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Weddings: Why To Shoot For You


Weddings: Why To Shoot For You


Class Description

Stunning wedding photos are the result of more than just technical skill behind the lens. It’s all about knowing — and connecting with — your client. Pop Photo Wedding Photographer of the Year Sean Flannigan will show you that the heart of every moving, gorgeous photo is a strong photographer-client connection. Sean will teach you how, just by being yourself and listening to your creative vision, you can build quality relationships that result in powerful, timeless images.


a Creativelive Student

A brilliant opportunity to hear from one of my favourite wedding photographers and some clear messages regarding finding your client niche. I loved it!

a Creativelive Student

A great course to purchase if you like the style of photography that Sean shoots. Excellent instructor with lots of detail about shooting in a photojournalistic fashion. Very honest and straight delivery of info and experiences.


Just amazing and inspiring .

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