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Wedding Planning 4: Linens and Cake


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Wedding Planning 4: Linens and Cake


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Wedding Planning 4: Linens and Cake

we're actually gonna get to taste some cake and look at some cake and we'll talk about linens we have a little table set up where craig was setting so you might have seen a little bit of it while he was talking about we have a full table set up with linens and flatware and glassware and flowers and some napkin options so forth so we'll be talking about and looking about that too and an audience out there if you want to pipe in and see you know wish napkin do you like better feel free it's always fun to get other people's opinion but I think I'm just because I was really really like cakes let's uh start with kate we've got lucinda here do way have a mic for her hi is that on my cousin okay so loosened otherwise known as the icing diva diva is always a good word um you guys have been talking a little bit about what laura is looking for in a cake flavours the look and feel of the cake and you brought us some sample so I'd love to know a little bit more about what you brought us and then w...

e'll go into kind of the decorations on the cake after that but let's talk a little bit about what you brought us here and these beautiful people one thing that laura told me is that she likes cake and that she really enjoys lemons so I did some different citrus ones and um I brought samples for everybody can we see those your box ah uh the appreciative off the case what I have is I have I have an orange cake with a chocolate ganache filling than I have uh chocolate cake with a raspberry cream filling and then I have a white cake with lemon curd filling and then I have a lemon cake with again the chocolate ganache and um I've marked him with the various little fruits and flowers we can tell the difference and I brought two boxes to make sure we had enough for everybody fabulous and forks and working so late this is where you just kind of dive in we're going to taste them right yeah I'm not good enough so you get to start uh so we just from hearing those flavors which of those appeals to you the most laura white cake with lemon curd okay very good I like the simple flavors but I love lemon well that might be really refreshing on august day ends up being a warm seattle august day versus um the cold august days we've had over the last few weeks will be nice and refreshing billy what about you what sounds um I'm not chocolate guys so I'm probably I would probably go the lemon cake with chocolate okay sounds good have at it laura your your cap I will hold the cake paul not to drop the cake yeah go for it look at the frosting then on top of the cake I've just um put a standard butter cream that I that I make this is good practice for the cake cutting ceremony maybe you guys should practice feeding you know smashing of kate please they want no he knows that there's a promise of an annulment uh okay what did you did everybody hear that promise of an annulment if there's cake smashing at the wedding excellent all those second ever so what goes into a a buttercream and can you tell us like the pros and cons between better cream and fundin well fondant is just pretty much pure shortening with some gelatin and some other little things attitudes and gums um the advantage to fund and of course is that is very stable so if you're dealing with high temperatures it's very stable um better crime melts right and buttercream is just like you you know it's full of butter that's three which is yummy and delicious and sweet wonderful except that it's not our most stable icing for a warm summer day one of the things about funding that I like and that a lot of people look for us you know you see those beautiful perfect cakes and all the magazines and those air almost always fun and that really perfectly smooth if you do well better creamy usually have still some sort of cake mark correct so the fonz is that straley smooth look exactly the fondant is your satin finish that's perfection so one of the things I usually tell my bride's if they want that look but they're a little bit of afraid of that taste of a fund and taste I tell them to ask for the funding on top and the buttercream underneath is that something that's done a lot of that's almost standard in the u s because the as u s citizens we really like are better I've changed my mind oh excellent it's the orange with the chocolate yes that that would it's phenomenal that's my favorite fairy got the orange cake with the chocolate ganache is probably ah my number three cellar my number one seller is a chocolate cake with bailey spilling on and then the next one after that it's a chocolate cake with the cream drags bury and then the orange with the chocolate ganache laura what was your favorite lemon lemon butter on white lemon curd machine yeah okay very good now we've talked about we had a picture that we think we know we might have looked at it last night when we talked about it last week on on air that she wants a very plain cake you know it's very smooth clean with the accent on some beautiful sugar flowers and you've brought some sugar flowers did I brought some sugar flowers that I designed in um gum paste gum paste is a confection it is the same confection it's made out of sugar and gum obviously gum paste but it's the same confection that your um you're altoids ments your nickel wafers your little sweetheart candies at valentine's anything that's hard and sweet that's pretty much it gum paste um very awesome thing about gun paces it can be worked with very very thin it looks like porcelain when it's dry and I can color it and mold it just about any way you want the other very cool thing about this is that if you keep these dry and that dust free you can literally keep them forever so you you know you might want to get yourself a little glass cake dome or something to put him in and I designed these flowers to work with the flowers that are in laura's dress groups in here I've designed them to fit with some flowers can you tell me like how what's the process of making something like this it looks so incredibly delicate it looks like it's a lot of work I can see some wire working and tell me what the process is you know first you design the flower what you want the flower to look like men how do you what's the process of making them well and I literally have my gun pace that I make and then I roll it out very thin as you can see there paper thin and then I have cutters and I have what we call vain er's that I would vein the pedals once there they're shaped so wire goes into tonight wire them so that I can shape them the way that I so that they'll hold the shape um because when you're working with the gun pace it's like working with um toothpaste a little bit like working with the toothpaste interesting so that does make them at this point not edible even though it's made with a gun pace which is edible ones always so that we wouldn't be able to digest set wire very well but most people wouldn't take us off the cake and eat it obviously not gonna nibble around the wire I had people take him off and eat him and I do my roses I do without any wires at all now this particular flower was much more delicate and needed to have the wire and so these are all wired but but generally speaking yeah I tried not to use too much wire because people do eatem yeah these military stem statements are these also made out of sugar the statement no there there they're made just for cake decorating so there they're not sugar but they are made for cake decorating so they're a food grade I don't purchase I purchased those actually from europe out of the london area parent pretty beautiful so then what's the process of you said that you could call them if she wanted them a certain hue so what's the process of that is that done before this obviously don't after them it's is done after their dried and um generally you brush on the color I use again of food grade colors we have pearls we have all kinds of different metallics and that sort of thing there again all food grade and um we just him on and then just kind of work it like an artist so it looks either really natural or riel wild and fun when whichever direction you want to go so and we've talked about doing an ivory fondant yes and then she's brought her ribbon and beautiful I don't know if you've how much we've talked about color a little bit that the colors air cobalt blue ivory in and copper so this is the ribbon that somebody like you yes so what would you suggest for the flowers that have you two talked about just a little bit I mean I really wanted something kind of monochromatic until they found that ribbon and I would then I thought oh well this would be kind of nice to tear right here have just a little color but um I don't want to go overboard I still wanted to look very simple and sophisticated well and what I thinking just looking at this ribbon hears I'm thinking that because you said you wanted it fairly monochromatic we can still pretty much do that but I'm thinking we'll add just a touch of color down in the centers of these that matches with this time with this color and then it will tie that in yet it will still be very monochromatic I think it'll be very elegant that's again that's what I'm going for a fabulous and so since we first talked we've now gotten from having a cake to having a beautiful less desert by which I think we're all really excited about the talk that there's going to be cake that's going to also see any stuff so now we're talking about maybe having a few kicks instead of one tall k hg going with several and maybe once like tearing them with the table the course so you lift one and have one down we'd make maybe some nice risers of different heights and how do you feel about that I think it sounds beautiful and I think they'll be very elegant looking fabulous and very easy to serve yes yeah go very good well thank you for coming all the way down here I mean it sounds like we've made it decisions on the flavors were doing two flavors in the k go maybe one cake one flavor and won the other two do well I really love the white cake with lemon curd um but it sounds like billy kind of leaning towards chocolate so maybe we do one one of each chocolate and then do in orange with chocolate yeah that's longer than everybody gets to have their cake yeah meteo made of fabulous lemon curd this weekend thank you so much for coming in and showing you know the beautiful beautiful decorations and how those were made and bringing cake I think we'll be enjoying cake a little later cure those with us now and you need more of that ribbon I think is it I'm going to take just one long piece that I have it yeah wonderful thank you very well thank you I will take that from you carry the flowers he's kind of right there perfect well I feel like that's another check mark because we've been talking about this cake for quite some time yeah because I know you're just a cake fanatic I am a cake person so and I like cake too but only like good kick I don't you know that's one of those things cake has to be moist enemy and yes otherwise I'd rather pass so I'm excited that we found the cake and then we have chosen flavors and the look of the cake and that we're comfortable with that so let's go on to you to the table you ready to see your table tohave all right let's go over here and I'm gonna bring deidre out deejay from bbj linen is here and she's been amazing in an offering us their beautiful in its heidi drugs I'm going to give you this and come back over here and so this is kind of a mock up of what your table's going to look like um we had talked about you know you've you've picked some colors that are very nontraditional flower colors right so we're not gonna have the cobalt blue flowers we're not goingto copper flowers but those are such a funny color so one of the ways we wanted to incorporate those was in texture and linens and the containers and then keep the flowers very neutral beautiful elegant cream so what we've done here is done a cobalt blue linen and then we we have some choices of napkins we also brought more choices of linens for you so you could be you kind of have your pick but overall you know we've talked about having the long skinny tables and so I designed long skinny arrangements they'll be candles in between but something that isn't going to get in the way of the gas that the guest can easily see over beautiful stunning you like yes but that's easy um can I tell you a bit about about this far there's hydrangea there's stock there's roses we've taken a few roses and peel them back to make him look more like sardinia's we'll have some greediness for the actual wedding itself but we couldn't get him for today um and a few little orchids tucked in here and there and then we've got the container is really hard to see because I want a little overboard with the clothes but it isn't so you know that will once the candles come in the copper well yeah get picked up and will shine I love a low arrangement because you're right if you don't do it really high or really low then conversationally it makes it very difficult and since we are doing family style people going to passing food and we really wanted that conversation part of of everything this thing's more frustrating than having to look around and trying to find you know where's that other person's face over there I'm just looking at this flat range me yes it's pretty but that's all I can see that so we try not to do that for your weather and we'll probably do maybe five tolerate judgments and have them like in the corners of the tables you know where the tables meat just tow have that riley it's nice to have a little bit of texture in the room in terms of flowers so you don't just walk in and go ok every flower arrangements the same it's nice to have something different so the eye keeps wandering but for the most part war guests are being seated it will be nice and low almost like a runner full of flowers and candles so the absolutely lush and beautiful d j would you like to talk about the linen suit on the table and some of the other linens that you bought her laurie can have fun picking um well I just noticed lately a ce faras linen trends go people are choosing more textures than just your basic polyester blend because they're fun they're edgy you don't necessarily have to have an overlay with um you can but it's just one more added expense so this is the twist which I love the twist it's really really one of my favorites it comes in a variety of colors um the light really plays off happened it doesn't mean so this is the blue but sometimes you can see little likable black in it it kind of reminds me of the silk that you chose yes yeah it'll look really good with the new peony so yeah it's beautiful I love this linen I love it and then um we also have the law more and this is going to be our most versatile linen that we offer because it comes in every size so it comes in banquet tables rounds sizing for cake tables everything so we also chose this one for you because you are having a special um dining table so you're gonna have a combination of these two and then we have the copper pen tuck and this is another one that's really fun everyone loves pentagon um and in its again a textured material so it's gonna bring just that kind of added wow you see that being um for an actual like table setting being something that would be hard to set glasses and stuff on I mean what's the is that something that you use more for like an accent table or runners this for dining tables all the time usually the face of the other glasses big enough so the basement was bigger than the actual square but that question comes up so many times I had a lot of people that I love the tax stir of that then I also brought the shan tung and even though we're not using it in your wedding I just it's a really fun new material for us that is very versatile so on one side it looks like a raw silk and then it's reversible into uh a satin satin finish so you could dio a room half of it in here and half of them in here and get that depth teo so it's just another really fun material to use that's a great idea yeah I I like it a lot I like the raw silk and satin stride so what about price points like if we talk about these different linens kind of what's the basic and then that medium and in the high end well all of these air pretty high end for you to make your day special I didn't bring any any ever I didn't bring any of her basic lasik blends that would be similar to something that may be a commercial linen company would provide and the difference with us that we do have the high end linens but we also have the linens that are going to go all the way to the ground with a lot of commercial lenin's things that kind of can't include included in your hotel make what facilities they're just going to you know come here they're not gonna go all the way the the ground give you that really polished look and that's actually one of my pet peeves there's nothing worse to me than walking in a room with halfway linens you know and it's nice because usually you know the hotel of the care so yeah you know you could free white linens for every linens but yeah they're usually the ones that come from the you know right wherever and they hit halfway ins and then you see those you know scratch metal table like a trend is that like the belly tee like we used to wear balance teo now we're wearing tunics no is going like an expensive option but what I mean is that how you decide to change the cost that much just action it's a just a commercial linen that that restaurants hotels use because it's so so much cheaper than what we dio and they're going through it right they might have twenty event in a day and maybe they're going to have a wedding or two but a lot of their events or corporate events made where the people they don't really care or want to spend the money on it it's weddings and really high end baby gallas and stuff like that where they're looking for that upscale look and that's what we offer so that's the difference so I think even when when if your budget is tight I think the very least thing you should do in terms of the overall look of the table is at least get lenin's that go all the way to the floor and fit the table it makes all the difference in the world even if it's just you know a color that matches everything a plane poly cotton you know and then usually I think incorrectly for among with the next step up something like a limb or something that's just a solid color that brings in that richness and then you can also go one more step and bring in some texture right and we also have we offer runners um they're really they're we have runners actual runners but we also have chair ties that people uses runners and there only two dollars and they can completely ad that like splash of color to a table without having to get a more expensive overlay correct so we can do that for them too and then a lot of things one thing I do want to say about the linen because I get this all the time people try to come and match the lenin to the room and it's very important to know that it doesn't really matter what the room looks like because once you get your table all your settings your flowers and all the people in the room the floor and everything is just going to kind of fade away right so it's important that you know there's obviously a lot of the hotels will have very multi pattern colored carpet because you know they want to they don't want to once george to show that sometimes I have had a lot of bright saying well you know the carpets call and you know hunter green so that I guess those will be our wedding colors like no no no no let me let's figure out what you really want and then and make that happen and work with what's there so one of the things I'd like to get accomplished today is to pick a napkin color and I know we have two options and I think we had worked on ivory because we've got to be nice and clean but I asked you to bring a copper and now that I see the copper I'm in love with a cop but I don't want to influence you so I want you to teo put your clothes and I do teo I love how it sets the plates apart in the place setting where you really see it and then we're gonna have the menu on top of that it's just going to be like really multi dimensional and ties in the center p ties in the cake ribbon yes the kicker so maybe we'll see if we can make that happen still at this late date five eighty for the wedding I think it makes a huge difference it does it brings in some to mention it brings in that color and it brings in the richness because the blue is kind of a cool tone and even though I've made an effort with the flowers to do white and cream and kind of every shade between to bring the cool in the warm in and the container is also that copper but it's hard to see I really think that this is going to add that warmth in the kind of them brown sugar you know color that we talked about so we'll see if we can make that happen because I think that looks really pretty full and then you're you know otherwise you're only gonna have this in your room for copper so that that's gonna really okay so it's not a lookbook beautiful okay do we have any questions sarah okay okay he doesn't have a couple questions here um let me see one thing that ah hawaii k in the chat room wanted to know was will all the flowers be shades of white all of them just about anything for for laura's okay you okay with me talking about that we've we've picked cream's a little hint of white and going into kind of the topi carmel colors so there'll be a little bit more depth to herb okay um but all the flowers on the tables we've decided to keep you know the darkest it'll be well be that cream because I don't dai flower so there will be no blue died roses or anything like that and the flowers that do come in in blue tones didn't really lend themselves to that more of elegant lush vintage e feel they tend to be more very garden me and rustic and that's we weren't really going for that look so okay um and so chrissy wants to know how many people are involved in making the entire wedding happen oh gosh I don't think I've taken a head count well and this is a very different learning because it's everything's happening so quickly and there's a big production behind it with having you know the film crew there and everything so it's a little bit different than your average wedding but you know let's just pick one thing I mean flowers for example you know the flowers will arrive to us on a certain day and it starts with you know the flower truck arriving we take all the boxes the flowers are we have to strip every thorn and leaf off of every single rose and cut that rose and put it in water watch it until it hydrates to the right point then put it in the cooler so that it you know stays at the openness that we want it so that's what we're you know same thing with you know the hydrangea with every flower it all gets processed in a certain way and that's before we ever start designing with it you know then we design with the bennett gets packed on the truck then it comes and gets delivered it gets fluffed up once it gets on site so there'll be five people just doing the flowers and touching that in dealing with that you know then there's the linen is and there's the chandeliers that air getting hung I mean just from the decor standpoint there's probably ten people involved so there's two right here really no you're not allowed to do any labor and you're so so the yet it's hard to answer that question because especially with that wedding like this where there's so much more going on behind the scenes and with jasmine and having the workshop um you know all those things going on but there's it's definitely always a lot more than appears it's not just a floors and a cake person and they there's always you know everyone has their their crews behind the scenes well maybe can you do a quick quick rundown of the types of companies that you've talked to those friends there's linens and there's cake and yes so obviously we just talked to lucinda from k company um we'll just call it I think she likes to be called wei have deejay that's bringing us all the wonderful linens um so you know those will come get shipped to us we'll bring them we'll put them on the tables will steam them all the hand to get all the creases and all that stuff and that makes a huge germans again you know there's nothing worse to me than you know having wrinkled linens on the tables you've spent money and want this beautiful looking it doesn't look beautiful if it's all rankle so we take our time and bring you know but three staff and just to do that um we've got well the caterham will be bringing all our rentals these rentals that you saw here on the table all from peterson's they donate the those two us today tto make allow us to have a really pretty table so thank you to peterson's for doing that but the catering company you talk a little about the baby really quick yeah we have russell from russell dean bull catering doing the food for our wedding and they're keeping the menu a secret we're not exactly sure what it's going to be but I am told it uh by the person who did our menus for us but it sounds very good and very expensive they have a couple of restaurants in town and I have been there and they have really fabulous food yes it's amazing and so they'll have you know a big staff of their own to come and help set up and cook the food and do a lot of things on his approach to catering is not your traditional catering he makes all of the food as if it's a plated dinner so as if he's cooking for a restaurant he really takes time and care into each plate that he's creating for the gas okay and also from eternal sunshine we have the question what's been the hardest part of putting together a wedding in four weeks and do you should answer that any anyone all of you know any of you I think I'm I n just that time crunch of you know you you put a call out to a vendor and then it takes them a day to get back to you because they have to check with their suppliers and so then by the time you get that button down you know three days have passed we usually three days is not not a big deal but when you have a four week period three days is a huge deal and so you know you try to be delicate with each vendor and say you know I really want to work with you but I really need you to answer me right now but you don't want to push it and make them you know not wanna work with you so it's that delicate balance of trying to get answers out of people and trying to get them to have that sense of urgency you know while still being polite and being really happy that there helping out and that they're part of you know something like this so I think just that time crunch in in the communication back and forth and getting all that done in a timely manner because I think even at this late point at five days before the wedding and we still have a you little unanswered things but for the most part everything's done and chosen and picked and scheduled which is a relief at least on my and probably your eyes is there anything else that the internet can help out with more chandeliers with the wonderful way we have a good number but the more the better you know I thought we've had a few people put e mails out to say that they had someone you know we will take care of them will just follow them and make them look pretty and and then give them right back so if anyone has any that they would like to lend us and in a particular style I have been collecting like all kinds of different ones I mean I'm not it's where our taste is very eclectic anyway so we found some kind of like glow be like seventies ones and then we have like the traditional classic crystal lee ones and then just mostly they just been gold or brass I think that one thing that we're really looking for anything and was so that we will for the number four week wedding at creative life dot com if you have any suggestions or or chandeliers you'd like to loan us all right um so there was ah so there was a quick comment that I saw that I thought was a little funny um when we were talking about the tables and the family style tables and how though I'll be connected um wes said that that's a lot of running for the photographer to get to the others when we it's that's a good point and that same thing for the uh the staff that's putting the food down and even the guests and so what we do when we're designing the layout whenever we're designing any layout for you know whether it's a wedding or corporate of enter or anything kind of gathering where there's a lot of people you have to keep in mind overall flow you know you don't want to have the guest tables right next to the bar because everyone's gonna be at the bar etcetera so same thing with the tables were not connecting all of them they will be if few spaces so we basically and we'll have two l's and then a space and then two more else with spaces in between so that it makes it easy for the photographer it makes easy for the staff to come in bus tables you know the guest needs to get up and you know go to the bar that it's easy that they don't have to really walk all the way around so it's still that overall feeling of having a few really big tables most of them are connected but there are spaces in you know in between for layout inflow okay great um so molly asks um due to vendors tend to give more discounts to an event planner as opposed to directly to a bride and groom I think so I mean I think you know we were there really repeat customers you know so we come back you know a bride and groom most part will usually just be there once unless you know they start planning their life events you know parties and so forth and other things with them but for the most part you know as a vendor where there time and time again and you know we're bringing them more and more business and so that you know it does give us a discount at certain places not not all places do that but do you want to talk about that little bit did you wear we obviously offer but we need to make a go obviously um as a vendor we offer people like daniella the discount because she's going to come back again and again and again however sometimes we have we have people that come in have huge huge events maybe five hundred person weddings and then that gives them because their order so large a little bit more us a little bit more flexibility and working on a discount with them that were the case but typically it just goes to other vendors great um and there was another question here wait hang on a second um they find some money is asked billy a question oh yeah that was the thing it was a question for really saying it on how in evolved does billy feel in this whole wedding process have you had any chance to participate absolutely but I mean I kind of feel like I'm the wizard behind the curtain a little bit you know no I'm just kidding but laura laura obviously has taken on I mean she's she's a wedding photographer and so she's seen a lot of things she knows what she likes she knows what she doesn't like and she usually kind of uses me as a sounding board you know she'll come to me and asked my opinion on things and or what I would prefer and uh I kind of just go from there but you know she listened to what you prefer she does yes she does she's good she's really similar taste yeah we do we're both pretty we like classic but same time where I mean you know your help with one and so we were we like classic but we are a little eclectic so but yeah I mean she's obviously done she's obviously done um you know the bulk of kind of planning and going there but I think she's just again she's used me as a sounding board not just trying to be there maura's a support for her trying to hold it together yeah seriously you know four weeks is a lot and I feel like you know she's she's kind of a busy bee anyway so I've just kind of tried to be there is a support more for her than anything something when I've heard when I've talked to you laura I've heard you say things like let me check with billy let's see what billy things about that so I feel like even though I've been doing most of the discussions with you that he's been there you know his presence has been there and his tastes you know and things that he likes have definitely been involved well I have a question for you laura um we've talked before about how um being um being a bride will affect your experience is being a wedding photographer but how about the other way around has has your experiences a wedding photographer affected any of your choices or selections as being abroad yes in the very beginning when we got engaged it was really hard for for me tio still it's hard to make decisions about things because you see so many wonderful ideas at all of these weddings and all of the wedding bugs that you read and so our wedding was destined to be a hot mess it was like some of this and some of this and some of that sum and so it was really hard to kind of hone in on exactly what we wanted to see theme and the feeling on the style of our own wedding to be we like a lot of different things that we've seen we see that a lot these days I mean I have brides that's you know that they bring me tear sheets from magazines you know things that they've marked in a book now it's all I saw this on a blogger who were getting information and style ideas from so many different avenues and today's bride is really you know bombarded with different images and concepts and things that they like and it's really hard for them not only to pick what they like but sometimes they really like like you said different things and so you know our job is a designer is to try to really figure out you know you have two images they're completely different but what's the commonality what do you like about them why are they different and we can melt them together we can you know that we can play with something like something modern with something vintage but make it feel like belongs together or realize what those two images have in common is lots of texture you know even though the style is very different they both have a lot of texture and that's what they're responding to so when we have all these different images that's one of the things that we do is try to figure out what is it that what what appeals to you and sometimes the bridegroom might not be able to say what it is in that image that appeals to them it's not our job to kind of figure that out and I feel like with you to everything that you showed me you like things clean not to the modern point but clean but you know eclectic a little vintage e but not overly shabby sheet you know all that all that kind of combination hopefully we'll see on friday we'll thrive so I'm looking at at the space that we have to work in have you come to any decisions of your own about where you were thinking about something up some of the photographs that you like to have taken uh well that was a question I guess more for creative five because I don't I emailed jobs and then I said do you know what we're doing I don't really know what our limitations are as faras the broadcast goes like how far can we get from the internet connection and all that stuff so that's a good question for you guys welcome where can we go um well we can bring celeste on to answer that question okay the behind the scenes um so we've got a release from this um from fremont to go around the canal area you know we're right by the water s o you know we don't want to limit your pictures because our cameras coat can't go that far so we might just bring a camera roaming with you guys and edited and later um but there's actually a lot of really neat stuff to photograph along the outside of seo yoo theo theo they slapped my hand when I pronounced it wrong and I can't remember which one it was because the building itself is just awesome just cold drink and there's lots of grass and neat plants all around there so when I imagine weaken run court out around the building but you'll be going down around the canal as well and that's it I'm gonna kind of default to jasmine on that I know she's coming into town early to do some location scouting so whatever appeals to her I'm just gonna let her run with it because it's her it's her vision yeah and she she may very well come and be like no we're doing it all here okay so she's good to roll with the punches it sounds like we'll find out who thank you celeste all right so um one last point here um we are apparently still need some volunteers we could use some help for friday and ah friday late that is you have to stay up late to help us with this one and on monday the on the thirtieth so again that's the four number four week wedding at creative life dot com and what's really fun about that I mean is you're gonna get to see this really raw space and you're gonna get to see it come together so for those of you who get to see these pretty images online on blog's whatever you know here's your chance to come and be part of creating and producing an event like this is seeing the raw space which by itself is cool but not necessarily like wow breathtaking pretty and we're going to take it there so this is your chance to come and be part of that and see all the little things you know that make that happen that go into making an event and there's lots of little details that go into doing that so if you want to see what that's like this would be a great chance to do that and so I think if you know wednesday and friday friday night we're gonna flip the space which is a whole different experience also really really cool and different especially at twelve we'll provide some coffee right sarah I'm sure on and then monday for taking some of that down right and ah what do you mean volunteers photogs of photons rather is somebody that's what karina is asking and you can be a photographer and help us out but it's not not really photography work now um and and we'll see if we can do do something nice for you but um so I do have another question um based on the upcoming weather report doesn't look like it's going to be fabulous weather it may not be the most beautiful whether do you have any idea honestly I mean usually were pretty prepared here in seattle for anything um it's the weather I mean even in august isn't always sunny and this august specifically has been very rainy and very you know even though everyone thinks it always rains in seattle in august it usually doesn't but this this august it has but e it's I don't think it's going to pour and even if because will make that I have the island room I have on set hair and makeup I'm good to go sir I saw these really beautiful pictures from the wedding in costa rico where it just pour down rain during the ceremony and they were outside and they were just it was they were kind of steamy I was like ram whatever so you know we can we again roll with the punches make it work um and and overcast and you can talk to this a little bit more overcast weather actually makes from much more beautiful pictures than really really break it depends is on the photographer I prefer to shoot with son but that's just because I know how to use it it just depends on what overcast sky is nature's snot from a soft bach e like uh yeah it's so it it doesn't make it easier and you can get into more spaces that you wouldn't necessarily be able to use if it if it's bright and sunny outside and we probably don't want it to be ninety five anyway you know you want to see like and bridezilla close that's all different production I don't know he filing cattle so if anyone has any fabulous umbrellas yeah look good photographs I think we can give bella bella called yeah bell umbrella here in town that's what she does she's has amazing vintage umbrellas from all over the world that she collects and rents out and so that would be something fantastic to maybe had on him jodo felisa call yeah yes all right well I think we're um unless you have anything else to bring up oh ay dio show my invitation oh yes yes and a lot of hands um that ended up creating can I put these piccolo piccolo pressure yeah um so a lot of hands went into creating these but the artwork here and here is um original hand drawn artwork by um my friend olivia who is a textile a minor so she drew these for us her company's called after a laffy taffy original artwork for the fashion industry and the typography was uh done by command ship design here in seattle and she does amazing work and then they were letter pressed by pickle oppress but I haul oppressed yes so tell me more about the topography how's that what's that process do they actually create the topography themselves just custom for you are it depends on how much time you have um a lot of times if you're going to the extent of having your invitations letter pressed then you go through the process with your graphic designer of creating a brand for your wedding we didn't really have time to do that I just knew um the type of invite that I wanted what I wanted it to look like and then it kind of described to the designer like this is this is what the decor looks like these are the colors we wanted to be a mixture of classic and vintage and modern um so she mixed sort of the end the antique you found which I think is going to look perfect with our goal should very terrors where it says laura and and william nous and then she mixed so she mixed that with with a more modern font that our names our our inn below that so it has that look like yeah club chick and then the artwork too I think really helps tie it all together since absolutely beautiful came together just stunningly especially in that crack something like it was like a matter of a week and those of you out there don't expect that usually have all the letter president invitation designers were going to say it really happens yeah that's why they're definitely a special case yes and I I think it's just they just turned out so beautiful I could have asked her for more

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