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Wedding Photography

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The Wedding Service

way have this big chocolate that in the background that I want to shoot the cake but I don't want that in the background there's also a speaker in the background so I'm trying to shoot at an angle that just provides the black background I'm afraid of falling off the stage so they have to position myself carefully and just kind of shoot so what I'm getting pulled away shot in the cake booth will then get an up close shot the cat would have to make sure that I'm not in the shadow and I'm shooting the cake right now at two point oh I so three twenty one twenty fifth of a second and I'm using the pen light from the cake and it's also being side let naturally from the back so it's a nice little mix of light that I actually really really really like to do that now wait stop by your batteries are going too quickly because ceremony's about to start home alright wayne's booth okay right now I'm actually currently just taking since all the guests have arrived about seventy five percent full way ...

are just taking cat all the guests kind of arriving saying hi to each other smiling that's pretty much it just get out of the shadow but I don't want to move too much so I'm probably just tried to shoot it at an angle and she had a one point because it's darker back in this corner my sons one point to one twentieth of a second four hundred so wait so I have the cake I was requested to shoot the cake from one of the coordinators because there's white hydrangeas and whitehead ring just turned round after a bit so we wanted to get the best possible shot now I will relocate myself up towards the front as um the ceremony starts I won't be talking very much so that way okay the one thing I'm doing right now is I'm swapping out my card I always start with a fresh heart of the ceremony regardless I mean I had probably fifty pictures left on the card but it's not worth having to swap the card has before walking down the aisle get my settings right now repaired as people walk a mile how I get my settings to shooting people in the audience waiting here is definitely funky those mics lighting with the video lights and then lo walls are red and there's natural lighting so right now my settings air two point eight one hundredth of a second five hundred eyes way usually the people who are sitting close to the front our family member who's so before the sound when he starts I just make sure that I go through uh snap a few photos of people sitting in the booth I will hide back here as long as possible a man has the bride and groom walk down the aisle I know that people will come and see it in front of me but a really important shot is to get a shot of the bride and her dad as they want them ill and that's a big thing so if it requires back here something that I have todo so the minute she walks in aisle and the minute her dad gives her away I'll try to sneak out as unobtrusively as possible and it will be the only time that I get up most here but the shot of her and her dad walking I'll is really important but I'm not willing to sacrifice so wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait dearly beloved our friends and family we are gathered here together in the presence of god to celebrate laura billy's love for one another and joined them in marriage marriage is likened to the union that abides between christ and his church like the poet speaks of in the song of songs marriage is the joining of two hearts my beloved is mine and I am hiss we're here today to witness the love and commitment that laura and billy share and to honor their union before god family and friends we know that love is of god and we are counseled to love one another love is patient and kind is not arrogant or rude does not insist on its own way but rejoices and right bears all things believes all things and endures all things oh other things shall pass but this one thing shall remain love laura on billy your families have also taught you about love and marriage laura your parents don and irene have been married thirty two years and billy your parents roger and melodie have been married for forty years their marriage is teach you this I always find the good to appreciate the beautiful to focus on the positive in the person you fell in love with it's overlooking and forgiving the imf perfect marriages cultivated with mutual respect flexibility patience understanding and a sense of humor marriage is the thoughtful daily expression of love it's remembering to tell each other I love you every day it's the sharing of common values standing together to face the world marriage means working for the common good of the family not the individual is making sacrifices it's persevering knowing that the hard work of marriage will be blessed this kind of love the kind of your parents share grows evolves and deepens so will the parents of laura and billy please join us as we pray a blessing let us pray dear lord our father we thank you for your ultimate example of love for the blessing of marriage that we're reminded is like the love you have for us we ask you to burden each of us here to support and encourage this couple we pray for your guidance and your direction in the lives of laura and billy lord bless this union and shower them with your loving kindness with joy and happiness we pray this in jesus's name amen to laura and billy's parents I ask you do you pledge your support and your encouragement to this couple and if you do say we do wait billy well you have laura as your wife to love her to honor and to cherish her so long as you both shall live dora well you have billy as your husband to love him honor him and cherish him so long as you both shall live I love you standing here today saying these words bring a smile to my face and tears of joy to my eyes from this day from this day forward these air my promises to you I promise to give thanks every day that I have you in my life for you you make me a better man I promised to listen and be supportive and I promised to make you cry and cry with laughter I promise to be your best friend and finally I promised to love honor and cherish you always forever as I stand here holding your hand your future in our cost we've conquered all obstacles it's been tough in it hasn't always been easy but one thing remains constant our love for each other today I got to keep our marriage alive healthy for me every day what's going what you lost I promise to pick my models but you win sometime I love you through it all and remain your bus friend car I want to say something forever kiss I can't believe you just threw that thing is so awesome your cues from here with cf louis daily readings from this classic works of the old fairy tale ending and they lived happily ever after is taken to me they felt for the next fifty years exactly as they felt the day before they were married then it says what probably never wass nor ever would be true it would be highly undesirable if it were who could bear to live in that excitement for even five years what would become of your work your appetite your sleep and your friendships but of course seizing to be in love need not mean seizing to love love in this second sense love stinks from being in love it's not marry a feeling love is a deep unity may came by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit reinforced by the grace which both partners received from god they can have the love for each other even at those moments when they do not like each other as you love yourself even when you do not like yourself they can retain this love even when each could easily allow themselves to be in love with someone else being in love for smooth them to promise fidelity but this quiet love enables them to keep the promise it is on this love that the engine of marriage is front being in love with the explosion that started it e billy what sibyl do you have a za pledge of these vows really it happened let me try that again billy what simple do you have a pledge of the vow I have a ring he had of your place this ring a visible sign of your commitment marriage on laura's finger repeat after me laura we will wear these rings and the world will know that I am yours but I am yours and you are mine and you are mine laura what symbol do you have a za pledge of these vows as you place this rang a visible sign of your commitment marriage on billy's finger repeat after me billy we will wear these rings wear these rings and the world will know that I am yours and you are mine friends and family do you promise your constant support and encouragement to laura and billy as they begin their new life as husband and wife and if you do say we do therefore by authority granted to me by the state and church I now pronounce you husband and wife wait you may kiss the bride wait ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to announce to you mr and mrs william mocha I know I know I think one of them left celeste I don't think we need that part already but I'm waiting for you for what you stated that she wasn't just one one just wait a little bit anyone together everybody everybody get just their immediate families thiss corrals philly and laura's immediate family no way all right okay everyone I'm just gonna everyone just kind of everybody here is okay so I was like no way we'll make sure well we did get a ton of shots of people candids people hanging out here just can't throughout the night you you just tell us ok when you shot here so there's no formalities like hey we need to shut hey you need a shot wei didn't get a shot of both your families together did you want that okay I asked the less just to gather your immediate family so all if do you guys mind waiting here everybody's going across the street for a big group photo I'll get your immediate family and um maybe we'll go across the street is that ok just right here and then everybody can go over there and then I'll go in see you guys can hang out here for one sec I mean it really we're gonna exit right up here everybody on uh just immediate family meeting family meeting family crosses yeah big group pictures yeah I just I just need immediate family what daniella way just you know I was I have jim did know I'm sure is that what it is and bob I e it's okay it's okay I think I think it's you okay really I look like a gym this way okay I'm looking for the family so I'm find some time I need to do a family picture right now but I need to buy some time so they consider the room shot in here so I'm gonna wait for her family over way yes we're going to go across the street yes it's okay I don't think that they knew that we were gonna do this this photo so it's totally not their fault I can run across the street do you see him oh there's your dad sorry you couldn't have told me I'll just go grab somebody I just need on laura's mom and laura's brother oh and her sister in law in the blue dress the one that did the c s lewis reading okay hi guys did they tell you to come this way who told you that oh no I don't know mr march may know he told you the round stuff you guys don't worry in the group shot I just need immediate family a big group shot is over here waiting to go that way yes this is the last yes this is the last time I swear and this is the last formal picture immediate family is over here we're going across the street follow laura thank you guys so much perfect immediate family bo cocks and march saying family ride over here way here we go but careful there's there's poo on the floor so be there or not not here a little bit over there I'm just giving you a heads up okay oh I got me a person that was that's ok mom had me purse here way like this way so what we're gonna do is we're gonna get all the bo cop family on this side just matter okay so mrs bowcock is here right next to billy and then mrs march monks will have you here he lifted her dress and turn your body in towards laura beautiful right next door ready to put your hand here I'll have you step in here I'll have become anything you're beautiful you can turn your bodies in mr boake I have you here and actually I'm gonna have her come in front of you so that your son can stand next to you is that okay okay great I'll have you yeah a little blur is totally you know booth okay so this is just the admin floor of a wedding day great way everybody looking here thank you billy already smiling every smile that silly find oh he's working it he's doing it we're ok we're ok every smile a little motion blur that's okay everybody can step out we'll just keep the parents on both sides and then we're done with all formalities okay thank you guys so much we're gonna lean in this is a beautiful picture this is gorgeous laura we good good that a girl gorgeous beautiful god thank yu were good yes they they're the photo yes and I have another pair with no lenses you want me to run and get them for you there in the little person was under the no no no no I don't want with no glasses could have major there under my chair they were if your mom feels good no okay no this is great now this is totally fine this is totally totally fine that was your one john why don't I take him off your wedding and looked a hundred and seven I don't know one hundred seven I don't think you do but whatever makes you feel the best that's what I want for you absolutely no we'll wait for the glasses we will wait for the glasses this happens once so yes hopefully he's probably looming around there like well they probably have been moving chairs well tables daniel said he was gonna put my my person you told him it was under the new honor well the chairs won't be there when it goes in there holding gable of he'll find it he found a great okay good this is awesome thank you mr with no way to philly she misses march banks looks gorgeous my camera's special promise no bags this is the anti bag camera okay here we go beautiful way we're good to go thank you so much thank you thank you thank you

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What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

Celebrated photographer Jasmine Star begins by telling her personal story of how she built her business from the ground up. She covers everything from equipment to pricing to marketing. According to Jasmine, the key to a successful wedding photography business is to build a unique brand that highlights your personality, strengths and talents.

You’ll then accompany Jasmine and her team as she shoots the real-life wedding of Laura and Billy, who graciously allowed CreativeLive to share their experience with the world. Jasmine will demonstrate how she gets the most creative, most meaningful wedding photos that will be treasured by the happy couple for the rest of their lives.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your wedding photography business from the beginning.

  • Market your business with websites, social media and blogging.

  • Create a unique brand and identify your target audience.

  • Rely less on fancy gear and more on your personality and talents.

  • Connect with your clients and build trust.

  • Use second shooters to help out on the big day.

  • Shoot a real wedding from start to finish.

  • Get the right lighting and pose your subjects.