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Wedding Planning 2: Venue, Design, & Bridesmaids' Dresses


Wedding Photography

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Wedding Planning 2: Venue, Design, & Bridesmaids' Dresses


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Wedding Planning 2: Venue, Design, & Bridesmaids' Dresses

all right so today then you know maybe maybe you start by telling us a little about what what you know that would be talking about today and of course we'll be veering off in various directions but I know that we talked about the venue but there's other things that you guys have been working on so before we before we show off the venue you wantto bring us up to speed on anything but I think the biggest thing for us this week was the venue because we felt like we couldn't move forward with a lot of the other things without knowing where the venue was going to be what it was gonna look like inside what was gonna hold you know can we have a band and they were the acoustics like what's the lighting like what kind of design can we come up with what kind of tables can we fit in here you know what's it like out side do we need valet there's so many things that depend on even the style of the dress you know if all of a sudden we're out in the middle of a prairie do we want her in a ball gown y...

ou know so all those things really the venue is he in all the design elements and really touches on all the different things so that was a big deal this week is just getting that accomplish so I for one am very relieved wei have found a spot that we love and that has you know kind of the things that we were looking for him we'll go over that in a little bit but I'm very excited about it well you know that sounds like a perfect segment I bet people were pretty curious as to what we ended up deciding on because last week we mentioned we had our emergency backup plan and we made kind of impassioned plea that if someone had a really cool space in seattle now is the time to speak up and chase jarvis stepped in called in a few contacts and I'm not sure what people on the line they're going to think when they video but I'll tell you what on august twenty seventh I believe it's going to be really really really cool so I should hope that summation lots of imagination when you see the open minded so the venue is a chocolate factory uh it's actually the back room in a historic building in fremont ah theo chocolate um the back room of that chocolate factory is used for all sorts of community event it's from trapeze arts to ah the moisture festival to all sorts of things and basically let's show you a little video kind of walking through what's going on here I have looked at this space with deep pageant for a long time way talk to joe uh at length about how to use this space for a big studio claim events here whatever one of the projects and I'm a partner in with my good buddy craig is this thing called creative live which is worldwide live free creative education way decided to do a course for wedding photographers gets a huge industry there's a lot of people who want to do it we reset tio a famous wedding photographer named jasmine star who's doing the event and we said hey we want to do this and we actually want to do a live wedding the main venue is are arguably the most important part way immediately thought how cool the spaces yeah and so our little sing and then you hey joe how's it going yeah I gotta I gotta throw on the right and this is really interesting to me said well that sounds great but I got this food bloggers conference with food ista going on that weekend and I said oh wow because someone from food east had reached out to try and connect with what it is that I'm doing they're bringing in two hundred fifty food people from all the way so we so we produced a dotcom unlike cooking encyclopedia and one of the audiences that we've connected with our food bloggers and this is a phenomenon that's just exploded and last year we put on a conference that we you know were like let's get fifty people in the room when we sold fifty tickets and five days and we doubled it to one hundred and then this is the second annual international food blogger conference and we've got people coming in from all over the united states and canada including some amazing speakers from kind of he'll guard food media on dh then lots of people have built successful audiences just out of their kitchens and it's kind of center section of food writing and technology and photography and so again but we had booked the space six months ago with you wait and so now so strange that I had received correspondence hey we're gonna be in seattle doing this thing and be really fun and then the one week that we wanted to use the space is the same way you guys had so basically we had a phone call a couple days ago and said let's see if we can see energize you it's friday clock and so dok mi beautiful and there's going to be the event on friday is our wedding and then as soon as the wedding's over everyone leaves at midnight way set this backup so that when they walk in here at a m on on saturday morning it looks exactly like they needed to look yeah yeah and then we're gonna bring creative live into their domain and help share the story of their food photography picture that's quite exciting well and there's there's one story which is the chocolate story like all this happening in a chocolate factory we just loved that there's a big apartment for us and I'm really grateful and you know I mean I know this story but maybe so that we can have the folks at home here but it like give us the short version of theo yeah the very short story I started the company five years ago after being conservation volunteer a long time ago seeing in central america seeing that social environmental degradation really business problems and I brought in the best team including chuck and debra and andy and were now the first and only organic fair trade chocolate maker in the whole country we're trying to raise the bar for the chocolate business not way give chocolate his love you know expression of love and to celebrate and everybody that makes it from you know the chocolate maker our factory all the way down to the farmer mad a gas car should be happy healthy and well because they're making this beautiful thing that we all enjoy and that's really our vision our passion well I've been a huge fan ever since you guys for started thanksgiving like you yeah I really appreciate it thank you great teo thanks thank you thanks thank you for sharing that I'm really excited about this being a possibility for laura's wedding we've been looking at a few spaces and we have a ton of some specific things in mind but more than anything we wanted a raw space that we could work some magic on and from what I've seen from pictures and when I heard that this might be the perfect space so you're looking at it be really open minded kind of wrong so that we can you know take it and turn it into your wedding versus some pre existing space that already has a bunch of stuff in it that wouldn't new york so let's go check it out okay excited to finally see this in person ross space hey I can see it's gonna be full of light on a beautiful sunny day then having tables dispersed here maybe a little lounge area again just crystal chandeliers hanging all over the place rick walls on the window stays at big roll up door that we could use as an entrance maybe and drape it off cobalt blue silk trade chandeliers hanging down kind of framing the two ofyou bart this's great thank you so much what I like about those long tables is that if you put them all together instead of having um more like what you guys were doing which is a different feeling but for a wedding and a family style wedding where were you serving all the food family style is like almost like everyone sitting at the same table which is an incredible feeling worse and sometimes when you have all the rounds like well there's a group here and there's a group here so this way you know if we do different figuration everyone will be sitting at one or two tables because they're all connected which is fabulous just had that juxtaposition of the raw space and they're really the beautiful lush things that we've talked about like the venture chandeliers and a beautiful draping you know I think we'll have to bring in some lighting here because obviously this is not what it looked like there is some stage lighting up there were just great one of the things you might not know is that there's this really great event in the space the next day and they're doing some lining and some decor so if we could piggyback on that and I'll share it's gonna be even better that's what I try to do some things at weddings anyway it's kind of chair the resource is so I think this is gonna be real fun thing and I think we're gonna talk to them and see what kinds of that they need for the next day but for example if they're gonna bring in some lighting for them and great well let's you know do it for your event something like a park hand up there is really easy just to change out of color so we could put in a cobalt blue joe there's really easy ways toe you know make the events very different using the same very caring tearing is good do you think that people talk and don't just talk the whole time thanks guy that's from scratch yeah just three all right so so that's the space that's the space and so instead of just planning a wedding in four weeks now we're you're planning and designing a wedding in four weeks that will transform into an international food bloggers location just bring it on at the wake you do more than weddings you actually do event so that's actually segways nicely with kind of your own background yes that's so so folks that is that is what you guys were up to this week and I need to get some other things to talk about so I'm going to step out of the way and kind of let you get going here um and uh we'll see where it goes so one of the things as I was talking about in the video and like I said I don't always just talk the whole time somehow that everything just feels like it's all about daniela I do try to get my bride's input um what I love about that space that it is really raw it's just some brick walls like sealing there isn't anything really pre existing we could make that space really vintage really you know crazy really modern whatever we wanted to and so I feel a space like that really lends itself to finding out a lot about the bride and groom and bringing them into that space and when people walk into the space there really going to feel like they're part of something of the bride and groom and not just like you know well this is another pretty summer wedding we don't want to good to be another you know summer wedding we want it we went to guest to feel like they're really low on billy's wedding and to feel that synergy to feel like this is really something that feels right with you so do you think that that's possible seeing that's really absolutely as soon as I walk through the doors I knew that you had taken exactly what we were asking for it somehow miraculously found it in seattle and a place that has never had a wedding at it before so yeah I mean it was pretty lucky that that space came around because I think you know we had looked at the new creative live studio which is similar and feeling not quite that much and not as big and so when I saw this I was just really excited cause it's it has almost everything we need and you know it does have that challenge of working with an event that's you know twelve hours later way but we can do it I think about having a wedding in a really unique location like that so many people are going to remember remember it forever because it's not a typical wedding space and so they're going to be walking through fremont on a saturday afternoon and they're gonna walk past theo chocolate in there always think that's where I went to lauren billy's wedding and it really makes it extra special so it's pretty fun to get to do that yeah well just think but every time someone has a piece of thea's chocolate can be thinking of you too I'm really I'm very sorry I think that was one of the conditions of using the spaces that we have to use theo's chocolate as well in the wedding that's terrible whatsoever about it right on my plate three large table we had talked about that hopefully so one of the things in this space that we haven't quite decided what to do with yet is there's this big giant piece of equipment in one corner and you know it was obviously used for some sort of chocolate making and it looks like this big that I imagine it filled with chocolate and kind of swimming inside myself but so we have a good figure like do we drape it off because it's this big bulky piece of equipment or you know you had talked about well let's just leave it maybe we'll just light it up in cobalt blue and you know maybe we'll now we'll do a dessert bar in front of it and that that be like this whole you know part of the story so there's there's some definite definite options but we're definitely imagining a nice display of chocolate somewhere if we have that off you so once we kind of saw the space in last week here on the show we had talked a lot about colors we talked about five different color palettes and you know lord kind of pick two she put it out there to her bridesmaids and some friends and you know we've kind of come down to that decision of that beautiful rich cobalt blue color and some coppers and maybe warm goals and metallics so once we had found the space you know that really got put into places well because those colors will just look fabulous in that space there's so much brick which is you know very rich and coppery and color sets just perfect so I talked on the phone with our illustrator that works for me at bella nadia bach was here today and so she came into the space and we started sketching I can't draw to save my life there's just something about two dimensionally that I cannot do give me something three dimensional I could make any room look like anything but on paper no way so I have beautiful naughty here who makes the most amazing illustrations and I can sketch something and talk about it and she can put it in visual form so that my clients can actually see what it's going to look like and it's just an amazing process so we have her here today and maybe we can go over colors and and the overall design here on camera so you guys all can participate and please feel free to ask questions yeah so do we see this human chance green so we can go over that well the challenge I think was really to find the right place for the alter what is going to be that center on da we had this wonderful window right yeah we had kind of looked around this base and there was one part of the space that the brick had been colored cream and so we thought well maybe that would be a good frame we could frame that with fabric but it just wasn't quite right there wasn't quite the right you know where the ia would run and it wasn't quite perfect we thought about maybe facing the big white doors but but again or the stage but we didn't necessarily blow on billy didn't really want to know about on the stage and then we turn around and there's this beautiful window there with a lot of brickwork and we just thought wow that would be really fun framing in fabric just like a window but making it this beautiful centerpiece of the room and having everything focused on that so so the challenge here was really as I was putting it on paper to make this um center look like it is something nicely framed and I was thinking maybe we can play later on paper and maybe do some drawings over over that on dh maybe do something else but I know that you work in three d and yours on an actual space so that will probably be something to work with right there well yes and no but I do like you know I like put things on paper I like to be able to show the client you know some different ideas you know and to see if they like it before we get into the space because usually once we get into the space I like to know what we're doing to make sure I've ordered enough fabric and we always get him a little bit more anyway but it's nice to have that framework and if something doesn't work it doesn't look quite right or doesn't look like we had it on paper then you play with it on sight but to have this for you know have for what you've created you know is just fabulous so I'd love to see what laura things of a sketch that we have I love it I really loved your idea off um aunt icky looking chandelier is different chandeliers so we're gonna have three or as many as we can have shapes that bring this character really to the set I think this is a really great idea so that also gives us this look and also I like that this break is really is becoming part off this design as the reactor playing around it and this window is right there I think it's going to be a lot of fun to do this yeah and then you were thinking so which we're doing some sort of ah decoration on the chairs and for you you're saying you are not very much of a bulls and nobody girlie florey neither one of us I don't think thinking thinking a crystal bowls of something like that yeah so when we think it was always like to do something along the aisle one just to give it a little bit more something so it's not just a bunch of chairs in a row but I like it I don't devos and I'm I don't always like to do just big heavy swag fabric just because you know it's overdone and so for some reason that thing that popped into my head probably because we were talking about crystal chandeliers is having beautiful cobalt blue satin ribbon going down just the corners of the chairs ending in a big beautiful teardrop crystal e just thought it would add a little bit of you know glitz and that blue satin color again and that richman of the satin I'm really hoping that we could get shove our chairs which would look really pretty so if anyone has gold or dark brown shove our chairs that they would like to see on camera and bring to this beautiful wedding please feel free because the dollar event untold yeah so that's you know that's that's what I see in the space being absolutely amazing I think you know a white folding chair just wouldn't look the same so we're hoping that that's something that we can use what were you thinking about color palette because um as I was drawing it I was trying to avoid this kind of dark feelings so I think this's this is quite black dark tone yes even though it's beautiful and ridge you are trying to space it out with some creamy tune yeah so will have you know in addition to the cobalt copper color which are really are dark accent colors we also want to bring in a gold maybe even a little bit of yellow here if we need teo you know lighten it up a lot of it depends on what that space looks like on a sunny day when we were there it was like the gloomiest day in august that have ever seen that was hard to see what it was going to feel like on what we hope is a sunny august day three weeks from now so but yeah I really like the richness of these colors especially for an evening running but you know it being august in seattle it'll it won't get dark till eight thirty or so so bringing that gold color in that you can see up on screen will really help so again dark brown show very chairs or gold chavarria chairs would be absolutely beautiful with the setting and you know depending on how everything comes together would be really fun to have a cobalt blue I'll run into just again because it's unexpected but if it ends up too much color than we know we can go with something like an ivory I think we were talking a little bit earlier laura about cakes I sent you a bunch of different cakes to kind of get an idea of what you like and then to start kind of coming up with cake design based on that and I think you liked a plane ivory cake just very modern very clean little accents and that's something that we might keep cream instead of trying to go crazy and do a cobalt blue cake you know maybe we'll keep the linens and the coal ball maybe make some sort of beautiful copper stand and just have this very classic but stunning tall clean yummy tasting the pirate queen colored cake but had you also had an idea off white probably flower arrangements yes so that's what's going on what's going to bring the light exactly because again you know blue and copper don't really lend themselves to flowers very well because they refused to die flowers on it and I'm sure that's not the lucky would we're going for anyway and there's you know we don't do a lot of white flowers but there's something so many rich colors going on so the idea of having again these beautiful chairs you know long long tables draped in a beautiful cobalt blue and just offset by these beautiful textured blooms you know tightly packed gardenia is hydrangea roses and just all in different shades of cream so those shades kind of work with each other and make each other glow and all you see is just beautiful white texture just you mean iss that's that's what I'm going for and I think that would look really pretty I think it'll brighten it all up so you get that you get some lots of candlelight on the table it's just going to very you know classic vintage yet modern and all those things that we talked about it it sounds like those things don't fit together but in my world they do and my head do you know I like I love mixing modern with something more arresting and vintage e and and you know that's ideally how I like my home to look too so I think a lot of times you know I like mixing those what seems to be opposite things together any questions out there yet awesome great perfect the simple color palette of the flowers keeping it you know all sort of one tone but with texture and I think that will lend itself so well to complimenting the texture of the brick walls and kind of a lot of the just interest it's going on in there without having so much going on we're lost unfriendly ears yeah yeah that you can't tell where to look I just got so kind of calming but really rich as well because of the texture of it and it'll all fit together so nicely when I think one of the things you mentioned early on to me that you really like texture and someone way tto bring texture more to the forefront is to keep the color palette somewhat simple and to bring that texture in and then you mention that your friend olivia is a textile designer and that we might be able to bring that in through the invitations and so then I really started playing with texture I don't know if you can see it too well on the screen but the blue fabric swatch that's there is a beautiful cobalt do peony silk and that's what I would imagine using up around the window and that to me again I love because it's just luminous it has his amazing texture when you put light on it just catches the light beautiful and has this beautiful sheen so again there's all these various texts textures laid upon each other and I think that's what makes a room really really rich without totally overpowering it if we were to drape the entire room in that cold bob blew it be a little much yeah I like just the added little punches of blue instead of doing like too much of it let's keep with neutral and then just like have a few major things that are the big pops of color and just like you're saying with the texture you know having that toupee on silk um in the cobalt blue and then maybe on the chairs having but you know the satin ribbon in the same blue like again having those different textures and the kind of a simplified color palette that's not too many colors at all just blends together so nicely exactly what are you thinking off this again color you have three no silk and how you're trying to put them in design well I think that guy said so the blue I see that the friend that if you look at the drawing on your screen I really like the dew peony silk for the framing if we need more blue than I think the I'll run it would be really fun to do in blue perhaps we would do that in copper there's a lot of copper in the room naturally because of the brickwork so the other colors I just wanted teo bring in when we need some richness some warm because that blue colors can be very cold if it's not done right it is a nice richer warmer blue as faras blues go but you were really drawn law to that brown sugar copper color and so I wanted to make sure that we were including that you know hopefully we can use that in the containers I would love to find some beautiful copper long skinny containers were going to be using these long tables as I was talking about in the video to really create this family style atmosphere the feeling of getting as many people as possible on one or two tables versus just having you know tables kind of broken up all over the place so again if we can have these long thin tables with these long just runners of flowers almost we looked down the tables need to see texture color candlelight romance that's kind of the look we're going for so I'm pretty excited about it you can tell I get really into into the design part of it yeah so I think you know the next step now that we've kind of if if you can sign off like the design for the ceremony then the next step will be for us to talk about the reception we've talked already kind of about the table layout I am in the process of looking for linens you know looking for the containers for the flowers will be ordering the flowers thes this week you know well you and I will start talking laura about what you want that okay to look like again I always feel like simple is almost better I've for you okay I would imagine lots of texture again maybe something you know some sort of beautiful old and tiki broach or something but not to try to put some blue flower and it because our color palette you know is white and blue and gold a lot of times I find bride's thinking like okay we have this color palette so in every element I have to have every piece of the color palette it just gets too much self you know where bryant has white and blue they try to do ah whitened loop okay you know you can get easily get away with having a beautiful cream okay with all sorts of different colors of cream and a beautiful blue satin ribbon versus trying to find a little blue flowers to put in there so that would be my goal is to kind of find out from you what you like and then to create it and have it fit in with everything with with every element that we're going to be doing whether it's the cake or the invitations it's nice to try to fit everything in so it all feels like it's part of the same thing without being too matchy matchy I'm not a matchy matchy type person you heard a walk through my house to be like whoa uh because um my style is generally I just find things that I like and somehow they all kind of magically work together maybe maybe I'm just imagining things I do a lot of like thrift store shopping and junking out of state sales and so my taste is really eclectic anyway like my bridesmaids are all wearing different dresses that they want a show a couple of nafta and these are just some samples because my maid of honor she just had a baby so she can't exactly get out and shop so I'm shopping for her and the's are just new couple thing I feel so bad about it so these are just a few that I have you will see that yeah that I found a different places where I'm just tagging where I'm shopping for her so this is just sort of off white with a little gold um touches and accents and then um this is another one that I found in also I I don't know why did this to my bridesmaids but um every store is um switching over to fall colors now and for some reason gold is not a fall color this year so they're having a really hard time finding things in this palette but um I have uh I gave them sort of abroad like you can pick long short sleeveless drops I don't care what it looks like I just wanted to be in this warm toned color palette like this is brown obviously in gold cream brown sugar bronze any one of oh well any one of those colors really um but I spent like four hours at the mall the other day and there are no stores are carrying them right now so I've been hitting like goodwill and value village and just places like that because they don't care about seasons so I've been and unfortunately a lot of women don't keep their price may stresses after the wedding so but you know I could see these being something you'd wear anywhere you know how these air lucky bridesmaids to be wearing something fun like this because it's not the same old you know you look at some dresses like oh it's bridesmaid dress I mean it's obviously a bridesmaid dress and they say they're going to wear it again but they don't never do because just and that was the goal because I have a whole closet full of them but I'm never gonna wear again so the goal was really to just have them pick something that they feel really great in that's their style that they could hopefully where again you know if it's something that they feel good and that they look good in so to the readers in the chat room and everyone listening if you have seen a really great find out they're of a dress that's in the kind of gold bronze cream you know warm brown sugar color that I know where it is I did stop a few bridal stores but it's you know this is a good tip for planning a four week wedding it's nearly impossible to find a bridesmaid dresses that you can just buy off the rack in the right sizes and everything yeah and then they can't order them that quickly because they make them all to order so right yes it's we're having to go the alternative route but which I think is more fun no too I mean not necessarily for you trying to do all these many things in four weeks three weeks now um but I think again and it's gonna end up representing your eclectic style that all the girls will be in something they love they're all going to be looking a little bit different I think the pictures will be that much more phenomenal I'm kind of over the whole everyone looks the same and the there's the bride and the you know cream drives like I like the idea of that tonal color palette but everyone's a little bit different than they all feel more comfortable they look happier events happier yeah thing is if that's you know your style and that really represents you when people look at that whole wedding party together up there at the altar or in those photos it's going to feel more like you know what you would choose what you would have in your life and your home that sort of thing that will represent you and billy so much I think I first saw that style if I can say this I think I first saw that on um jessica claire's in her wedding because each one of her bridesmaids they weren't even that they were just in sort of like fall jewel tone color palette but every single one of them was wearing something that they felt phenomenal in and you could tell from the pictures they all you could say like this person is uber for nash fashionista and this person is a little bit more reserved and modest or whatever it was you know but you looked at them and you really saw their personality come through what they chose to wear on her wedding day the internet has a question on the internet if the internet browser internet kim's imagery uh that's her user name in the chat room um it wants to know if the brighter the color of the bride's check dress has been selected yet is it white ivory e love it the first dress I when I put it on I was like this is my dress done done we can stop looking now and I've tried on a lot of dresses a lot of dresses so um it is diamond white it's their company's ivory so whatever it's a nice warm hell yeah not white right it is off slim degree slightly offline okay great um and also um in in regards to you mentioned in the photos and what not fire flight photo is asking do does the designer take into consideration the photographer and their needs when they're designing the wedding decorations yes and no definitely we we try to make everything photo friendly so one of the reasons why the cream flowers for example also work really well in that space is because there's not gonna be a ton of light in that space we're gonna have these great chandeliers but there is a little bit of staging lighting but not a lot so in the evening that room's going to get pretty dark if we had dark flowers they wouldn't show up it would be really hard for that photographer to get you know shots if we had for example like deep purple flowers it would be really hard to see those and so another reason for using something like cream flowers because they're really gonna pop off the table the whole picture composition and at least in my head for what I see visually is going to come together better on film and again when we're doing this visually when I'm designing it I'm trying to always keep that composition in my head so that you know ice kind of see everything I'm doing as a photo so what is that little gonna look like what's this going to look like and so you know even though I'm not saying oh I'm going to design this so it looks great in pictures in in one way I am I'm trying you know make the bride happy make all the guests feel comfortable creating an environment and make sure that it has the ability to look really good on film because if it doesn't if it looks crapping out of film then what's the point well also in sort of in that vein a couple of the photographers have asked it does it make it if all the bridesmaids have different dresses doesn't make it harder for the bride to stand out in the photos I don't think so I mean the bride you know unless unless everyone's in different colors you know if the bride was wearing red and someone's wearing growing and someone's wearing blue then definitely but she's gonna have the big dress she's gonna you know I mean she's gonna look like wearing a gown she's not wearing a little cocktail dress or you know and I think with her wearing ivory and all the other colors even if it's ivory with some flecks of gold or whatever I definitely think she's going to stand out she's going to be radiating love and happiness and she's definitely going to stand up there's something as well have to say of all the brides I've seen and photographed over the years it is like magic something happens on the wedding day no matter who the woman is no matter if this is her thing and she ever thought she would be a bride in her life get her on that wedding day in the dress with the hair and makeup with they all the accessories and not just that but the the excitement and the love surrounding them every right of ever seen just beams like you cannot believe and so there's no mistaking who the right and out of any day no matter what anyone's wearing it's her and she just radiates it's amazing angry uh we have another question from abby lynn is there a time set up a time line set up for the process of the entire wedding yet we're still working on that jazz and I'm working on talking usually what I do and we talked about this a little bit in the last show I try to make that kind of work backwards and so I try to find out from the major vendors like the photographer you know what do they need how much time do they need forgetting room shots for getting family shots you know are the bride and groom willing to see each other beforehand so we can get those shots of the way most most times now and thank you that billing laura do r we are willing to see each other before the ceremony you know we still once in a while get brides and grooms that don't want to see each other so that's a little bit harder with the timeline because then we have to do all those bride and groom shots and family shots after the ceremony which means they're missing you know a lot of the cocktail hour and part of the reception perhaps depending on how much time the photographer one so in this case it will be nice and easy but that's kind of how we work so kind of building backwards you know how much time do we need for these photos and then working how much time does she need for hair much for makeup how much time to get dressed building some buffers in between there so that's kind of what we're working on we're still trying to figure out exactly ceremony time which I think we've decided it's five how late can we go in that space again finding the venue had a lot of to do with it because we didn't know whatever space we ended up with yeah how long can we go can we go till three in the morning or do we have to end a ten so again you work backwards right um so there's a comment in the chat room I thought I would read out it's nice no no no um it's nice seeing the entire process being being discussed sometimes as photographers we're not privy to that information but it can help better relate to the clients for their overall experience and that's good that's good to know this is this seems to be working for the fabulous and we have another question another comment from the chat room that chris says she thinks that if you have different dresses on the wedding party that it can add texture and interests absolutely and not definitely a major decision part of that decision that I made with that I wanted that sort of eclectic feel and different textures and as long as they're in coordinating colors well yeah and they're not all in the same color it's not like I said you all have to find a gold dress I just said here's your palate go take it and it's important to have those limitations that someone doesn't show up in like barney purple and there are my bridesmaids if you're watching out there I will have an emergency dress big enough to fit anyone on and I would have to say having different gowns from from a personal potential participant standpoint is is that it you know not everybody looks the same not everybody looks good in the same dress and if they can bring their own style and get something that really looks good for them that it my girls are still all completely different too I mean they're all shapes and sizes and heights and skin tone skin tones are all different and so for me it was an easy choice to just say pick whatever you want you're not all gonna fit into the same genre anyway and I think you get more confident participants happier participants with better looking out looking photos and I think to like everything I don't know I did a wedding a few weeks ago and the bride had clearly chosen shoes for all the bridesmaids so they that they all matched and you could tell a few the bride's means we're uncomfortable and the issue is not because they were hell in fact they were flat but some of those brides bridesmaids weren't used to wearing flats and could tell they just didn't feel as you know we're in these flat shoes with this you know pretty stylish stressed but you know that I think she just a mad you know found the shoes of the exact right hugh and so she bought them for other bridesmaids which was great and I'm sure the pictures look great but you could tell some of them were like just not as comfortable so I think giving your girls that are there to support you supporting them and giving them a choice fabulous all right so we have another question from the chat room it does the bride who who this person understands is also photographer um feel like the whole experience will change the way that she rates lates to her own clients during initial constance consultations and if so how that's a very good question in fact I think um from the very beginning of my business I felt like I I had a I was just because I hadn't been married or engaged I was just on a different sort of I looked at it differently and as soon as I got engaged it changed for me I just could really easier to my clients I'm not saying that not being engaged mimi or worse but on river but it definitely makes it easier to be on the same level with them and going through the process I have so much more respect for my clients that plan their own weddings I mean from from the very beginning I was like oh my god under these girls tio how are they all crazy because it's really hard it's really hard to make decisions and tio commit teo everything along the way and yeah definitely well as a photographer are you planning on taking any photos of your own wedding no good for you now and actually that was I mean this is a totally different situation now but when I first started planning my wedding I photography is clearly is something that's really important to me and I it's the on ly tangible item I'm gonna have after my wedding day so I um made a very conscious decision the beginning to research photographers whose work I respected but that it weren't friends of mine or people that I knew because I wanted that professional separation between me and my photographer so I will not be taking pictures on my think you're gonna have enough todo think there's going to be enough coverage yeah no detail will be missed which may be good or bad right I do have a camera that I'm going to give to your friend and I know who's gonna be there to shoot some film I wanted ah it seems we're winding down on questions if there's any other questions out there he may have a few minutes to get some in um oh ah well here's a question um do you have anything going on um any decisions being made about the groom and groomsmen attire yet uh billy was just a groomsman in the wedding or a couple weeks ago so he has a fabulous suit but he just that he just bought for that so he'll probably be wearing pads I've kind of just let him sort of do the same thing with him with his grooms moves to say you know just wear a black or a charcoal suit and and then we were going to just buy different ties for them from this great website called tie bar and again with the same color pilot seat warm awesome silk ties that you could just buy in all different all different colors so cool always loved that eclectic but pulled together looks of the grossman again feel pulled in into the whole environment laura chris chris would like to know who did you research and what were some of your favorite ah um okay so I got really really really close like probably a week away from fending my photographer her check and then we entered this contest and I'm sure she was like what's the worst that oh no but the girl that I was is going to hire her name is bratt cole and she is married to a friend of mine I went to brooks and she's married to a friend of mine from school so we kind of knew each other but not on dh she used to work for a photographer you might not know him but his name is jose via she used to work for him and so she was she was going to be our photographer she shoots film so I was researching film photographers and digital photographers and the digital photographer we were kind of between her and the digital starter for um jamie jamie delaine from vancouver b c okay actually here's another question this time for daniela do wedding designers also work in other capacities such as interior decorators or whatnot or do you mostly or do they and you mostly handle weddings it really depends on you know I'm going to speak for any other designers because you know who knows what areas they branch off into um for me I don't really do any interior design all the once in a while I'll work with clients on specific things so I'll have clients that I've done a wedding for and then I'll do other you know life events for so special you know parties in their home and then they might be redoing their house and ask color palette questions you know want me to help source some vases or some containers and so ah lot of the couples that I work with that I start without their wedding I'll end up doing all the life events and doing little bits and pieces and that's how I prefer to work like I want to be you know that couples designer for life right um don't have you done photography in the past am I making that up but I told him that I don't know I do I do always bring my cameron I love that kind of capture things from you know again I look I see things and pictures and so I can see something and I could see exactly how I would like that photo look that I want that boot near you know really sharp and I want the background blurred just so but I do not have the technical capability do that thank goodness that for this particular event we have amazing jazz man you know I or to some amazing photographers around seattle that know what they're doing and that take all the beautiful things that I do and capture them forever and I'm grateful for that great well I think we're we're winding down and it's ah it's getting close to a good time to wrap up so um I just want to mention that we are looking for since we have that really really quick turnaround between wedding and another event the necks today we are looking for some assistance who ah who might be ableto work overnight helping teo turn over the room for another purpose so please contact us where for four week wedding that's four with the number four four week wedding at creative life dot com hey thankyou and actually beyond just the terry you don't have to take the camera lloyd back to get the o s o in addition tio to the tear down we actually could use all variety of volunteers for the set up and tear down of this event and um we hadn't really got to that part in the logistics yet daniel but you know since we've got peoples here and there are people already sending us their contact information cause they want to be involved in this in seattle maybe you could describe a little bit about what you think we're going to need in terms of just help on the ground sure well you know we'll be basically since they were working around this other than that's happening the very next day they're actually going to come in a few days before set the room how they need it we're going to see what that looks like then we're going to come and tear it all apart into our stuff um and so we'll need help for that we're going to be rearranging table setting lenin's doing the not so exciting part of steaming the loons I it's just insist on always steaming linens because they have to be perfect the way they come from the rental companies all creased and wrinkled and that just doesn't work so you know those things like that you know we're going to be handing hanging chandeliers from the ceiling so if there's people who aren't afraid of heights fabulous I don't get up on ladders anymore you know all sorts of fun things and so they make it to be part of that process of seeing you know taking this really really raw space that looks like nothing into this beautiful lush atmosphere that represents two people that are madly in love so that's in a really exciting thing to be a part of and then at the end of that night we kind of take everything down we'll leave the chandeliers up because I think the food is two people are really excited to actually use some of arctic auras well which would be fun but we'll be turning some of those tables around in teo the way that they want it set and it's just a really neat process to see you know everything from you know here's the sketches here's the empty space and we're going to come and create this and I think he'll be fun for people to be part of I'll be there directly anything so you have to have no experience just excitement and passion and willingness to help I don't know how many headed creek says how many people would you look how many people I'd like ten people please no muscle yeah frank muscles are good fear of heights not fear not fear of heights I think lack of fear of heights think hoping for that um that we need to put in appeal and out there in the world oh my gosh well again chart chairs if anyone wants to give us chairs are or help with chairs if anyone wants to feature the beautiful chairs um on this fabulous creative process that we're doing that would be great um and I think you know we were still looking for something some services like teeth bleaching and um that's just something but I know you have beautiful white teeth that's something that we had talked about at one point I think hopefully feels theo chocolates will be involved in favours but you know we were gonna need them problem maybe package or maybe the come package but you know we'll want to put our own spin on it and put you know maybe a blue ribbon on it so that kind of stuff labor to help do that kind of stuff and I think we've had some great people reject and say hey I do customs really you want to come down and check it out yeah you know let us know if there's something that you have that you want to see featured I'm sure we could find a way to get it in there in front of how many people wei need catering we're still working on catering it huge live audience plus june back lock features on june bug we're doing um uh block post every week leading up to the wedding kind of following along these live broadcast showing images and uh you know showing the progression of the wedding planning and then after the wedding will be getting to run all the photos from jasmine and showing the full real wedding so will definitely be giving lot from off the coverage to all the different participants and then of course the creative life classroom is just gonna be astounding yeah so I think that big seattle audience that you know in the national audience that follows june bug all the national audience that follows jasmine star in a you know and the creative life you know viewers I think it's just gonna be huge exposure so catering is probably the biggest piece that we haven't nailed down yet we have a few feelers out you know some people have said yeah you know we'd like to be part of this but really you know again we want to do this great family style dinner bring it on let us know if you're interested and I also wanted to say that will be will be mentioning who's participating during the workshop um who's participating in our course who's providing what and will also be well we'll have chat hosts who are putting that information into the chat room and will also be tweeting out some of these either either during the event or at the end of the at the closing credits fabulous thank you everybody

Class Description

What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

Celebrated photographer Jasmine Star begins by telling her personal story of how she built her business from the ground up. She covers everything from equipment to pricing to marketing. According to Jasmine, the key to a successful wedding photography business is to build a unique brand that highlights your personality, strengths and talents.

You’ll then accompany Jasmine and her team as she shoots the real-life wedding of Laura and Billy, who graciously allowed CreativeLive to share their experience with the world. Jasmine will demonstrate how she gets the most creative, most meaningful wedding photos that will be treasured by the happy couple for the rest of their lives.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your wedding photography business from the beginning.

  • Market your business with websites, social media and blogging.

  • Create a unique brand and identify your target audience.

  • Rely less on fancy gear and more on your personality and talents.

  • Connect with your clients and build trust.

  • Use second shooters to help out on the big day.

  • Shoot a real wedding from start to finish.

  • Get the right lighting and pose your subjects.