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Shoot: The Ceremony

It was funny and I like someone said yesterday to me is that you know, one of you was seen you with a camera once you put the camera on like you change like, you know, like there's this energy about you and it's true, you know, this is what I love you know, doing the most is like, you know, having the cameras ready and so you would notice I could change in the break you know? I mean it's not a different day or anything like that is that we're going to a ceremony so I'm actually dressing exactly the way I would dress to a wedding and since funny but you know, like I'm gonna wear a suit because I just want to blend into the environment I just wear a black t shirt because I find that that comfortable and in the suit sort of like toilets aiken you know easily, you know, use two cameras and so forth like that I tend to go through the suits a lot because using these straps because it digs to it is that you know, sort of rex theses but you know, that's the price and again, you know, I guess y...

ou know, like you got a price for that, you know, into your pricing known that your uniform, you know, even no matter what it is is that you're gonna wear it it's sort of like shoes, and so she say, I really think about now psychologically, when you're actually we have a client, if you're wearing leather soled shoes, it actually makes a difference because there's a perceived perception if you're wearing leather soled shoes that, you know, they just think better off, you know? I mean, it's ah, little body language saying a little tip it, but on a wedding day, I don't use level soled shoes, I'm just going to take them off, and I don't hope I have polls in my socks, so these air just like just like rubber shoes, and it means this sounds funny, like, here I am showing my shoes, you know? But the reason why is because I can walk around quietly and softly and get from one place to the other and also their company. So these air rock port shoes so they're actually designed like a sneaker in a way, but they don't look like a sneaker in the very comfy, so that is really, really important now and even though I made a joke of it that I don't have holes in my socks and to be honest that's just actually look you know what I mean it's really important like so you don't have like holes in your socks because if you go to a tea ceremony, chances are that you got to take your shoes off and you're gonna be in your socks so be prepared for that as well and yeah so so that's the first little bit um I just see like I'm pretty sufficient for I've thought about how I'm going to photograph the next thirty forty minutes because it's always going to be on the flight now my camera bag is just here um show this just this is the rich respect ten being here I've got an eighty five mil a flash the little flashlight that's a let me that's all I decided to having that there may be you know, in my little hero kid in there as well um but then what I can do to if I'm walking around I just have that on my shoulder and then if you like with the book if you want to print that out, you can just have that and then just have it on the bag and then just look through it and to get that inspiration so it can be just in your bag or just hanging on the back so but one of the things that I would do is that generally find a quiet place for my back somewhere I'm not gonna worry about it and to be honest, I'm not gonna worry about the contents if it's get stolen or anything like that I'm very fortunate that touch wood again like I've never had anything stolen on a wedding day now remember if I do, the most important thing is that I have my cards on me and my downloading devices well, so it just sort of stays around my belt and so which makes it easy all right? So let's see, I've got my camera I've got it set up um we got the the four twenty four to seventy like I said, yes, I could she just with this camera if I wanted to, which you may see me do more because this is the only camera that is tethered today will be a little bit funny because we have this umbilical cord phase laugh if I trip over it like serious, you know, like the straps really important the way I wear my cameras is very important. These are a little things that, you know, I just think about and you just sort of like, you know, grow and so means that I can get to the cameras really quickly when I'm walking around because I don't want to look like a photographer I'll just generally what look like this, I don't hopefully looked like I you know too much cameras and so forth like that on me all right, so we've arrived at the ceremony were just a little bit early um I think the priestess here at the front maybe um which he is all right so so we this is going to be interesting all right because what we're gonna dio we're going to try to do a real ceremony um but you know, like in football and I got to see the super bowl the other day and it's sort of we're going to time out which he can't do on a wedding day and so you know what? Like if you guys wanted to do me to do a time out as well just tell me um that great and you know what? Talking about the super bowl and hope not to start any controversy that I was sitting there in a bar because that's we do apparently I was sort of showing the way um on super bowl sunday and sitting with the guy and he was just saying who's going to win and we're going to go for it go you know, in the back of my mind I didn't tell him yet I was going to go for the forty nine it's right? And because my good friend tara lloyd who is say, I'm on the same centers extreme teams may he's done really amazing guy check out his work he photographs on the sideline for the forty niners, how cool would that be? And he's also promised me one day to take me on the sideline to photograph with him, so I'm that's a promise now, all right, but one of the things that I saw, right, we're not doing the toss, the pulse is that the referee just after the toss, put his hand on one of the ravens players and left it there for about five to ten seconds. It was a long time, and it was a body language thing, and as soon as I saw that, I said, the ravens gonna wait now I'm not saying anything all right during read more into it, but just that made me change my mind because I saw a connection there, you know? Me and that's, what I'm looking for on a wedding day is just little connections like that it's all about body language, I think I was going to say it's all that long, right? But I don't think that is it is it is all about body language, you know, and, uh but, yeah, it's, just like and hopefully I'll try to point that out in, like, the time out and that's what's really cool is because we're a real couple and their real families. And so that's what I'm hoping to be out of show you and explain that today all right, so I get here to the ceremony and I'm immediately looking around I arrive it's it's quiet I've got here a little bit early it was on my wedding day schedule to allow me to get he just five minutes gently before everyone else did and you know, the first thing I'm looking at is like the light understanding changing my settings and now what I probably do is like I'm thinking, you know, with the light and everything like that it's going to think about like, shutter speed and I've got to think about, you know, ice are so this is why I love working in aperture priority is because I'm going to use that exposure compensation to win it doc, you know, I mean and to give you like, an idea, this is probably actually really great example I'm going to leave it on normal and and I'm just going to take this shot just here and look at that like see however, expose that images, I think that we get a thumbs up like at home all right? Ok, so now what? I'm no exactly what I've got to do is actually bring down my exposure by a better stop and a half so I just died dollar down and you know what I would have done that I would have walked in and I would have seen this scene and gone how cool is that that is I would have just naturally walked in and just immediately shot up and smiled you know? I mean the reason why I smiled is because that way you know it's not confronting you know it's like a beautiful gesture you don't make anyone so I've just done the doll down and I said it is that as I was picking my camera and bring it up I would be dying going down my my explosion compensation as I did on the fly I gotta stop in half and you know what I'm gonna reckon it's going to be two stops anyway but I'm going to go stop and a half and yeah it's going to be like two and hostile is that I'm gonna have to go down so let me bring that ride down again and it's way like ondas probably too too much but you know I mean you get the idea you don't mean and uh and I'll show you another example when it's wide against what you know I mean so it's really important today all right, so anyway let me come back I just wanted to show you my camera set up um so I've already thought about that that it's fairly like dim lit but you know, we've cross lighting and things and so I'm just immediately thinking um I'm gonna introduce myself and come in and say hey morning as a going great to meet you well it's a pleasure to be here that this is a beautiful chapel yes it is that you you hear yes this mainly for wedding site come here and I was just going to take a couple of details but you know I'm going to state exactly out of the way okay you know so but and you could just tell me anything but like I don't wanna getting anyone so I said ok is there any way you prefer me not I'm just not behind okay but anywhere just kind of on either side if you are going to come up the middle just to one side all right thanks so much good to me. All right. Ok so a little time out now before I went straight into it all right? So one of the things I write is that um I just want to point this out straight away is that this area here is a no go zone area it's like once the bride's about to walk in like you never unless it's an absolute emergency is that you never in this area because these people here on the most important people like in the world at this moment and also the people standing up here okay so you do not want to block their view? You don't you know, so like I've had I did a wedding in hong kong right and what happened was like the couple pulled me aside and said, ah the couple pulled me aside and said you know what? We went to a wedding and there was like six people down the aisle and around and facing in this area we couldn't even see the broad angry no one could not even the parents you know I mean because I was videographers photographers it was crazy you know? I mean so like you know, that's where this is like going to be really respectful for your place is like as I just came in and said hello is that I'm respecting his space and his place he's dedicated his life to this church you know and you goto appreciate that and understand that and show you know, show that you respect him and so it's really, really important so we'll we'll talk about this space a little bit more okay, so now what I'll do he said I'll just come back you know? And I told you that like I wouldn't move the bag and I think like I just made the back to the side so now I shouldn't need that bag it all you know? I mean obviously you gotta have it now if I had a huge suitcase and had everything in it then I'd be worried about it you know, I've been thinking about it during this like the ceremony you know no one's going to take my bag is that you know I mean so because like I've got everything on me that I need I don't need that back and I mean so be really really conscious of that you know? So it can really for you up but anyway I'm just gonna get down like lawyer I might like two point eight you know, like I just sort of like start thinking about these really nice details and then I just go in and then like I probably think you know what is that I'm going to shoot this side now because there's that highlight at the back you know what? So I just sort of like look back again and then like I just got elected into the he calls and I just sort of you know, like starting to get my eye and I'm just looking and thinking ok, well what about like, you know, if I got here and don't worry about like the cameraman but like you say now that I can just sort of angle and it's not you know tub like people in you know like sometimes don't worry about it like the hair and makeup people in in the preseason is because they're all part of it, you know? I mean and often you got to be careful because some makeup artists like their friends you don't I mean um and maybe really close friends and they're just doing them a favor so if you're prejudging people like we talked about yesterday and said, you know what? Like, I don't know like they're in the right road all the time but then you just made a like a tragic mistake is because there could be a potential client, you know? I mean so it's really important to know who who they are so so just sort of coming in and looking at different angles, you know, like this come in and then he's at the back and he just make adjustments as you god occasion like, you know, I look at the screen just to make sure my exposures all right? You know, I've got it like a stop and a half under because, like, I just know the lot, you know, me and that's, what you got to noah's well, so I may just like, you know, do that reversed and, you know, I just loved a lot coming in on that that side, you, um just adjusting and there were about, like, everyone here, you know, you guys don't have to move, but what's important is now I just the light for this shot because it's so different, so when I looked over this way and I just sort of quickly look it's like I had a look but you know, like you know champion again I don't like that the later I never the latest shot on the day ever you know, all I'm using it the screen for is just a quick glance that my exposure is right you know, sometimes things get really busy you forgot what exposure on you know and so it's okay, so I just sort of adjust again and it's not you know and then you know what? Looking at that screen I just saw something different and it's just really nice like the lot coming in and ok, so let's talk a little bit about focus you know, like, uh what I do is that I will use often like leave it in the center right? And then I used I set it up in the menu that I can press this f mode on so once I've actually got the uh it in focus, I hold that button in and then I can move the camera wherever one so that's what's really, really important is that, like, I could hold that focus and I don't have to worry about it and what's really good is that I could actually keep my hand hold it and you know, I can do this is like, if there's a moment happening over there, I'm just looking at it on sort of, maybe it's a situation where they had and I like, you know, like, oh, I don't be too conscious is that I can leave my focus. I know it's already pre focused everything like that exposures, right? And an eye lift up the cameron and get it and got the shots there, which is great. All right, so let's, um, often, this is, like, another like situation can I just tell them roughly what I want? So you guys are just gonna like going? And just like you just arrived, you're gonna talk to the priest and, you know, just hanging around so I would imagine everyone heard me like, yeah, so like, so I was just telling them what to dio, but that would normally that we're just gonna be doing this, like, would have just arrived and everything like that, and I've just actually missed a couple shots, but talking, but, you know, is that I'm probably not even here at this point or maybe you know what I mean, god. So that's, how quickly, like things can happen, you don't mean and like, you don't want tio wait about magic. So, uh, so you just sort of, like, come in and and think of it a spot so you know what I like they just sort of chatting and everything like that right? And what are finding is that I'm just like looking at my ex parsing and just bring it up a little bit and the reason why I moved from there today wass I just knew you know, I just feel like I just need to come over and because it becomes intuitive um that they're on that saw they're going to just sort of be hanging out and everything like that now this is where like because we're not ted that on this camera I would have picked this camera and then like really just come in and make sure that the cameras on and just fired off you know, a couple shots, you know and that's what I like I would have done you know, and just by using two cameras it means that I'm constituents keep my distance on the distance is important because what happens is that it allows you to give them space. You know, even though a lot of the times you're seeing my shots, I'm actually using like the twenty four mill you know, on the twenty four to seventy and I'm really up close but around this time when this hardly anyone else here is that like, I'm just you know, here but so what I'll do is that like I've just arrived and no just come over and say hey how you mean great to see you yeah I'm really complete stays just come around already yeah and so here's this young chap hey mike tell you man this means you're going to be good to see you you've been looking after him yeah yeah actually how do you what did you guys get to bed last night three hey you guys have a few drinks oh yeah excellent or you know I'm gonna just time hanging out I'm just going to just you know see everyone arriving you guys just we don't all right all right. So you guys so yes so what I'm doing is just like sort of you know it's just sort of being warm being natural just being you know, like interested and on and I'm just saying like uh you know, like and I'm being excited you know and I'm actually genuine you know what I mean like you said I'm really excited to be here to photograph their wedding you know and I wantto you know make sure they know that and you know but I want to give them space because they know at this point in time adam could be freaking out it could be a little bit nervous and and when your people freaking out the freaking out in a good way you know because if the mole it means and sometimes the more if they're a little bit tense is that that means that it means something you know so be careful remember not to prejudge and think are you know like maybe doesn't get married or anything like that it's not the case you know funny enough with guys it's actually the girls that are really calm on the day you know, because they've been planning it like every day for the last year you know, the guys just turn up and I don't mean that in the nicest why is that like they don't have as much planning and and everything like that so you could understand that and the more you understand that situation is that the more you can also helped them to relax and be, you know, relaxed so also too is that like I may just saying so you know what? It's not a good idea to do a portrait, you know? I mean like, you know, because now I would love to just say, you know what? Let's there's still quick portrait and I'll be thinking, ok, a zay came in where I would be doing a portrait I'm always thinking member, we're always thinking like yesterday we're going to do that so so once like marks just relaxed, I've given him spice I haven't gone up to him and said, hey mark let's go and do this you know, portrait, you know, bring out a malone you know, I mean, because he's the groom all right, so let's see, but now now I would just sort of hey, man, how you hey, do you mind if I just get one shot of you? All right, come on. You know, I'll just get, you know, and then I just wanted by myself, you know, I mean, so just come in here and just, uh, just lean lean up against the piano here. Yeah, well, just actually come up to the yeah, and then you can just face that way ah, little bit like that. No, that was good. You just don't need just yeah, and and so, like, you know, see how I just said, like, you just did, you know, I mean, like because what happened? You know, it was a great example because the more direction I gave him and because I wasn't sort of so precise and what I was saying, you know, he started thinking about a t much, you know mean, when someone starts thinking about it too much, you sort of lost him, you know? I mean, so I'll take a shot and no matter what it's like, you know, I mean, I've got to take a shot. And because I need his confidence so I'm thinking composition wise and you know what? It's what I'm trying to think that's what I'm doing tio I just dialed down the exposure before it took that shot and it's still just a little bit hot so I actually went down a stop and then I just went down another one because I quickly grants now I can do something because I've taken a couple shots I've got his confidence that s o so just um you know what let's just bring that still just sort of sit on the very edge and that where you can bring your backing there yeah that's it yeah and then bringing out like that now look how relaxed he is like he's like now he's relaxed like I've got like, nice slide and if you just look over that way and you know what the funny thing is is that I was expecting like, the light to come from that window you know, when I bought him over here and then I immediately thought you'd bring you searching this way that way a little bit okay, I'm just going to take this shot on dh because the lighting's not too bad, you know what I mean, but it's it's a lot brighter just here, you know me and you can look remember my hand is actually just putting a shadow said now if you bring your face that way and then just you know what bring that over over so I like to get any lino now like what I've got is really not it's like really great light and then I can just sort of come in and go and it just looked on with me that's quite all right and then I got that nice lot happening I just checked my exposure I probably like to like something a little bit different just a little bit wider because what's really nice is I just like these lines so all these lines are coming down towards him in nice log he feels relax and then I would say you know what mike you want to just come on I'll just get one with you right now remember I just said I was taking one shot how many shots about checking already like about six so I lied I lied probably going to go to hell but come on in on dso which what's the interesting he knows that I've got two lights that I've got to think about um I should just go back a little bit you know even just lean lean back on that war and you're just goingto yet and you know you could just bring a hand in your pocket like that that's it and you guys can just retarded um and so so what I might do right you know, like it's really a nice opportunity to get a nice shot off mark and then you know what I think so what when I'm doing a shot of the best man is I think god that's even better than the shot I just did of the groom's all switched him around and you know and so I just sort of like, work it out but you know like, uh and um if you just look over to that lie and then I'm just and actually you know what, mike, if you look towards adam yeah, and then I just got a shot and then you know what? And then and I just got another shot like and it just sort of thinking about it all the time, all right? So, uh, you know, coming a little bit closer, all right? And then no, I was still shooting a two point eight. Now the reason why is that, like, I purposely wanting him out of focus, but maybe now, like I would might be thinking or what stay in the safe side, I might just go up to it full, you know, and then just sort of get like that shot there, just checking my expires her again and you know, if you're not sure it's like a text taken extra shot, we've been extra image well, all right. So those guys thanks keeps that all right. And so then what we'll do now is like, guests are arriving that started to arrive, you know, checking my equipment or money for, you know, I don't wanna be under for now. I want to back a two point eight. So it's, so good that the guests are arriving. All right. Okay, so, uh, just are, you know, just time after, you know, the reason why there was that silence and everything like that and, you know, and I didn't do anything and occasionally to they were looking over to me and are waiting for direction, all right? And once I realized that it's inside, and I knew that I got the shots that I needed is that I moved out of the way, because as soon as I got out of the way, then they started looking at each other again. So if I get a sense that day there and there was times that I'm moving forward and came back now one of the things that happened quickly is that my first two, three exposures were ride. And then when they got over here, the light changed in my exposures were under exposed, you know, a mom, one of the great things about you know, using lye room and those techniques is that I can bring those those shots back, and I also just sort of looked at the timing and thought about, you know, what was happening and also at the same time re evaluating my position, and so you would have seen me make slight adjustments and things like that and just not anticipating, you know, what's gonna happen and so forth. And then, like I said, at the end, when I knew because that can happen occasionally to a real wedding, is that because, like, you know, it's different today that we're very much more conscious off, you know, make shooting, is that like that? I just moved out of the way and in this side of looking at each other again, so sometimes you have to get out of the way on dh, then you can use a little bit of a longer lens and and sort of like, pretend that you're not there again. It's it's, like a like it's, not a game is it's just sort of like techniques that you get to understand and everything like that. So but what I would be doing now if they were just like that, I'm going to just now start thinking about, like, scene setting. You know and then this is a you know, a nice shot just here because they're all just chatting and it probably like you're going toe look across the the island each other again looking at my now I'm still at like if ah two point eight minute eso won twenty five I'm going to tell you because I've got auto I so one all right, so I didn't care if we got to twelve thousand eight hundred because it's fine, but let me just find like an image so we're shooting in about eight hundred I saw you know, I mean, so if I wanted to and be a little bit more safe with my shutter, I could probably like, you know now dial into the you know, the computer which is really like, you know, the camera on dh just say, you know what? I could probably be safe tio put on two hundred ice so now I mean or two hundred I saw two hundred shudder you know me and so what's that means is that I can then baby just a little bit quicker with my movements so I tend to during a ceremony don't try to go under sixteenth of a second, but you know I'm happy definitely also to shoot at a fifteenth of a second now if I'm shooting at fifteenth of a second, what don't want tio is like bringing my arms you know, I mean, look them in, pushed the camera against my face right? And then you know what? Let's try this, I'm gonna go over to shut a priority I'm gonna go down to a night of a second and I'll take three shots because one of them's gonna be shop and I mean that in jest, but I mean also that it's true like, you know, like and it was an eighth of a second I just had my hands like tucked in and I held my breath so I stopped breathing while I was thinking about that shot. If that shot doesn't happen for thirty seconds, it means that I've held my breath for thirty seconds, okay? Because I'm ready to get that shot I'm just waiting for that mind and I've got my body locked, so become like a human tripod, so hopefully like a time there was a shop shop, but there's an eighth of a second, so and you know what? The reason why I know how to shoot that way is because I had to shoot that way I bought like the very first de thirty canon camera that came out and you couldn't even go either like eight hundred eyesight, you know? I think four hundred or so I was shooting and hype tripods because if I'm thinking about tripod, then I'm going to move something else I gotta worry about and move and it slows you completely down you know I mean we're in a situation like this you have a good time you know you could have run from there to there as you'll see shortly so let's think let's bring in the hey so you guys wanna have a seat all right we got the music ready to roll all right you know what? Ok, we're going toe I'm gonna go out and yeah yeah austin right there okay all right, so um you can see me so it was going so normally like that would have arrived and I would be already at the front like I would know that they hear you know I mean like, you know, it would be like getting them out of the car would get the shot you know, chances I would just tell the driver you know what one the window down and and then like show justin actually look out the window anyway so no, I don't have to say you know, look out anyway, you know what too is that she's probably seen one of those shots on my web site and she wants that shot so she's just going to do it naturally anyway so but you know, over than that I just smile like, you know, I'm may say hello but I'm not really engaging in any conversation is once the bride arrives anyway because it's all about the dad and the bride and the bridesmaids, obviously so gently, what will happen like is the bridesmaids will be fluffing around the dress and there's so many images to capture at this point. So that's, why I gotta be outside now because we could be closed, what I could be doing this is what's great lenses that I hear, you know, I see the guys on the bride hasn't arrived yet, even though you can see it, but like she hasn't arrived anyway, and I'm just waiting for and then, like, I see like, they're getting a little bit of this, you know? And then I just take another shot like, you know, look of the guys just chatting and they just say so that's what's, great to have us elect seventy two, two hundred on the on the second body. If I don't have the seventy two, two hundred, I'll have the one thirty five f two, and it will probably be said it about two point eight and not have to like I'll use have to around with portrait's and things like that, but because, like the shallow depth of field like to be so shallow enough to on the one thirty five millions, is that, like it's? It's not a good idea, you know, I mean, like, if you miss the focus and you missed the moment than that moment's gone forever like I mean, I love like if one point for I love like, you know, um you know, if one point two, if you can get it but, you know, like you got to be so so careful like, you know, and, you know, I know some photographers just, you know, I just shoot on one point four, you know, the whole wedding day, I think that's just dangerous, you know what I mean? Like, there is a beautiful look I'll shoot it like a cz well, at certain points during the day, but not, like the entire day, so really understand that, yeah, was that your impression of an american there? Quickly? I don't know. I don't know what that wass what direction was it? Takes him close. Yeah. All right. Okay. All right. I apologize for any american that I may just offended. All right, so all right, so you know what, let's, do you mind? Just sort of going out through that door, like, and, uh all right? And so you're here already, so that's perfect, so, like, they just sort of coming in and and everything like that and they're just going to do things like normal and remember when you probably just get like halfway you're gonna probably get you guys going to the ballot then ok so now I'm thinking of like, um everything like this all right so uh yeah all right we're ready to rolling give her way directly yes, yes she just gave me away all right let's run through from the race stop already say like it's you know, like I just did everything on the fly then I just really didn't know what I was going to do when, um so let's go through it is we're out here you know? I mean, like they're arriving um you know, like the veil is going to go over they going to naturally have like words to each other or look at each other and things like that I'm just thinking of framing I'm thinking about people so that's why I had the bridesmaid like initially I'm thinking, you know, whats it's sort of nice to have her looking over because it's sort of like a instrumental part of the wedding and also it leads our viewer to the couple it's like you you see someone viewing so you just say where they're looking towards so that's why I did that and then I saw the moment sort of progressing and get really we're like real and then so I got in a little bit closer and he wouldn't notice actually because at all of that point in time it didn't matter who I wass we'll probably matter who ours, but it didn't matter where I wass and I mean I could have bean like thirty seconds or thirty centimeters away from him and that was so into that moment um you know and that's where like just jumping right ahead is that's where there was a point where I had to move I had to move right out of the way and I probably did things a little bit faster than like I normally would you maybe a little bit of a rush of blood or something but you know, like there was a point there where I had to move right back away because up until that point all everyone's focus was on them, you know? And it was also one of the things that I was thinking, I mean, I didn't do this I didn't do that, you know, I mean as I was doing and so, um coming back to here is that like, uh is that I got one spot you don't mean and then what's, always beautiful is to get the other spot and, like, reverse where you are and just get behind them and I always like the walking in and one of the things that I need to explain is that I would have actually swapped cameras probably three times when or even four times when all of that was happening and I didn't and that's why you'll probably see some of the images when they come up and they go ah that's compositions acquired a ride and what I did I just stay with the same key camera and I just actually thought ok, well that's probably the vertical in that right hand corden off the image you know I mean especially the you know, probably the last shot of photographing kim's parents I would have had the seventy two, two hundred out to do that shot but it was a nice sort of, you know, adam's parents as well and I probably should have got that shot um maybe thirty seconds before I did it and then go back to kim so one of the things is that like I'm gauging where I should be at the time there was a hesitation is that I saw when she was working through him you know, there was this beautiful light there's just the gorgeous light and what I was doing is I was expecting it to happen here again but it didn't you know I mean and that would that surprised me so what I was always concentrating on those was adam's face um and looking at like how loud he wasa and everything like that and yeah yesterday that you like to shoot weddings by yourself yes eso when the bride walks down are you preferring it just based on what the lighting is best or liked you rather watch her come down so you can see his face or would you rather watch her come down yet what would you know so occasionally ride I I have a great preference for this story right this floor because like I do know that she would have like a great expression on her face but there is so much more body language with the way the father is holding in her hand or I'm going down and you know this you know if I wanted to and this is where it is you know good to have a second photographer and where you're liaising with them and make sure they're getting something different and on in the road as well and it's hard for a second photographer appear because you know what like it's great great to get the broad coming down you know what? Where is the photographer right in front of the green or in that in that no go zone area you don't mean and like so you're obstructing someone's view and you're also in there so I was sacrifice like a tremendous shot for a really great shot because of the experience because like I believe when they're getting married it is all about them and remember like one of the reasons why I've learned this is that like I'm fairly introverted you know, like I'm shy I don't want attention brought onto me you know? I mean, so if I trip over or any in that in that vicinity I don't want people to notice I'm there and I guess you know it's like ah and I'll said it so to suit me and the photo journalistic style suits me as well but they know jumping and you know, interact with people as you've already seen and just sort of do that because I know that I need to so I make that I guess I found the skills that I needed to do that and to do that you have to be genuine you always have to find something you know? And so you know, like if you don't I think the bra I think every bride is beautiful but if you don't think the bride is beautiful then you need to compliment her on the dress or the ring or the shoes and they must go to cities and sugar I'm glad you think so you know, I mean and you know, because like they you can identify that she's been a lot you know? I mean but you know, like I don't know if I mentioned yesterday like but I don't think I touched someone is like the magic of people's beauty is in the eyes and their soul and, you know, I guess like the, you know, it's the the eyes go directly to the soul and there's nothing line that you can live and in so, you know, someone's happy it's in their eyes, and so when you're doing a portrait of someone and you've made them relax and you've just, like, let them be themselves, then everyone is honestly naturally beautiful, you know, like like I said, I think I did so yesterday is that sometimes I get accused saying that I only have attractive brides and they are because they have got this inner beauty that's just overcomes everything else, and he flows that, you know, they may have you don't see them because you see, like, how beautiful this always so coming on back like to hear is they come, you know, making decisions is that you go to make sure that you make the right decisions, I'm for me, it becomes intuitively on dh the reason why I went down this side is probably because of the lot the light is coming in on this side of the room a lot more than that side, so I would be shooting over it for some reason, then, like I when normally I wouldn't go so far like down that way but you know, when I got tio here I just so like the obstruction but at the same time like from getting a great shot but at the same time like I saw a moment coming you don't mean and so when I and that's why I came down here and even though this is in the way in photoshopped liken dark and down like the leaf and then like and that's where like the good selective focus, you know, like shooting at two point eight that's where your advantages that and even like if you're shooting at one point for that's, what your advantages because this is all going to be really like none, you know, nonchalant, you know, I mean you're going to see that destruction and then you might even lytton the actual leaves and because it's a green color, you can actually easily select that even if it's a black and white, he means you can actually easily select that channel tio even lied and we got to do that so so which is great. Anything else on that anywhere? Any questions from the question on so my camera is keeping when I try a v mode it's keeping I esso and trying the auto I s oh yeah it's keeping it really low and then the shutter speed is low yeah, and so like would you recommend tv mode sometimes toe like if I want it faster because when the bride is walking in since they're moving yeah it's not focusing um like kids well, you know what? I guess I just know mike my camera so I know my camera is that I can set parameters in navy mode on auto or so and say ok it's a minimum shutter speed off sixty or two hundredth of a second and I think I've lifted on like, one twenty fifth at the moment, you know? So there is a chance that some of those shots that I just did have a couple of movements in between, you know? I mean and also to you would notice that I took a couple shots and some of them were like safety shots and like leading up to the shot that I really wanted um so that will be going through my thought process but, you know, also at the same time I'm not machine gunning it like it's not, you know, knowing like in picking out of frame that's that's so you just have a look at your sitting what we can have a look at it in the break and then like, I think it's just a matter of that is just adjusting you know those parameters and you've got a nihilist lock where shutter speed he's like going into tv mode or, you know, shot a priority mode on the nikon is like showing movement. There was a period in my life that, um, because of nikon and the higher sales that I forgot to use low shutter speeds, and I noticed there's something missing in my work, you know? I mean, because when I was shooting, like, you know, like young with a d thirty and you have to really push it, there was this beautiful movement in my work in some of it, and sometimes I got have three shots. One was dead. Now chop the other head movement deleted the shop warner because it just didn't have a feeling like the other one did. So sometimes movement is crap. And how do I learn that? You know, I used to photograph sports. I used to photograph, like, you know, the soccer, you know, the football, the cricket at home and and also motor sport. And so I trained my brain. And so, you know, like when I first went in photograph, motor sport going on it's boring, it's like nice. Doesn't even look like you are the cause of standing still. So I researched and go. I can't have what you guys do, and they learn how to pan here's a really slow shutter speed and paying it so there's all this beautiful movement behind it looks like they're going really fast and so that's. Where, like learning skills from different disciplines of photography really makes a difference when it comes to the wedding day. You know as well, so already. All right. So let's ah, time out! And you guys keep doing what? You don't all right, it's, adam, and hold his hands palms up so that you may see the girl or the gift they are for you thes air the hands of your best friend, young and strong and vibrant with love that are holding yours on your wedding day as he promises to love you all these days of your life. These are the hands that will work alongside yours as together you build your future as you laugh and cry as you share your interests, innermost secrets and dreams these air the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes and tears of sorrow and tears of joy, the's air the hands that will comfort you and illness. And hold you when fear grief rack your mind these air the hands that will tenderly lift your chin and brush your cheeks as they raise your face look into his eyes they're filled completely with his overwhelming love and desire for you adam please hold kim's hand's palm up where you may see the gift they are to you these air the hands of your best friend smooth, young and carefree that are holding yours on your wedding day as she pledges her love and commitment to you all the days of her life these air the hands that will hold you tight as you struggle through difficult times these are the hands that will comfort you when you're sick or console you when you're grieving these are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years for a lifetime of happiness the's air the hands that will give you support as she encourages you to chase down your dreams together as a team everything you wish for can be realized god bless these hands that you see before you this day may they always be held by one another give them strength to hold on during storms of stress, keep them gentle and tender as they nurture each other in their wondrous love help these hands to continue building a relationship founded in grace rich in carrying and devoted and reaching for your perfection may adam and kim c four hands as healer, protector shelter and guide way asking this in your name. Amen. So do you want to say your pledge to knowing you is such good fortune? Like breathing a rare precious fragments pleasurable, satisfying delightful I surrender this joy and offer these promises are respect you and stay by your side to protect you fill your cup your hand. I'll help you look for the things you seek. I will hope for you concentrate on you and with you earn what you learn with you. Whatever you give, I will chip fish and multiply at harmony and keep rhythm with everything I possess. These words are bound by my actions their faithful and inseparable it's. Wonderful. Yes. And you may now read, george, you were my you are the future of my past. The president of my only forever of money blindfolded I would know the touch, the taste, the smell of you among the thousands of e I don't know if you guys could see that at home but they were marcus was running, jumping over cables. He was dealing with the tethering like a tramp. Thank you, marcus. This is not how you would normally be thie handling this, so we appreciate it all right, ok, so so you know, what just happened is like often when you're doing a family photo, you just said that family photo up and then you go got it and then everyone tends each other and last or just you know, that's done and they all rely max, you know, me and that's when you take the shots, you take the shorts afterwards as well, you know? So it was actually we didn't play in that, but it was just a great example of what happened, so yeah so I probably like wasn't as elegant as I would normally be a like a like I try to be this is gonna sound wanke again like that you've got to be trying to be like a sworn you don't I mean and just glide through and like, be unnoticed, you know and listen to what's happening, you know, the main and when they'd like people get up to do a him you know, I mean and you know, the singing that's when you can move around freely sometimes when the priest is talking is getting really serious and everyone's listening it's not a good idea to move because people could he move or they since you moving so you're gonna be just sort of be thinking and consciously no the time to plane, but what did you notice that I just went completely around the ceremony several times within all that time to get different angles, different people and you know, it would be great to have both cameras tether because I would have shown you how mme or how I would be swapping in between the cameras and, you know, getting in concentrating on the people there was a shot that I took wide that took over this whole seen so it sort of was like a scene setter, you know? I mean, you know, you could also do details like, you know, get down like, you know, how like we first have to get down now it could be a whole different feel get down again and because they're there and your focus is there a two point eight, they're going to be out of focus so it's just really nice and because you got the feet, it was just sort of, like add to that feel of a detail even though it's during the ceremony, I mean, obviously sometimes those pedals and things like that going down the aisle so, you know, shooting them in, uh, you know, nicely, like, I don't know why, but like, I jumped up there and, you know, nearly fell over and that's exactly know what to do, and I would never do that like, you know, like during the ceremony, but because, like I was, I don't know somewhere else, like I was thinking god, you know, like I can get up higher and get another shot that would be even look even better you know and so that's why I tried it but that's why you never tried that on a real wedding because if you fall over you're gonna look like an ass you know? I mean and like and you're like I did you know but then like, you know, like I had never being up on that balcony like that before so I just went up not knowing and um I should've pre check that out you know? I mean that's my fault but getting up there like I got the advantage shot and also a time that you know I mean and you know what happened? I was listening away along and there's a point I was about to leave and I stopped and it was the point because they did a reading and I thought go I should say, um e I just had like I thought he might say you can now kiss the bride you know? I mean, so one of the things is that I'm listening and if I would've got the kiss shot from up there would have been beautiful would be nice if I was halfway down the stairs though it would have been so good, you know, I mean so so that's where you gotta know what's happening on the game, you know I mean it's like the civil war you gotta know when half time's going to be all when they're going toe be called out, you know, like like just like australian football. Sometimes the buzzer doesn't go off. They got to finish the play first before the once the ball is dead, then that's when place officially stops, not just when the buzzer goes to zero. Okay, I think. Is that right? Yeah. See yemen experts in the super bowl. Eso, like, you know, like so it's. Ah, it's the same. And you got to know the not only the the play itself, but the rules, the timing, the guide on dno, the variations that's, the big thing. No, the variations, because I knew that I would sprint down the stairs again, like with soft shoes. So no one can hear me on dh. Then I would there's a very small window that I wouldn't have missed that kiss, you know, and I never missed a kiss. Which would you know, not that, like, sometimes it's the most important shot. But to the bride and groom, it really could be, you know? I mean, so, yeah, any questions? Yes, sir, we do have questions, okay? So one of the questions that came in from fashion tv who's from singapore how close do you suggest we get to the couple to get the shots we noticed you are shooting from the side aisle so how I mean, do you ever get that's why I have a seventy two, two hundred you know, this is this part this is why we're having a wedding this is this is what this is accumulating the most important part of the wedding day it's the ceremony you know, and there's obviously very different variations of ceremony for different cultures but exactly it's all the same, you know, in a minute said it's ah, a man and a woman coming together and pledging their life to each other and they love, you know, and it's a very special moment, you know? And so you've got to respect that and you've got to give them space so you know, if you're down in that cordier and, you know, I think today I was a lot more and I published point that out I was a lot closer than I even feel comfortable doing, and the only reason I was doing it is because I want you at hind to be able to see what I'm shooting, but I because like we're a little limited with the tethering, I can only do it with one camera is that that's why I would normally be back just a little bit but still come down the aisle because I still need that angle there was one shot that I took in a good yeah this is really beautiful you know and that was where mark's shoulder was here you don't mean and adam was here and then came was facing adam and so it was beautifully you know, positions where kim was the highlight the center of interest but there's this great framing with the guys you know I mean and at a depth as well so you know I mean and I needed that angle and then the reason I went forward like I said we just so I could show you that shot but I would have got that with the seventy two, two hundred anyway so that's great um hh gallery from seattle what images do you find your client loves the best from the ceremony close up details dramatic pullbacks what are your what are your hero shots for the ceremony I think one were like when the father and there's so many you know like the whole lot really because you know there is some fluff you know I mean I won't deny that like when I'm taking the angle shots and all that they're seen said is and you notice what I'm taking that is when it's a real moment if there's a real moment happening and I'm onto it then you know, like I'm capturing you know, the best shot was the last shots you know like how great was that like I mean as long as the exposure right in the fuck is this you're right and everything like that that was priceless you know, like I don't know if people know I noticed everything that was happening at that point I'm you know, like adam like had a tear in his eye and he was wiping his tears you know? I mean like there was so much in directions that anything that like, you know, it would have been good if I was went from here to there to get the parents because I didn't see their reactions because I see could see their body language and you could see that in the picture but their reactions would've been prices as well, you know? I mean, so they would have been fun but I love somebody pointed out that you know, just because something is staged doesn't mean this philip bamber just because something is stage doesn't mean it isn't also really I love that we have we haven't talked about a couple, but they are a real couple this's they're really family and so the emotions and the feelings that they have these aerial and it's great that you're captured them and being aware of that yeah, I think you and I think we can probably move on yeah all right so you know what let's uh let's do something really important it's announced the bride and groom wait by the power invested in me by the state of washington I now pronounce you man and wife you may now kiss the bride I remember thinking of course they're gonna congratulate you congratulations you know, I don't think I normally walk off like that but we will be following them and everything like that so um yeah keep them coming back all righty so um it's one of the most important parts of the day you know once there announced on dh the point when they get outside the chapel the church or the ceremony it's another really really important time of the day where people continue to go up and congratulate them because any other people in the front row are really going to congratulate them generally and once they get outside everyone else congratulates them you know as well and so you know at the time you're going to make so many decisions you know, there was a couple points like I'm always around that position you know I mean and before I am because they all happened so quickly normally I'm ducking down next to the chair you know, just because that way I'm not being noticed when they get announced and then I pop up you know I mean and especially when they come over to the to the parents and and things like that so um it's a lot you know like like I felt like I was so many shots that that I missed it wasn't in the right position for and that happens you know? I mean the thing is just to keep going and like you like what happened was a really lovely shot as are walking out you know and I stayed focus maybe there was one or two shots and missed but they're the shots maybe a lot of photographers actually don't consider capturing anyway you know and that's where I think it's really important is that we're thinking about the shots that are available to us on a wedding day that sometimes we don't think how important that wass but look about how much joy and happiness was when they they were congratulate being congratulated on dh that continues on outside so when I go through and using my pretty damn pre wedding plaque pack that I'm going through the actual timing of the day and I'm telling on giving the bride a god and saying look this is going to happen that's allowed time for it so everyone can come up and congratulate you one of the things that I also told them and you know it's in his pack as well is that you know it's just little tips like if you're gonna have drinks ready tell them to hold off just serving the drinks for five ten minutes because what happens is that people then see about six people are in the bride and groom and everyone else be lines for the drinks because they think I'll just get a drink you know and because the drinks are more important but they just think they're busy I'll just quickly get a drink then we'll come back to them and what happens is that it just sort of loses that mo mentum you know that feeling and so these are the little things that you want to express to a bride and groom and you know make sure that they understand that and that's where all the planning comes involved so let's some you know like we went to a group show but let's do like a family shot just quickly you don't mean so I'm just going to look at like I'm just gonna put this camera down just for one second the beautiful susan's going to look after that what I'm gonna do and you know I'm just grab some chairs you don't mean and just quickly just think about nothinto worry too much about the background and things like that only because I just want to show you the light and I know because we got sort of limited time and so if you all want to come on over and let's just sort of pose you are and like let's sort of think about it so if you're in the middle hee hee so what I would have done it I would have what about the chairs? I would have said everyone opening brought everyone you know I mean but then they're going to do some you know, sort of changing on the fly and so what also we need to do is also go and ah just know who were photographing and part of the planning is also tio asked the bride and groom you know if they wanted a shot that was just a little bit more stylized a little bit more preparation takes a little bit more time or do you want to just do like everyone lined up together you know, if everyone's lined up together just gonna make sure people's pains okay you know they're in nice lied and everything like that so but what we'll do is that you mind coming over to here in fact if you come over this side yeah and if you come in the back there like that that's it and if you come in here that's right all right and let's come in here and then you're just goingto guy actually might get you like like like this standing there and I didn't just come on over mike and and then just probably just sort of come in just about there actually know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna see how you look here first um yeah all right so actually it come on over like like that the reason why I moved mike was and actually just take your chair back just a little bit if that's all right like the reason why I moved mike was because he was in that like everyone has to be in the same sort of light um if and all possible you know so that's really nice but I'm just going to just meet you ever so slightly over so it's just you're just a little bit more spread out I just want you both facing each other more um so just come in and just bring a flask and just a little said that's nice and then just to us that way a little bit and just put your hand in your pocket like your left hand yep that's it that's not because then just bring your hand just up here yeah that's it just over just a little bit that's great nice yes look fabulous all right, so this is like the shot you don't mean so I've got to take this but I take it you know what? Ok. So I got to think of my sittings now again and, um so remember I wasn't too worried about the background just want to show you how I would set this up and then explain a little bit so now I've just gone to setting off you know, five point six and uh he would go everyone that's beautiful guys look right and then do you guys mind coming in and doing take a shot if you guys come on over and this's all the family and friends and all that and this would not be riel if like everyone else was trying to get this shot you know so so I would say you know what I like I'll say I set it up what everyone you guys just take a shot, you know? And then I would say any once they got their start on everyone's got a perfect you know and you know coming I'll just I'm going to just do one is that all right and just come in and now but that shot twice and just in case you don't I mean it's it's like I didn't get a properly the first time because what happens is someone's looking that way someone's looking that way special a big group so then hopefully I've got it but I also would have taken about three shots and what I do do if there is someone blinking and things like that is that we swapped the eyes over before the clients see it you know? I mean, I just rather do it really, really quick and then we just sort of swap it out and and things like that and we'll just go through the groups all righty thank you so much was finalised all right, good question inspirations from for posing okay, yeah that's great idea. You know what? Classical paintings all right now a great friend could little caught in florida he's an amazing photographer you know, we were chatting we went tio you know, like we're just happened we're in london together at the same time we went tio all those fantastic museums and galleries in london on dso whenever I'm traveling I really make liken if it's go visit galleries and so I can get up personal with these paintings and study them and the thing that we notice is that like is trying to keep that flow going through so not everyone is on the same level, you know, I mean their eyes and so that why you might have just people and you know what I mean to be honest like mark would I mean, you know better down here mike, you know if you want to just sort of you know, like sit there but like but even with the chair like that and just like that but see he's too broad at the moment you don't mean it aside for really you know, like to suddenly need to take five, ten minutes you know, like not long is ownership again remember planning preparation? I get in another tip I say is that, um when we're doing the planning and when doing the thing, remember what I said no, because I didn't tell you I said I said like I said, we were chatting in s geo and we just said, you know what? Tell your moms that we're going to do the family photos like about five to maybe twenty minutes after the ceremony what's important to you after the ceremony what's really important for you guys well and then getting a family photo right? Yeah so what I find is and if it's my month god blesses so if you're watching like she would be like so adam and I have got to get the family fun and now it's come on, come on and should be hassling the bride tio get the family farm I mean and so you don't want to rush this experience like that congratulations at this celebration so as long as you like till the bride to tell their moms to say, you know, I mean like we're going to do the families for shots for sure marcus is really looking forward to it it's just going to be about fifteen, twenty minutes after the ceremony once everyone's had the chance to come up and congratulate you so it's all these little things that we've got in that pack you know, it's just little ideas and things like that that you gotta share with your brides to give them the information, then go through the timing because remember the timing's not strict but it's just the guide so we just know what we're doing you know just why we're talking like I just seen irene here and the most amazing light on iran's tickets are just sort of ring yeah like that we're talking about like rembrandt lighting right? You know, like I'm just going to do this and then like I'm just gonna bring up the explosion just a little bit and then you can just see that lott e you know, the main like it's just you know where you'll see it on the thing so it's just like getting that little catch laud and everything like that so is great so yeah honestly always looking towards light all the time you know like just like putting everyone aside like you guys look amazing but men like you look really good like it's just sort of like thinking but you know like when I was shooting that uh I sold the cushions in the background it's not as good as I thought but we couldn't accept that out of you so I'm getting excited so mark it seems like the most common question had been asked is about flash in the church low light situations and how do you deal with curtains on the windows with you know, darker skin tones all of those things yeah, you know what I've um I don't think I've ever use flash in the church and you know why? Because it would be so intrusive, and it would take away from the couples and the family's experience and that's one of the big reasons why so that's, why I like a used really good quality lenses. You know, if so, if the twenty four to seventy wasn't cutting it, and I'm still a two thousand eight hundred, I. So I d I go to the thirty five mil and the eighty five mill, one point four that's. Why they're there in my kid, I just put them on, you know, and I will shoot it at one point four, you know, I mean, but I do have to be even a lot more critical about my focus and that's that's. The truth.

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