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Why Do You Want to be a Wedding Photographer?


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Why Do You Want to be a Wedding Photographer?

Why do you want to be a wedding photographer? And I know that may be a very simple question, but for those of you who are watching this, I would imagine this is a question that a lot of you either have right now or have had in the past year or so. Well, is this a hobby for you? Is this something that you think it's fun that you want to do, just for fun? And if it is there's, nothing wrong with that, there are plenty of very talented wedding photographers who do it basically as a hobby. Or is it a job? You know, are you looking to actually make an income off of this to help sustain your life in some way? And what do you expect to get out of it? You know, that's, an important question to ask, even if you are starting a hobby, any hobby that you're starting for example, my husband and I just got a dog, right? And we had never had a dog before, and I'm thinking quiet, I want a dog, what do I hope adding this to my life is going to bring to my life and yes, that's questions I'm asking about...

the dog, but when you're starting up a hobby, maybe you decide you want to start skiing. Well, what will learning skiing add to your life if you want to bring wedding photography in whatever capacity into your world, what do you want it to do for you? You have time to dedicate to it even if it's just a hobby, even if it's not something that you're pursuing is a part time or a full time job, do you have the time to dedicate to improve your skills? Do you have the time to dedicate to it to fully enjoy it? To use the analogy that I was just talking about if I decided to start skiing, but I only had fifteen minutes a month to go skiing, it would take me a really long time to learn how to ski. Wedding photography is very much the same way, whether it's a hobby or an actual business, you actually have to dedicate time to it to improve your skills and also to explore it fully. And do you have the support of friends and family? And I know this one might sound a little bit daunting because it's, not like winning photography, is some difficult thing that you're going to need emotional support for, but it does take time. Especially if you're going to do it as either a part time or a full time job it will take you away on the weekends sometimes there will be saturdays that you won't be able to be with your friends and family because you're committed to shooting a wedding do your friends and family support this endeavour and if they don't that's not a deal breaker but these are things that you need to know going into it that this will take time it will be frustrating sometimes it will also be immensely rewarding do the people around you offer the support system that you're going to need in order to start this new endeavor however in depth you plan on getting with it and how serious are you about this? Do you have a job that you have right now that you're looking to leave you know are you looking at wedding photography as I have a part time job or I have a full time job and eventually I don't want to do this part or full time job anymore I want to be a wedding photographer as a career that's one way a lot of people come to this field is looking to looking to replace the job that they have right now looking to leave one career path and go into another and whether you are a barista or whether you are an attorney or whether you are whatever you are right now are you looking to leave that and become a wedding photographer, or do you want to stay in the job that you have right now and use wedding photography? Teo either sub port you artistically or just bringing a little bit extra money? I know plenty of people who are wedding photographer and something else wedding photographer and full time mom, wedding photographer and kindergarten teacher you know, a lot of photographers will call that the weekend warrior and there is nothing wrong with being a weekend warrior. If you have a full time or a part time job that you love and you're not looking toe, leave it. You don't have to wedding photography can be something that you can add into your life, whether in a large way or in a smaller way t either supplement or replace the job we have right now. Do you have the finances to get started? Even if you're going to do this as a hobby? Going back to my analogy of skiing, you can't just walk out your front door in your running shoes and sweatshirt and hit the slopes and start skiing, you need skis, you know, whatever hobby you're taking up, whatever part time job, whatever full time job, whatever business you're starting to build, you do need finances to make it happen do you have the finances to make this happen? Um, and if your answer is, I don't know, I'll put it all on a credit card. You might want to stop and think about that a little bit more before you really start delving into this, even as a hobby. Because we all know cameras aren't cheap, and you need more to get started than just one camera. I'm going to talk about that a little bit. And don't worry, we're gonna come back to all of this. I don't want five minutes into this video you to be deterred, or to think that it's going to be too expensive or too think that it's going to be too hard, because it is definitely yes, it's some of those things, but it's, not all of those things. So if you stick around for the rest of this video, we will loop back to those topics.

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