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Leann Rimes Phone Interview

Joe Buissink

Wedding Photography

Joe Buissink

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25. Leann Rimes Phone Interview

Lesson Info

Leann Rimes Phone Interview

Well, I have one of my dearest friends on the planet online right now. Her name's LeAnn Rimes. I'm sure the majority of you know, even in the different countries know who she is. Um, just before we even get started with LeAnn, it's It was absolutely my honor to be president in her life in that day and subsequent to that in the renewal vows this year that I was part of and was one of the most incredible things I've witnessed. And then soon, rightly is we do next Saturday when it's your birthday. Yeah, I'm excited. So, folks, this is LeAnn Rimes you listening to right now? Lee, talk to me. Uh, you're welcome. Thanks for being on here. We really, really appreciate it. It's very rare that we get you know, someone of your stature to come on live and have people view this and in this industry that we have. These forms sometimes don't have access to people like you. And I'm just really, really thankful for you to be doing this. And I love you forward living well. I mean, I think I think your ...

work is something incredible. It's so special you capture moment that most people wouldn't capture. And, you know, and you you never know you're there. The most amazing thing totally be, you know, just kind of hiding a watching people are all of these photos, you know, when we get them back, my wedding, like, you know, most beautiful, captured moment there. Special moments that no one used to capture you. Just You have that down and think it's still amazing. Thank you. Leigh. Thank you so much for that. Um, and again, you know, I I know that you said many a times to me now how much that the images bring you back to that very same day and give you those same feelings again. I think that for a lot of us here, that's exactly what the photography is about is to bring people back to the day that they actually got married. Even if it's 20 years later, you know, Right? Well, that's I mean, that's what I think when you capture real emotion like that, which is I mean, it's a lot of just what I mean for me and what I was thinking. What I've learned from my little bit of a part of, you know, You know, it's really kind of walking the moments of people. You just gonna have been there, you know, you don't catch those moments that are really, really special. And I think that's what makes you go back to that day and feel like you are there even 20 years later. I agree. I agree. We're gonna probably have some questions from I have some students in front of me here and also on the Internet. There, everywhere from Russia to Pakistan, they're all over the place. So we're just gonna feel a few questions for you. And if you don't mind if you know, you just tell them exactly what it was or how you were feeling or what? What would ever drove you to do what you did by hiring me, Doug on it? Um, OK, yes. Please go ahead in the audience here with Joe. Wants to know how you found him and why you chose to work with Joe on your wedding day. Uh, Joe, actually, I found through a friend of mine and wept. That's amazing. All of his incredible. But I'm no job for a really long time on our hands. it The great people, I think in the business. Do you know in my life that can capture and be in the moment with me without it being almost truces? I mean, we always get pictures taken of us at all moments, say so already feel intruded on time. So those special special moments you really have to dress. So you're working with and I Joe and I have that struck me. Obviously, he's been with us when it was Eddie and me, um, Cobb over finger vows this tiny little church where he's just standing up based on what you know is there. You know, there's whatever happens in the moment he goes with There's no judgment, And I think that, you know, that's the beautiful thing about happened. I can't wait to see my Yea yeah, I feel the same way. Lee, just you know, the honor for me was to be invited into your lives. It always feels that way to me is that even though I know I'm a paid person, I'm invited into a very special moment in your lives, and I share that with you. And that's such just such a wonderful feeling is that the trust that you have in me or for any of you that your clients hire you for is so, so incredibly beautiful. And it's such an honor toe. Have someone entrust you to invite you in to their lives The most important day of their lives. Well, I mean, you have such amazing period yourself. I think you add so much to do that day. Anyway. Thank you. I love you, too. Um, is there any other questions? Really? Yes. Absolutely. Highly on. My name is Susan. I'm a chat host here. Creativelive. And I'm representing the internet. An ally High Alexander is from Costa Rica, and he would Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. Okay. Alexander is from Costa Rica, and he asked, Do you adapt to Joe style or or is he accessible to suggestions of what you want, or do you prefer him to do all the work? Um, I trust him to you all the word now. Um, but we definitely way just play around. I mean, when we were in Kabul was steady and me alone that we were able to just, like, walk on the rocks and just beautiful place issues here. Um, you know, he pays attention to detail, especially, um, with leading, you know, and just being able to shoot all the little things that are so important that everybody been a year, you know, and development on her wedding. And no one ever thinks to get pictures of the and I think he really captain every piece of it. And I mean, yeah, we definitely talked about what I want. You know what Eddie and I wanted, Um, but I kind of just trust him to do what he does. That too. I mean, why other than, like laying out a small template for someone of I just want to make sure this shot this is shot with me. White direct someone. Not again. That's their job. You just trust in them? Yeah. Okay. Highly. And this is Laura A. I'm also a chat host here. It creativelive representing the internet and Photoshopped girlfriend. India is asking What special moment did Joe shoot at your wedding day? That absolutely took your breath away. E You're I guess there was. There was a moment I have seen him set up any time. Uh, which, you know, All of his shots. And I think it's incredible while my way of the groom are and on the bride. And it was expected. Emotional moment. Me too. For me too. You're making me cry. Stop it. Well, I look at those photos. You know, the things you captured, everybody. I mean, everybody blown away night, you know, obviously his overwhelming motion. But the way they captured it was so beautiful. And also just having, you know, Eddie's son, um, they're in the moment that you kind of have together. This is a great picture, you know, And Eddie shaking in bigger. Basically amazing. I'm no telling us to behave on my thing. This is a one night you could not, like, run around and act like a baby. Men, You know, there's just a few moments. Really? Are that such emotional moments that captured, You know, it takes you back a place. Like I said, I mean, even just thinking of it, I don't have them in front of me and even just thinking about the next, Okay, You might have just actually answered this, Leanne, but Bananas asked, Did you get anything from working with Joe that you were not expecting. And bananas is from Scotland. Um, actually, I got inspired by him. Do I actually think up a camera? I am so new to it and really know nothing about it. But I absolutely love doing it. And, uh, I actually with my wedding gift from Eddie. He bought me this camera because he wanted me start capturing the memories, you know, of our lives together so any that he actually hasn't incredible I from photography and his dad is a test taking pictures. I think that was It was inspiration, I think for sure. Yeah. And I'm actually going to come over, and I yes, you are gonna do. What am I gonna do when I'm gonna teach you how to do that thing? Yes. Good. That's what I did there for Sure. Yeah. Yes. Good students as photographers were always trying to find moments. You know, my question for you is how you sense Joe during the wedding. This farce in the weather, you know, you know, sort of. You hear you okay? What I was saying was tryingto, uh, I understand that what will restate the whole thing. So as photographer trying to find a mix between being out of the way and unobtrusive, but also trying to be there for those important moments. And so I was wondering how you since Joe during the wedding, is how he interacted with you and sort of your sense of how you flew to the wedding. Well, I mean, I think you know, e think he's been around enough to know the right moment Window back off of Windows. You want to hide himself or you don't even know he's thinking photos is the greatest thing ever. So imposter. And, you know, no one's trying to put on us smiley face for someone you know. So I think is moments that we did stage that were, you know, he that we did before the wedding. I usually like to get those things over with before, um, at the beginning, and but they're there. Beautiful moment. That is not those days. It's not like, you know, five million people making one big wedding picture. Um, it's just very organic, So I, uh he just he just knows I mean, that I've never worked with anyone like him, especially that intimate setting that just has a, you know, a feeling when to be there would not be there. So great that thank you while you are. Thank you. Hi. It's Lory again, representing Jessica Lark, who is in Philly, Pennsylvania. And she asked Leon, what is essential for you when considering hiring a wedding photographer? What advice would you give photographers and approaching someone who has the public eye in terms of special considerations for honoring the the second of the sacred nature of the day when everyone is in the public, Everyone who is in the public wants to see those moments. Okay, So the first question, what was the long questions was the first part of the question was, what is essential for you when considering hiring a wedding photographer? Well, for me, I mean, you know, I think you have for me. Um, I like to see I like to see, like, I like to see a portfolio built up. It doesn't have to be a large one. I just need to see what kind of emotion that capture and you know what? What they're, you know, able to provide a guest in the way that they've shot other people's wedding. I also think that I think is a B with part of the person and, um, beforehand. So you can kind of get a vibe or who they are, because it could be a great photographer. Be really annoying, you know, jobs on that. I mean, of all the things we love, having Joe around taking pictures were like, I'm gonna have a drink with a string out. So you know, e think it's super important to me, someone important and public Anything. What was the question? Should the second part of the question was, What advice would you give photographers and approaching someone who has the public eye in terms of special considerations for honoring the sacred nature of the day when everyone in the public wants to see those moments? Well, I mean, that's pretty much controlled by I mean, if you're talking about a celebrity, I think someone that you really want to see everything, and that's pretty much controlled, especially those kind of days. Like, you know, we can't control every time we go out, every photo that speaking of us. But that's our special moment, where we actually can control what goes out so we don't do it, you know put out, I think, thinking that her intimate, you know, you really? Yes. Totally agree with you on that one. I think we have time for one more question. Okay, I'll ask a hard one. Okay. Charlene from Germany. I know Leon. You talked about trusting Joe and how important that is for you. So, Charlene from Germany would like to know what your definition of trust is. I'm still trying to figure that one out. Yeah, being in this business since I was a kid, I don't trust, truly trust many people. And I'm I'm really kind of getting that, actually. But I think to me it neither the connection was a through connection between two people, but you fit or you don't fit. And, you know, you just know that I just have a gut feeling that someone's gonna say here me and make sure you know that everything's handled properly are you know, that's part of my life. I have very few people, and with people I do. I keep very close because I know I have great people in my life. I'm I'm very blessed. So I think I think it is a quality of people and just Yeah, thanks so much, Lee. And I really appreciate it. I can't wait to see you on Saturday. I love you and smooches on you and Eddie. All right, let me die. Right, baby? Thank you. Okay, right. Awesome. Very, very. She's really sweet. Eddie's amazing there, you know, over and over. That was one word trust. There was also feeling these are the things that I'm talking about when I say to you the most important thing about photography is who you are. And when they get toe, know your clients get to know who you are and by saying that, I mean, when you pitch, you show them who you are, they open up. If you there is a connection, as she said, they will hire you based on that and trust you and be open to you to see all that they want you to see because they've trusted you. A lot of the times you've you merely a vendor and you're hired because you know your cheap enough or whatever it might be. But the connection's not really there. You'll find sometimes you're not really in the intimate moments, very hard to get into those spaces unless they let you in. And the only way they can do that as they trust you. So I'm really a firm believer of that. And she just totally echoed everything that I've been saying for two days. Right? I love her. I thank you very much that we have other questions that maybe I can answer right now because we probably have Hillary. Come on in a few minutes. We do. I think we have about nine minutes. Yeah, until she is on. So why don't we ask you a few questions? Do we have any statements or questions from you guys about what just took place and how you felt about that phone call? I just think it's amazing this whole experience, I just start. That was really cool. That, like, uh, was actual feedback from a client. Yeah, because you know, a lot of speakers and teachers they teach, but you never get to hear from the other perspective. And so that was really cool. Just to be able to see that interaction also somebody on that school, that level. And didn't she just sound normal? You know what I'm saying? When it's normal, I mean, it's She's a human being like everybody else. And, believe it or not, celebrities want to be treated that way. It's they actually don't particularly care for. Oh, my gosh, I can't believe I'm really doing this. Is this you? Am I really in your in your day today? I feel so blessed. They really don't like that. They you know, I come in and I'm just Hey, how are you? Just and they really love that they really appreciate being treated like human beings like everybody else. And that's exactly how she sounded. She just sounded like one of us. No, no difference. But yeah, you're right. I totally agree with you to get feedback like that. That's why on my website, I also have feedback from clients I'm now putting in, you know, the normal clients. But it's great to put feedback from what your clients say about you. And I read it once in a while because I forget it. I read it once and I go, Wow, that's kind of cool. I forgot about that. You know, when Anne Libous it says whatever she says about me, it had nothing to do with my work it's that I that I respect people and the process of weddings that she said that I sometimes space out on that. But it goes back to That's who I am. That's why she hired me had, you know, Okay, the work was good. She mentioned it for a second. I like this, you know, But the connection And that's what I was selling. And that's what I pitched the connection. And it's not always there, right? I am clearly not for everybody. And that's okay. I'm okay with that. No, no offense taken, uh, none whatsoever. And sometimes I'm not for them. No offense meant I'm probably not the best person for you. So please common personality trade in the people who do choose to work with you. You had They get the emotional side of me very, very well. And what? That tells me that it's I'm a mirror of who they actually are and what they're feeling. So did you hear crying? And did you see me? I start to do the same thing when you when the question was Can you think of one defining emotional moment or whatever? It was a special moment that he captured. We both were in sync at the same time while I was tearing up. I know exactly what moments she's talking about because it moved me in the same way. Was that you are most powerful image from her with Yes, it was absolutely so you way could see that right away. As soon as we start boarding with you this week is you get you right away. You're open. Did you have to work at that? Or just something that wasn't that? I'm still working on that. But I mean, it's so Yeah, so sincere and so open and you read, arrive, come a long way. When I first picked up the camera 17 years ago, I feared picking it up and grabbing a shot of someone. The fear and me was I'm inserting myself into a moment between two people where I have no business being disappear. And the disappearing act was the act that I was taught as a kid disappear and I believed it. I bought into it toe overcome it. I had to go out into the street. You know what it was like for me to go out into the street and walk up to a perfectly good stranger. Point my camera, Adam, and nail it. I was so fearful of the looks and I got them like, What do you think you're doing? You don't know me. Why you taking my picture? The people that actually addressed me that way Say what I won't, you know, in the middle of the street. I needed to overcome that fear, and I started working on it over. And that's what I did for the newspapers when they sent me out in South Central L. A. And I would be the only white person there with camera bags and cameras hanging around my neck. And I would get looks like What do you think in your doing in our hood, man? And I was there on assignment, you know, fear. I was fearful of interjecting myself into people's lives. And that, in essence, though, is what prompted me to discover in myself. That's what I was looking for. That's what I wanted to be able to do. That's what was missing all my life. So photography has been therapy to me. If you want to think about it, it's a therapeutic tool for me. It allows me to express how I am feeling. It allows me to be open like I am, as you suggested, that I'm an open person. It has allowed me to do that. Absolutely. And I'm still working on it. Yes, there are a ton of questions still coming in from the Internet with the experience with LeAnn Rimes. And if I could just get a couple of those? Sure. We move on to our next guests. But pink champagne was wondering, Do you have any if Lian has any enlargements of her wedding anywhere in her home? And do you know where in her home and how big those prints are? Offhand, I do not because I don't keep total tabs and what the studio does. But I know what we're doing right now is still we've just done a renewal vows. It's been one year. This is very typical for me that the turnaround time for people grabbing and making books is about a year and 1/2. That's the average. There are times where I get a phone call. Hi, Joe. This is Sharon. You shot my wedding seven years ago. Yeah, Sharon, have No, Uh yeah. How Can I help you? Um, well, you know, I think it's time for our book to be done now. Wow. Sharing seven years later. Yeah, well, we were in therapy for four years. First, we've had a baby now and I think it's time for the book. So it's I don't put time limits on it. So I think the average is about a year and 1/2 that people finally come back to me. Teoh do their up now. Clearly, there are people that do it in six months. There, people do it right away. But the majority of the people, including the celebrities that I photographed It's about a year and 1/2 before we go back to doing things like that. But I believe LeAnn has a couple three large images. I can't be sure of how psyched I'm thinking 16 20. I can't remember which one, but it would have been the intimate moments that she just wept over. And she is looking at images, so I know. I know she has some I o a little bit, but do you give your clients anything after the wedding's over to give them a client package before the wedding or delivering a print just like Chris, I find a beautiful image. Sometimes it's bigger than that. When I did Kellie Pickler sweating, I sent her 3 30 by forties. I was so in love with that wedding and who they are. I sent her three of my favorite 30 by forties. I signed them because, you know, once you sign him, their art not really actually arts in the eye of the beholder. But okay, I saw in them anyway. I rolled it up, send it off, and she's got three huge. She said. I have blank walls. We just bought this house. And through the coordinator, I found she's got nothing on her wall. So I say, You know what? Housewarming gift. Three huge images of my favorite photos of her in the middle of the ocean as he's reaching for her face to kiss her. That one. That's the other one. Um, nothing of before the wedding, the like, Not a gift package or I see what you're saying. No, you know what? Sometimes what I used to do and because of the economy, I stopped doing it. Now that it's picking back up, I'm thinking of doing it again. But when they pick up either the disk of the small J pegs or what have you? Or they come to see the proof? A lot of my clients still get proofs, actual physical proof books that pick Taj puts together or paper proofs. Remember, I'm dealing with the clientele that is in the industry of film or music, and they're used to dealing with images and rather than seeing them, sometimes just in a book, they want to shuffle through them. Lehman piles. So when they picked that up, it's in a beautiful little white bag with my logo on and kind of see through logo and a bottle of wine. And I usually say, When you go home, wait for him to get home, pour some wine, don't even look at one image. I want you to look at him together, but have this bottle of wine on me. Yeah, it's kind of a nice proofs. Do they come back from sick Taj to you and you package them or can use in your logo? Goes to pick Taj. Really? That's nice. Okay, It's a way to do this. I really want to see those which one way might get around in that I really want to work this thing out. It's It's I really love this question because so I'll just ask a clock. 12 89. I would like to know, How do you handle likely and rhymes? For example, when you have obviously built a relationship with her beyond the client photographer relationship, how do you handle all the contracts, fees, etcetera when there is an emotional relationship involved, like you're actually selling to family? At that point, we don't see. And here's here's the cool thing. The initial wedding had contracts in it because, you know, rest assured LeAnn and rightly so and all the others have attorneys and people that handle these things and privacy issues and all of that. So the contracts written. But then the renewal vow. She just called me up as a friend as someone that she loves and, you know, she called me, says, Can you do this? There was no contract. She just asked me to come on Saturday, photographed her birthday party for 34 hours at her home. Can you do that? Sure, absolutely. There is no talk of contracts now, Because why again, the word trust. She trusts that I would never do anything with him. And I have built my reputation on that one word trust. I will never, you know, take that lightly. I will always maintain that my clients trust is one of the most important things that I own. If you want to think about it, it's mine. That trust really means something to me. So, um, yeah, we've we've not talked about Contra and I subsequent Teoh the other celebrities whose private baby pictures I've taken, you know, Tiffany, thesis and pregnancy shots that I've done of Angie Harmon. What? Whoever it may have been no contracts. Zero. Oh, I think that's more. That's more like the question. So you're going over to her house? You're gonna put a wrapper birthday? You have no contract, not discussed money. Or so how she s So here's what happens. Right? So when I did Lee Ansari, new allows it was Leanne saying Okay, so how much will this be? And it won through her personal assistant in the personal system. What you gonna charge? I charged my normal rates, you know, And, um what happens though? is LeAnn gets a camera at her wedding. Do that. I love so much what you do. And you so inspired me to pick up this camera. Will you come over and teach me? Darn right, I will. How much will you charge me? Absolutely nothing. You, my friend. So there is a given take, you know. Yes. I could charge for my time to go teach LeAnn Rimes how to shoot. And my worried that now she's Uncle Bob. No, she genuinely wants to photograph her family and, you know, God willing and bless her. If she does she if she has Children right on. You know, be the mom with the camera. Your pack. You what? She was passionate about it. I'm not gonna charge her for that. I couldn't do it. She's a friend of mine. But we're talking now. Separate thing. This is a gig to me. What? I'm gonna capture this I want you to documented. And she addressed it that way. And most of my clients do celebrity or not celebrity alike. There are moments like when I shot Roy Ashton's the birth of his son after his first son passed away. He didn't speak of money. I never thought to speak of money, but when he asked me, Can you be there? Yeah, I'm there. Did we talk about money afterwards? Never. It never crossed my mind. It didn't cross his. It was just one of those things. Man, I've been in the most private parts of your life. I'm a friend. I'm someone other than just the vendor. I'm not going to charge you for stuff like that. And it's just a mutual understanding because in part, exactly with what Lien said. It's kind of your kindred spirits the way that I pitch my work when they hire me that they're hiring exactly that. Me, They're not hiring my work. Yeah, a little bit. They have to like it, but the hiring me so it's It's about that connection, that interaction, and it's great that I can stay in their lives. And yet on down the road I'll be hired for something. Joe, I need to hire you and those words come out of their mouths. You know, years later I need to hire for this, and then there might be a favor involved without them saying, Hey, can you do me favor That never comes up. You know, Leann said, will you teach me? And she just literally said, How much will it cost me? Nothing. That easy question from that. Christine Baker, photography from Baltimore. How did you look for a wedding photographer for your own wedding? And what were the points of their personality that drew you to them? Okay, so my own wedding. All right, honey, I know you're watching. Here we go. She didn't know she was marrying me that day. Really? Yeah. Now I asked her. I asked her first, and she wanted a small, private little wedding and just friends. Our families were in different countries. We weren't expecting them to fly over. And Maryland just wanted to have a private little wedding. So she was my assistant at the time. This was seven years ago, and she was assisting me with my photo shoots. And I was working on a coordinators book that was being published. How to kind of like spruce up your wedding for very little money, you know? So she helped me on the photo shoot. She was my assistant. She was great. And at one point, it dawn on me We're doing this segment on wedding dresses, and these were from David's bridles and how you can put a sash around it. So it's a $500 dress, but then you add a little bit of something, something to it. So along the way I'm watching is I'm going. I'm gonna marry her and I'm gonna figure this out. So I thought about it. I'd planned the whole thing in less than two weeks. All of it. I went to the coordinator whose office space I was sharing us. I have this idea. I want to marry Maryland and I wanted to be a surprise. And she said, Are you crazy? You can't do that. Oh, yes, I can. So, um, she said, Well, you can use my back yard of the home. Cool. So, Maryland, we'll have a photo shoot in the backyard of Marianne Wyman's house, which is special occasions, which is the coordinator. We're gonna do a shoot about the dresses. I'm thinking, you know, could you model for me? She said, Yeah, sure. So of the dresses that we shot, which dress that you like. Well, I like that one. If it s I said So if you were to ever get married to me one of these days, that one, like you liked it and she goes, Yeah, I like that one. Okay, Can you model? So what we want to do is we're gonna have you coming down this part of the book that were photographing. And by the way, our friend Elizabeth Messina, she's gonna be shooting this for the book. She'll be on the hill looking down and grabbing the shot about the photographer at the wedding. And so we have hired, like, 40 extras. They're gonna be sitting on throws and pillows on the lawn, and you're gonna come from the back. You won't even see them, you know? So just don't pay attention. Them. If they were our friends, she had no idea. So all of our friends were there and said, You just come up and then I'll be shooting. I'll be in my suit and I rarely wear one of those, But for the book, I gotta look proper. So the shot is kind of a double spread in the book. It's a bride walking down the aisle and and, you know the guests are there in the photographers in the foreground to come on up said OK, ok. And by the way, you know, models really get treated well, So you're probably gonna get a massage and, you know, hands, they're going to get done. I'm gonna take care of you. Okay? Like a model should be so. And by the way, Elizabeth may shoot some stuff in there with you, cause there might be some detail shots that they might need for the book. I Let's lay this thing out. Oh, my God. It was so thick. But anyway, so she came up to sick this set of stairs, and I'm walking down the aisle and she sees the people on the backs only, and she stands there. And I put the camera down on the ground and I looked at her. I said So feel like marrying me today. And all of our friends turned around and she started weeping. And then her friends, her girlfriend stood up and one walked her over to the next girlfriend to the next girlfriend all the way to me. And we sat on a swing with her dog. Her best friend, dog Bowie, a poodle with a bow tie on who jumped in our labs and we swing. We were swinging back and forth in the swing and we got married that day. It was the best thing. So how did I pick Elizabeth? Because her sensibility, um, was what I liked its. She had a very and does still have a very feminine touch to her image making. And, um, the problem also was that my favorite photographers on the planet were part of our friends. So Dennis, Reggie was there. Gary Fong was there. All my best friends were there. And I told him all, Do not bring your camera. I've got someone that I actually asked to come shoot it. Elizabeth will do what she does a great job. She shoots it all on film. Leave it at home. I want you to enjoy that. They listen to me. So we're swinging back and forth and there's the ceremony. All sunny here, Dennis, Reggie. Honest knees in raw. Gary Fong is over the head shooting down between me and Maryland with his little point and shoot. And I'm going Oh, my gosh, what's going on? It's like I'm in a photo fest. It was hilarious. It was amazing. And when formals were happening, everybody was shooting in. Elizabeth said, OK, you guys got to stop this man. I'm the rial photographer here. Stand down And she was very adamant about it, and God bless her for that. It was It was awesome. It was just an awesome thing. They were all friends of mine. They all brought their cameras. And here's what's interesting. Grace Armand actually put our wedding in her magazine because here were photos from different photographers and they all had a different story because of their perspectives. The images were all different, but it was the same wedding, and she made it a story about. You have 34 different photographers shooting. Look at the different images you get. Everybody has a kind of a different take their own, you know? And so what does that speak to? It speaks to who they are. Done it. I mean, Gary shooting the way he does. That's Gary Dennis trying to just be unobtrusive, being the fly on the wall and nailing these shots and you know it. That's who they are. That's how they shoot. And all their images are different and That was a beautiful little story there. And but that's how I married her, Right? Honey? Yeah, I love that story. It was a good story. I Now if people hear this, unfortunately, sometimes I see it in the audience where the woman is crying in the husband's neck to see why didn't you do that for me? And then the guys will look at me and go, Yeah, shut up Next time, Joe, you just raised the bar for a lot of you know, you know, it's I love her dearly and it's just and that's who I am a sucker for emotional moments. And for me, that was the oh my God to see her just all of a sudden, get shocked by our friends on that and then cry like that to be, But that was it, right?

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Joe Buissink is coming to creativeLIVE! Joe will show you his award-winning photojournalistic approach to weddings. He'll teach you how to find your own style and bring your own personality out in your images, because the most important thing about photography is who YOU are! Your clients want you for your passion, and Joe will help to bring out the artist in you. Joe will also get into the technical aspects of his business, talking about how he designs his contracts, packages, and prices, and why he designs them that way. Joe is an internationally sought-after wedding photographer who has shot weddings for celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Christina Aguilera, Katharine McPhee, and others, and now on creativeLIVE he'll share the passion, knowledge and skill that makes him such a success!

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Carlos Zaldivar

Joe, This is a amazing course so much information. I am a wedding photographer that loves your ways. Your self and Dennis Reggie are my favorite photographers. This course is the best. Thank you for sharing all of your great information. God bless you for being such a great person hope some day to meet you so that I can thank you for everything. I look up to you every day and have also read your book wedding photography from the heart. Your a great inspiration to me which makes me love being a wedding photographer from the heart. Thanks again for everything you share. Carlos Zaldivar, New Jersey Carlos Zaldivar Photographers-

a Creativelive Student

I feel like this course with Joe Buissink is a basket of gems. Several times already I have been tearing up, because Joe is validating each one of us, as artists and professionals. Being ourselves, selling the experience, and knowing what we offer artistically IS enough. Of course we have to do the work, know our craft, and have good business sense...But what has been the most valueable to me is the sense of joy that happens when Joe says something that I have felt myself, him sharing so much with us makes reaching our goals real, because he has been there.... when he said he pitched in Dunkin Donuts and still made it an experience..I cried, I have done that myself. (And booked the client:) I remember wishing I had a studio at the time, but now I day I will! To hear him say he tears up at clients weddings...I do that, and felt so silly, but now I feel proud! This is a morale boost...a shot of joy in my arm. Thank you Joe Buissink for offering up your help and advise and for being so willing to share yourself with us. You are inspiring so many...and Thank you CreativeLIVE!! To anyone who is not sure if they want to purchase this workshop...DO IT!!! It is a gem.


I always feel so grateful to have Creative Live in my life, which, in turn, has given me the opportunity to have this wonderful source of information, Joe is one of them, he made find myself as a person when it comes to dealing with yourself and with the client, he vibrates in every thing that he does, every step from beginning to the end, that is the essence, put your passion in everything you do, we love what we do, It was so touching when he said that he tears up with moments of their clients in their weddings, I do too and I thought it was wrong, show our sensitivity it only proves us that we are human, and we can break barriers created by wrong schemas letting us be who we really are and then we can be free to feel and create, and do what we like to do, thanks JOE, thank you also for all the technical information, is PRICELESS. Your course it was my Birthday present that I give to myself, and I have not regret, thank you.