laura can you look out toward me and show me all your moves gun right oh good oh oh laura one more twelve out this way to a nice little twirl slowly gorge uh love good beautiful I'll have you guys come over here waiter yeah billy if I can have you sit here and uh do you mind sitting doing okay and laura I'm gonna be crapping you guys that the bottom stuff isn't joining laurette kind of what you just read about profit so that you don't see the bottom jane kitty crop it so that they don't care about him I think so yeah uh yeah yeah yeah that's beautiful like I don't know what you're doing good you okay this is what I want beautiful god right I know they just brought it they just brought it I love it seriously you guys look seriously so beautiful I love okay let's go because the internet is waiting every day's like chomping at the bit for you ok we're out

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What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

Celebrated photographer Jasmine Star begins by telling her personal story of how she built her business from the ground up. She covers everything from equipment to pricing to marketing. According to Jasmine, the key to a successful wedding photography business is to build a unique brand that highlights your personality, strengths and talents.

You’ll then accompany Jasmine and her team as she shoots the real-life wedding of Laura and Billy, who graciously allowed CreativeLive to share their experience with the world. Jasmine will demonstrate how she gets the most creative, most meaningful wedding photos that will be treasured by the happy couple for the rest of their lives.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your wedding photography business from the beginning.

  • Market your business with websites, social media and blogging.

  • Create a unique brand and identify your target audience.

  • Rely less on fancy gear and more on your personality and talents.

  • Connect with your clients and build trust.

  • Use second shooters to help out on the big day.

  • Shoot a real wedding from start to finish.

  • Get the right lighting and pose your subjects.