Wedding Photography

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Workshop Participants' Selects & 3 Words


Wedding Photography

Lesson 26 of 32

Workshop Participants' Selects & 3 Words


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Workshop Participants' Selects & 3 Words

and pick up where we left off which was reviewing the creative life five photos I know that because I spoke to you this morning I know the back story to why or how some of you chose your pictures but when we go where we're starting with audrey and we got nate such and stephanie in victoria I want you to um talk a little bit about why you chose your photos and whether or not you're shooting or whether or not you chose these three photo these two photos according to your three words so why you chose them and whether or not u um we're using your three words all right so this is audrey's first photo that is amazing great go alright so to start off I don't even remember when my three words are so show that probably on the three words that gun that they find me but but one word that does stick and that I did you use to choose those two pictures is the simple and I just wanted to choose simple moments things that that just happened in the day that I mean a lot but that there's nothing special...

nothing spectacular they just simple moments so here they're just you know hugging each other and smiling at each other and I just really loved the expression on their faces just seeing billy smile because not a lot of pictures where he really has a a smile or genuine smell um so that's why I chose this first picture that just look happy just simply happy to be together um I love it yeah I really do I like how um very simple simple photo rule the rule of thirds um she's in the middle roughly very close to the middle billy's on the right side what I'd like is a small people is a swinging of her hearing because that indicates that it's a really it's a moment it's not goes back to the idea of when they asked the couple to kiss then he brought the camera to his face and then he shot that the revelation of like real nous I think really does say a lot about the picture and I know that you said you worried because the monitor is a little bit dark yeah I like it I like it and I actually like that laura's face is illuminated but still shadowed it's a riel picture it's how we see life aimed lovett speaking of how her hearing is swinging yes definitely definitely bravo well done anything else uh about destruction no okay I'm not really very nice very well I like it I'm glad you chose this one I need a photo I don't know if anyone hasn't interest in this but uh people in the chatter asking if you could say what kind of lends you were using yeah I've been using I bought a new lands right before coming here oh I'm gonna need new limbs and your gear I use my fifty one point for almost the whole time I was here a shooting with it I just love the quality of picture it gives me how it allows me to should open it allows me to get all the light all the natural light it I need because I love shooting natural light tio I'm not a flash person so fifty one point four thank you beautiful all the way bravo very happy very happy with your decision we'll go to her next photo so I specifically specifically asked the five to choose two photos now I know how that's got to be excruciatingly hard I know victoria was like please let me put three three three and I'm forcing them to put to you because I really want us to sous inkley define who you guys are and talk about the experience and so this one I chose I like it technically I know it's not I was struggling with the light was was coming from behind and it was just uh half of a second maybe where they were looking at each other like this with I just like that moment on that picture he's looking at his friend his friends looking back I came with that looks like you did it you're married you you got the girl and and and that's what I love is to capture this this little moments that make you feel woe so um but I am and the reason the other reason why choose this one is because I know technically it's and that's good I would love you know if anybody has any advice to you oh you know if you're done that thing a little bit different or that thing a little bit different than maybe would have come out even stronger I know that uh billy's dad was uh when I when he was getting ready billy had said that he had two best men his dad was one of them and that there was is is uh I guess alternate best men so I know that it's gonna make that's billie's gonna love that photo so a large part of what we do is not about perfection and I think it's um it's a thing that we have to re program are brings because we only ever want to show the most perfect and here you are having teo kind of sort of if I may say um explain the photo because oh it's not perfect maybe you should use flash to compensate for the light behind it and whatever but this photo uh even on the darker screen and I'm looking at a different scheme behind there and it looks fine like what is illuminated should be what should be eliminated is illuminated it's uh it's a little bit darker but it's okay I mean these are these are photos I actually like as just a total undertone I actually like that his best man is sitting in the right chair I think there's like a subtle humor to the photo that I know billy would appreciate because just billy's corky you know I think that they're gonna appreciate the photo it's going totally as a third shooter is going to benefit my carefully so thank you I love it it's great and what I'm pretty sure photographers and it will do well just run like compensation you know it's okay skins just tag it is what it is I like it shouldn't do that anymore but I was just going to say though it's because you showed all your pictures yesterday too that I decided t to show my second picture that picture that's not perfect you know just I like it I know people can see whatever that you know technically you know but thanks for opening up yesterday because it allows me to open up you thank you thank you thank you means a lot that means a lot more than I think you know so thank you I love it bravo and people much chat room really liked the photo they think it's funny and someone said that the person sitting in the bride chair looks like he knows he's actually j d you're right there that black thing e o okay I I you know a lot more like sorry about that I think is what it is it is what it is that's the one thing you walked with it okay so we are going to go oh ok so then the next person we have up is needs to meet with what we see the photo what are what are your words do you have words have you redefine them like what where are you right now I'm nervous um I really understood my heart's beating like crazy I do have to do this for five days you have two minutes way like spot where I'm usually just hanging back I like it I do have three words and they're kind of in the process and three words are evocative romantic and intimate and I want to want things I want to portray is that both my client and for the viewer I want the viewer to feel like they were there obviously but to feel like they're there without the person even now knowing they're they're almost like they got a little slice into their life a little a little window literally to the love I know that sounds ridiculously corny and cheesy but um almost like they're able to kind of ok hold on okay don't second guess what you're saying because if you own the fact they're saying they're getting a window into their love and then you say oh well that sounds cheesy well the minute by using its cheesy it becomes cheesy what happens is that this is your what we're doing now is we're showcasing you in a gallery this is a creative life gallery and if you were presenting your art you wouldn't say oh this is cheesy because your second years you're selling yourself short so on what you say and I think this carries more over too when you speak to clients when you talk to them and say this is a slice into their diet their lives or their love and ended like that I think it's it's sellable because you believe it it's hard to sell something you don't believe in so that's a total side now well I appreciate it time um and then for the client aspect I want them to be able to feel like I was able to capture that love in that moment and kind of the intimacy of that moment because the first look I chose I've had a lot of questions about what I did on my little five minutes I feel like that was um kind of there's a lot of pressure there and I've had a lot to ask about the room light and what it looks like everything and so I've chosen to do actually two photos from my from my little five minutes I figured that something that I tried I've never experimented with that kind of lighting before and I was really excited I'm really happy with the way it turned out I'm gonna bring it up ok so we're going to bring up the first one and it is quite a bit darker um but I wanted billy the kind of kyoto laura and I wanted them almost us to speak to each other with their eyes on dh on dh yeah it is what it is I am really really happy with what I got I really really really like it thank you I would make you black and white but that's just a personal practice well my mother was black and white and so I had to make I want to do a black one in the color has a lot to ask what it looks like what the color of because I'm the same way I've got this on my computer black point like it more but I had to choose which one I wanted to tell you which one if you had two black light photos you could only to black and white photos don't think about anybody else but your brands when you're presenting these photos own the fact that you shot to black and white photos in cell effect like that is good like I like it this is what this when I went after but this is so beautiful now what I'm noticing distinctly is the red brick in the room was casting this a distinct red glow and I just love the tonality of the picture love it love it love it and what I've seen so far are images that are processed like images and I know that my beef shouldn't be anybody else's beef I totally get it I totally get it but let's just get it back to square one photos are photos they're just beautiful like have you guys ever been to like fukuda pepper or olive garden I mean I just know how get all alan guarded I love me some olive garden but they have these black and white photos as you make your way to like your leather swivel chair and there's something about those photos just black and white photos of people eating spaghetti technically if we were to put that photo out in a forum we were putting on our block people do you see those shadows can sit under their eyes so they could use a skin softener there wait this is a beautiful photo just a bit um her earring is just the room you need to snap her skin is eliminated um she looks very very happy and beautiful I love it and if your words are you know evocative and um instrument and romantic I think this is what this picture is selling very much so and clear clear clear depiction of as you were shooting what I was shooting were my words and from this very same evocative you know romantic moment I was getting something a little bit edgier something a little bit funder butner honor more fine okay and just so I don't know if they really want to know but just in terms of the actual like so that in terms of the same type of thing I shot almost everything with fifty one point for I believe this was shot wide open and I can't remember I know almost the entire first look no shooting wide open so I don't have fifty yeah this is with fifty one point four and I just kind of dial it down darkened it for the room light and got in close and gotten close yes well you were shooting you were shooting average a priority I wass remember that next challenge get it to a point but here's the thing this is what you're starting I shot average a priority for a while so that I can understand where my settings were things of that nature understand light but now what I want you to know when you go back home is your wife is pregnant I want you putting her next to window light and want you practicing with her and make it a weekly challenge and then would it be so cool to surprise her with an l um I hope you're not watching mrs perks to put an album of her progression I'm hoping I'm thinking over the next eight months seven months however long she is now that progression to see both her tummy and your photography and about the end of that your project your end result will be I'm shooting manual and I know how to shoot this the next time you're giving this situation you know we need to be beautiful and it loves it made your star me sar money trails who's been with us this whole time says nate's first picture brought tears to my very emotionally evocative o beloved very proud I feel so proud of my friend so good good affection were to uh all of garden I mean I love me some breadsticks okay this is a total compliment I just love um casting everything I even darker I just want to get very very slight silhouette and both these images um because their shot at one point for they have a very natural vignette the only thing I did the only thing in post process I think was uh this was just changed a black and white and dark and a little it was a little too bright and the other one was just dark and a little bit um how long did that take you thirty seconds I didn't actually hear while I was waiting to burn it okay don't show off e I'm not saying that I'm proud that makes me proud because usually usually I do spend a lot more time on post processing and seriously as I've looked at especially your images and just uh people shouldn't natural it's more pleasing to the eye so it's more real keep it real can I just say that mrs perks is watching on she says I'm so proud girl you better ask for an album I'm not I'm not even lying my critique is that I'm jealous I didn't take it but I'm glad it's in my portfolio no it's beautiful it's beautiful and justice clarification I would never not that it was you know sometimes people ask what the parameters are some people in forms have asked like you know it the first shooter has used a second shooter's photos in an online portfolio if I feel like you would add to the portfolio of the slide show then perhaps I would use it but I would never put it out on the internet as my own so having said that just for clarification for future reference but beautiful thank you so job well done I think you're going to go home with a whole new set of eyes and a whole new set of challenges it's true so definitely apply them you're in it you're you're newer you are in a suburb market but I have no doubt that you are going to prove me and do big things in star and in boise lost bravo and bobby says thank you everyone for loving my meat oh I love low okay great so the next person we are gonna go to such such a classic I don't know if you're nice bravo detail lo ok we're going to let this uh let this go away what about what about the specs cool so I think what I think I know the wedding things that were running late on dh the time I was going to start I think I think things were just slightly behind so I don't know what to do so I was like the rooms empty I'm just gonna shoot some details because these things need to be done on so it's like yeah course I go for it and I just felt a lot of these cameras I was telling daniella that you know I want that kodak basically yeah big fine off boca as well so I caught the lights in the background just to show the scene uh on dh yeah just kind of my three words air soulful romantic classic on dh I thought this was very classic because weddings were shot with that on major respect to those guys with a film that khun review the contempt they couldn't do anything that just had to shoot it and just pray whatever that when they developed it and came out ok and that always kind of grounds we like with tofu so anyway so that's a detail shot on duh sure yes I was on the six seventeen to forty oland didn't like that was an air force I went to my fifty fifty fantastic plastic fifty millimeter rocket e that's great that's good and nice so basically the social one point eight I mean how much is that lens like one thirty five one hundred thirty five dollars and if this is where you were starting this that lens produced this but I can't depend on the lens because it's a person behind the lines but it's a wonderful starting point like definitely like if you're a newbie photographer and you might not have it three hundred fifty three seventy five for the one point for a start that lends the great great great center lands and it's a beautiful picture I love the way it's processed again my preference of course I feel like I'm preaching to the choir you know little j start disciples up I'm here like but it's great and I am loving everything I'm seeing so far just it's gonna be a great great great addition to um laura and billy's day would you say my friend dr ray if you help me do your video and stuff he taught me really well had to vignette and sharpen images and I use one of his actions which will really love for sharpening and it just worked magic hey um I love the booker too I sounded like it landed and then some nights he said it like that but the light's macron look just you know just just just lovable so nice okay sis lawrence meantime curly top five to nine says I love detail shop it's all part of the story that the couple will recall from years from now and his beautiful story thank you guys for adding like what's going on okay cool and then um basically I was shooting this with the seventy two hundred for a cheap one eight signal on dh er yeah I think I remember who was posing them other time near the windows properly yourself judgment actually and I got to the window as well and I was just thinking to myself I wonder where her ring it's like doing dinner then I was like wow that's fantastic and then I just zoomed out slightly and I got really nice crop on dh I just shot that and super pleased that thanks to victoria's well because wait talking last night and had two images and I wanted to choose the one when you know when you put me on the spot and way we're kind of doing posing outside when the light was changing because I don't have a story behind that but we're not so victoria's reaction to this I definitely never doubt girl's reaction way out of impulse so you feel victoria you're gonna sell a lot of girls in the web yeah I just love the expression a fight that you know it's the ring that the story you know the engagement ring and there's billy could see shoulder there just got beautiful expression uh she has a beautiful expression and always the great it's like a radio she does agree I totally agree um well I I saw his reading some of the twitter feed that people were asking about cropping and how I feel about propping um I'm a huge proponent of chopping bits and pieces of heads off and like appendages I will get the same shot or if I know jd is getting the safe shot I then feel at liberty to crop the way I want to see you know the way I see it in my mind um I love I absolutely love this love this crop the on ly thing I might have done with it I would have a new actually would might of depending cause I don't really remember but it looks like her forehead extends a bit if you can get the hairline there's like a distinct just kind of break at where it ends like a just a color gradation for me as a girl that's the only thing I see but I absolutely love the ring and the earring and how they partly of each other the light is impeccable she looks gorgeous I think it looks like a jewelry at e I totally dio bravo you know the internet is saying it looks like a fashion a fashion for the musician clipping crazy says love it's such a yummy picture there are many that's great huh again processing wives are actually vignettes on that so you might not notice but again my good friend dr raven taught me some things also started changes you won't you don't you won't even notice that I like due out obviously I've been yet and then I put it to like twenty percent well you know it's just yesterday we were processing you know there's no need to keep in action at one hundred percent make it somebody else's like dr ray created an action rave oh dr rave oh he's way cool eyes actually a gp is a full on dr okay he's legit he's legit and cool wait like glow sticks so if you want it processed it one hundred percent of his action it would have been his your photo looking like hiss the fact that you can make your subtle changes and you add one thing here and I think they're in whatever the case maybe it turns into a such a photo bravo john well done where you focused I think you always usually focus on the eyes but I think I really wanted to focus on the ring but it looks kind of like they're roughly in the same plane which is what both roughly quite shocked but I'm pretty sure folks on the rink with us that's what you were saying that that's great it's beautiful thank you nice okay and then we are now off to stephanie all right so let's start with you our word okay so my words I I think I just pulled them out of nowhere originally it was classy sassy and riel and I don't think I did that at all um when I went back through the photos and when I was when I was uploading them there were a few that just stuck in my head and I wanted to show those because I know that those were what really represent me um and I know that both of them I kind of I like to mix the elegance in the raw and um that's why I really went for this one I also picked the ones that I felt like I didn't need to do anything tio and so this is how it is she had a camera and I like how the dress well stands out and you have that hard wall behind it and I thought the angle's very unusual I mean most most the just shots of march straight on and I just I like that I was able to get the detail in there but still have a unique shot address and leverage the detail that it came from side to side most dresses have detailed it's on the front or in the within the body so the course that address and you actually got the idea that it wrapped around the side of the dress and I like the juxtaposition of you know something really soft and feminine versus look with the concrete and back I like it and I really like the fact that it um I shot my dress I think I shot most of dress shots exposing the edifice in which it hung and here it looks suspended and you didn't reveal its source and I like that really dio really do and again it goes back to you finding really good light so I like that uh a lot do you have an idea of what your words and that puts you on the spot but if you're words were you know sassy and really or whatever they were um I still like classic or I'm changing it from classic classic and giving it a more serious uh since to my words I think um raul would be one and simple or elegant maybe pure something like that good so I think um before we get to the next photo as you approach your next shoot specifically weddings to think about what is the thing that you continuously tap into what is the pattern and it's not about the photos you want to take or the photographer you want to become its who are you naturally and what are you most inclined two and then once you figure that out the next time you approach the wedding you're closer than to specifically those few words and you move culture you move closer and so then you ended it ends up being a self really proper prophecies like you are getting kel asic client to prefer classic imagery who like a raw element to what it is and whatever that third word morphs into b people had and I love the composition great l golden says I love that dress shop it works so well with the background and the angle is so unique so this one again you know I'm mixing that that classic elegant soft look with the hardball um I just like negative space a lot teo so I really go for that and the joy in this picture really drew me into this one like it and again I think it works well with like a classic imagery so that's another word whatever your words are continuously find recurring patterns within your your your photographs because I feel like it's kind of a division of who you are is a person which hopes a lot a lot um one thing that we did speak about was nate I think it's probably off camera is that um once you know what you what your brand is to become or you're branded words it now then establishes a bull's eye as you approach every single shoot as you approach your engagement session what are your words and then are you doing are you um I always feel like my portfolio pieces are true divisions of the word but not the entire wedding I don't know if I can shoot an entire wedding that is completely branded but as you as you go after those types of images you make sure when you leave and actually it becomes a list in my head when I leave an engagement session did I get a fun picture did I get you know did it get the safe shot didn't get the romantic shot they get the cuddly shot in all of these things it just becomes very scientific and how you approach and I think that your clients are directly benefit because of it it's beautiful thank you very very very nice okay so now we are going to victoria first like victoria oh I don't think you're gonna like this one why not because it's so not your style that's okay just because just because it isn't my style doesn't mean I can't like it okay I wouldn't be good I wouldn't be a good critic if I only ever liked something that was the style so um this one it doesn't look like a picture like a picture you would take like it doesn't look as natural I think is a lot of what we've seen um but for me what I was really trying to do when I was here this week was to try something different and to sort of get out of my comfort zone and out of what I normally do so I took out when we were outside doing the first look and um actually audrey was posing that price point I loved the lines of the building and I love the lines of the sky and that I was actually going toe get rid of I was gonna have clone out all the wires and sessions like no but I like the lines leave them in so I left them but my instinct was not to but I just I really like the building I like the angle and I was shooting with my fourteen twenty four which I never ever ever ever use at a wedding because I'm always so nervous about making the bride look really big but because of where they were standing it really worked here and I I really like it I like what I get it's completely different from anything I ever do and I like that too which is hard for me because as you're trying to define a brand like when you see the other picture it's so different it just doesn't look like the's too should even be in the same portfolio and that's sort of why it shows them to because I'm struggling with my words and I thought I knew what my words were but I I just I like so many different things and I feel like I go in so many different directions at the same time that I have a hard time going like no just focus in on three words can answer your question sure do you feel like you see a lot of similarities between your clients are you getting clients that are very different from each other I get a lot of really different clients that are all over the place I'm sure that probably is yeah they go hand in hand d'oh d'oh so um it might help to start in your particular case so what I've been a proponent of and I'm not saying this is right at all maybe just made might help you or somebody else online would to be to start backwards from what you want what type of a client do you ideally want who is the type of ride you want to spend every saturday with describe her what does she like where did where did she go what's with the arrest what could I have a clothing does she buy um jeans issue where kind of car does she drive how educated is she what's your price what what's her demographic those types of things will help you then target what have imagery one you need to capture and to how you should process I think that when you process an image like this you're going to get a different type of client somebody who's not maybe perhaps as classic as such and deny it who might be a little bit funkier and its fine this is a and I was like that's the thing is I love the funky stuff and this is the on ly image out of all of my images that looks like this everything else looks like the second one that we're going to see but I really liked it I like I think I may be overdid the saturation on the processing a bit because I was just playing but I just I really like how it came out okay so I'm gonna use you as an example I know what I feel but I feel like in order for us to get the most out of this we're gonna be completely revealing so I let it all hang out so why don't we all just let it hang out right about now so what we do is photographers is we take pictures we'd like but what I want you to do is only showcase images you want bland and when we go to block post I see it clearly really really really strong images and that the mix of pretty pictures if you only have captured six branded beautiful photos from that lighting be confident in your ability to edit edit edit edit not photoshopped sense cut it down to what your brand is because if you could show consistently branded images they are going to going to trust people are smart enough to implicitly understand that if you could effectively take a branded photo again and again and again you are more than capable to take a good photo or pretty photo photo you like have have the pretty photos intermix you could see I included in the in the slideshow I've included a pretty photos what was that I like what will go on the block or what will go on my website are only branded signature photos so as you choose the images that you want a future showcase showcase your branded photos I agree this is a this is a pretty picture I agree with such and I'd like the lines but I as a personal preference because of this sense of what it is if we had a difficult didn't have a bright ng room here I might leave the lines in but because of what we're doing it because of how bright the photo is I would probably have taken them out but you talk about that but getting personal preference I did it doesn't ruin the picture at all I understand that where we were very limited there was something of a shooting I would have maybe take take took one step to the left so that lauren billy were actually center to that to that window that would have changed the perspective a little bit but I think that um I didn't get a shot of theo the sign itch of theo this is going tio you can tone down this's great because again I want all the pictures from that from their data off this thing to look the same but this will make it this will make their cut for they read it because I want them to have a picture like this and I'm sure that when the final edit is online theo will want you shot something for theo which is very important in which is something I neglected so congrats on that and chip edie from portland oregon says tell victoria that I love the wide angle shot very refreshing to see we have a huge response yes picture cool huge response people love the color they just it's really it's really sort of out of my element but that's what I wanted teo try different clean you've been at breakfast and victoria had told me that she came here specifically wanting to use this experience to do things that she hadn't done I'm very proud very probably want one you tried that and two you actually came up with something that you wanted to showcase that you I think he did are the ballpark for your personal goals congratulations I'm think gabby we're very proud and you're thirty eight cats and melody melody and chat says bold brave and oh three bees oh uh of course I like this one okay um beautiful so this again it was out of my element because this is when you were doing the first look and we were sort of standing in the back and because we can get close I was shooting with my seventy two two hundred and again I never used that lens to shoot details or to shoot the okay but in this case she just happened to move into a position and I like the way she was holding the flowers I liked sort of the movement of the dress and the fact that the flowers were underneath and you could get like a peek of the ring and I think the light on the flowers was nice and I'm happy that I didn't overexpose the flowers because it was quite strong so and this is almost exactly out of camera I think all I did was out of him yet so you bro so between these two photos I think it's going to become what I want you to do I don't want you to come and have a good experience I mean I like you too much to have you not walk away knowing more about yourself knowing more about what you pointedly want to shoot and I please forgive me I push and they push and they push and they push it's just my personality but when you guys go home you'll be like thing got him away from that girl and maybe it'll help you get a little bit more to where you are I love love this photo I think it works so well on bride I think it worked so well for the florist and for the coordinator I love the juxtaposition of real flowers and fake flowers and as a total girl moment her waist looks very tiny bride's work really hard laura was dressing I don't know maybe you were in the room at the time but she had either of you two were in the room of the time she had a pair of shorts on and they were literally falling off her but she was really proud because she's like jasmine like I wore these shorts during the video and they were a lot tighter she worked really really hard this past month she's a lose weight and so I'm sure she's gonna love that little waist pictures he looks like a little barbie bravo I'm really happy to end on this photo it's it's gorgeous it's very very wedding ish um exposures impeccable it just screams their wedding and then happy very very happy I think everybody got an a minus way really really really really yes um and I hope it will fight a lot too out there I think it will so my three words right there I mean I talked about intimate and evocative and romantic but can you have a three words that are a little different your personal because anyone that knows me knows I'm really goofy and kind of loud and like you said I jump in fields and that kind of thing I mean I'm kind of ah uh kind of crazy person in that sense but then I chose these almost completely opposite words I mean does that work how does that work I think it does and I think that you're still it's still learning its you're still learning through it I think what's going to happen is the words will kind of stay centered to who you are because I think we all have different divisions I think that um ok to be brutally to be candid um jd will say okay right now you're acting like jazz and star why don't we just I just want to jasmine so I'll keep riel because the jasmine star brand had has come into something else and the nate perks brand can be represented by something very distinct and I'm your wife probably knows your wife knows that you are evocative and romantic and if that's the side that you want to show professionally do that doesn't mean they have to be like that with us I would hope not with us but of course if you could show that clearly clearly is a diff it is a different side that you want to hone in on business from a business perspective but yeah you do do what about the internet what about questions for them for us let's bring this to an open forum and then we'll take a deep breath and then well kind of we have twenty five minutes open questions if that's cool with you guys and then course the internet wants to know the settings they want another y valance okay I am going to clear up something for the internet just people okay they won't the seven settings the settings I hate to break the news to you but you will never shoot a wedding again on july twenty eight two thousand ten at the exact at the exact axis in which the earth relied without a cloud in the sky or perhaps it was a cloud diffusing the sun at that very moment and ever have this particular plate bouquet and ever have my my bride our bride standing at this very moment in that particular dress nor would you ever be standing where victoria was standing I could tell you all my settings again and again and we have we have gone to the point I have done my block but it just goes back to people getting down and getting dirty go outside in your back yard pick up the camera and shoot your orange tree shoot it from the front shoot it from the left side shoot it from the left right side shoot it from the back side shoot it up and shoot it down practice practice practice practice victoria has shot enough to confidently approach using her camera this is a seventy two two hundred guessing what a two point eight three point two two point eight at this time and I'm guessing because she had mentioned was bright light and and there was getting a hundred eso two hundred two hundred that's fine because it was mixed lighting you mean it was rather dark but we clearly know we can guess that it's not like a four hundred or six forty or what have you so again internet what we're trying to focus on is finding the good light and being confident with how you shoot this is service specifics because it would be hard for you to replicate that having not been given the exact same situation so we can talk about that but let's focus on things that people continually walkaway from because I know that you will never have this kegan or this bride or this light for this room or a lot of different things so well that says adoption photo well said so so we we talked about this a little bit yesterday when I think we were in between shifting stuff around uh but folks did want to know about the grades that you give jd and so I have you just said it they all got a pluses what about dating jenny's I I'm always honest with me I think it was you know I give me places I just want to be funny city always he always always always always always pulls it out for me because I think just like any teacher there is like this ranging grade right I mean teachers as much as they wanted tonight you're a teacher with them there are subjective factors because if you know that there's a student who's at the eighty nine any ninth percentile but that student was coming in every single morning because that student really really really wanted the ai coming in an hour before school study setting setting it happened to me in high school I got test over when I knew that I was like eight nine percent tile or I was never in the eighty nine I was always in the ninety third which is a minus if you get in ninety four that's a plus I was always striving for the a plus always from the glass and I would do whatever I could and I knew that there was plenty of times I got tossed over there are subjective factors where I knew I know that j d for ok for the guy shots I give money given the light when they were all pretty shot so I did all I asked him is to please be photo journalistic please document what happens and make the guys are cool and they think that he did that there were times where I felt a ki perhaps didn't pick up the slack where he normally picks up this amazing open but he knew that you guys you're doing that for him uh he knew that and so I took that into consideration but I give him an a plus plus for the whole day because he was just there coming in reading my mind before I had to put it into words and disseminating the information to you guys so at the end of the day and it's not being like meeting all wifey like oh he's so cute it's he gets an a plus for everything the whole kit and caboodle when everything's done and said was yeah absolutely one hundred percent so thank you thanks generous ah for creative live hee really question from west in the chat room who of the students is totally going to change his or her business as soon as they go home just starting yeah everyone I think everyone is in their hands yeah just in terms of branding I'm anything that more than anything is that everyone justus faras the branding and the fact that she's telling us it's eighty percent of this business well it's the branding getting out there it's talking to people like I have a whole list of stuff that I'm like okay I can't wait to get home and start working on this like now like right away I was up all night I haven't slept I've been working all night seriously I'm just like really excited to move forward and I see you know like she's been really inspiring and I'm excited to get started you know that's why that's why we came that's exactly yeah see I don't have any further questions right now for the student who I am one from duke great jd what grade do you give jasmine we owe you know I it's funny because we have never had way don't play that game for her it's always I never gets a good actually yeah we so I've never given her great um they're chanting way we'll make it a first I will give her a great um you know this I don't know if I want to give a great for this wedding because this wedding I'm in god she did so I mean there was so much pressure for this wedding for her gosh I don't even want to think that that's just it's easy to say that this is the best thing she's never been put in this situation and she just she did better than I could have ever even imagined she did a great job um and yeah jasmine you you know I wouldn't even want a great yet this is you don't need a great for me for this but and you did such a greatjob um yeah I guess I don't even want you I don't need to get into this question I know because I feel like that's how I feel about this wedding this wedding is just awesome happy way uh I have a question from kim laurie in twitter do you jasmine uh plan on keeping up with the brides in the months and years after their weddings I d'oh and strangely it comes in the most random reform but it just how original probably the clients first experience me they probably they some of them still highly continuity my block because the block is so much a mix of personal that big nate laid fallen ramberg almost the entire wedding planning process which from my when I intercept them about a year in advance from their wedding so they're reading my bog pretty much every day for a year it's pavlovian you know it's like a path like dr pavlov would ring a bell and his dogs would start celebrating at the sound because that's when he had correlated that that's about that's about to eat so these girls were at work checking my blawg every day for a year most likely it'll continue beyond that and so I get followed emails when they're having a baby um milestones in their lives it's awesome and a lot of times connected to facebook so that helps a lot one of the five thousand says okay I have a question for the students and it's ono fray shoots what is the biggest thing you've learned about your own craft this weekend think for me that just constantly needs to be refined and practice and stuff was talking to jd earlier at breakfast and uh you can easily just fall into this thing off looking online looking at people's foes and how that's amazing on the twilight wanna try that and then reviewing and I said to him you know there's two weeks so I just don't pick up my cover and I was like you are my dear twenty of photography and I'm reviewing people's websites and I'm not even like using my camera and that's an easy trap to fall into its just now it's just like every day I just I have to just hold my camera use it and and just be nailing shots and constantly refining uh and improvement yes something uh just kind of bounce off that I think that concept is incredible and chaste artist action on block had a quote that was very sylar talked about how it easier to be inspired than it is to create and how it's so easy to go and just just so inspiring this tiger so inspiring but they're not doing anything about it they're not creating and and I just totally totally uh just second what satyam said in terms of yeah there's just a lot a lot to do in a lot of jasmine said um at breakfast this morning you know what she wants everyone to take away from this is to be yourself and then suddenly what I'm taking away because you know now it's my time to be really I live in l a and it's really hard to be yourself and you know everything is about pretending and so here I am I'm look at someone's block and I'm like okay I got to recreate that picture right there but that's not me you know you guys just saw me I like the soft and the hard mixed together and so you know like rather than getting out there and being like I gotta recreate jasmine picture because that's what's gonna get me you know get my name out there you know I'm gonna take away that I gotta be me I got to really know who's stephanie is it was that simple for me it wass um first day first of the workshop jasmine you talked about when you started out and talked about creating your own game in your own rules before coming here so I've been following mostly american logs in your sources and whatnot and denmark is very different and photography world there it's very very different and and I've been necessitating going in this business there because I'm like I don't know if I can make it and I don't know if I can make it as fabulous as in the u s and whatnot and hearing that from you know you can create your own game and your own rule and and said the bar you know maybe not where it is and not worried is in the us but somewhere in between somewhere where it works for you and it's gonna work for your client and knowing that um that makes me a lot more of these was going back and and finding my game for you I think for me it was the whole attracting repel thing you know because I'm I even in high school I was always like oh I want everybody to like me you know I guess I'm still like that you like it and and I get really stressed out when I feel like somebody doesn't like me like what did I do I don't like me what did you do wrong you know and I'm getting better at sort of going out whatever they don't like me ok I don't like them that you think I like the o whatever it is what it is closed I mean that that's something that I really take to heart because I feel like you know what you're right everybody doesn't have to like me I just have to find a niche of people that will like me and those are the people that I'll be able to work with and it'll work better for both of us because they'll get what they like and I'll have fun with um and it will be good all around so I think I know what I'm taking out of it is to stop trying to make everybody happy and you know really I when I get home I think I'm going to sit down and really think about what is my brand what are my words who are my clients who is that girl that I want to attract and you know not like not that way so yeah I have some work to do for sure and uh but I have a lot of notes and I mean awesome like thank you so much for everything the motivation that you've given me you guys for coming in spending at you has spent more than five day course I got here one or two days early wise we'll be leaving early tomorrow morning or or the next day would have you mean this is like a big investment on your part thank you for coming and I said it at breakfast and it bears repeating just so we have it on film I truly believe there couldn't have been a better come people selected for this huge huge huge thing that we had gone through and thank you a thousand times over I could not have done it without you thank you thank you thank you thank you for that warm fuzzy no it's one fifty that's about ten minutes earlier than we had expected but kind of like a good way to exit I think I'm gonna taken our break what craig can we come back at two fifty great so we'll be back at two fifty and um still send those questions because what the rest of the class um will become will be an open forum teo answer you know a lot of questions for as many as many questions are out there I would love to go through and an answer but focused on the business side o r open it up just so people now waken definitely open it up but again it goes back to the notions of how we talked about settings we can't get caught up in the minutiae because we get caught up in the minutiae will become a photographer I don't want this to become a photography course I want this to become a u course take control of who you are and if you're so focused on the settings you will on ly me focus on this heading back to the core of course open open open forum for questions but anything that will help you move forward personally let's see we can hold it there but yes it will be an open form great thank you

Class Description

What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

Celebrated photographer Jasmine Star begins by telling her personal story of how she built her business from the ground up. She covers everything from equipment to pricing to marketing. According to Jasmine, the key to a successful wedding photography business is to build a unique brand that highlights your personality, strengths and talents.

You’ll then accompany Jasmine and her team as she shoots the real-life wedding of Laura and Billy, who graciously allowed CreativeLive to share their experience with the world. Jasmine will demonstrate how she gets the most creative, most meaningful wedding photos that will be treasured by the happy couple for the rest of their lives.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your wedding photography business from the beginning.

  • Market your business with websites, social media and blogging.

  • Create a unique brand and identify your target audience.

  • Rely less on fancy gear and more on your personality and talents.

  • Connect with your clients and build trust.

  • Use second shooters to help out on the big day.

  • Shoot a real wedding from start to finish.

  • Get the right lighting and pose your subjects.