Wedding Photography

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Previewing All the Images Part 1


Wedding Photography

Lesson 23 of 32

Previewing All the Images Part 1


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Previewing All the Images Part 1

what we're gonna do now is we're going to preview all the images what we will look through is just a chronological order of the date or both days and how I shot them we shot the first looked the day before that's what you will see in its entirety what they will get from their final edit and then we will start with um laura's preparation then we will go through the entire day and then at the very end you will see what I included of j d's photos into the final edit heat of course took amazing pictures that didn't make the the final edit because I had photos that looked too much alike I don't need to overwhelm the client with so many options I need to make that artistic decision and say I am choosing what I feel is the strongest representation if j these photos are stronger presentation his takes priority over mine what is including his that I don't have any possibility of getting our preparation pictures of billy most of time the guy preparation shots don't make the final slide show not ...

because they're not great or they're not interesting it's just that girls are more complex like I think billy got dressed in like ten minutes right it happened so fast so how it plays into the timeline really isn't all that great so this is where we started um this looks slightly different I think on my computer how I shot them the calibration of this is slightly a twinge darker but this is pretty much what you're doing this is pretty much um you're using I view I'm yes thank you thank you very much I am using my view this is what I used to view all my images um if I had a chance to go over and do it again I would definitely look into um photo mechanic I hear great things about one mechanic again and again however I've fallen into a system with a view and it just kind of states my workflow quite well so what I told you and I don't know if the cameras have picked up the time was during the first look I always try to position the gentleman in the area that I want him so I will bring I will escort the bride down to a certain point where I know she will no longer that where she won't be seen by him and I go over to him because this is the first time that I'm seeing billy on the day say hey billy how's it going I give him a hug and then what I do lawrence are you good okay what I do is I will snap photos of him and I say hey billy I'm gonna snap a few photos of you now yes I'm doing that but I already know by this time j d has plenty of photos of billy but what I'm doing is I'm getting my camera settings right here so instead of being like hold on I'm getting a camera settings this is a highly emotional moment I don't want him second guessing what I'm doing I'm turning to him and saying okay I wanna get a portrait so I get my settings exactly where I want them then I will go back I will tell laura hey it's time for the first look I will come back and get in the exact same position where I was because I know jd is not in my position I have my camera settings been ready to go so I don't know what's gonna be the best syl you'll see that I switched um lighting position it has had to compensate for it to make sure that you're making proper light compensations and that just comes a time yes meet um can you share uh just what stop using here yeah dad doesn't know it does e I hope it has it oh no on the arrow on this side I know it's not highlighted it's usually I don't know why it's not coming up even just from memory like about like three point five type thing no you wide open so no I'm probably shooting I think I remember was a two point two I think I'm pretty sure I'm on lee shooting one person at a time okay so you you focus like oh I know why it's not showing up okay this is what this is what'll do there we go please me to point to you please thank you word to your mom right there okay that is a two point two I'll leave this I'll leave um except data along beside um but you'll see this is it's really awesome on me here all my settings that was at three twenty I s o uh shooting with the fifty million fifty millimeter fixed one hundredth of a second no I don't know why but I just go two hundred two hundred four hundred eight hundred a thousand I wouldn't I wouldn't even think about going to three twenty I don't know why but what is it about well I felt like I didn't need I didn't need to go or I didn't want to go to four hundred if I didn't have to but but I knew that from testing my lights that the two hundred wasn't where it needed to be the thing that I liked was when I was shooting with the cannon twenty it only gave me the options of one hundred two hundred four hundred but when I had the options now with the five demark too and with the five d have those myriad of isis which is just a very nice luxury yeah but again there's no there's no right or wrong if I was shooting again if I was shooting at a four hundred I s so I probably would um compensate for maybe like one twenty fifth of a second so I'm so I feel like it's really important to not um t set up any type of situation like this of course is gonna have a bride and groom hold hands but when the bride and groom look through the series of photos as I'm shooting the first look I know that jamie will still get this safe shot and I will be able to get a different story of what's going on and so you'll see here that my settings aren't changing much because that's the luxury of shooting indoors people get afraid of shooting indoors but sometimes you know that your biggest ask your biggest liability could also be your biggest asset okay I just love this photo it's just it's just definitely um the moment and I talked to my dad last night and he said I was okay and I love my dad I never knew my dad had an accent and about until I was like seventeen under my friends really here that has the best accident was like my dad has an accent and I was like dad do you have an accent I don't know what they're talking about I don't know either but I was having my daddy's he was watching on the internet I was crying they saw each other yeah but I think that that's the moment you know so definite again my settings um changed slightly because what happened was I was shooting them along the side and here I am at one twenty fifth of a second and the lighting got direct on laura and I needed to make a quick adjustment to my shutter speed to compensate for that because I would lose too much of her skin so you'll see a lot that I'm changing quite a bit especially endorse I don't change my eyesight too much because I know indoors it's not gonna change but that might where I am in relation to my subjects and the light source changes so this is an entirely different mood and I think this is when I invited nate to come in and shoot if I'm not mistaken so he had the first shooter position I took the second shooter position and I wanted to challenge myself with what I could do I knew that we had a light set up in the room and I said okay can I get back light can I get like a rim light or side light and then still be able to use my natural lighting source so this is what I got and I really like because I know that I could pull that up in photo shop nice and then we get the strong lights as ambient lighting I just kinda feel like there's a ladder in the background and I still like it it was so much of her day I'm not gonna try to shy away from making it perfect it was what it wass and um assed bars ladders are concerned yes victoria rusty grate off the lottery right like this looks a little dark eh do you think yeah this is dark this is appearing darker than what I shot it but either way I'm not afraid to show it I will say though that even if I had shot at the stark running this through light room you can lift it make it brighter in an instant without without decorating anything else lucky for us she didn't have a lot of detail ing in her dress so I'm not going to be so concerned about losing you know little blizter beans or anything like this but I will say that you guys want to see the computer after for those guys in here it is shot so that their skin tones look exactly where we want them we believe you okay thank you but I like this photo I just like it like somebody had said something funny and it was just that's them when they're looking at the camera it's a pretty picture but I feel like this is more of a real picture and that's the ones that I think my clients will go through okay that's what I just I just love love love the lighting I love and here I'm shooting at one point two absolutely will I mean just look at the boca it just takes away everything else she looks just radiant and you're focused on her I'm focused on her eye because billy okay it would be difficult shooting at a one point to their both staring at me and they're not on the same focal plane but here his head is turned and of course I will probably be out of focus but that's okay cause his eyes turned towards laura it's not gonna be so out of focus is if he was standing three feet in front of her it's just it's a soft picture but it goes naturally where the eye wants to focus and I loved the red brick on the side it just does something different for the photo um so I I don't shy away from shadows I see shadows eaton in fashion photography I could have easily set up light from a different source teo expose her face for what I wanted it I won't do it in people will shoot with phil flash during ceremonies two I could easily shoot with phil flash but again that's not how I see life we see life and shadows and shadows I'm okay um you know embracing them here sorry can be flushed then wouldn't you I will use flash if it's like indoors and it's very dark but if it's an outdoor ceremony never no yeah I meant indoors because oh especially with for example on indian wedding you can be like you know inside a it's very crowded in everything around right crowded you need lloyd absolutely absolutely I mean I try to be I try not to be foolish about it I'm not to be like no no I will shoot this whole ceremony and at one point two thirty two hundred eyes so fortieth of a second that would be the worst possible thing I could do for the client I probably would shoot that intermittently of mixed mixed lighting of course and I'll show them how we did that during the reception um but yes and so I changed my focal point to be on billy because what did he do with laura I had her look out towards the window and her face is turned yes I she's clearly in focus but he is intact sharp focus these are the photos this is this goes back to the three words I know that I can make people laugh you guys were there it was stupid I was talking I was tripping over ladders I was nervous I was sweating we okay I really shouldn't say this but we have this code and sometimes when I talk too much and I lose control the situation we call it verbal diarrhea I had verbal diarrhea on this day I totally know but it's okay because I have billy laughing holding a bouquet and she's genuinely laughing and god she's showing off those jimmy choos right I mean really really really I just I'm okay with that um she falls into shadows and she's laughing um I like that photo to she's very expressive and anytime that you can leverage a true expression definitely do that again this is a little bit darker than what I had shot them but anytime she's facing that beautiful window light it just worked very well and it does kind of sort of look like studio lighting and in post if they had chosen this photo to go into their photo album I we'll lift certain portions of the shadowed portions of their face so that it really will emilia studio like situation so a lot of people shy away from putting their subjects at a distance to me it is far easier to put two people together and making kiss or hug what what is love love isn't merely translated through a kiss or a hug love is translated through a touch through security through confidence and being at a distance any time that we could lever jet artistically I definitely think we should and so this is what I said okay laura have a little bit of fun with me and there she was just laughing again I mean I would love to do like a trip dick in an album three pictures just next to each other of her just turning her dress around hold on a second ups I'm going fast sorry what is matter we have a ton of pictures um this light right here is just beautiful we solve all the detail in her dress and I'm shooting it at one point too still I change the lens to an eighty five I stayed in the exact same position this goes back to the ten by ten rule I don't think that position changed too much in relation to the light and so what happened here was that her arm was down and I liked the photo and it looked really sweet and girl next door and innocent and then this one took on a different more like protective soul tree look all we did was change her hand we went from all the way down to bring it halfway up so beautiful she looks so you are so beautiful in this photo um real quick let's just bring this up and so through eye view I have all the programs that I will open my um my photos my photos in and I'll show you what I would do in with this photo um again I want to clarify for those watching online um this isn't a photo shop class um if you're so concerned with photo shop then you're doing you're doing the wrong thing what I want you to walk away from is finding good light shooting good in the can and then using photoshopped as um uh you know where my actions just played my bun see that that's aaron uh to down that night that I wonder if all my uh yeah okay here we go way back yeah this is not all of them either okay so I'll tell you a story about the actions I went to w p I that big large photography conference in las vegas and I heard kevin cambodia the originator of kota actions speak and he was so moving I don't remember what he said but we were broke okay I just hurt my business I just got my twenty we had no money and then I was just I heard him speak and I was just like oh my god this guy could tell me gold plated horse and nora and I would buy it and he's like these air actions I don't know what actions were but I call jd and was like listen I don't know what he's selling but I'm gonna buy everything just like if you think this will make you better and it will totally make me better five hundred dollars later yeah I went through this phase and I'm gonna try every voter shop action which is a disastrous and it took me a second I probably went too three or four months of using every action in here on every block post it looks different different person did that long post for that day but what happened what happened was I had to take a step back and be like okay who am I and what do I want to do photo shop action should be salt to a really good meal it shouldn't be the meal in it and of it self so what I'm gonna do here I again and not photoshopped artist I probably won't be walking step by step I will be showing you step by step but I won't have really legit explanations what I'll do is basically my main concern for lighting is just to lighten certain areas of the photo for a nice fella picture I'll go down here to I don't know what this part is called I call it yang and yang whatever deal with go to the yang I opened a levels layer what this does is on the very left end is the blacks and on the very right end is the whites what I'm trying to toe lift are the shadows they simply move this over too and I'm looking just the shadowed portion of laura's skin it's probably a little too much I want to keep it a little natural purse okay and what this date is it light in the entire picture I'm gonna create an inverse of this which is command I I will bring out my brush tool I have this person be this is little tiny bracket but in right next to the p that makes the brush to a smaller all I'm doing is lightning just a small portion of the shadowed part of her skin it's not much well I will show you what I don't think I'm gonna touch his face because I kind of like just a little bit there a little bit here well there now it's not much but what we just did was that simple but what it kind of does a contoured her face and made the lighting a little bit more um equal so I would put shift command e to collapse my layers on here we go this is one that I um I probably would make black and white I don't know why I just would maybe so I just will one thing that I learned while playing with these textures is I mean text excuse me with these actions is I kind of like the black and white channel mixer but you'll see what's gonna happen if I press this channel mixer there's just this thing that yes it's beautiful on it's creamy but it's a little too artificial for my liking so what I'll do is I'll click on them background there I'll come to my union yang pil it I will go to saturation and I make sure that the saturation is beneath the actual action itself and you will see that if I drop the saturation that's what the photo looks like in a strict black and white so all this lift it so that kind of get a little bit of the a little bit of action so this is the action entirely that's a tiny it's still kind of kept the natural part of the picture the texture of the picture um I might dark and the edges just a bit and how I do that he's the burn tool which is oh the last letter no no no you see when you're giving your baby just to a client are you giving them like let's say you come personally to a black light do you give him both the black and white and color of the game is just in case they want a color that's great so what happens is um when I send the photos to photographer said it I have the option of letting photographers at it no what percentage of photos I would like in black and white I kind of felt get presented a problem because some of course the one photo in black and white they really wanted in color so I had to do that I could go back to the edit find it in color and then send it to them so now I have the entire edit done in color and then I explained my clients in the will you then have the option to print it in black and white color or whose cpo tripped out by sea pia to me it's just anything that's gonna allow them to have control over what they want and when they go through they pick their album photos there might be some spreads that just looks stronger black and white and if that's the case I explained my clients or where I have them request if they don't want looking like photos that's easily done so I might darken just a bit back here and you'll see that my brush twill set to you twenty for exposure I'm not trying to make it like those western pictures you know back in the days like those dark edges like nobody thinks we take pictures like that anymore you know it's totally okay so um that's it do you have any voice on because before I know what I kind of want with a black and white shot but sometime before I used to find it really tough but what do you kind of know that are that that should be in black and white there isn't a hard and fast rule it's like my parents said that they had five children and all of them seem like they came from different parents I have thirteen hundred children and they all seem like they're different and I will attribute different things to them at different points in time to me this black and white film a little bit stronger and it feels again a little bit editorial she looks like she's peering directly into the camera and I wanted to give it just a different vibe so these pictures would give in black and white yeah so I would after so what I'm gonna do is like after and we'll talk about this probably tomorrow because I'm just gonna keep it really already four forty two where did the time go I have no idea so I mean we're not even we're not waiting for the day like so so what I think what I what what I think and honest to god you guys I woke up and I set my foot down and I worked like it's not like I was out there why did dance a little bit fricking twitter sold me out but I got working on most of the most of the morning so um I would've come here earlier if I definitely if I could have so that's basically after after the edit is done I will edit the photos that I want to put in the slideshow they're all fully edited and then we'll upload that boulder and call it favorites and they will have an exact replica of that photo edited in light room later on throughout the day so but yeah that's probably that's definitely like a blonde photo I think so again I'm shooting at one point two I absolutely just love when girls so we were talking on the day adre specifically when she took the client's conveying this idea of strength and but barring this pose that barring that how do you mean a strength to me when laura if laura's hand was down it would be a different feeling laura's hand up gracing his shoulder conveys safety perhaps not strange but safety which could be a very different idea oh I think I went through away no no no oh sorry okay so again her laughing I just think she looks so cute laughing and again it's I know that I can make people laugh and any you will always see a laughing photo like I made I funny craig donate um yeah so any time I can make people laugh I definitely will keep those heads photos any tips on that I had a question from twitter and how you get people to laugh and they were watching me at the first look I clearly I'm not a professional last finger like it's just it's just me talking behind the camera and that was one thing that I think I had offered to meet if I remember he'd given them a really cute idea of billy kissing laura and he said okay billy kiss laura and billy kiss laura then he raised his camera to his eye and then shot what I think is a very good technique is keeping your camera above your eye at all times and talk them through the process you get ah lot more real nous and if things happen off the cough like if you were talking to them and this is happened I do in the beginning I would talk to them and engaging them like talk of the store and they would laugh and I would think oh shoot I should have I should have bought that picture when you keep your camera above your face and you're talking to them of course you look stupid but that's my job not to look cool my job is to make them look cool and just talking with them laughing with me you guys remember this was the okay come up to him like it's a summer given this summer camp hug okay that's what started as a summer camp hug but it eventually went to white bam hotness right she just simply turned away and this is when they flip the side and this is one victorious started shooting them I think or maybe meat I'm not sure or maybe not yet but we're still and so this is why I still kept this photo because both their faces are shadowed but I kind of like that effect I'm okay with it but then I did say okay well for safety sake I had laura look out towards the light again going back to the ten by ten getting a detail um this right here would be wonderful for the bright for the client but it goes exceptionally well for the florist the client in the forest likes the clients but she loves her work more that way we all do weigh all do nothing against that at all I actually did catch issue it makes the final at it just like us were part of the day like you know whatever look at that I'm here I just hated on you just like nate you keep both your eyes open and e was watching last night I was like you creepy very amble my like open um and so this is the kiss and again details details details details any time that I could get a vertical photo and then parent with something that's you know it's equal counterpart in a different scenario oh good plan there you are shooting someone outside I wasn't too wild about this area but whatever you know it was it wass detailed photos I like that photo yeah I get that okay look at how her face is here and then I had her turn her chin just a little bit not just give her a totally different feel so then with those shots when you're presenting them to the client because sometimes I know you know people like a certain sort of their face or something like that so that would you we give them those like the same shot with those two would you make the decision that you know that's how you look best or something you know I think that we are own worst critics in them the first year my first full year in two thousand seven actually had a bride email me after her engagement session and she said that she would have never chosen the pictures that I chose and she said it helped her realize that her faults or sometimes pretty and I felt like all of a sudden I felt like from two dozen seven I went like excuse me like balls to the wall I know what looks pretty you might think you have an ugly side I don't believe you haven't decide what I think you have is a fear so let me see if I can do that but sometimes there are girls like no I stand on the side I sent it to see if that's the case nothing argue but if I can stay in control of that I think it works better to my advantage and to their advantage such a really tricky situation just few weeks gushing couple of friends that both girls and you know uh there are together and they they just want some fun shots of them to hang out and then I made some selections and I love these shots and they were laughing they were cracking up and stuff like that and they were like are really like them but I don't like any shots of me smiling and I was like what you mean like you know there's great expressions like how do you do that cause I really wanted them to make you know the final okay so sometime okay so sometimes I see that people post laughing pictures on their blogged and it's not a good loving picture you have to learn that there's a difference in life and I don't know I don't know what your pictures I'm sure that there great I think you have good taste some girls might be a little bit more self conscious but I haven't had a bride say like oh I wish you'd put that laughing picture of me there are some hee haw laughs that I could never put out on the web and then there are just some like no scrunchie where they don't look beautiful but they look pretty you know like there's a difference there and I think it just comes with time comes with being selective it comes with actually getting to know girl so hang out more with girls like my biggest guys okay and so here is entirely differ feel what we simply did his walk across the street remember this is all where the dog poo wass whatever it was what it was the light was amazing I absolutely loved it I put her back to me because I needed to see the situation differently what we are always used to is having both our subjects face us I saw two years ago I was walking in a monica and I saw the new banana republican pain and I feel like it rocked my world her his poses directly at the camera hers was her back to the camera on her just her profile and I was like oh my lord rock my world I have to start seeing people backwards and she has a beautiful dress and it's something different of course she will turn around which is what we will get teo but it's different I prefer that arm because she's holding her dress I don't I don't think it's an easy thing to have a girl put her hand on her hand and I just feel like whoever what kind of girl do you know that sound like this besides pageant girls but if you gave her a if you give her a reason to hold her dress it looks like a little bit more authentic okay so I really really really like laughing pictures and that's a key huh I'm not gonna put that one out but she's gonna get in the edit it's her personal photo it was good enough to make the cut cut I won't put it in the block I find hope of that book I would put that look yeah it's different I'd put that one on the book that's the one actually that made this like joe and this is one such and took over look a beautiful light on their heads so he had I think a harder angle to work with he probably I don't know you might have had um mom um shadows I was able to put the sun right behind them and I think that was different look at that light again going back and applying the same principle that he did with the black and white photo just lifting their skin just with the left what just with the layers level I mean that right there would change this photo like entirely um yeah I don't think this would make up this probably wouldn't you guys will see like do you see that image and photoshopped versus the one that is an eye view that's the one in photo shop but better one is the one I took eso what will do again will just simply go down to the union yang pellet bring up a levels um tab I'll bring up their skin just right out there with inverse apple I brushed will be I will just go over the portion of their skin and I'm doing this rather quickly just for the sake of time and of course look at this area I'm not going over with the brush tool right here though that's later I'm not gonna light in that there's no sense in me doing that and of course like if I was if this is a studio photograph that would be a total wrong thing but this is outdoors and god bless me that light was hard right harsh so I'm totally happy that's a hot spot I'm going to deal with it whatever its life um there so I lifted their skin and so what you could see I just went over their skin and this is the before and that's after a very slight difference what a difference on the list now here's something weird so if I were tio okay if I weren't teo I'm just bring some sample cake if I were to make this photo black and white I'll just push ok which is not what I'm not doing well if you press this black and white enriching formula it'll give it like a slight hint of cbs light okay well what I did to it those because we knew we're shooting in ivy and it's that green effect I'll take away the black and white action and what it did was make that photo warmer I did it by accident one time and now I really like the tone ality that it brings out with through the action but this is a one hundred percent again it has a little cheeto effect I'm not gonna do that I never run any action regardless of how wonderful it is at a hundred percent that's totally novice and what you're doing is you're not trying to recreate a cobalt a picture you're trying to make a I am trying to make a jasmine's our picture prettier using a photo actions I'm not trying to get a cab ota picture I'll bring its capacity down teo just a little warm just a tiny little warrant this is a different photo they're great they're nothing much but enough just to flavour and taste it and I'm some people light in photos through levels for curbs I am going to try curves and I know there's a right way to using hers I know there is I don't know what it is and quite also don't care this is this right here is the black portion of the picture this is the white portion of picture ah perfect picture supposedly I once heard is if you can get an s curve you want to make an s curve something like that what was not like that but if you had a pretty picture something like that okay I don't really care about that I will come over here I will make a curves there I know people who are good at photo shop were being like this girl's a hot mess I don't give a rip don't please don't tell me how to do it right because I don't need it I only make my curve and and then in this lower quadrant I only ever make my s curves in this little project because I'm controlling the blacks I used curves toe lightning picture so warming to go directly to where the source of my issue is ah light tiny baby esseker there's no right or wrong way to do it love love love love of okay here's what we did ma'am okay I'm gonna collapse it command shift e what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna target if you see that small little hes at the bottom not a big deal but I'm gonna darken it using my brush I could control light okay so what we did was I will take you to the original photo right which we kind of all thought was okay when we started we're like okay but again if I ran this photo through light room it would it would yield very similar result of course it's fine tuned to photo shop it's selective it's prettier but it is what it iss I'm completely happy with that photo small changes and this if I wasn't narrating this um fine tuning would take me less than a minute for the photo because I've done it so many times but again it's not too complex either I'm not doing so much besides the dod the dodging and burning that's like the most complex as it as it gets so did you do this for the slide show then you worry about the skin tones you know because I mean clearly that's not the photo you know that we saw in photoshopped the one sean thought sod photo shop was fine it was good enough to go on the web definitely I thought you guys were like no eso this is when I asked the couple to go over by what I like to refer to as the vineyard which was just it was just the storage bin for the lawnmower but besides the barbed wire ok fine the barb where I give it probably the hottest thing but again there in the little spaces I like it and given our parameters given what we were given given that we were in a factory in a factory district on poo stained grass I'm really freaking happy with the photo and given what we're given again the light that came through you'll see and when she turns back at him I had them both look at me I got my camera settings where it was and then I asked him to look at each other cheese bill I'm not asking them to really turn but when they look at each other I know from experience and just from real life if I was wearing this way and janey's turn this way now look each other I would look at him I wouldn't go like I would laugh it's silly you wait anticipate the laugh that's a big thing that we do as photographers and I was trying to avoid um I was trying to crop again goes back to selective cropping I didn't really want anything over the ivy because it was a building back there and it revealed that it wasn't as idyllic as I wanted it to be um I love that photo I probably will put it maybe like block but definitely saijo I mean she was just laughing and again it goes back to what I can dio with my plans that other people cannot beautiful beautiful beautiful stinking light this location is in podunk u s a right I mean no seattle is not oh no oh my god oh my god I'm speaking in seattle on monday what I am saying what I think you're gonna come at me with pitchforks what I am saying is this location it exists anywhere in the united states even in podunk usa what we were given yesterday was not an over the top opulent wedding what we were given was a bride in a coordinator who worked really really hard at personalizing and empty space that is the typical american wedding I have been afforded the luxury to not shoot so many of those although I wish that I could I love that I feel like it it challenges me I will get it brings up the better part of my photography skills versus walking into a room that is absolutely breathtaking it all put together that it's ah it's harder in a different respect but um I like this and I wish I had given more opportunity um again always always get a nice single shot of the bright that's what editors really really really love and geiser you guys are cute but girls are hot and you definitely look at her car right again all I would do in this photo would lift her skin and maybe bouncing a little bit of um balance because there's a lot of green I mean look at those eyes like our great she gives you those eyes again this is darker on what it appears on the monitor I'm given the situation like you are I was in control of the light so right here is just a nice classic picture oh then the light came out from behind her I would definitely again just lighten her skin pop a little bit of that black white enrichment maybe curves maybe but um fill light right here in the light right there perfect beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful now these are um some of my favorite from the session and this is what billy I put together the sideshow last night yes sorry um I particular this lighter last night and I put this picture straight out no edit and billy said that this is what they're going to make as their wall canvas in their home thiss was an ellie there was traveling I think I pretty sure there's trash there's probably dirty diaper somewhere in there too I her away it is what it is it's not the ellie it's the light geez give me pretty light and I'm gonna work a little bit more towards that it had rained earlier that dance we all know and so I took a picture of them in the puddle it might not be the best picture in the puddle zach areas probably much better poto poto little pictures pictures I didn't have any light but given what I was given what I would do in this photo is of exactly don't show you would actually probably flip it now just lighting them using my levels I would maybe darken the adage is a member until maybe pop a little with my curt s curves people I don't know much but I know enough just to get me by this is the photo that I'm gonna edit this is the photo that they put in this light show and once I know I have a solid light source which is right here like oh my like oh like my god this is diffused beautiful light um what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna capitalize on the line and how I would capitalize on the light is by simply dodging and burning areas that I want highlighted and areas that I want muted what I'm gonna do my big granddaddy seeker sauce is simply uh what I went doing down here thinking and yang I'm going to live their skin and can I keep them laughing at me because I know that there's a right way to call it it has the right name I'm sure I refuse I like my living doing that because way using yin yang I was thinking I should have patented okay mental note um so I have my levels I have my levels there I'm going teo inverse it command I bring out my brush tool b what am I gonna go over I'm gonna use my bracket right here next to the p to make my first tool smaller of course um why would probably you know take a little bit more time if I wasn't so nervous with a thousand people watching on the internet I might lighten okay just little bit a light and just her exposed skin are areas that I feel like I need to be um lytton and so I will show you what I just did this is after its before slight slight slight changes but already bear receive them popping off the screen so because I'm familiar with with um capote's actions I'm going to show you what one I probably would use it's a great area already so if I run like a cross process action on it it's going to bring up its heavy butte blue hues which is what I want I actually prefer kevin kevin cross process combo so that's funky and so I've actually seen photographers were on that at its all funky blue hue I would never do that I'm gonna um bring it back down so that's just light a slight slight slight effect thirteen percent what it just did was balance a little bit of color you bring out a little funk defied it's just not straight at the camera what I will do to light in the photo again come to my curves um gosh I think that mexican is not settling well with me and sorry okay okay dang tortillas okay I'm gonna get my esper bring it just a bit press ok now I lighting the whole photo great so now I have this portion of the screen lighter but I don't want all of that so I'm gonna um I'm gonna come over here I'm gonna flatten my image to bring out the burn tool which is oh the shortcut I'm a huge believer into our cut's gonna manipulate the light just gonna and I'm going at my brush willis said at twenty four I'm not again I will like I like to control a little bit of where my life is going I'm not going anywhere up in the upper right hand corner that's my light source I don't want to diminish the light source I actually want teo enhance it and I actually think that bright that could be here um white l any change something okay this right here is the clone this area right here I actually believe that that's a true ai sword and ice are enough for me doing it I should have moved it I know this is that is that the novice take but because I feel like this would go on my vlog or anything that would go into their album I simply click the bolt key goal right quick quick minute fixed but whatever course great this is the final product uh and product this is what we began with right and you'll find I was good before saying it was his eye that's the end product so all we did was manipulate really good lighten every photo that I've shown so far was just a manipulation of good light I'm not a photo shop for but this is what I do and I actually quite frankly don't want to spend forever editing photos but you will likely see that photo definitely on the block that's a q u I like that one because she looks like that's such an inappropriate thing and that's what I really like yeah knowing them right that's so them though so I concluded that when I usually don't ever include photos where I flick the girl looks ugly but she was so expressive and I think that she would probably find that funny but again it's just laura so this is the area I wanted because I wanted to use that ivy craig oh the cursor okay um I'm running out of time is already five for its before we're going yeah we're going all right I'm like so bored with myself okay you're the only one okay so um e wanted to work on this idea because I don't have this in orange county and I really don't really have this in los angeles when we have a lease we just have ali's here in seattle you guys are so booze you guys have have ivy on it so I wanted to do this because it makes me it makes my portfolio different I mean just look at how gorge I mean just gorge again I get seriously show you what I would do in photo shop every single time with ease but we just clearly you do not have time what I would do was I would tell you you bring up my king and yang palate I left the layers I do an inverse I go over it with like that and because we're a lot of green and a lot of great I don't know if I would use the cross process it would just make very blue I might use the black and white enrichment I might use an eighty one k warmer which is another okamoto action that one's how I controlled my white balance but you guys are seeing what I'm getting out of camera people always say what are you shooting with one hundred percent auto white balance cannon on my five demark team has got it done good so I'm okay I trust them I trust them to do a better job managing my balance and I would so there you have it cute cute she looks there's billy now how cool what I love to see a double check spread open up the album and on one side we have laura well I think you and billy lee thank you cute albums bread album spread element's threat always thinking about the result and again I would probably showcase that may be on the in this light show or on the block because you have to show clients what they don't know they want this is when audrey took over with shooting and I'm glad she did because we were able to get some outside shots of theo in a different environment and I felt like her style was so different from my style which is like just obnoxiously blatant she has a softer appeal to her that allowed me more diversity my portfolio that's not oppose that I would get naturally um so thank you for that again details small tiny details her dress isn't perfect I like that I kind of find uh nearly perfected photos annoying sorry teaches own now we started um on the wedding day this is where audrey nate and the less we'll have um I think it's twitter handle excuse me we'll have very similar photos so her dress has already set up on the stand if it was in another situation I probably wouldn't move it but one the light was great on it I didn't really have another option we weren't in the hotel room I didn't have another location people were working in chase's studio then they had this exposed concrete wall and it wasn't true I want to get her white dress against a concrete wall because there's nowhere safe to hang it then we had the bathroom option and then we had there seating area with his big wide open window that was a light source and they didn't have anywhere to hang it there so I took what I had and I tried to make it work but I did who's there stephanie was there when I um tried moving the dress just a bit to get away from things that were around it like a steamer like some of the other dresses and um I had a camera following me around during this time so I am if you guys want to watch the replay to um this I'd get a full length of the dress remember this is a simple walk through of what I talked about two days ago I get a fully get halfway to get details get horizontal convertible slam bam got to get them all make sure that she has all her options I'm shooting all of these with the fifty um that's one that he used for the sideshow I loved loved the negative space might not be it might not be the best fit for the bride I understand that but it goes back to an idea that I'm gonna talk about tomorrow which is shooting for the bride in mind and then shooting for yourself there has to be a balance if you want to truly thrive and stay within the industry because if you continuously feel like you're selling out to the client you're gonna burn yourself out because you feel like I got into this to be creative and yet I'm only ever thinking about the bottom about the end result for the client shoot for them and also shoot yourself um that we have the choose goes back again down to styling I've seen other photographers who are far better stylists than I am I know this but it's something that I constantly am thinking you could just get the pair of shoes and put it on the floor and shoot them in such manner and that's fine but I want to make a little bit out of my way so I'm always thinking too in relation to where she was preparing and where she got married the album will tell the whole story but chase's studio is so the modernity in his studio so striking and then you have that old eclectic antique feel of of theo how could we marry the two so I had to make sure that I was getting shots like I think that this shot although it's lightly modern it could still work applicable applicable in an album and then I shot something for myself which was against like corrugated steel which is what I prefer any time that it can get something very feminine and light and put it in and juxtapose it with something not as tradition is pretty is what I'll dio again just shooting it um I had I have the window light illuminating all of my detailed photos um I used his green chair I simply placed the shoes on top of the green chair I scorch beneath it green chair and I shot up again it's taking a really small area and of course like who does a girl wants to you know her she's like glorified in this position she might not choose it for her album but again shooting a little for the client in shooting a little bit for me this is my photo I wanted to shoot again something feminine that doesn't really belong on a corrugated or isn't coordinate so it's just metal door on you know unlocks she probably won't choose that as to tell the story of her wedding day I think she might choose the darker mahogany fuel for those photos but these ends are for me and it'll go on her head in islam so I shot tighter and then I shall be whiter than a vertical again because I'm always thinking I actually like the position of the lock in the photo um this is probably what I would submit as uh june bug has been so gracious to feature the wedding so I had to make sure that I was thinking of how detailed photos woodwork and wedding bloggers and magazine editorial magazine editors prefer vertical pictures detailed photos I tried to combine as many details as possible that makes sense because the bride's not gonna choose three separate photos one for her purse one for carter won for the ring if you combine all three it makes more sense in the album later and editors actually prefer so I shot a horizontal I shot a close up detail and then I shot a vertical very very very concentrated but we spoke about this the day before hearings combining of those types of details I didn't want to combine the gold details with the silver details because that's faux pas any girl knows that you don't wear zoomer and cole um the rings put on my macro lens I keep always fora safe shot of the rings I will shoot the same shot which is in the case that's what everybody gets and nose um but an aerial view and a side view vertical horizontal then I incorporated the field box because remember I shot that I shot the safe shots for the client that I shoot the theo shots for me and I also shooting even for the magazine editor for in this case um june bug they're gonna want something that incorporates all the details of day so again I shot vertical washout horizontal shot mariel um I actually like that her bridesmaids didn't wear all this undressed so I got details shots of this and this isn't okay photo but lame o me I should've moved this I just didn't see it in the frame and I'm lame but this one is a photo that I actually prefer to me it just says more about the day ah her veil I don't know how to shoot their veils very well I really don't I don't believe get veils like you how do you do but I actually liked that I shot this bill shot for me um I gotta save shot for her too but I actually like that photo and then I so creatively put the veil on the metal door watching you go with my creativity okay so here we have mixed lighting um but I like it outdoor I mean outside of that metal door it's natural lighting and inside it's tungsten lighting so of course my present an issue later but it was what it was she was there she was sitting in a red room with tungsten lighting you're going to look orange she knows that and most clients don't even realize it I just think she looks so pretty there part of the problem though was that I had to find a way when I actually wanted her hair south in the photo because his body was covering the toilet that was one thing I just didn't like and I actually made mention of it while we're from like good plan look at that kind of looks cool though when he x covering it this kind of figure looks cool when you see her friends are you getting her hair done here it's a it's a picture any time that you could put a subject between you and your end is subject makes it a little bit more voyeuristic so these are all like just save shots the shots that I know that my bride needs oh that's a detail shot that's her actual her iphone that I had seen that buzzed out and that is actually billy he's dropped up so you know it might not mean a lot to her now but I really do think that twenty years from now when she looks that photo it's gonna remind her of a different place in time I like that photo because she just looked so cute you know she doesn't it's not traditional cute but she looks so q I always make sure I get detail shots that's her mom that's her bridesmaid that's another bridesmaid these air not spectacular photos but they're all gonna mean something so much to laura detail shot put on twenty four this is a gift that billy gave laura so I intercepted it from amanda her sister in law took photos of it before she got it and this is a photo that I ended up putting in hopes I'm again she's just getting her veil in nothing spectacular but it's just crying it's just going over her day I like this photo I turned this photo into black and white on the side joe because I had a thing with bride's feet you know they're not in their glorious jimmy shoes she's a little tattoo she's in flip flops that's laura and just like that that was her in her vows a snagged her valves I got pictures of that I'd like those photos that I am just silly laura and that I really really really like that picture I ended up turning black and white for the title again just her hanging out with the girls this is her getting her gift the lighting was a hot mess right here but I actually likes how the lighting picked up on her all the whole time e okay I actually let that voted because billy left the price tag on it just like that so billy so billy lee the price tag but I left it in there that was her you know I mean totally her way and seriously cheese service if I could shoot you know wedding prep in his studio every weekend oh I'll be so happy girl like you just look everything like this photo I didn't have to do anything to it no as I spoke to the camera yesterday I explained that I get detail random detail shots because they act as in and lays between the slide show because I could go from laura getting her hair to her make up done easy but what makes it a stronger telling story pieces if she's getting her hair done then I flash this detail of her makeup and then I go directly into oh don't shout a few more make it shuts oh and then I shot her gift these are just random details that probably wouldn't go anywhere else except as posterity for her if she took time to wrap it with all those cute bows and write their names on them I'm getting a photo vertical and horizontal all the reactions of the girl's getting them her anything out actually like that put a lot I don't know why I think it tells a story it's just there's like h and m bag and then her wedding dress they think it and that's billy sister that's her maid of honor I like that I just there was something about the photo but I saw that photo in advance I waited they can't import my poor camera girl she's saying it's like what is this go away for I just stood there and stood there and stood there I had the time I had the luxury to do it are we are we really gonna go oh this is me trying to be artistic like silhouettes are so cool I was clearly a much better with light but whatever it is what it is maybe laura will take you into photoshopping do some cool um oh I like that one because it had the dress the backroom again I'm trying to be hubertus it go me um this is the photo that I used in the slide show I don't know that's just that right there is a tight shot it seems like you can come out of a fashion magazine of a profit of a prep shot of going into editorial that's kind of like the rule that I use so there's no flash no flash oh my for internet this internet have questions let's take a question from the internet I know there's a ton right now I'm sure how how flamboyant ofmy seo if there is a question I don't want anybody hanging you know what I think I think everyone has been engrossed in wanting to see the photos ok and so I think that that's great great you can talk to me with your eyes and I wasn't sure if you were okay ok ok but look at this like oh she looks a little wondering if I'm going to slow yeah get on it wait this's what people want to see this is why I just feel like I'm foreign every day no this's the behind the scenes that nobody can get okay so I shot this with eighty five it's a beautiful beautiful portrait lens I was shooting it at a one point two we're shooting and I saw one hundred and three twenty I mean twenty five seconds clearly it's not something I would traditionally want to keep but I can't help there's just something about it that I really believe that this is me trying the artistic again I don't know like I sometimes feel like oh doesn't you're just frightened that's not really you but whatever if she appreciates it is what it is mr mom okay so I would never keep this photo I shouldn't get stopped here I don't like the photos where the girls look silly but I just kept it because laura's a photographer and she might wonder what happened to that bet that you know the order and picture I don't know what happened here was we had originally slated to have thirty minutes of shooting billy and laura and chases studio and I called it I called it to the camera her mom says I'm gonna go to the hotel I'll be back in five minutes her she leaves and I was just like are you sure you have to go and she's like she had to take back something and I turn the camera I was like this is where we lose all the time of billion laura shooting and she's a studio what happens her mom comes back and her mom isn't even dressed I asked all of the girls please get dressed and her mom it's not even thinking about it but when she looks back at the pictures she's going to wish that she looked nice because those are the moments of her getting into her baby girl into her wedding dress I specifically requested it but there's nothing that I could do I had asked for it twice I'd wonder please don't go and what happens we got derailed by the timeline twenty five minutes which left me and so then at sarah comes up to me just like are you ready to go and I'm just like hold up way haven't even shot in chase's studio and so she gave me an extra five minutes so five minutes plus five minutes I had ten minutes in the studio which I didn't really get anything great but whatever it is what it is oh sorry um but again again I don't ever really include in the edit anything that is inappropriate to be sean online unless the girl is so confident laura said I'm not modest either way I'm still I can include anything like that in the end it again I specifically asked I had cleared who was there with me um audrey we cleared the area there was bags along the margins clear the area of anything in the background so look at how pretty that photos it would have lost its value it would have looked cheap if he had left that each name bag if we had left like saira from feeling or sandals in a back room cleared all out center in the perfect light and then let let what happens happens just yes just oscar how much off when you're actually there uh do you kind of say you know slow down stop this stuff just really for this shot and I need to you might explain yeah okay really I find that sometimes tough if I feel like I didn't get anything I might ask for it but did she not get dressed so fast I should and I didn't hear you say well maybe once said oh with the shoes so can you do that again but that's the only time otherwise you just let it couldn't I just feel like the only time I want to be noticed is when their direct when their direction is on me this is a huge moment for her her mom her friends the last thing I need to do is oh can you come back with you and pretend to zipper up because you know the hand motions they're like they look fake it's not a photo that you're gonna really even put out on the internet anyway so uh not just pretty pretty pretty light you know um I missed it I missed living but I got that photo and I'm okay with it I'm not gonna ask somebody to go back to it like that but I like that one better oh darn it I'm so bad at that okay that's actually the photo that made it into a sideshow and it's funny though because people often ask me um you know when you go through your initial cold for the evening slide show what photos actually make the religious slideshow I'm more than ninety percent like what appeals to me on the first run through quickly quickly quickly is what appeals to me on the second time through when I have all the time in the world to actually go through and laura and she put actually on her most girls want to put their hearings on have somebody put their areas on for the bracelet she wanted amir before she got into a dress but all her details on so I didn't get any of those detail voters that usually get but whatever I fired through what I was able to fire through end I'm shooting all of these in a one point two I'm sorry but when you shoot something at one point two the this is a pretty picture nothing spectacular but it but it tells so much of the story I like how there's like deodorant and nail polish remover and her bags and here she is on failing these are her rings her last minute touch ups her very good friend from college right here in the picture it's what isthe few details and here she is billy coming into her for the second time so this is the second first look but she didn't want to have any formalities it wasn't half as emotional as the first one because she had already experienced and she actually wanted to leave that experience intact so here she is just excited on her wedding day to see billy and again good good light I shot this at one point to the pressure for me was off because I knew that I had the the shots from the day before now it's like now it's time to shoot for me I have shots for her now it's just gonna be fun pretty pretty pretty light pretty gorgeous like and here this is not my shiny because of work whatever but it's good light and I had five minutes and so they wanted to practice the first dance they're still cute I mean whatever it is what it is and then I put them here and these pictures totally didn't work but I knew that I put them there so I had to put like a couple in the final edit s so whatever I'm not gonna lie I mean like really like nothing is attacking with that photo but she knew I went there so I'm like okay well

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