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Wedding Photography

Lesson 9 of 32

Shoot: Laura & Billy First Look


Wedding Photography

Lesson 9 of 32

Shoot: Laura & Billy First Look


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Shoot: Laura & Billy First Look

first of all how cool is that that were sitting in here in this in a chocolate factory thanks to you stream broadcasting worldwide I'm very grateful for everything thank you so much also I guess they're a big cross section of people that have been tuned in for over a day now day and a half as we're watching creative live host jasmine start to shoot the wedding that is basically being broadcast all over the world right now of laura and billy I'm chase jarvis one of the founders of creative live and my partner creeks wants is over there how's it going craig um we wanted to welcome I understand we've been trending on twitter and we're on the front page of you stream right now and so there's a whole bunch of new folks tuning in I wanted to thank you all very much and welcome you to creative live which is a worldwide live free platform for creative education photography design uhm painting drawing soon to be cooking and all kinds of other stuff it brings us great pleasure to be able to broa...

dcast this live free anywhere in the world on dh I'm standing here in the middle the chocolate factory for again those of you who haven't been tuned in we are shooting jasmine star is shooting a live wedding tomorrow today is a huge prep today basically we're getting to know the bride and groom a little bit we're getting a bunch of looks and education from jasmine and then tomorrow is is a huge day the biggest day of their lives for a billion laura they're actually getting married and that's going to broadcast for nine hours or something tomorrow so um welcome if you're new please stick around you're going to learn a ton from jasmine and and then you're going to get to watch a live wedding which is an amazing thing I want to take one second and introduce the groom billy come on in for a second I think you ready miked up right I am sweet man congratulations thank you thanks for dressing up for the occasion chase thanks it's always making me look bad you know I mean he had brown shoes on a second ago so I caught him before no um you look like a million bucks you're getting married tomorrow tomorrow's arguably one of the most important days of your life and you're going to be photographed by one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world jasmine start I'm just about to kind of reintroduce atop the top I mean what's going on in your brain right now this is an amazing thing and the world's gonna watch yeah I mean obviously there's there's just a ton of emotions going on I mean there's a lot of nervousness you know there's a lot of excitement um but I mean I think like we said in our initial video starting this up laura and I are ready to get married I mean we wanted to do something that was completely unique we thought creative live was a great platform for that so we're here now and we're ready to do it was cool that you guys kind of won the contest the video guys submitted it was was and blew the doors off of off of so many other videos that came in it was really cool it made a big impact and jasmine and then creative life crew selected you guys for a reason again as the founder I guess of creative life which is weird I guess I'm a photographer and a director and tow have created some education thing that's going out in the world it trips me out but you all have taken this thing and run way further than we ever thought was possible so thank you from us and and on your wedding day tomorrow I'll be I'll be backstage root me on and congratulations e I want you to hang out with me just for a second here I want you jay star jasmine star come on dear come here on this side of me if you would first of all kind of great to see you again one of the best wedding photographers in the world on a live stage what's what's going through your brain right now this has got to be I mean I know you blew it away everything out of the wire yesterday today we're doing kind of ah bunch of actual photographer were in the studio yesterday and then tomorrow the wedding can you like what's happening in your brain you know well my heart right now is my brain so I'm pretty sure the mike couldn't pick up help fast my heart is beating like you think I'm not more nervous than billy but really right now what it is it it's not about the photography is not about the video crew it's just about billion laura and he never will look at that so I want to make sure that this experience is that was true is it can be given the situation in michael today is not to teach it's to merely to show to show how I shoot people because up until this point I have been teaching and now it's time to put the like the pedal to the metal is that it okay I'm bad with english idioms no but basically I just want to show what we do and I want to give the students the opportunity to shoot as well but right now my main goal is just to get laura and billy's arms because she looks radiance and you look amazing as the art director after we do this I'll probably have you take off your mike I like that that's not really no no no that's that's great and again there's a bunch of students here that are participating the class they're looking on photographing and you said you're not teaching but the folks online and the folks here in the studio are in our venue here are learning a ton from you so thanks a lot for me too you and huge congratulations to you guys and I understand we're going to get this is the lead into you starting to shoot and then we get a first look basically we're going to see the bride laura here at any minute yes so for those who are not familiar with that first look is is when the bride and groom will see each other before the ceremony and usually typically this happens on the wedding day but because billion laura are so amazing truly they said that we're willing to come a day before and experiences teo better benefit everybody who's online to benefit the students I feel like it's the biggest sacrifice of love but I feel like it just shows the type of people that the kind of people they are so that they want to do well sweet I am going to that further do say thank you again welcome all the folks who are since we're trending on twitter and and on the front page of you stream which is just trips me out but I don't understand welcome police to ground love creative live on dh enjoy the wedding of billy and laura and take it away thank you all right good luck guys thanks okay so we will pick us up the same way the class has been I really guys like the key amos aren't here the video cameras aren't here this moment is just for billy and laura one hundred percent laura has been gracious enough to let everybody stay in but I'm gonna ask if everybody can kind of school back just a little bit I want them to breathe relax everybody will have an opportunity to shoot a promise and uh we'll take this so billy if you don't mind just get a couple shots just of you so if you can see a little bit this way awesome so what I'm looking for now is I have this beautiful window light coming in and we have some nice ambient light that's around from the room that's been from the video light can you take a couple steps this way great and can you turn your body out towards turn it like this a little bit like that when you put your hand in your pocket your right hand and then stick your thumb out of your right hand your left hand your other right hand nice nice good great so right now my settings are two point two at two hundred and three twenty I'm changing it to four hundred four speed good billy if you could just look here at me nice turn your face toward me a nice chin down just a bit you deal belly how you feeling good of course of course can you look out the window for me nice can you look at jd looking good there looking good nice what I mean is you now is I'm gonna go talk so laura laura is waiting outside for her first look in what I just did right now was I got my camera settings billy is facing the window and so what I'm doing is I got my camera settings for when she walks in I'm not gonna be stressed out from where my camera readings will be I will then fluctuate my camera settings as the light changes as adjusted right now and will compensate for it then stay it's like just in time I know I know okay uh look sometime really does take a deep breath and enjoy it like so can you do you want your bouquet no okay you can just follow me like in ten seconds and enjoy it and if you want to pick up your dress you can there's no right or wrong you guys just hear things and take however long you want to be seen here there's no way space is that your girlfriend if you can get on the opposite side of the withdrawal wait what time I teach you hey tio good congratulations tickety has started and it is maybe so much this is gonna be I promise you guys wanna rock this out take a deep breath if you need a break take a right you break okay if you're happy then I'm happy good are you ready okay you gave me the little I'm ready okay so what just happened for those because it came very it became very quiet we wanted that moment just for you guys for everybody watching internet what army concern was between myself and jd who is my second shooter is that we are trying to focus on one of two people at all times when when laura walked in I was focusing on billy and I had established with jd that he was in be focusing on laura when we flipped I made sure that I moved to one side and jd moved to another having that communication with your second shooter established in advance is what makes a shoot like that an intimate shoe like that so advantageous so what we're going to do now is we're gonna go back teo something that I spoke about in the beginning the class which was shooting and tight areas this is a gorgeous menu but they're still trying to set up for tomorrow's were limited in space so let's see if we can shoot ten different poses in a ten by ten square and I am so hot right now like are you maybe I mean I don't know I'm having heat flashes I'm gonna take off my jacket and so we're gonna shoot and we're gonna bring the students in I know that billy had the opportunity to meet most of them but they're going to be shooting probably with longer lenses j d and I will be towards the front will be shooting off to the sides and then we're gonna have an opportunity for them to shoot you guys too okay great yes I know I noticed I noticed okay oh don't say that okay laura we haven't a camera laura said she's gonna lay on the floor for me so any time a client says that she's a million the floor she's gonna lay before I mean I love it I love it I love it okay so in the beginning clients are a little bit stiff and they're not is warmed up so it's my job to make them comfortable you guys my students please come in this is this is all for you guys to so please like I love it love it love it if you guys have questions your questions will most likely emulate the questions that are going on the internet so you guys just do what you do save you can stay in this perimeter right here right here so we can all kind of use a similar lighting so we have set up right now we have ambient light's coming from the ceiling and we also this gorgeous window light I'm going to see if I could leverage the window light and we're gonna do the ten poses so ten by ten but my job is to try to make them comfortable in the beginning my goal is just to get classic pictures let them loosen up and I wouldn't of course be narrating this this whole thing but laura has been gracious to volunteer time so she knows in advance and I'm going to explaining what I'm doing when I'm looking for it so billy if you could just lift up laura's dress every time you get close to her and then drop the dress over your shoes so you can get nice and close without stepping on the dress and laura you're gonna be just like that and billy if you could put your arms around her waist that kind of gives a very slimming effects to girls now what happens here is that laura is going to fall in billy shadow because the light the main light source which is the window aside from the side is going to be at the back of her head so I'm gonna angle myself so that billy is getting the most natural light oh you can't do a cute stop no kid stuff until I'm ready no I'm just kidding kids kids kids I love it absolutely love it and what happens is that laura's hand is just hanging here like a loose appendage always make sure that the body forms are looking what they want you want them to do something about your hair that's gonna be on her hands will be here in his chest will be under space I'm gonna coach them through but always being aware of what is happening with arms of yours oh and just like that let's just do a nice classic pose and also if they're okay celeste is getting the bouquet so remember I spoke yesterday or actually spoke online with chase about the classic classic picture that you need every couple needs just a classic portrait so you can turn this way so what I'm doing is I'm turning towards one delight so they can all be safely illuminated I'm to be shooting at an f three point five because I want everybody to be um focus how is it is it okay okay okay beautiful right so this is going to be too safe portrait time I'm gonna be shooting three twenty f three five and I'm going to see what my shutter speed o god you guys look uh stunning and I met a two fifty shutter speed three point five aperture three twenty s o and two and two fifty shutter speed beautiful and actually lord don't push your head again police fate yet beautiful there's a little tiny love good beautiful and you guys look at each other love good and then laura look at me and billy can you lightly kiss her cheek good uh love billy can you look at g d can you look at jd okay laura can you look at jd sorry and billy can you lean in and kiss her I I love good beautiful ok this right there love love good no laura can you look off in that direction maybe it's good okay so what's happening now is that had more looking this direction but there became this this space here that just didn't seem natural so what I have to do is I'm gonna have billy's body come in so laura's or I'm gonna have laura lean back but I kind of like this regal look she's a beautiful profile so wanna accentuate that using the natural light only using that main light source that's going to be the mean thing and how can you lead them ok on him so it just looks a little bit yeah because anything she's holding it's gonna stiff in her arm beautiful oh I love I'm gonna change the aperture because I'm no longer going to be shooting um a portrait and I like to shoot wide open so why don't I do that now lucia what opened his chute to it a one point two and I'ma change my shutter speed to compensate to compensate for it okay my settings and if you guys if I forget to tell my settings please let me know I'm getting it a one point teo won one thousand shutter speed in three twenty beautiful and billy can you kind of lean in because I'm showing it a one point two I have very uh very little margin of air so want billy to turn his face toward laura beautiful lord and turn in this way and then I'm gonna have him just can you just lean in and kiss were ever hurt yes wherever your mouth lies oh I love gorgeous gorgeous now laura look at me at a girl of good love it good I know I'm being annoying when I'm shooting I totally know it I'm being vocal and being allowed but subjects are not used to being photographed it's my job to do whatever I can to not make them feel alone if your photographer and you love what your clients are doing you have to make sure that they know that they're doing a job in whatever form that comes and I'm looking at cameras and maybe that night what cameron supposed to talk tio is that okay I mean what camera and that one okay now I know ok good so what just happened here I got three different poses three different poses in a matter of seconds but we haven't even started the ten by ten so let's see if we can count down the ten by ten together so off the top of my mind I don't know philly I mean have you come here hand in your pocket this way yeah just like what what's the most comfortable good just like that are some laura come out this way beautiful if this is you ok I want it right about here but I don't want your body angle directly at me I want it tilted just a little bit out but I want to keep your face here back up just a bit so what happens is I am not putting billy directly behind laura because he will fall in her shadow I'm putting him slightly out light right about here and he gets his own line she gets her own light I'm gonna change my aperture can I back up guys I'm sorry how is my class doing I'm I'm sorry guys I am I leaving you behind here okay you guys can talk to like there's no right or wrong whatsoever so what happens is laura's a face is falling in a shadow because I don't have any compensating light now they don't bring in reflectors someone have laura bring out your face just a tiny bit I don't care for there's a little bit of shadow but if it's a distinct one eye's eliminated one eye's not on laura you just look like elizabeth ethan gorge I just can't handle this I love it beautiful so that we have one post so I have to keep it real and let me know like if I'm falling short so here's one gorge but beautiful really can I have you here good if laura is looking at judy I want billy we're working at two different things again that's not one of the ten poses that's just something else and jd will add as fodder so billy can you hold on okay hold however is comfortable for you and laura judy can hold us great can I have you pick up your dress I want to see your shoes could glam those air some sure that's right that's right okay what what what what do your shoes what brand what you were going to meet you that's why I kind of figured why my bride like those shoes if she has been I don't know how much we spend on shoes but I'm guessing it's they were a gift I absolutely love it you need to think that friend that's a good rent either way he's a really special shoes for her so we want to make sure that we could showcase them but how can we do it without being a little cheesy and over the top well I want to create natural motions with her body so he shouldn't have addressed here and I want you to swing with your hips just kind of swish your hips I want you to shake out your arms and I want you to feel beautiful for like the next few minutes I just want you to be like I'm totally ok with who I am and if you could be conscious of maybe keeping it this way swish your hits good like this turning this way like that oh yeah because it's like banana republic yes j crew anything like this you know don't you think you'd stuff yet no kids up okay I want to be ready for that okay beautiful here we go so my settings are oh wow fierce legs let me back up just a bit I want to get the whole figure billy you look awesome and I didn't even coach billy I didn't even coach billy because what's gonna happen is I want a natural reaction so laura's gonna work it I know that laura's comfortable just selling it right so billy is just gonna be reacting to laura and that's going to be the natural thing to this photo and this light that was just like killing me beautiful that laugh that's what I want I'm two point I'm two point oh three twenty four hundred shutter speed love it now your legs are a little laura your legs a little too far apart bringing together I want sexy cute legs keep the weight on the balls of your feet not on your heels at a girl good good no I love it I love it good good can you give me its world nok not cheesy twirl not like princess twirled don't you have your dress here you could turn around I don't want you to drag address because he still wanted to keep as pristine as possible for tomorrow so if you're here I'm going to switch on when it pick up a dress and I want you to turn and look at me so you're just and turn bring it back like this and if you wanted to shake out your shoulders you totally can there's definitely no right or wrong billy can you take one step in this way uh good actually laura can you oh that's so cute okay can you come in a little bit more this way uh love serik right there right there hold on warren sick because you're being kind of years can you just hold up that just like that and then look out the window for me real quick uh love judy are you hitting that good okay now laura look at me and do your thing shake it out twist and turn all the way around twist all wait around look at me look at me okay again again again again love okay I know I'm making you work I know I don't swish it turn it love it love love love love good okay what is that is that post two or three two and a half what we have to such gentle three through good okay beautiful now we're gonna have a feeling I'm not a breath I think I do you want now lord billy theo get camels water I'm gonna get a shot now because I've been working a lot with laura so I want to make sure that we're going to keep this balanced so I'm gonna do that we have bill you looking here it is okay so I'm gonna have the back of laura's dress and billy is going to be focused I'm going to shoot wide open because I can I want him to be the focus if my camera was okay laura will be right here I'm getting close but I will explain to believe that my husband and my second shooters right over there I'm going to get nice and close okay okay and laura will have eyes down because if her eyes are not that in focus it doesn't matter because the focus will be on billy so laura have you right over here I want to make sure that you don't you don't fall in his shadow I want you out about their uh have your actually no let's do this without you okay I feel like I'm lost kree maybe I'm maybe I'm home school you're gonna be looking at me on laura you're just going to get in and I want your body to be teo get in with my pose but then you make it comfortable so that feels like you I'm going to switch my lens because I want a different feel in the same location thank you billy billy you're the best laura don't impede don't don't impede your man don't stop him I love it thank you okay okay I'm actually switching from the fifty military one point two to the eighty five millimeter one point I want to get a little bit more this is going to be a portrait of billy and laura is gonna be his beautiful accessory I'm gonna go down to a one point to you s o two fifties of a little warm welcome probably step outside in a bit I'm hot I'm definitely hot laura I want you just being hot like that okay good and sometimes they make weird sound effects it doesn't matter I'm totally I'm really totally okay with it as long as it's thank you laurie I'm okay lawrence I got my soul or looking down billy right here and my focal point is on billy's left eye good bill and just relax smile just look directly here at meet nice beautiful can you look out the window for me good now laura can you lean your face is a little bit just like that now my focal point laura's looking at me billy's an outside the window by focal point went to laura's I good love laura can you bring your ring finger up to his shoulder good good so what I have is I have from like the knee up from now and I'm gonna get in nice and close and we get a different shot of just laura now in the same pose I'm keeping them get entirely different frame with just laura and billy's um profile I could get beautiful my focus points on her left eye her outside I and I'm shifting my top focal point good mate how you doing good I see my right periphery I love it now what's happening is I'm getting this curvature of laura's back laura is a thin girl but no girl wants to look any inch centimeter bigger than she does so I'm gonna have reduced instead of leaning and now I'm going to adjust that because there's no saying every girl wants to be the most the pinnacle of beauty on her wedding day and I have our keeper shoulder up changes from a sensitive post to competent post confidence right ok good bring it up like that gorge keep your back up just a bit gorgeous beautiful beautiful okay this right here is a block right here what I just did I changed my position for an entirely different feel on the background went from white and now that I'm shooting this way went to brick it could be that I entirely switch my wall but they haven't switched whatsoever okay I'm out of breath good god okay oh oh our hard work day beautiful so what happens when you talk behind the camera it allows your clients to become engaged with what is going on lord just gave me us and see our laura laugh that can that can come from okay can you just laugh right now it doesn't work like that okay here we go for this one second in seattle we have sunlight this right here is a natural flecked er I'm going to be flipping if you were watching earlier okay if you were watching earlier what we were talking about was natural flutters the sun coming in and reflecting off the pavement this is precisely what is happening here if I came back in this corner I'm darker the moment I moved to this spot on the ground it's popping beautiful soft light in my direction that's always when I have the opportunity where I'm gonna be positioning my client's billy can you come out toward me beautiful I don't and again I don't want billy in the light cause that's harsh want billy this way bored now what I'm I'm sorry handsome I said george not the word what I do want though two is I have tables in the background of these pictures that they don't want in the pictures because it doesn't look bridal I mean it looks wedding does look right right so I want to see how I can shoot around that so I'm going to be positioning them and always be shooting angle that does not include those tables laura have you come this way the focus will be on billy I want laura here no I don't want to learn leaning like this I want lord to lean in her body like this I won't hurt it stand with a little bit of a weight like this and want her to be one hundred percent confident what did I just do I showed her exactly what I wanted her to do I gave her permission to stick out her hip and complete owned the fact that she soul beautiful today just let by s and I like get and so this was this shot be shooting with eighty five I'm sorry guys I'm coming from the camera crew so what we have going on now laura is not illuminated the same way billy is but the light I'm billy is gorgeous and I will have billy as my main focus and laure will be in the background jd is standing off to the side and he's likely shooting just laura and getting just a bridal portrait of her oh are you are so beautiful I can't even go off us billy you're marrying up homie dio handle this you totally are I love it I love it again talking to the clients making him talk we'll get a genuine billy reaction billion folk is just on you rat nice beautiful good beautiful so what pose number is this I think we're at six for six or seven we'll just say six now laura what I want you to do one stadium is done with you go ahead okay once he's done with you I want you to come up to billy I'm sorry okay my sweaty no seriously if I sweat somebody better give me like a wet rag okay so laura I'm so I'm not this unprofessional on wedding days I'll be way profession tomorrow okay so laura isn't behind billy and it's what you call it a summer camp hug like after summer camp when you hang out with your girlfriends you're like all best friend it's so nice to see you like that that's kind of what I want what am I doing I'm creating a scene so that there's natural body movements there's no way that you could just say put your hand over him and just hang out act natural you have to actually give them an action to move into that so can we try it out I might haven't do them um I haven't dated once or twice I'm going to not show hang on hang on sorry guys hang on sorry I should just add a two point five and my shutters and so to fifty and four and shutter speed three twenty so go ahead laura come up behind the hammock behind billy that summer camp swinging back absolutely okay good beautiful see what just happened right there what just happened was hotness but at the same time it was just natural body movement it was her body leaning into hiss it was that natural kind of cover girl feeling I'm gonna have to do it one more time and instead of shooting uh horizontally machine vertically so laura can you step back now what I have going on here is this beautiful natural if lecter popping light into billy space looking just beautiful dave question are we good just one step I'm glad awesome beautiful so now laura let's see let's have you do that nice little summer camp huh going to come in I know this is silly I get it but she looks amazing and she's laughing remember these the photos that you can get that nobody else can get laura look out the window oh I shall be good what just happened there I think that was post seven we have po seven yes we have seven okay should you sure issue what what am I saying what language am I speaking laura can you go back to where you work that you don't know that pose you had just your arm around billy now I'm gonna get a shot justin billy in this nice beautiful gorgeous natural reflected light because I'm changing my positions and they have a very strong illumination on billy's face I have to change my camera settings I'm not a two point five eight hundred shutter speed oh and two fifty I s o and this is this is the golden picture he's looking at his bride like she's the prettiest and he's laughing on he's looking so handsome every girl wants a picture of her husband looking at her like she's the most radiant thing on her wedding day taken position in that way that's awesome I think that pot's eight let's just do something really really really simple and steady filly can I have your hand it might be a little sweaty that's okay I'm sweating in the clock sweating together no let's not uh okay I'm gonna no see I know so hot okay so you hold my hand laura is going to be real are going to be like this they're just a straight on shot just the two of them I might have a stand just a tiny bit in front of him so that she can get this nice one delight and they're just going to look straight at me I'm gonna incorporate the okay okay so um as I incorporate the bouquet jd knows that he's gonna get a shot of the okay that's just what we dio we know that there's no sense in him getting the same shot that I'm getting on and this is great so I'll go to like a two point eight or three point two let's try five hundred hundred feet the light is changing so such and just mentioned that life is changing and it is because what happened was it was raining this morning a time on a super great and son decided to come out which is awesome because now we can go outside and get some fabulous natural pictures of laura and billy laura I just need you to turn slightly and look out that window just gorge so my focal point since laura is not looking at me will be a billy nice so the rest of the shooters thank you no no no that's great the rest of the shooters can feel free to talk to billion laura like lose an oz the personal cheer squad make him feel comfortable but that's po's number nine that's po's number night let's see if we could just rocked this out and be a whopping ten billy I want you right about here and laura I want you with your became your left hand were you saying just like that but I want you to kind of bring it deliver commit okay so what does he write write what just happened was laura give herself an accentuated figure that elongated her arms elongates her next next to her now she has one neck no way is not to say on the wedding day very very thin and attractive neck and what happens if she just went like this and it gave her different formation and it gave it a little bit less of wedding and more fashion which is what appeals to me and not to everybody else but it's all good I'm gonna change my aperture just because I can't I'm flipping my appetite all the time just to get different types of fields I'm gonna go to point to I'm going tio who did I just cut off I'm sorry what did I just cut up who's this home sorry sorry beautiful laura can you twist her body the way that you've had before I want you to twist it out turn yeah beautiful and I make weird sound effects on a shoot did anybody else hear that I just clips what the hat I feel good flora you have the permission to laugh it's ok don't stop yourself no like you just you're like restraining yourself from laughing it's all good it is all good breed absolutely good good can you look out the window for me billy can you look at jd but and you are look here oh lord have mercy that was number ten we they didn't move they didn't move four five steps from where they were this's what anybody can do on our wedding day and I hope that people d'oh now because I'm clearly out of shape and I need some water everybody is going to be given five minutes with billy and laura and for those who are just tuning in I asked I asked I asked my class I asked her last two think of three words that defines the photography styles mine is fun fresh fierce and fabulous if it is neither one of those f words I don't want including my portfolio but just because those are my words it doesn't mean that everybody else has to use them to some people might be romantic evocative soft sultry whatever it isthe so now I'm gonna give each of these five photographers the opportunity to execute a shot they would want to include in their portfolio and ideally it would show how other photographers work given the same lighting conditions and the same couple so who wants to go first I'm gonna get a pig nate this's name from star idaho and he's gonna show you how he rocks it out I'm gonna get some water okay you guys look absolutely gorgeous I want teo utilize this beautiful window into little silhouette kind of lighting um it was beautiful is nate will coach them and pose them but I also know your students in advanced so they might offer my feedback on what I think a little bit or not we're not three words are so if you hear me talking into that just just simply means and I want to coach it along not that I'm trying to be a power trip so yes um do you want the flower in your hair I don't know is it him then how is it you just call r e o does she need the flower in your hair doesn't look okay yeah I think so is this cider yeah I didn't like it there because it looked like up direction I feel like if it if it sits down here are you sure where's okay they had it originally up here but I felt like stylistically didn't work so maybe back here or no or nothing at all down there okay we can shoot a little bit with it and then I'll show you some photos and if it doesn't work we take it out artifices impeding on people no not at all it's not bleeding is not doesn't look good right there we go oh that's saucy good great so that's what we do that's how we roll great okay so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna hand it off to me and I just claims that will probably add feedback if if if I feel and if you back what's what are your three words um I'm not sure yet but kind of dramatic like evocative romantic but I also want a little fun in there they don't really go together so okay let's focus on us focus on three words you're making every word evocative dramatic on romantic evocative dramatic in romantic soon yeah what nate's gonna try to do is try to put his subjects in a position that would solicit dramatic evocative and romantic it is very difficult but we're just going to see how it goes you okay so I want to utilize this when you like and I want to do the focus come on the bride and we're actually gonna ditch the flowers just for now if I could get someone to hold the flowers for me thanks and we're going to live it is still a way I mean shoot wide open it so I want you exactly where you are you look perfect and what I want you to do is I want to kind of come into here and just kind of almost grab it almost like lean towards her like this lean towards her like face to face right here lean towards here yep lean towards air like you're almost going almost our secret you're almost almost talking to each other but without words if that makes sense you're kind of just kind of like bringing in close to each other and you're always just filling the love there if I could have you just separate just a little bit because all I need to see it I just need to see this light coming right off the bride's face so and I'm gonna shoot wide open to get a nice dramatic natural vignette perfect perfect you looked absolutely gorgeous okay if I'm shooting okay that is perfect you look beautiful you guys are absolutely stunning okay we get nice and close right here okay and I'm and I'm ah I mean after priority and I'm going negative compensations I'm gonna rule our photo is just a little bit of room light right around laura's face so a lot of everything else is completely blacked out but I get this nice beautiful natural limit rim light coming from the sun right onto her face so it's perfect and because the wall behind her is in the shade it's dark quite a bit dark so we're getting a lot of focus right on their face okay stay right there you look beautiful uh billy lena and give oh perfect beautiful okay billy lena and giving giving oh yeah second okay three seconds leaving give a kiss to laura left cheek I'm sorry her right cheek that's my bad left right left right okay now now ah just kind of kiss her forehead beautiful is absolutely gorgeous okay one piece of advice I would give to me I love the kissing of the forehead it's super super hard are you I'm sweating prepare yourself it's seriously hard to try to keep it together and that was just one right okay the only piece of criticism I loved the constant talking that you were doing for them I think that makes it so good that you're connecting with them now the kiss on the forehead shot the only thing I would suggest would be not tohave him kiss then shoot just have your came already and billy can you lean in and kiss her because then you get the movement because it's not the the switch is this smooth lips it's the light touch of the lips and then when he pulls it away you're still shooting so you get the right before and the right after those were like the prettiest silhouettes shots but I think it's brilliant we'll do one more shooter do a new location and then we'll just rotate throughout the other shooters is there anybody who would like such a brilliant thank you oh baby great actually if you're ready are you ready victoria okay target because I think that choice mike I just want to keep us going for the sake for the sake of people online sexy is watching before so what I want I want to get a going so you guys have a first dance planned a secret we're not to talk about it okay okay well why don't we practice now a little bit you know what I'm doing now well victoria's talking to them I'm just gonna get second ashot so close what sort of thing dressed so if I was in this position I would let victoria talk to them and I would be shooting skills that victoria's not getting we're gonna be good way we'll see what kind of victoria don't sell yourself short okay if you're confident if you're not confident they will not be confident in your ability so don't sell yourself short okay let's do it here we go we're gonna rock that's right that's right they're going to be the best pictures I've ever seen in their life and if you want to stay saying you know everybody else wants to say and give them a little music to go in the backgrounds I love the smile or it's you guys look so natural together grateful of giggles now what's happening here what's happening here what's happening here what's happened is that you've lost laura's face and so if you wanted to get back for dress that's a shot but make sure talk to lauren say laura bring your face back here even as they're turning every second matters she can just flip it to the other side oh I love I'm sorry ok laura you're gonna have to do that again now didi awesome awesome nice twirl and laura when you turn can u turn again and just sort of pause and look at me fabulous beautiful job victoria she's turning on laura over here awesome beautiful can you give her a little dip you're gonna dip I would like you to stay exactly how you are and if you okay yeah okay okay perfect uh beautiful and stay right there I love uh okay so what we're just we're gonna move outside and now we're gonna get a different tire entirely different lighting situation

Class Description

What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

Celebrated photographer Jasmine Star begins by telling her personal story of how she built her business from the ground up. She covers everything from equipment to pricing to marketing. According to Jasmine, the key to a successful wedding photography business is to build a unique brand that highlights your personality, strengths and talents.

You’ll then accompany Jasmine and her team as she shoots the real-life wedding of Laura and Billy, who graciously allowed CreativeLive to share their experience with the world. Jasmine will demonstrate how she gets the most creative, most meaningful wedding photos that will be treasured by the happy couple for the rest of their lives.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your wedding photography business from the beginning.

  • Market your business with websites, social media and blogging.

  • Create a unique brand and identify your target audience.

  • Rely less on fancy gear and more on your personality and talents.

  • Connect with your clients and build trust.

  • Use second shooters to help out on the big day.

  • Shoot a real wedding from start to finish.

  • Get the right lighting and pose your subjects.


a Creativelive Student

This is an amazing event to be involved in - and I feel as if I was involved all the way in Switzerland! Jasmine Star is so natural and genuine in front of the camera that she makes you feel as if you are her best friend. Seeing her shoot, watching the way that she uses the natural light and being walked through the problems you might encounter is invaluable. Even if you are not interested in photography or weddings, her business advice is spot on. Creative Live and Jasmine did an amazing job and I am so glad I bought the course. To be able to go back to a video and see how something was done, again and again is well worth the price. I'm also exciting to be contributing to new workshops for 2011 - can't wait to see what you guys come up with! It's true that some of the footage has yet to come through (would love to see the bridal prep stuff!) but it was so exciting to see the new footage of Laura and Billy outside, I think it will be worth the wait. Buy this course and be truly inspired! Emma Godfrey

a Creativelive Student

I watched this live back in August 2010 and since the first day it was on my list to buy. Finally bought it as part of the end of year pack in December 2010 and only just got around to watching the full five days. I'm not a wedding photographer, nor do I have plans to become one any time soon. I was interested in this course because of the business sessions on marketing, branding and so on. If you're interested in becoming a wedding photographer this is a must buy no question. If, like me, you're only interested in the business sections this is a valuable course, but there is a better option available from CreativeLIVE. The new 'Building your Wedding Photography Business' course by Jasmine consolidates all this business information from this course into a two day course. Another good addition to your to buy list should be Children's Portrait Photography with Tamara Lackey. This has by far the best business section of any of the CreativeLIVE courses. Combined these two courses and you will be set up and profitable in no time. Back to this wedding course. As others have said there are audio issues here and there but they are at worst annoying and don't really effect the overall experience. I think you can see from the course content if you are an aspiring wedding photographer this is the course for you. Five days of content from an award winning wedding photographer. As I'm not a wedding photographer I can't really add much more. I just wanted to say it's a great course. Fun to watch. Invaluable information. I really appreciate CreativeLIVE being here to offer these courses. Thanks guys!

a Creativelive Student

Jasmine is an amazing educator, who really gave it her all in this stellar course! Love how detailed her instructions were - down to such nuances as the bride's shoulder position! Big thanks to Jasmine and creativeLIVE for bringing this wealth of information to the community. Totally worth the buy! I can appreciate how grassroots and "live taping" the filming approach is, but I think I wouldn't mind giving most of that flavor up in favor of a more edited version :) You know - cut out the bits where the camera is just recording black and the pieces missing audio. And where is this missing footage promised from the guy you can see taping Jasmine from across the street?? Anyway, amazing course, and hopefully you guys can figure out the video/audio/mic stuff so that it doesn't get in the way of absorbing all this amazing content.

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