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Wedding Planning 3: Photography / Garter & Flowers


Wedding Photography

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Wedding Planning 3: Photography / Garter & Flowers


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Wedding Planning 3: Photography / Garter & Flowers

I think today as we're drawing closer we're kind of the halfway mark but you know usually the last two weeks are pretty full of all sorts of intensive questions and logistics and so on fourth in the kind of getting the final ideas down so one of the things I wanted to talk to you about was logistics um I want to talk a little bit about photography since we have is amazing photography and we have christy here who is an amazing photographer as well it be great to talk about you know what your style of photography that you want being a wedding photographer yourself it's a completely different story than your average bride who may not know a lot about photography may have seen some things in a magazine that she likes her friends you know friends pictures so I want to ask you laura you know what it is that you're going for obviously you were very drawn a jasmine's photography style what what is it that you like about it what is it that you envision yourself are there specific styles that yo...

u want is their specific you know poses or or non poses that you know that you're looking for well I do I mean I do have a little bit of a different perspective being a photographer and a bride um but one thing that I know is that I really respect jazz and I and her interpretation of our personalities and so I don't really have anything specifically that I am looking for for I'm just hoping that she can meet us and learn learn about us and and interpret that in the amazing way that she does are usually pretty comfortable in front of the camera no do you like tio oh as this process made you more comfortable in front of the game a little bit I uh I like to think I'm not gawky and awkward but I photographing you in a little while I got to do it yeah you seem like a total natural okay good that's refreshing yeah I'm hoping that it's ok I think um you know really what I try to bring my brides on their wedding day is just to have them interact acting with there husband in a natural way just the two of them and to capture that so I'm I'm thinking that jasmine probably does the same thing by looking at her photos she really focuses on catching the couple in their true element in the way that they interact with each other and yes just like very authentic hide interactions the moments and witnessing it rather than like posing somebody so I'm just gonna focus on being there with billy and and loving him and kissing him and then I'm hoping the pictures got great is it's kind of um uh relief in a little way that you get to be it a wedding and be you know a very special wedding such a huge part of it and not have to to be in charge of that to be in control of it you get to just totally be the bride and not you know be the wedding photographer from several absolutely and I know jasmine's work because I follow her blog's so I think that's a really good tip for brides when you are when you're researching these for your wedding really spend time to get to know the people who are involved in your wedding because it's going to make that experience so much easier just to let go and trust that person who was doing it for you definitely think getting to know them engagement photoshoots are you also usually a really great way to work with your photographer in advance of the wedding day get to know them get to know how they are going to try to bring out the best in you interactive you on the wedding day and how he how you feel in front of the camera I think sometimes a lot of people haven't ever had professional photos taken of this holmes themselves before so you don't know exactly how you're going to feel and then suddenly when the camera's on you sometimes people totally light up sometimes people freeze like a deer in headlights on and are really nervous so to get a little bit bit of that out of the way with engagement photo shoots is a nice way to do it if you can't if you can't if you were in the same area you know you know you're not able to with jazz until I think jasmine does an amazing job of putting herself out there for people to just sort of there's no pretence with her she just is who she is and that's that's the part that's kind of inhibiting for people who choose photographers that they don't have that sort of boundary less relationship with yeah we feel like we already know jasmine because we read her blogged and yeah she really cares so much of herself she does she shares so much of herself it makes it easy to trust her absolutely yeah that's gonna be fun very good y feel I'm really excited just kind of see all that unfold and to see you take that make that switch from being a wedding photographer to being the bride on and it'll be interesting to see if there's times when when you forget you know I mean what if you can't see yourself mentally being behind the lens and then remembering that now this today and to just my hope is that you will be just completely in the moment and relax and then enjoying I have photographed weddings for other photographers and for one it's really intimidating I don't mean just it doesn't feel that way about us but it is and for two I I can see why it's really hard for them to just sort of like turn that off part of their brain off like you know it's it's it's one of those things where you just have to let the person sort of see the way I see things the way that they see them rather than expecting that they're going see things the way that you see them absolutely and that's why you know you're hiring the photographer you're hiring when your plan a wedding it's because you love the way they see the world you love their their artistic viewpoint you love their interpretation of life and so yeah hopefully just can you know lay back and like trust that I know that's going to come out tio do you what are some of the favorite moments when you're photographing a wedding what are the moments that you love to see through your lens um I love I love sort of the moments in between like just before they go in for the cast or um you know when when everybody's just sort of standing there millie around talking to each other and capturing that laughter and that's sort of the candid moments in between I know jazz is really big on that too so I see that in her work when people are laughing and sort of relax and enjoying themselves I love the moment where you're walking down the aisle and you focus on the groom and you can see what he works by yeah when he sees when he sees his eminence do come towards him I love that moment is like like mixture of fear and ah and um so much emotion yeah and when the groom cries in that moment it's all over everybody cries it's like water works I retire and billy's a crime okay oh my god it's going to be a hot night billie billie giving a lot of speeches that weddings and he always cries and then I go right I can't see people cry or I'm just like live that's good to know I will cry it's good from rights means well be providing a little handkerchiefs waterproof mascara absolutely our group everything could be like a sprinkler fabulous yeah but I think that's nice though to because there are definitely couples or people who are so used to keeping those emotions in and what I see from the two of you when christie has shot you briefly and just with interacting with you to your very open you know you're all out there and and that makes it easier I think because it's not like on the wedding day all of sudden you know he's going to see you and just totally be out of control emotionally you know like he's gonna react you walking down the aisle and you're going to react to the moment and all the motion that's going on but you're already so open with with each other and with everyone that I think it's just going to be very natural and beautiful and joyful and all the guests are gonna be able to share and that it's just gonna be incredible she's getting teary on and for all the readers and you know viewers out there if any of you are interested on if you read what june bug loves our wedding planning block on june bug weddings were goingto be showing a little a little collection tomorrow of laura's favorite it sort of moments of weddings that some of the photographs she loves to take on and kind of seeing visually her perspective on this conversation and you know the wedding moments that she loves to interact with so yeah wonderful well so taking from that kind of talking about photographic moments and a lot of times when I'm talking with the photographer wedding and we're working through the logistics of the day to make sure that they're aware of what's going on so they can plan appropriately and they can figure out you know war is gonna be the best light for this war is gonna be the best position for this so one of the things I wanted to talk to you about laura planning wise is the logistics of the day the timing of the day you know what things are you wanting to do what things are you absolutely not wanting to dio you know there's definitely some traditions like the garter toss and broke a task that some rides love and embrace and they're excited about and somebody that I can no I want nothing to do with that you know no one's going to be pinning dollars to my veil and the money dance as an example all of my time good write it although I will take blank checks yeah well uh so locate us uh so I was kind of thinking that I was gonna go the untraditional route and and stray away from those types of things but then yesterday at my impromptu bridal brunch I heard a lot of protest mint from my single friends so uh that was doing the table of time it sounds like you really don't have a lot of um single ladies out there you know I don't want it to be like the kids and you know stuff like that so we just hold them back their parents are pushing them out there like new but um so I think I will do that I think I won't do that okay so separate tossing okay then because you probably don't want teo and I don't know if all brides know this but we do usually most most of time of reid will not toss for actual okay one because at least the ones that we make tend to be really big and it could be a could have on our e fit in there but yeah it's just nice to have something smaller and something make something could take away because most brides who want to keep their ok they may not have it preserved professionally although that's something else think about if there's anyone out there that does some preservation maybe that's something we can discuss um but yeah so we'll make a fun little tossing okay for you that won't hurt anyone if it ends in the head short of good name I don't know I should start practicing huh go ahead yes very good garter I see we have a garden so let's I want to look at it so my friend amy made this for me and um I found this one on had c that was like from a foreign country and like over one hundred dollars she's like I could make that for you so we took a little trip to the fabric store and picked out some tramps and things that I thought would go well with with my team of my day and she made this for me which it's amazing I love it I like the vintage feel to it and kind of hot or kind of vintage it's got a lot of texture to it this kind of warm caramel color a little bit of love leading well remember we looked at all those dresses had the plating so thing I noticed when I saw that was fighting it love it very pretty so we're gonna be doing a book hater I mean a good gardener yeah so I don't think we're going to do anything like you know mission impossible type of thing no finds anybody who dies that I think we'll just keep it simple and classic well just so you wanna share yeah I think so but nobody throwing around no I said also with the those things since some people like you were saying don't want to do what everybody else that's why they don't want to do the traditional you know so there's been a lot of creativity lately which sometimes goes a little outta hand for me I have see everything because I'm running's every weekend so I just I guess I'm a little jaded I just want something a bit different for my wedding this but still some some of the classic tradition you have to have money so excellent have you thought about first dance and the dances that you would be doing with dad and that my dance is that billy be doing I know there's talk about some dance lessons that was yeah really I think we're gonna try and do some dancing cousins this week we've been in touch with premier ballroom in everett and we live in ever it so that makes it easy and we're gonna gonna whip something up but we love to dance like we don't have any idea what we're doing but we'll at every wedding we just loved like spin around on the floor and there's lots of dipping richard probably always like very technically wrong but way loved to dance so hopefully we'll we'll improve on our skills and without everybody staring at us well you'll be able to remember some things do you have a first dance song picked out we don't have one like solidified yet but we are thinking something sinatra or or big band type thing wonderful so think about that before you get to that dance lesson because you know they might be able to at least give you something that goes with the beat of the music and the sound of the music so that you know they may not choreograph you whole first day yeah but just so you have you know comfort that what you're going to be learning fits well with that so you move lives and suggestions from anybody if you've heard something that's maybe a little bit unusual but we want something that's fun and flirty and that type of music a also so those of you out there in the chat room and out on twitter it sounds like laura is inviting you for suggestions for first dance music so bring it on way we have our eye have our father daughter song I told my dad originally that I wanted him to choose which was a big mistake because he's not thinking what was that like celine dion number and I was like I don't think so you more like the eagles or I I don't know I was just thinking he would delve back into the hard drive a little bit further um so we can't we we re we re visited that and we found one that was a suggestion from a friend of mine that is really fun and funny and it's great scott life it's one with your person coming and yet it's good it's really good speaking of all that how's your family handling all this it's obviously not your average your your child is getting married which is a big moment in a parent's life most people's children don't get married with tons of life cameras around in a full week period of planning and there's this is definitely very unique and different and what how do your parents feel about all this I think my mom and I are definitely driving each other insane my mom is uh she's a very like task oriented person she likes toe talk about things and calling every five minutes I was thinking about thiss I was thinking we should do this still with that uh what were you thinking about this like mom I'm just not thinking about anything I just you know I'm doing like whatever she's driving me nuts I'm driving her nuts so I think that's very great typical its's happening all at once it's all very condense and I think this is probably what that this experience does do that it just makes everything more saturated more intense because it's you know in a four week period and there's a reason why brides usually pick a year to do their wedding you know we work with right sometimes eighteen months yeah and it's not a lot of only a lot of decisions but it makes the process of thinking about it shorter you know so you only get a few days to think about each thing and you're thinking at multiple things at once which though for some brides will have a hard time making decisions as you've said you think ugo sometimes it makes it easier because you know you have you have deadlines that you know we have to make this decision but that so one of the things we're currently working on is catering in food selection and you know we know we have to make that decision in the next day or two and there's you know a lot of things to talk about type type of food and and how it's going to be served and all that kind of stuff so you know normally this process would take a long time it would do lots of tastings and we would talk you know amongst ourselves you would go home and talk with billy you know we would talk about what would look better we've got to do this in about three days yeah but just which is good because we can get a lot of things done but it is definitely a lot more intense it's unusual and you have to say you've been keeping up pretty darn how thank you I think all in all though my parents are just really happy that we're getting married finally because we're pushing seven years together and we've been through a lot of phases of our lives together now is when it actually feels right to do this but there we got engaged in november and then literally did not plan anything I think and tell this we had a lot of ideas but nothing really concrete and cemented so they're glad to see that it's actually going to happen something we were talking about maybe doing that so are there any special ways that you're bringing your family into sort of involving them or I mean maybe some of them are sort of surprises so you don't have to give anything away yeah well way do you have a lot of things that are sleeve but it is really a main focus of our wedding that we're joining our two families together and billy sister is my maid of honor his other sister is in the wedding it's really going to be family focused about about how important it is that we are bringing these two families together and moving forward with our own family so we're gonna showcase thumb we're not doing like a slide or anything but we're going to showcase wedding pictures from from our families and sort of put that out there very nice yeah do you have how much planning we haven't talked about this detail at all yet who's officiating the wedding billy's uncle is officiating um we had originally thought that it would be nice tio ask him to do it because we wanted somebody who would be invested in us and in our future and not just somebody random somebody who would sort of be like aa sponsor is for an alcoholic like things go wrong you know they're there they they are they're invested in you and I have ah interest in making your marriage work in its hard our relationship has been hard on you rather like my marriage is going to be like hey look at me they love all your analogy american way of questions so we have ah couple of questions from the internet one ah it's for laura if if jasmine was not shooting your wedding how would you be going about looking for a photographer or how did you before you actually found out that this was gonna happen for you um I I sort of from the beginning of like thinking about getting married I really I'm a very visual persons I was visualizing how I was going to look on my wedding day based off of how was going to look in the pictures maybe like a little backwards way of thinking about it but it's like how do I want this picture to look s o I really am drawn teo um romantic images like elizabeth massino's where they're just sort of ethereal looking so all right but also billy and I are kind of funny and quirky and weird so I'm also really drawn to the images of that are authentic in that way so I was um I read wedding blog's and I see hundreds and thousands of images on a weekly basis so for me it was just sort of like figuring out what I was drawn to and then re searching from there who the target first we're going to be and a really pivotal moment for me was this year in w p at w p p when I was there in las vegas I um was walking around the trade show by myself and just sort of like I had specific things that I was doing but I got really distracted by the richard's photo lab booth and I went over there and I was like flipping through all of the albums from cyprus and I got so emotional from one of the albums that I I started to cry in the middle of the trade show floor and I was like all right what is the matter with me I'm crazy person I was standing here in the middle of this massive rachou crying over her wedding out but for me in that moment I was like okay I need a film photographer I need teo I need thio racer a za riel option for me because I was so mostly taking with it so what what's the most important thing to you about a wedding photographer um I think uh having a good relationship with that person and having not trust factor where you have seen enough of their work that you feel connected to the subjects in it and that you know that they're going to deliver a quality product to you in the timely manner and I think you know what you said about how you reacted to this particular album and I think just like with gowns and with a lot of things that you're picking for your wedding there will be a moment when you're looking through things whether it's on a block or in an album in front of you or gowns where we're going see that and you're going to react to it emotionally and that's what you should look for is that reaction where you just that's it you know and you might not have you might not think exactly like oh that's it but that your whole body will react chemically and physically and you'll just you'll know and that's what you want because you want that to feel that connection it shouldn't be just another pretty dress or like oh that photo's creo que you know we'll all stand in that line or we'll jump when the photographer says jump you know it should be something that you react tio and then that's when you know so I think if you looking through blocks or something make sure that that you see you feel that way and not just about one particular image but you know across the images when when I take my brides to see photographers I always ask is there somewhere we can go where we can see the whole wedding because it's really easy you know to pull lots of amazing images from different weddings is any wedding you shoot you're going to get five amazing images but what's the whole story look like what's that album look like of telling the whole wedding story and and all those photos amazing that it's something good to look for and if you see that and if you can feel the story and feel it unfold as you're looking at it then that's the person for you and everyone's going to react differently to defense it although it's a feeling it's a feeling that I got and people people were asking me well you know what is it about film why is it I film what does that mean to you and it is it the idea of film do you like how fancy it is think no it's it's a feeling that it admits to me when that artists whose is that medium that's the feeling that I get from it that I'm I'm just drawn teo the romanticism the preciseness of the choice of when they're taking that picture it's not on rapid fire it's a calculated decision that they're going to take that particular photo and frame it that way well I also saw a question go through the creative lounge chat room that I thought would be interesting to pass on because at you're a photographer yourself and christy I believe you're a photographer as well in regards to how does a photographer coordinate with the videographer and we even have you no more complications for our own for your wedding coming up and that we have a full team of videographers essentially but how do those how does that kind of coordination happen and what's key about working with that um I'd say just for my own experience you know it's just communication really simply taking the time tio talked to the videographer that's there working that day come up kind of with a game plan to you know be sure you both understand each other of what your priorities are what the client has communicated to both of you about what's important to them so you're both working for the same goals and you know if the bride has sort of requested or communicated you know different wants different desires to each of you just to be on the same page and then to just be really away where conscious of like staying out of each other's frame being being careful you know just being kind of aware of where they are when you have great for me personally when I was shooting I had there were a number of videographers in town that I was so happy to shoot with at weddings because we just had a great rapport with a really good way of working together on we kind of knew howto howto work with and around each other so we could both get what we needed but not be in each other's way at all so for me it was always just yeah lots of communication so you're not stepping on each other's dough and that mutual respect that you each know that each other's work is important you know we did a wedding a few months ago and you know I had made some recommendations and some referrals but they like oh we we already know our videographer will bring them in which was great but the videographer was right there in front this was an indian wedding right there is beautiful mind up you're right there so he could get all the shots of the poor photographer did everything they could get their shots without the videographer standing there with his equipment who was in the aisle I mean right in the front of the ill the whole time set up you know this poor photographer so you know the more all the vendors khun respect each other and and work together makes it easier on getting the kind of imagery that the client one and I think on the planning and you know having a really really solid timeline of that's what I was saying you know we won't talk about the logistics what is it that you want to do and what's the order that you want these things in just get that out all the vendors ahead of time so they kind of know what to expect but then the plan is job on the day of is that inevitably things might run behind or maybe you know this particular moment of dancing is going fabulously so we're not going to say hope nine o'clock it's cake time stop the song you know we wantto make sure that everything goes very smoothly and the event will take on a life of itself so the planner's job is that to go around to the photographer in the video over okay we're pushing everything back five minutes be ready here b you know I need a cake table at this point in time in about five minutes I'll keep you posted and so that person you're planning or day of coordinated whoever is there kind of organizing everything runs back and forth all the vendors and keep everyone posted to what's happening so that everything runs really really smoothly and that really helps and making all that happen and they will be really important when there's four five videographers and you know you don't have to worry about to that timeline the timeline and the communication together are really great too because then we've sort of established your relationship with a videographer photographer you know work in together and then when everyone kind of knows that going on the schedule is running relatively smoothly at least you know what's coming up next you have time to make adjustments where maybe they set up in the aisle during the you know ceremony and it's a photographer you want to ask them politely like could you could you move that way we could move over and then you guys you know you can work together so much better when you have a little little time little room to move and you've established that they're not going to be upset if you asked them to please good or more questions so ah what what are the specific plans as faras albums go or they're going to be albums for more than one album of albums for the families perhaps or how many ideas well uh jasmine and I have made arrangements she's just going to provide me with the process files so that because I'm in the industry and I it's just so labor intensive to dio albums for kind so she's going to give me the file and then I'm gonna do my own albums through the wonders that I have relationships so I don't know how many I'll do it I'll just make a bunch of men volume volume volume one three volume for lauren billy then I'll make everyone sit down at the holidays and flip through them really explain every picture this's that sounds about right um so as a bride how do you feel about first look photography I one hundred percent believing it absolutely and why I believe in it is because I've seen it so many times every almost every one of my clients does it and and how I explain it is when you see each other for the first time in a first look you can choose to have it done privately and then you can have whatever emotions you want with that person you get to be yourself you don't have to hold it in you can cry you can kiss you can through the leg wrap you can do whatever you want and you you're by yourself you can say whatever you want you can I totally believe that it's a really really special moment between you and your self on the morning that moment what I mean I love you know I mean as I'm planning and designing wedding it's not usually something I'm a part of but I always make a point to be there because something about that moment when he first sees his bride you know she's been his girl friend's fiance she's about to become his wife and having that veil and the dress makes it so real for him in the first moment he sees that's just amazing it's priceless you know because guys sometimes don't show a lot of emotion but they sure do at that moment and it's it's just an incredible moment I'm gonna cry so I'm gonna say something funny that eyes no one someone once explained this tradition to me and it's dates back really really far too not seeing the bride before the actual ceremony because at one point you didn't exactly know what you were getting in a bride it was an arranged marriage it was the veil was to cover the face so that when you're standing there in front of a whole crowd of people you can't just say no though so I don't see what I mean he clearly knows what he's getting so it's not something that we're there's a secret e I think the other thing that helps is that it you're more comfortable you know you're walking down the aisle you've had that moment you've had that special moment and it's not your are really going to be so nervous no offense not to make you feel weird but you know as a bride walking down the aisle you're do I look okay and I'm gonna trip on the aisle runner you know my holding the bouquet right you know my daddy crying like all those different things that where's where is he and what does he look like and you know you're already there's already so many emotions and concerns you have as you're about to walk down the aisle so you've seen each other you've made that connection and so now you're just there's just that joy that's that's stressing that worry about that how you know when the first time you see each other you've already done that you've made that special connection and it's great because a lot of times I'll watch that moment too and so walk down the aisle and they connect in their eyes lock and it's just magical all right well do we have ah questions seemed to be winding down a little bit um it there's one comment ah it's when the bride oh yes cookie cat chick was explaining um exactly what the first look is and she said it's when the bride and groom's each other before the ceremony and it's a good opportunity she says for natural romantic bridal portrait absolutely you don't get the the other thing is that you just don't get enough time with the bride and groom if you don't do that because the sun is setting they want toby um you know that cocktail hour with our family and friends they want to be celebrating they don't want to be out taking pictures that's where we get the horrible stigma from it because photographers you want pictures of yourself with your spouse on your wedding day and there's just not enough time if you wait but their minds are already on honeymoon I think you know that already oh fabulous well I want to take the conversation in a different route we've talked a little you know a little about logistics and photography and the third thing on our agenda today was to talk a little bit more again about design specifically about flowers and what you imagine yourself carrying obviously I love flowers one of the favorite parts of the design and I feel like it's it's a great thing that ties everything together you know it has its visual it smells good and has all these different things and so for a lot of brides that brok that they carry is something that they thought about for a long time it's the ultimate you know accessing it shouldn't match everything it should tie in with everything but it should be a statement piece and so some brides have no idea what they want there it's stressful for them because they wanted to look beautiful but they don't know they want and others have really specific ideas and well hand me a tear sheet from a magazine and I want exactly this and so then my job is to make that piece more about them and to go draw them into it and so for you I wanted to talk a little bit about what you envision caring for the day um I like a lot of texture but I like um okay is that are really um like clusters of flowers I don't know what is the technique where you like cluster them together like certain types of flowers and then another type then another type of man that it's not just like a big mess might well so what you're saying is so instead of a rose here and then a ridiculous and then a gardenia we went clusters so almost more you know a lot of things grow on vines it's more natural that textures created more naturally versus spacing everything out perfectly and oh I've put a rose next to kelly now I have to put this things things grow in clusters and so that tends to be a more natural romantic love because that's how they occur in nature I am john that way we're going overall with the color palette that we've picked for those of you who haven't been tuning in and we've got this color palette of cobalt gloom coppery brown sugar you know metallic cues mixed in golds which obviously those don't lend themselves to well to flowers since those types of colors of flowers don't tend to grow too much but so we've added in this beautiful idea of creams vanilla sze eggshell so so I think really neutral like I just I just think it's so beautiful tohave liken all monochromatic okay with lots of texture and then maybe just like uh like a lot a rivet around them around the bottom okay the approach or something are you wanting to stay in mostly creams and I've raised you want to head into the champagne's and tow with the flowers themselves sure kind of like you know I love that shape do you imagine something tightly clustered we've clusters but do you want a nice round okay do you see the long dramatic dragging down the floor is the one that sits on my arm like that like I'm beauty pageant yes no no I think you know the one that's like with the spray coming down I don't see you that way no no no I like I just think you know nice round and not like round round but not like the lollipop no just romantic normal extrude you see you see that all brides and their head think I want the normal life you know that one well so my job is to try to be a little bit more things than normal yeah but it sounds like you like texture you wanted not totally tight but also not alone not wildflower loose right there is some uh you can get that sort of loose feeling with certain flowers like I was saying the the antique roses or whatever you card was that's yeah lists and the like clematis type like flat ones are kenya's yeah sent important to you not necessarily one of the things that you know some rides may not know is that up a lot of the florist roses that we perches that are grown there they don't smell that good anymore that over time with all the gene spicing all the things that happened you know some of the roses they still smell good but they're not that amazing tea rose said that you smell in a rose that's growing you know in your neighbor's garden and so garden roses you know that well sometimes adam okay have that beautiful scent and there's gardenia is there's trailing jasmine there's all sorts of things that for brides who that's important too you know that could be a really great edition so we've talked about maybe doing guardian yes and I didn't know if that was because of the field the color the classic sense of what those are or the scent who knows but we like them yeah scent of the flowers on sort of the other side of things is something to keep in mind for you for couples if one of you has allergies or is really sensitive to smell and you choose gordon is on really really fragrant flowers in that bouquet is going to be really close to both of you all day long and all the photos during the ceremony so definitely you know should talk with the florist and make sure you you understand the level of strength of the scent of the flowers when we talked about the no lilies yeah I'm not a big fan of lilies and those have a very overpowering scent I know I for one am allergic to lilies and so what's no I'll get a bride who really wants lilies I'm like oh that's gonna be tough week for me you know but I'll do it but on that now one of the things you don't want to dio is have a lot of really sinful flowers on your table because especially if you having certain kinds of food now all of a sudden you having this really heady smell of of gardenia is and you know sinful flowers on the table and it's competing with the more aromatic scent of the food itself so be careful when you're putting flowers on a table that they're not so powerful he scented that it mix is wrong with the food that's something else to consider that's a really good point very good well we have all sorts of little ideas that I'd like to surprise a bride without her book you know whether it's something pretty in the bouquet or the binding like we've talked about maybe some sort of caramel color so are you up for a little surprise sure axel I want to see you there was some mention of a beautiful tin that you found that we might be able to be creative with four ring bearer or a flower girl so I found this last week and I wasn't sure what was going to do with it but I just loved it so um then I wrote on my to do list for this week that I needed to get a ring bearer pillow on a um flower girl basket so I thought maybe like I could put some fabric in here and have this be the ring bearer pillow or if it's too big make it the flower girl and this is you won't tell us what this used to be can I say that it's um it's a hostess fruit cake can e which I think is great because it is good we'll set out of the box thinking you know it's like oh I need a ring bear pillow and you your mind goes to pillows you know and as a designer sometimes I think you know since I like flowers so much I think well let's make it out of flowers and more and more you know the more out of the box we came be the more interesting it is visually in photographs it's more interesting for everybody so I love the idea of this you know I can imagine this you know filled with some sort of beautiful stuffing and beautiful cobalt blue fabric and you know little button or something you know something vintage e to tie their rings to I think that's going to be incredible and it's personal because you saw it and you loved it and you were drawn to it and you we're drawn to enough to buy it even they don't know what you're going to do with something you love a lot of stuff like that in my garage e o d that sounds like a lot of but it's a really good point chris because a lot of times people you know I'm responsible for getting things like this but it's so much more meaningful that bright doesn't and I'm not trying to give the bride or the groom more work but if you're stopping by somewhere and something speaks to you by all means even if you have no idea what to do with it get it should give it to me and I you know I could think of ten different things to do with this this could be all sorts of different things and even if they just inspired something else even if you didn't use the actual object itself for something but the colors the design the pattern something about it inspired then the next thing that's that's a great way to go yeah so keep at it okay one of the things I know we are looking for is chandelier so so anyone out there you have a great source for chandeliers you have a chandelier you don't want you've seen a great chandelier somewhere we are wanting to bedeck that beautiful space with some really amazing and all different theirs alone yes we will loan and showcase your beautiful chandelier and I'd like to mention that we can you know if you have went alone and you have a company where you maybe perhaps rent or sell those sorts of things we can definitely do little promotion post ah post a lincoln to the chat room and post a link on a twitter feed what have you so we're looking for them from flowing in yeah it's been actually great I mean we have we've had a lot of really amazing people lend their time you know talk about what amazing things they have we're not gonna get too detailed about the jewellery that you're having may because you want that to be a surprise but do you want talk a little bit about the jewelry maker um my good friend rene makes and sells jewelry on etsy and she's extremely talented she's we went teo choose some different materials and she's making some lovelies for me today did you get to pick design or just color how we're working together we're working together to do she's she's kind of whipped up some different samples for me and I'm going to try them on with a dress and we're going to see like how low things need to hang my dress really doesn't need a whole lot so simple that I don't want to over I just want to keep it really simple and about me so I think I'm just getting it's all about me clearly it's my day I've been watching a lot of the bride's osteo uh I think I'm just gonna wear earrings and maybe a bracelet so very very simple colorful can you hinted color versus something like something sort of maybe like rationed warm honey sort of like amber what do you think think nice movie just put this right here on your neck no choker okay good how are you wearing your hair yet deep dino yet I think something convertible I'm gonna have it sort of sort of ah up and low for the ceremony because I'm gonna be wearing a veil on nine like approach and then for the um would you let it down for the reception how did that all up the whole process going know you met with glenn at seven salon whose amazing and you had a really good experience with him it's oh yeah we had a consultation and he sort of just like whipped something up really fast and it looked amazing um and it was sort of like a low messy type thing but then after that that was like the day that I got my dress so I wasn't really you know couldn't really like envision what I wanted my hair to look like now that I've sort of stoked the dress and I think I want something a little bit sleeker that and when I got home and took out all the bobby pencils that there's no and buddy this in like ten minutes are like thinking like I'm never going to stop but yeah something just a little bit sleeker and more sophisticated low and then let it down or put it half up for the it's something to keep in mind on the topic of jewellery if you're doing hearings just kind of thinking you know with your dark hair how is it going to show you know just things to keep in mind depending on you know if you're wearing your hair down our your earrings going toe you know show off with the hair is the background versus when it's up so just the little details of you know trying to bring all the pieces together when you're shopping for your accessories in your dress to really to really think about all of that together so you're not sort of surprised later like oh well that's that's not what I wearing a piece of her jewelry today on this's she's using these rivers oh my gosh I'm not able to get it off my head just getting um she's using these sabarsky crystals it's not quite this is like sort of a white one but she's using this these crystals that aaron amber brooklyn grace on etsy democrat it's like very cool yes this camera is better good at the mic so you can see it very nice and I like the kind of found feel like to me I see that it's like this found object found feel it's not over crafted over done yes beautiful it looks like something that has been there for a while very pretty very good well I feel really good I feel like at this halfway mark you know and then we've only got a little bit time to go I feel like we've gotten a lot of things accomplished we're still working on little details for the next week favors for one of you well there's rumors of lots of chocolate which is why I was being so I think we're beginning to wrap things up and feeling really good about everything do we have more questions sir no more questions at the moment but I did want to mention that if anybody who wanted teo like offer chandeliers or what have you or had any other things going on that they wanted to let us know about they can email it to four week wedding that's four with the number four ah four week wedding at creative live dot com and thank you for everyone who has offered to help and has offered some of the things it's just been amazing that wonderful things that have come away and and people that are getting publicity's from this have responded that it's doing wonders so thank you okay no I think we're good so it sounds like we're winding down so we should go ahead and wrap up that's ah we're done today with today's fabulous wedding in just four weeks week three and um we're going to continue this with the final week next week is uh billy be joining us I hope so yeah yeah that would be great yeah yeah and hopefully I think jasmine might be joining us in person oh in person and I'm not sure about that no no maybe not but not in the flash well we'll try to get her in on skype so that already thank you hey

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