Wedding Photography

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Shoot: Laura & Billy Outside


Wedding Photography

Lesson 10 of 32

Shoot: Laura & Billy Outside


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Shoot: Laura & Billy Outside

this is going to be an ever changing lighting situation because clouds don't permanently stay over the sun but right now it's a gorgeous diffuse light which couldn't be any prettier right now once I get my settings locked in they're not going to change it all so what I'm gonna have okay so laura just did that right now and um so any time that I can clean anything off that will save me time and photo shop later is what I'll d'oh had a little bit of dust in his hands clean the dust in the pants now what lord just it is exactly what I want her to dio she picked and she just did it naturally what the trump okay okay so what laura did was that she had j d was for bouquet could you okay laura got her dress and she just slipped it in the air and it took on a life of its own and that's kind of what I want to get in this photo so can heal this bill you understand they're angry body out just a tad and let's see laura you're going to be here you have your dress I kind of want you to flip it and I...

want you to have fun with it we could probably do it a couple times okay alright your jasmine okay okay here we go she's gonna flip the camera and she's gonna look just like at our you're at myself from whoever flipper camera and just let the dress fall and have fun hi how are you oh my god how are you I'm hunger I was I e o thank you thank you ae so excited thank you watching you on your congratulations is such a big thing thank you I'm so excited let them ok way go have your hair distressed it there and then I would have you flip it on out I have the eighty five on but that's not a lens I want to shoot with right now because I don't have that much space now what's happening is that bill ages naturally what we do is just to compensate for lies we kind of squint he has a light squint joanne nothing too bad but I don't think that he is and I don't want him to look any sort of angry and wedding photos so just making sure no no no no looking angry here we go so I'm going to switch my lens and I'm gonna get my settings right ah that's right that's right laura you should build so I'm like what is that film thing you're shooting okay so what I have right now my settings are two point five two thousand shutter speed one hundred s so I'm gonna instruct him to watch the squint so remember watch a squint so whatever it is now what happens is remember we have appendages just laying there so billy's just having hands like this I want you to have a hand in his pocket I wanted to hold laura whatever it is to make it seem not so just hanging there right good good so laura watches squint good and billy can you so one thing to do jesse I'm from where I'm shooting I see this custom thing in the background as much as it is there and it's small it's annoying because it's read so I'm gonna use I'm a firm believer in crab in camera cropping I will crop that camera out of it I have billy look a jd and laura be looking at me watch the squid laura hang on a sec I know I know I know I know I'm sorry okay good and that kind of flip that with the dress god good good what the dress and then just hang out here good will flip a bit beautiful beautiful I love it good just leaning there against really good like that george now it got a little bit brighter because the sun's moved so I could make sure that I'm copping compensating for it I'm not gonna be shooting at two thousand more I'll likely go up to twenty five hundred because the lighting changed I got a little little little too bright for my liking but we'll kind of see what goes on right now philly the squat yeah and this is the kind of lighting that out absolutely positively love to shoot wedding details in I'm gonna be shooting wedding details at this point I'm gonna shoot his booty near kiss daniella is the one that designed the okay and flowers and I have her flowers here I have his boot near here and this is just a simple thing that I would quickly do I go to one point two I'd probably go to four thousand shutter speed you can swim you could squint you can close your eyes and like squint o you want I'm sure to get a one point because it's just a souvenir of four thousand shutter speed in one hundred s o and since laura's ok is just hanging out there I'll probably shoot different angles of both the bouquet and move in here right now just clarify like where we are we're standing outside of theo which is where they will be getting married tomorrow what does happen I saw laura looking extraordinarily queue at a different angle taking a step back and I'm taking a breather from what you're doing is always a good thing I'm gonna keep it a one point two likely be getting just the periphery uh fili and laura's eyes looking directly at me hang on lord just one bit so cute I'm at four thousand I'm shooting at one point to one hundred s o and I'm having um laura sneak around billy doesn't call you laurie because there's like billion laura mixed together I'm like thank thank good okay laura's laughing it was natural I loved it nominate have that fun flirty nous now I'm gonna have her bring it to me I wanted to be fierce so I just wanted to give me just a gorgeous beautiful come a little more around here uh love love can you bring your right hand on his shoulder uh I love what we have here this gorgeous fabulous ring that we can now workin as a wedding details we have hearings we have a ring we have a gorgeous hair and make up and now she's just going to rock it and bring it absolutely bring your face a little bit more away from a hand love love love uh good good does anybody want to take one of the students who haven't shot yet this is natural lighting good stuff I only have naked victoria who's miked up right now nobody okay yeah so basically so much actually yeah I think so yes so billy now uh if you just come in front ofthe so such in water what what are your three words that people know I guess I'm still trying to like I want something soulful so so full romantic on duh I'm gorgeous that's good okay that's great so what we want to make sure is that what however you're opposing it is gonna be soulful romantic I like it so what happened was the sun came out it's a little too strong would you agree it's super super strong so instead of just forcing such and to make something work here I actually want something that's going to work for him so you guys don't mind I think we're going to move across the street is that okay for me I wouldn't even to shadow something so that I know hard that's exactly where I want to take them so if you could just be careful as we crossed the street audrey audrey the last camera I'm gonna talk to the class and we're just gonna do this so what happened now is that the sun went behind the clouds which is perfect which is fine but still I was going to move to this location to begin with what happened was what everybody was in there um had slight a slight panic attack I would never tell that to clients I needed a moment so I came outside I took a deep breath and I said okay I cannot possibly shoot everything I need to shoot in there so I walked outside and he said where can I shoot this was one of the places that I saw I thought we could shoot because it's just ivy and we're not gonna make it look cliche we're going to try to bring a little bit of funk flavor to the ivy and see if we can redo this such and you will go on right after me at that school great are you okay with walking on the grass perfect you're not a kind clean my dress off but in the case that it doesn't get worried thank you billie okay so laura can you just face the wall yeah right here is perfect and so I'll leave your dress out so billy standing ready e but now I'm just way too bright and not too many shots but he was standing in the wings and laura was directly at him she had her face now that someone back behind the house and I'm gonna shoot you right now I have laura stanley control uh live broadcasting from seattle washington see across the street here uh jasmine is with your bride growing on her students teaching the light changed on us so we had to change change the environment work with love it right now we're recording john has been giving us john gringo doesn't jungle show creative is wireless out there recording on and he's gonna be putting all of the footage that I can't make you alive right now because you can see the cars we drive it across street we're recording all of that night definition I'll be available on he downloads for those who purchased downloads will be available to you now I don't want to step out here and just let you observe what jasmine is don't you could hear in the background and enjoy this uh this wide view of creative wide presentation like working with booth wait what just happened right now with gave something for lord dio it was absolutely positively what won't make the edit is this that we're making at it but this is the last thing is ability and her laughing at him will definitely make the edit anytime you give yourself something to do with liquor in the safe on and it's not the thing that I had that moment right before it and right after my talking into a mic now really has this test okay okay so what I'm gonna have to do such people here we go oh he'll hold it for him you know uh yeah all right cool sorry guys so now I've got a different idea because uh so I need the flowers actually sorry if I could just grab the flowers real quick thank you okay guys so you guys good feel right yet okay so yeah billy if you just stick your shoes back underneath that dress so you don't get that you get nice and close and comfortable and then ah lori is just gonna hold that real quick um how comfortable you with just like just dropping your side just there okay if you just turn it ten tenants I can see the other way yet exactly great on billy you're just gonna be looking at laure and laura you're looking straight to become just here if you put your head a bit slightly closer to her that's it that's great billy you look this way is all real quick okay perfect guys just so you know fixing this gorgeous sport for was what happened with this appendage that's very very stiff it looks like yes we do know that you did with the large okay so the only thing I would probably say it's gonna keep it short like this is there any possibility they're like okay slightly tipping it changes the fact that it gives it a little bit different different of a great okay cool so yeah the son's coming in and out quiet law and then I could notice them squinting again so for now the sun's come back around the car so but this is a situation what I would do and given this exact situation the sun's coming in and out I wouldn't shoot them this way because they're having spotted shadows what I would do was I would turn okay so what I would do is instead of shooting them directly head on when I have shadows coming on and breaking across their face would have them slightly turned towards me there's dog food that I'm trying to step on the sun will be behind them and again I'm not caring about blowing out the sky if I was I would be using an on camera flash to compensate for light difference I don't care I'm currently concerned about their skin don't do the kid's stuff yet that's really cute what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna have them backlit rim light there's going to be on a few hot spots I don't care it's about the feeling in the emotion so I had this mike back right here something have eighty five on I'm sure he had a one point two I'm going to shoot me shooting at a thirty two hundred shudders feed one hundred s o uh beautiful beautiful billy eyes just turn your face towards laura and lightly kiss wherever your chin comes out now what happened to something that I gotta compensate quickly quickly I'd go up to five thousand because the sun is stronger behind them so I went from thirty two hundred to five thousand because of that son change you could do this quickly and on the flight now billy's face looks like it got stuck so billy come back look down again laura eyes here billy moved back your face doctor kissing laura nice go arj good I'm gonna pass it back to such in and we'll see what we can do cool okay guys so yeah basically if you guys can stay in that position I just want to get some uh some crops and stuff so if you again like just uh drop your drop it drop the flowers just over to your side you guys just come for herself and then just put kind of your foreheads together superior yeah exactly just like that great so I'm just gonna get in a bit tight here bill if you just shut your eyes close your eyes will softly just that's okay cool and then if you guys just stay like that so one more shot sure if you guys just stay like that real quick perfect just guys thank you thank you what happened was while such and was shooting which is great I'm sorry thank you what happened was when such a shooting it gave me if I fell into the second shooter roll the opportunity to rethink the situation ah lot of time's passing the the baton to somebody else and letting them take care of it and then take gives you opportunity to breathe while he was shooting I happened to see something else something I probably would have seen before and earlier in the day where I was feeling a little bit stressed out I needed just to step out of the building take a deep breath and rethink the situation I didn't see this particular location but as the sun came out I notice that there's a slight change and I'll see if I can work with him and hope that the clouds go over the sun just a tiny bit as I already think it is so billy if you could lift up laura's dress I'm gonna give you this direction watch out for the dog who what what I see here are two what I saw here was two gaps one right here and one right here it's being divided by this any time that I could put my subjects out of distance from each other is something I'm gonna try to teamwork and the sun if I as long as I don't have the sun in my camera lens it'll I'll be able to meet her for them the way that I want so laura I'll have you here one for like having perfect dresses um I wanted to look nice but I'm not about that the girl who like fans out the dress it's not really myself a little bit imperfection I kind of really like really awesome can you turn this way can you face that okay so I'm gonna back up I'm movie shooting eighty five because I can my subjects are at a distance from each other someone again compensate for that I'm gonna go to three point to shoot it I so one hundred this light is just amazing I'm gonna see what I can do what I almost fell that would have been the worst thing ever ok good so the light is changing which is kind of difficult but let's see what we can rock out um right now I'm should I get one hundred s o three point two aperture in six forty shutter speed good billy watch the squint just looking here beautiful can you guys look back at each other but good so what just happened there they looked at each other and they laughed that was awesome that's exactly exactly what I want okay so laura you know I was here when you get your heroin here they're lucky turning it this way spinning around this is kind of off okay okay so now I just instructed laura tio have a little bit of fun my focal point is going to be in her because billy's not gonna change too much good job laura change your arm's good that's fine this is what I love shooting she's laughing it's precisely what I want good it's lying laura good beautiful my focal point is on laura good beautiful beautiful now bring your body in like this god there we go so I had to coach her just a little bit but that's what your kind needs you got to give it a beautiful good lovett's thank you beautiful beautiful pick up your dress and turn it back this way okay now what happened the sun came out a whole time I gotta compensate for that I'm gonna go to twelve fifteen see where I hit that see if that was okay and it it doesn't really hurt so I'm gonna come in and I'm gonna shoot now I'm gonna go down to one point to go to thirty two hundred light is changing I'm always making sure that I'm compensating for it good I'm gonna go to four thousand she's at one one point to you center focal point with laura one hundred s o four thousand shutter speed and billy you're looking so good back there I see homey I totally see you beautiful good okay billy can I have you come out we're going to do now is just get a very traditional bridal portrait of laura come up this way what I'm doing is I am putting laura incomplete shade I will be cropping everything else out of this picture like we discussed yesterday I will be not revealing my light source my light source is this uh yellowish pasha grass the concrete that red wall across the street those air my light sources I will be cropping out anything that reveals that I have son peeking through this great fine and literally that is like uh it's a lot more in an air conditioner in the back I'm shooting it at one point to it doesn't matter so you're ok here I'll move any straight hairs out of her hair because that'll see me time in photo shop I do a full body I do a half body than I do a close and that is barbed wire right behind her but it's not going to show up when you're shooting at a one man might show up on the shooting out at one point to you but I miss even how I could get away don't you worry out he's making fun o he wants to hate just wait he's gonna thank me for this photo I'm not even lying just wait oh that son came out beautiful beautiful beautiful as a compensate but now we have some really strong backlighting beautiful go out and laura's working it I am and encourage that so I'm gonna just say you do your thing mama god beautiful beautiful love love okay I'm gonna move in a bit I'm cool I'm really cool trust me I'm cool in real life just not on video yes I know I think I've almost falling like three times it's really really really cool good I love the lighting I'm in a slightly slightly slightly under exposed because of the white flowers in her white dress him in a one point two four thousand shutter speed one hundred s so we have this wind going and just laura is just bring it I love it good beautiful laura can I have you squat all the way down okay I'm gonna be shooting law just down and this is just a classic classic classic bridal pose I have to shoot this fast because I don't want her thighs to burn I'm focusing on her outer eye and nobody in the world would know that there's a lawnmower to feet behind her good just relax my always uh okay guys hey I'm screaming here we go okay how much time do we have what time is it three three three thirty five okay I think we may be due oh wait who hasn't gone yet and who is my death stephanie do you want to go just really good for you right here you want to know what your words hold on where's the mike oh great what air stephanie's what your work's classy sassy in rio but keep it wait so we need to make sure that however you pose in is indicative of a classy sassy and really so you have a little fun the sun did come out so you have to factor that into it or you could take it a little bit of a breather take a deep breath we'll see with this how do I always look up and I notice that the clouds are roughly approaching the son you wanted take a minute that's ok to say no I'm gonna make you wanna go over there I want to just get some with sky blowed out right and you can use your powers right up under your chin like smooth a little bit lower and looking away just so are you comfortable there yes trying to keep my deals with you know move I've got right here okay yeah okay position locked and loaded okay so just look off to you okay I love it I love his poles but anytime you pose the person you want to create a natural body formation so most of the time we don't stand like this but she might stand like this for bringing this arm down bring it to the hit this right here not so natural at this right here a little bit more natural way okay I had a little bit again and look over her perfect perfect okay so what just happened right now is I told sara that there earlier today when I needed to take a break on dh scope out the area I found a location that's just slightly out of reach for the internet I will be gone about five minutes nobody else will be shooting I will be shooting it I will be featuring these particular photos on the internet probably sooner rather than later because I do feel like it's an injustice to not show you what I'm doing but we just came out internet range is actually an ellie probably an ugly location for most people but my dream location cause it's a really great light so we back like in five minutes and we'll see you guys indoors okay so somebody chases and just okay so um crew wake I'm shooting into the puddle I'm getting the reflection takes a little bit of time to actually focus on the reflection but I like you I just feel like it rained on their wedding day and any time you can get the reflection in a puddle shooting at a one point two thirty two hundred one hundred s oh my full but point is always in the bride uh lord have mercy good phil you blake homey place don't go blanking on may a no good yeah I love it good you're okay good you think gorgeous okay so part of the reason was this amazing light could shooting us like all day we have to get back to class but this wall right here with the idea I couldn't get over I don't get this in orange county I want to diversify my portfolio I will shoot you right in front of it laura I have a dress over here I just want you here because I don't get this very much I'm todo probably addicted which is two pictures next to each other on the block I will get a shot of laura then I will get a shot of philly roughly in the same location miss you did the one point two because I can and their portrait and I'm gonna get a meter reading right about now is there any way that you walk a little bit more right up there perfect way my um my readings are one point two twenty five hundred one hundred s o I'm focusing on her eyes she looks away I'm gonna go down to a two thousand cause there's a little too dark for my liking good can you have your hands on your hip I don't want it to be like pageant I kind of just wanted to see a rolex last shoulder a little bit well shake it up I was like just like that without a face you actually can you hold on okay just like that and he's gonna get a better angle I just know he is because that's bettering all really you know I'm getting what I wanted what was my time down just so that was that was a classic example of what didn't work I didn't let the bride know that it wasn't working I shot right there was too many shadows of other eye the light wasn't diffused how I like I wasn't getting enough of the idea I simply moved my position to find what I wanted and now I have it and I'm gonna talk right straight through her your turn and look toward billy I love it really wait we're clear wear on the live feed right now on this ladder see you there you guys are alive way thank you you're white and she's not you d'oh I love you night thank you

Class Description

What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

Celebrated photographer Jasmine Star begins by telling her personal story of how she built her business from the ground up. She covers everything from equipment to pricing to marketing. According to Jasmine, the key to a successful wedding photography business is to build a unique brand that highlights your personality, strengths and talents.

You’ll then accompany Jasmine and her team as she shoots the real-life wedding of Laura and Billy, who graciously allowed CreativeLive to share their experience with the world. Jasmine will demonstrate how she gets the most creative, most meaningful wedding photos that will be treasured by the happy couple for the rest of their lives.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your wedding photography business from the beginning.

  • Market your business with websites, social media and blogging.

  • Create a unique brand and identify your target audience.

  • Rely less on fancy gear and more on your personality and talents.

  • Connect with your clients and build trust.

  • Use second shooters to help out on the big day.

  • Shoot a real wedding from start to finish.

  • Get the right lighting and pose your subjects.