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Whatever technology that you have it's a matter of moving and finding what it is that you want to filter what you want to keep what is it that's going to work for you and this gets me to kind of my biggest point it boils down to one thing that we forgot about a long time you may ask yourself why is he so hyper? Why is he jumping out of your skin skin? Because if I am excited, who else is excited? You're excited if I'm excited when I shoot who else is excited? The clientele you're going to see that my way of talking to my client, the models, the subjects is quite different than anything you can ever imagine I shot my first wedding at sixteen years old how good do you think I wass I boarded on terrible I could expose right and not much more I can do what a pose a little bit on my first wedding people asked it was right after we opened the store in june of nineteen ninety someone comes in, they're a couple and they come in two days before their wedding because the photographer got sick on...

day say to my dad um like listen, we're getting married it's july twenty seventh it's this weekend it's two days we've called everywhere nobody is available do you have anybody? He goes, I have my son but I don't know what he can do, you know, he's been training for five years on dh why don't we send him and we'll see what happens and we'll talk about what coursed afterwards I'll give you the highest that I think I'll charge you at this point and it was a lot it was five hundred dollars for me to show up if I if anything came out ok, so they were desperate and I went and when I tell you that even know I may not have gotten every portion right, they loved me they were fifty years old, a couple first marriage, they had so much fun, they loved me, but when I look hit, it is putrid. It is absolutely terrible in every way, but they liked me. So what do you think? They loved the photos? They gave me a two hundred dollars tip. They gave me a two hundred dollars tip and I was ford on at that point, I thought everybody was going to give me a two hundred dollars tip didn't work out that way over the thirty, five hundred weddings, but the fact was simple. They liked me, and if they like you, if they're excited by you, what are they going to jail? They're going to buy? They're gonna bored by, it boils down to emotional engagement in every way, shape or form and what does that mean when you have a studio? When you have a portfolio, one of the things I notice on people's web sites is they put all the wrong images. They put the images that anybody khun d'oh. Why would you put images of a bride's family? Why would you put images of the groom's family? Why would you put images of a bridal party when brides think of their wedding? What did they think of? They think of the love story. If you go to pinterest at this point and you look around and see all those photos, what are they off? A bride and groom? Do you know how many of those photos came from my web site? Because if you go to my site, what do you think? The entire site is? It's all bride and groom. When you come in and look on our walls, what do you think it is? All bride and groom when you come in and look at our sample albums, what do you think it is? All bride and groom? I create the story. I create the fairytale. I create the fantasy sales. Life boils down to emotional engagement. You have to get them connected in every way as a sales person. You could be the sales person like a car sells very well this car comes with this it comes with this comes with this and you list everything that comes with or you could talk to them like a human I remember when I got married god it's been fifteen years but I got to tell you wedding vendors are like vultures all they want to deal with suck money out of you I remember the week of my wedding having to sell my camera equipment sell my watch sell my rings all this stuff just so I could afford to pay it I know where you are and I'm gonna I'm gonna level with you photography is the most important thing but we've got to be realistic about where it's going to go it's unfair you have no idea what you want how could you you've never seen a single image of yourself how could you possibly know that you need sixty photos in an album you need this you need that you can't photographers is just trying to sell you number I want to talk to you about real things I think it's more important that you get what you want rather than a whole bunch of numbers I understand where you're being it's not about buying the most expensive collection because the truth is if you buy the most expensive collection of you by the most economical I'm still going to shoot the exact same way because I owe it to you for you to make the determination in your pricing that you're only getting eight hours and you're buying this collection I'm gonna do it you should always walk to shoot the best job he can do you know why? Because if you don't if they are spending six if they're spending two thousand dollars rather than ten you still have the opportunity to sell them or afterwards when they like it you know that's why I never worked by the hour I can't be the photographer who goes off cake is and a half hour but time's up it's going to be another two hundred dollars, that relationship thing that you work so hard to set up what disappeared real quick I don't want to be their business associate I want to be their friend because friends don't really complain about each other to each other friends will have more respect for you when something doesn't go right it boils down to emotionally engaging them and that's thoughts with understanding who you are understanding your personality you like that a lot don't here now I see you didn't realize I had all that going on with the fancy jacket and everything I am not hot, you know women always curious about us bigger guys they know we work harder so it's a very simple it's thoughts would understanding the personality would you like to go kiss the screen, susan kind of make you kind of walked up to be like oh you're making me uncomfortable back I got my members lined jacket on members only so there you go that's it you're going to make back in that it starts with understanding your personality what is the biggest asset that you have personality don't worry about selling your work because in the beginning if you're not very good, who were you selling you if they like you there going toe like their photos it's about understanding that emotion, we'll always be technical perfection I want to ask you a question and I want an honest answer when was the last time you ever cry taking a photograph have you? I'll admit it, I am a little you know what? I'm a little bit I cry all the time all the time why do I cry? Because I understand the moment have you ever taken the time to get to know your clients? It's the biggest thing that we forgot was so interested in tweeting and lengthen a facebook and texting we don't even know people anymore we don't take time how could you photograph someone if you know nothing about hm how can you do this? Do you know their dreams? Do you know their fairy tales? You know their vision off what it is they want to accomplish did you ask them during their family tell me about your family well I just have my mom I just lost my dad and understanding who they are as a person understanding the damage that that's doing to this bride on her wedding day what she's feeling understanding that her dad is sick a grandparent's sick understanding that huh brother she doesn't know if he's coming back for the wedding or not because she doesn't know if the military is going to let him go understanding that emotion if you don't understand it how could you feel it if you can't feel it how could you make that magic? Because that's what emotion is job using stated best I capture emotion that's what I do know although I differ with joe on how I would capture it ok because my truth is feeling and seeing is quite different because the fact is I told you the beginning I don't think weddings are really the fairy tales to cut out debate but I believe is a photographer I am the writer I am the director I am the producer I am the storyteller and what do I do when the bride comes in sees all these beautiful images and she looks at me god I love them this is what I want but this wedding that's coming in that she's looking at is ah caribbean destination wedding it's ken and barbie getting married it's all perfect but this bride is getting married in the dead of winter because it's cheap this bride doesn't really like her husband's family this bride in this groom have different visions of what they want the pictures to look like he doesn't want to be bought that he wants to get hammered she wants a love story so what do I say to her after the wedding when she comes back and she looks at a picture I'm so upset these looked nothing like what you promised me what I said I'm so sorry your wedding suck it's on your family is just a huge pain and your groom was hammered can I say that I made you cry give me some sugar I made a secret I might do that again because it was fun thank you to all of those of you who are crying at home bye bye bye creative live ninety nine dollars thief act is very simple it's a matter of feeling that emotion you see something hit home with her it doesn't matter what it was if I was a photographer I'd find out everybody has that and we forget that his photographers I'll give you an example of how we forget it I got married and my grandfather passed away two weeks after the wedding we all go through that, but as a photographer before that day before he passed and I saw my photos I remember one thing if someone came to me remember I shot film back then if someone came to me and I'm like all right guys, I just want to say good night I'm going home and it was one o'clock in the morning at bill and maybe a coconut one more family picture but I'm so sorry I ran out of film because I don't want to be bothered not realizing in the back of my head this could be the last photo of someone and this could be the most important thing that she forgot and I would say it for two reasons because back then a roll of film tio shoot and to develop of course you like forty dollars that was a lot of money to give up on a job so then my grandfather died when you know how you pull the photos for the funerals except now today where there are no photos anymore because photographers just give cds you go to the funeral with a hard drive okay changed a little bit but the fact is very simple my mother could not find a photo of hiring a father think about it that changed my whole impression so this week these three days you're going to see me break families down like you've never have before you're going to see me take every grand parent photo possible and imaginable because you have to think of it this way what would you want as a photographer? And if you don't emotionally engage, how is it going to work? Photographers make this problem, and I've seen it on certain classes and the way they shoot when I've had to analyze them, ok? Bride and groom, I just did the parents what's next. Do you really think they know what's next you should know everybody's name. You should know every situation are involved with and you should take the time to know them not because you owe it to them as a client, but because they're all future clients to they're all future clients. I don't connect with just you is the bride to connect with you? Is the sister, the mother, the father. The doors are over because all of you I want you to build up. Do you know how deep these family roots go? And it starts with understanding emotional engagement. We decided at one point a couple years ago we were going to open a franchise studio and I was going to franchise myself on dh. It was spectacular. The first two years they did over two hundred fifty weddings. That's pretty good. It became profitable in six months, but the owner of the studio thought that it would be he was in an area that he thought was more technology based so what happened was he decided I don't need to meet with clients I'll just text um you know, I'll email them I'll put the photos online on dh I had to pull the franchise and the reason I had to do that was that is not my business model and guess what started slipping because after the two years is when my staff left and stopped helping everything started to go down because there was no base created anymore you have to I realized that emotion isn't everything when a client comes in yelling at you what are they yelling at emotion when they come in and they start crying? What is it emotion when they smile it's emotion people ask all the time I was comparing myself to joe any other great photojournalists in their cases they're waiting for a moment to occur I don't believe in that I believe in creating the moment so my idea and you're going to see it is it's not what happens in the pose I'm sorry it's not the pose it's what happens in opposed that creates the naturalness off the moment it's my reaction if I look at you and I'm talking to you and I'll be like looking nice and happy and dad you're smiling you're laughing on my expression on them animated you going to smile on now I could change her emotion instantly look down and be serious I just changed a debt and I I just changed the connection between higher and a dad hiring a mom from going t here two just by the way I spoke to her, I changed in emotion when I can gamut both sides of that emotion, what am I going to get more sales, more of a story and you're going to see how we do that over the next three days? It starts with personal relationships with our clients and with each other did you notice and you people at home didn't see it when I came up to all of you, I did something that you probably don't have too many people do you know, how did I shake your hand and was out? Or was I am? I was embracing you, and by embracing you, did you not feel a little bit more connected? It was a little odd that someone had done that to you every person I mean the difference between hey, nice to meet you hard firm handshake. I don't need to be hard and firm, you're not my elder, not that I want to be connected. I want to pull you into may I want you to know I care about you, I want you to know that you're important to me that makes all the difference in the world on so many levels. Notice hugged you I don't even know if she likes being hooked but it's ok, because that's who I am and the idea is she's going to remember it she wasn't feeling at the moment she was emotional it's okay that's how you connect with people shall remember me for it here's the other thing you're going to see me do something that's a little odd over the next couple of days and if you followed me or you follow me on youtube, there is one thing that I am always criticized for it's that I touched my subjects I touch my subjects I hear it all time if I actually saw someone right on youtube if you ever touched me like that, I'd kick your really it's funny, I've probably photographed several hundred thousand people at this point I've never had anybody try to hit me I've never had anybody threatened to hit me. You got something for me? You look like you want to say something no that's just a lot of people dead. Well, you think about it over thirty, five hundred weddings at this point on an average year, I probably photographed between fifteen to twenty thousand kids between school sports and all of that people ask all the time that, like you go out and photograph a school, shoot I d'oh and you know what? All of my school shoots come from teachers liking may liking the deal when it comes, I don't need to do it at twenty two dollars, but I go for two reasons because it's thoughts by connecting with the client and it also starts with connecting with my employees. How could I ask my employees to go do something? I'm not willing to deal? How could I asked him, can you go clean the bathroom if I'm not willing to do it? How could I asked him, you go photograph to school, I could be that church boards and say, you know what? I'm paying you, you go do it, but I don't look at life that way. I look at life in a different way and it's treating people the way I want to be treated. You know why I touch people two reasons what we most sensitive, we have census with sensitive where you remember smells, we remember taste and we remember touch, I'm not sitting there, people think that I'm jabbing and rough on the fact is you'll see I have the same bride and groom for all three days, which works out great because midway through I won't need to touch them anymore I'll be able to guide them for emotion pola pushed them turn them because they understand what I want because of how descriptive I am on the touch I'm educating them and you'll be amazed given example I just want to cruise with my family and my nephew my kids, my parents, everybody and it was so fun funny because my wife and my kids they look at those people that you had to photograph them someone from you had to photograph them because we knew because they were doing this on this and laughing as they would do it remember took role in lean sure enough, my nephew was on a cruise with me they ran in its army just photographed their wedding that weekend before we left because you leave impressions on people it's boils down to connecting with each other you see there's one thing I've learned over time it's never the environment it's never the events of our lives but the meaning we attach to the events that shapes how we create the story there's a story there and if I was a photographer I'd find it because that would be the difference between the captured true roar emotion and not doing it it's ok to cry it's okay to show the emotion because would you rather work with a complete stranger? Do you want to work with your friend give you an example? How do you think I am? Is a sales person probably pretty good right? I sell it over ninety eight percent ninety eight percent of what walks through my door books not a week later not a month later not a day later right there I had a strong debate in this class about how detailed I was going to go into sales because you think I'm a heavy pressure sales person all I'm is heavy as it can get but it's subliminally telling you when you walk in just doing something like this to you coming in chicken high when are you getting married? You said august twenty fifth of two thousand fourteen when you called that they checked to make sure we were available let me just double check before I seat you what did I just you know I just put pressure on you dead and I but I never said a word did I did I do anything? I didn't see you in a book now we're gonna look now someone else is going to come in or in the back of your head thinking oh my god they could possibly be booked that sells the reason I don't touch any too heavy because I know in other parts of the world and other parts of the country may be like wow that charity it's not dirty anybody who sells is going to sell with some sense of urgency and pressure and if you don't you're not going to get all that you can because remember if you don't put pressure on him, what happens when they come to me next I'm going to get him we're going to get him and it's never lying it's never being misguiding I sell with a passion and a friendship and make them feel like they're a part of me I tell them there's always the chance that we're not going to be available when you come back price will never go up but in the event we book will try to recommend you somewhere that maybe a little bit more money and more traditional but at least they're good and is there a chance I'm gonna book so he's a chance I'm not going to call you up if you don't come in and an hour we're gonna book I'm just reminding you there's a chance we're gonna book. I don't need to put pressure that questions ladies because I know I'm going on a different topic always questions all right, well, doug, I have a question this is from shelby, cobra eighty seven and shelby says doug, I'm curious to know what advice would you have for an introvert who is in love with doing wedding photography? I have a hard time taking command of the situation because of my quiet nature, but I still get very decent photos, but there has always been at least one person at a wedding that bosses me around how can I stifle the doubters and you seem so extroverted I have a little bit or not you know what I do? I see out, out, out ladies, when I come off this camera what am I? I'm is introverted as you get your little shine yeah, I'm a little shy they asked me out I don't go out, I go back to my hotel room. I'm very introverted because it's a matter of fighting that balance people who are is outgoing is I am on camera tend to be what a little bit more shot in a daily life, it's a matter of creating a per sonner and a confidence I'm very, very confident, very confident when I'm in front of you, but if I sense when I get off that one of you don't like me it's going to drive me nuts, I'm going to sit and I'm gonna I'm gonna focus on it. I'm gonna try to make you like me and do everything in my power it's a matter of understanding it from two points if you're introverted over the next story days you should watch everything idea because you're going to realize what I do in front of you is exactly what I do on the wedding on dh just copy it, you copy those areas given example everybody that I've trained I've taught toe act like me and do things it worked out brilliantly with the guys brilliantly but then I trained the most talented photographer that I've ever trained and she became one of my dearest closest friends in the world and she's one of my best friend's wife's now the problem is in the beginning she was trying to copy you see if I'm like all right let's go move along family chop chop let's go mama dad people go moving along it around to pace everybody's doing great we're going to go when we're going if I do it it's called michael e so assertive I love it if you do it ladies your are you know what they were coming in and saying I love her pitches but we were calling her the photo nazi all day because all she kept doing was forcing it around you need toe find that happy medium you need to create a personality shooting a wedding is being on stage being on stage is how you get people to do it you need to make them laugh you need to make him have fun and I know what this person's talking about they're talking about while the bride's coming down the aisle the person comes and steps right in front of them with their ipad and it's a matter of you making a split decision if I don't move them I'm going to get a complaint excuse me sir gotta step in sir step in step in stopping thank you thank you on what you must first deal before you do that is taken image of them in the aisle with the bride back you focus on them to show in case you don't do it but there's never an excuse here's what happens when my photographers come into me and I look at their work and I'll be like what happened here but about in the sixties that excuse would this have happened if I was at the wedding? No, then it shouldn't happen to you, it's very simple. Introverted just means having a plan introvert just realized I need to create a state show just like I have a show for you here I have a show on a wedding. If they watch the next three days, they will see how I interact with every situation possible. It was that just follow up with this because I know this is a problem for so many, many people, right? So is it it is an act you have, you have to learn howto act this base, you have to learn howto act with confidence. There is a difference. Okay? You know, everybody has an act. The way I am here doesn't necessarily mean I'm that way in other situations, just plenty of people who do that. If you look at all these showbiz people, do you really think they are like you see, you know what I mean? Do you really think they're all that they're not? They're just like you and may we all have our quirks, we'll have it. One of the biggest problems that I have from this is when I get off stage and I have all this adulation and I hear all this going is going home and adjusting, you know what I mean? Just to remember it's, not really it's okay to be shy, but you can't be shy in this profession, so you need to find a way about my advice to that person would be watch close to the next three days and see how I interact. If you followed me around for a day, you'd see a completely different person then I am I'm someone that if I get put in a group scenario with them privately, I'm going to need to be the center of attention. The only reason I do that is because I'm lacking what self confidence yeah, I am believe it or not, just like most of you, I'm lacking that self confidence, but when I'm here what I'm shooting there's nobody more confident than may my job is a wedding photographer is not to capture the world as it is to capture the world is what I wanted to be there are no excuses it's a matter of just getting it done that's powerful duggan thank you for sharing that because I think a lot of people just assume that anyone who teaches here I'm quite apply vis super confident is always but every almost every time people you know, knowing that you as well deal with that every day it is just it's very relatable I say a lot of nodding heads in here and online so thank you now one of the things that I think that people forget and really forget is before you go to a shoot do you put something up here? You put something in your mind's eye a lot of times photographers go and scout out territories and set up things there's nothing good about that because the day's events can differ based on time based on light orbit yesterday they said to make you want to walk around and look like do you want to go see the reception on now? It's fine because the light could change when I was here yesterday it was sunny out doesn't matter it's imagine of realizing that everything you can imagine can become a reality if you take a chance and you can't be afraid to put someone in a pose when I goto abroad because I don't want to stand like this here here, here you can't be afraid to look at it and be like not working and move on I don't press the button just depressive pressed a button to make a living and create art. One of the biggest things that people forget, one of the biggest things that people don't really dio is realizing and understanding this simple, simple concept, it's not about how much you take it's about how much greatness is involved in it. How many of you would shoot a wedding should over a thousand portrait where thousand images you're going to see me shoot between four and five hundred tops? I don't take doubles, I don't take trip tickets, maybe in the family here and there it's about each image mattering because the more I take, the more confusion there is and then it becomes disturbing. I know brides want to say that, and I'm going to tell them now I'm going to take a run for five hundred and the reason why is I'm not going to show you every image? If I would take a family picture of the six of you together, I would take three of them and one you look at one, you look good one, you look good if I'm in it, I look good in everyone rather than surely wall six I'm going to move the head it's to make the perfect image, because I want my clients to view me as perfection don't I want them to view it as though I did the perfect setting and that starts with good light in our next segment when we really start teaching, I'm going to show you different lighting variables I'm going to show you how to use a lamp I'm going to show you how to use a window. I'm going to show you how to use flash I'm going to show you how to understand temperature and broad face for short lit that's what we're going to be working on because that's what really matters in your photography but its thoughts again with imagining what it could be looking at this I'm thinking, I have the chandelier what can I do it? I have windows up there what can I do? What? I have a couch here? What could I do it? I'm not saying if I shoot that way, dawn, it there's a big red, ugly chuck truck outside I'm being like I can't do it, finding a way to adjust through camera height through exposure through understanding movement imagine it, see it it always I always laugh when I see people doing this because they're that they're imagining it in a box if you stay inside the proverbial box and never getting out it's time for you to get out so like that box and understand I could go down I could go up, I can see and move, you're going to see me stare up my clients and look like I'm possessed because I'm looking and I'm like and I'm looking at the eye because one of the biggest problems that photographers have is they never see the whole picture they have things growing out of people's head, they have things vertical lines and horizontal lines crooked based on an angle that's not what you d'oh it's about understanding light it's about understanding exposure it's about understanding the type of light most importantly, how to flatter them the most looking for reflection, seeing different things if you do this, you're going to be successful and guess what? I am going to make it so simple for you over the next three days it's going to be a simple as you could ever imagine photography the more you think what happens, the worse it becomes it's very, very simple stop thinking don't make it hard this isn't a hard job so here's what you need to do everything I do starts with a system. Once I have that system in place, I could move forward knowing that I'm walking into the bright house knowing I want her dress hanging on occurred knowing I want her shoes hung out knowing I want her ready to go, explaining the details and connecting from the front when you get to a bride, when you meet with a bride, you don't say to her what's going on your wedding day, you tell her what's going on because, you know she doesn't. She has a vision, you talked about being introverted. Well, you have to control it because in the end, when you say I'm sorry I didn't get those images, I didn't get them because your family get there so you wouldn't listen. It doesn't work when you walk in and see a bride yelling at her family and acting like crazy, you just be like, walk up in bear question. You need to chill, just relax, nice and soft, and I just wanted, you know, there's zero chance I'm going to tolerate that, so we need to get that check right away, there's no reason for you to be crazy. Nobody wants to put up with your crap, okay? And do you think I'd say that to her? I will, and guess what happens? You develop a level of respect right then and there you can't let it be dominated by these different things you need to really. Take control knowing that when I walk in, I want to do the bride first, then I want to do the family that I want to do the bridal party, that I'm going to leave early, and when I get to the church and why do the groom alone, the groom with the family that I want to get the bride getting out of the car? Then I want to get them walking down the aisle that I'm going to do, knowing what situations going come, I'm going to have the reading sentiment of the homily, then I'm gonna have the balance change in one of the rings, then I'm going to have all those other things and everything set to go. So all of that comes into play, you need toe have your system and immediately after the ceremony, you know what you want to do. Do you know why? Because when I meet with a bride, there is one major thing that I tell her that it's, crucial and important, crucial to the success of the whole day, immediately after the ceremony, you need to tell all of your family they need to stay at the church for family pitches that will include your parents, brother, sister, spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, anybody you want. If they do not stay, you're gonna wind up missing the whole cocktail hour in a party because we're running around trying to get people there at the church. They're happy they're smiling and then you're going to hear, well, I don't really like the way the church looks that's all right? Because it's not about backgrounds at the church, it's about the immediate happiness of the family. If I'm sitting at the hole waiting for the one brother to arrive, I'm wasting time. This is the one thing I discovered when training with my dad. My dad is a personality like me, everybody loves him, but the second he was taking pictures during the party and during the reception, what happened? He became like the worst human on the planet, even though we told him, get there an hour before people don't listen, I tell them not during their initial sale session, I tell them again during their engagement session. I tell them again every time I talk to them, the week of when I call them to go over the day for that one hundred times. I tell them again, when I arrive at the bride's house and I meet the parents, if I haven't already, I don't you're higham, thank you so much, congratulations, you look absolutely stunning. I just want to make sure she told you to make sure that you remind or your family to stay at the church and you know, even though I told her twenty times how many times the mothers be like oh, no, she never told us and then I remind him right there we'll make sure you tell them this wager. Okay, I'll tell them on dh then when we walk into the church before the parents sit down, I remind them again. And then after the ceremony, the bride and groom walked back. They kiss band got it when the parents worked by congratulations, make sure you tell all the family to stay right after we do the receiving line. We're going to do them right outside on ben after the receiving line's done. What do you think I do again? Remind him again on before I let the bride and groom walk out, I make an announcement, ladies and gentlemen, if you could please listen up, I'm going to need the immediate families of both the bride and groom, including brother, sister spouses, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins right over here on the right side of the church after we throw rose petals, if you do not come, you're going to miss the cocktail hour and dislike me very, very much they all laugh. Bride and groom start walking out. I turn my back. Okay, everybody, stay right there. Bernie grimm, turn around, everybody coming close for a big family picture. Everybody in close looking at one, two, three. Damn! Nice and happy party, groom give a case, everybody a great big wave and yelled to the video and then I have one reaction if the people cheer really loud and whoa, I can't wait to party with you people or if the like a big wow, I can't wait to party with you people family bridal party. Right this way, it's got we want to take photos, stuff chop we want eat them. We want a party. Right this way. Let's! Go, let's! Go! Everybody moving along at a rapid pace. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Mom! Dad! Everybody coming over! I need the body moving the bites. Mom and dad, here we go. Moving on. Moving home! Do you think anybody's walking away? Do you think I'm ever shooting during cocktail hours? You could look at it right now and somebody at home back that's really obnoxious. You could call it what you want it works may not work for you, it works for may

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Join award-winning wedding photographer Doug Gordon for an unique introduction to the lighting, posing, and shooting skills you’ll need to take gorgeous wedding photographs.

Using his one-of-a-kind teaching style, Doug will guide you through lighting and shooting every stage of a wedding, including engagement sessions, bride and groom preparation, family portraits, and the ceremony and reception.

Through demonstration and discussion, Doug will also cover key aspects of lighting and shooting weddings, including making successful sales pitches, seeing and using different types of light, posing family portraits, and troubleshooting potentially stressful family situations.

The way you light, pose, and shoot defines your style as a photographer, and whether you’re a novice or a pro, Doug and this three-day creativeLIVE course will give you the tools you need to develop your style and shoot with confidence.

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