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Mother and Bride

One of the most important images that people forget his mom and dad mom and dad have probably not had a nice photo together since their wedding okay so the fact is I'm going to put them in situations they may not be used to asking mom and dad to look at each other generally becomes excited because you know something's going to happen in most cases now I look at dad and I set myself up I know based on where I'm at right now unless there's a big the for money on one of their faces that I want mom on this side she needs to be facing this side why do I want mom on the side? Can anybody tell me if you learned anything britain because the lights coming from there the lights coming from there so mom's going to come in nice clothes dad I'm gonna ask you to create a wide base pull away from the fireplace both of you mommy going coming close hug your handsome husband that's this guy got right in here look at what moms dealing she's leaning back she's already at a twenty pounds to herself ok that...

's what happened? Heads together now lean forward now look at what dad did he tilted so much he created a job easily corrected by opening your legs wider sir and mom turned your head just a little bit and your chin up sir a little bit and lean forward it's important to make sure they're on the same plane notice where god's hand is his hand goes there to cover what the bicep because we don't want it to look like this gun pretty impressive you won't touch it well that just shot me down the way here we go looking right at me guys leaning forward dad chin up a little bit sir god mom turn your head slightly to the right going to move over just a bit you were doing absolutely perfect noticed the camera height mom turn your head to the right a little bit you're leaning forward you're doing great looking at me could you both just look a little bit more pissed off I really love that look on your smiling eyes up here don't move mom you stay right there. You're both going to look at each other mom look at his forehead look it's dad you look at her sir good luck for head and pretend you know each other for this one my good excellent don't move mom turn your head back to me beautiful god being a nice and close store mom, turn your head to your right god turn your head too hard nose on a cheek almost dad stretch your chin out a little bit and lean to the front side to make mom leaning forward dad look down lean forward the info forward dad stretch that chin out sir mom dropped out right shoulder smiling mom that's fake again that is all into you, dad you're serious smiling mama teeth looking right here. Excellent don't wolf got the image see quick and easy look, the chins look at the emotion they looked like a couple they don't even know each other. Okay that's the idea nicer lack stretched him out leaning forward good clean soft lighting and if I want to do a full length look at me here good turn bring your heads together just like that and don't tell so much we don't want to tell because they're creating parts that we don't want to say lean forward good point both of you mom you're going to bring your right leg in to him just turn your foot into him just like that turn your total in beautiful good and come up on you tell a little bit because mom is going to be sexy too we're going to bring it in god's pointing his foot forward. We're going to make sure doubt is nice and slender and handsome someone I'd be like well he's really invading his space going and grabbing in here ok, let me stop what I'm doing have dad pulled the jacket down himself and then have to recompose the whole image okay, we need to get a grip we need to get a grip. I touched them. Whoa! A touch him, it's okay, if you want to touch touch, have I violated you? It all I'll give you twenty minutes. Would you like me to violate way? Go looking at me, guys, I go to a full and cleaning forward. Mom, turn your head to your right. Excellent. Chin down, mama. Just like that. Leaning forward. Drop your right shoulder, man. Just like that. And you're smiling nice and happy. Eyes up here faking it. Come on, teeth happy. Excellent. Got it! Nice and relaxed. I'm gonna hire camera angle to thin out their faces, bring him up just a little bit and now I have my image, dad, close his eyes, but all good. So now mom and dad step up. So what I need now is I'm going to go into my bridesmaids. I'm going to go into my bridesmaids at this point and work on during the bride with each bridesmaid alone photographers forget that sort of stuff. That's important bride with a bridesmaid is important doing each one because there's a possibility that the bride's maid is going to want that photo that she's beautifully dressed up for that she spent two, three, four hundred dollars on a gown and it's also going to be something that I can build into a story tone so what I'm gonna do is I need my bride and each bridesmaid one at a time my maid of honor who is the bride sister will go last and the reason the maid of honor goes that's grady's gonna have you wanted a time? The reason that she goes vast is because I'm going to do more with her it's a girl been weren't you never met her? But school you're going to come on the other side. Beautiful. Good! Now we set him up I'm bringing around the side here going to turn towards here wrap your arms around each other cheeks together meaning your heads to may. Now one of the primary concerns that I have and I will not touch is always with that hair because it's going to cause shadow, especially with this intensity can you pull it back a little bit? Kensi right that's pretty good, isn't it good? Rollout that shoulder right there. Leaning forward. Now I just want you to show you something real important. How did I know her name? I photographed her not october. So we're talking eight months and I remembered her name that'll make a difference to it if I see her at another wedding eight months a year later, I remember the name you need to lock and ok so you're going to turn your head just a little bit rollout shoulder mackenzie um until two a little bit now lean forward to me girls looking right over here next bridesmaid you're on death get ready girl looking right at me turn your head to me a little bit rachel leaning forward mackenzie nice and happy turn your head to your right rachel roll out your shoulder rachel lean forward to make smile and mackenzie I could tell you violating me you really want me excellent stay right there mckenzie you step out I need our next beautiful brides made moving along at a rapid pace and what is this beautiful young ladies hi miss bethany you look gorgeous you're going to come right over here I heard you're the wild one high you're looking to me here you're gonna come forward just a little bit you gonna bring your cheeks and nice and close bethany turn your head just a little bit here lean forward to me just like that I'm gonna bring the veil in a cover up beyond what have no bethany turn your head can I touch your face for a second? I didn't need it for the picture I just wanted to do it you look beautiful here we'll just looking at me here just like that with tilting the camera so it's about any smiling looking right here happy teeth eyes up here excellent we got two bridesmaids done and we're set I'm going to ask for my beautiful maid of honor and what is your name hi allie nice to meet you on doug you're going to come right over here beautiful you're going to come in nice and close ally you're going to come in here just like that cheeks together now he is the thing howie is significantly shorter I don't want her rachel bending over so much I want them to come together chin down out you can relax don't know enough to get a new tip toes europe toe bigger turn your head lean forward ali you turn your head you doing great just like that leaning forward to may absolutely perfect will show that come in here ali wonderful you're doing great this is our pride maid of honor and also her sister now for all of these are tilted to the bride's maid because they were higher now I'm going to tell to your smiling girls eyes up here nice and happy you're faking it rachel teeth happy come on girl rachel did you just give me a bad look don't make me come over there good just like that you don't want this coming over that girl just like that working it so now I got boring traditional flat light it's time to challenge myself as I get more innovative with the two of them so what we're going to do is roll around over to here so I'm gonna bring my bride and her maid of honor right over here you can come down this way going this way so you're going to come over here beautiful actually it's easier for you guys if I stay right here right you guys come on the other side back here so I want to get perfect lighting situated so what we're going to dio I'm sorry for the confusion guys my fault is just like we worked on yesterday I need to concentrate on today what is the main light at this point? Can anybody tell me inside here today like still day like so we're going to come right in here and I want to create beautiful soft light but I want to create shadows so what I'm gonna do is bring our beautiful bride right here and if the lights coming from the window I'm lighting into the face of her face is this way on dh through the body which means like a perfect detail you're going to short on yourself if you could for me can I ask you to come right around behind her beautiful yeah again are bride's maid of honor and sister you're going to come back just a tad I want you to wrap your owns or in the top of your sister's chess and I want you to bring your hands right on top now turn your shoulder here notice so I bring the veil around I would use the bookcase here if I could you were going to turn your head and you are going to turn your head into your sister look at the beautiful lighting we have a profile and a two thirds just like that somebody home is saying what sisters get that close I don't care I don't care fake sisters on top of it I know that if I had two daughters I'd love to see this image of them I'm not shooting for anybody other than a pride groom and the family and I'm shooting people hire me because of my feelings, my emotions, my love and everything I am is a person that's all I care about because that's why they hired me sent from michelle turn your head a little bit to the left no your other left to keep turning keep turning keep turning now I'm looking at it and I'm relaxing and I'm not liking one of getting a profile so what I'm going to do is turn their bodies here down I don't know that much not that much winning course good don't tell so much and in their stretch and now I'm going to adjust they don't like the profile so I'm going to come more into a two thirds you okay and that's going to require me to change my position looking down beautiful eyes down serious hold it right there excellent let's see what we get because of the light from the window I got a beautiful soft image very nice right? I'm going to stretch it out to a black and white now what I want them both to do can you turn your head? What about beautiful lean in close again going to tilt the head good but I want to make sure that they have a two thirds the profile or two thirds view so turn your body this way good you tilt your head to your sister and turn your head a little bit this way now eyes right here ladies excellent look at the beautiful light on their face and let's see what the images girls looking storied up let me make sure I get rid of this perfect just like that you're smiling girls nice and happy looking out happy teeth excellent let's see what we get we got great lighting I got a little bit of shadow on the bride's face I mean two thirds you and I have a two thirds fighting pattern that's a nice soft light isn't it now again it's about creating an emotion let's say she has three two sisters can I have mackenzie you come over for a second so what I'm going to do now is I know that this is here I have to make a decision on who goes where so I'm gonna bring what we should name again. Ali pratt, you come over here beautiful. You were going to face our bride. You're gonna give you sister a hug? Mackenzie, come behind your sister. Take a look. Anybody can do this type of connection between the three of them. Anybody heads together. Mackenzie bring that right arm around. Turn your head a beautiful. Why is mackenzie going to the other side? Because she's taller. So to the camera she's naturally going to appear bigger by hiding a behind the bride that eliminates that roll out a little bit, missile you just like that. You turn your head beautiful. I'm going to get right and tilt your head a little bit to the right. Turn your head to your left you turn your head a little bit, mckenzie this way and lean forward, ladies. Just like that eyes are right up here, girls. Now take a look. I'm looking right here. Can you turn your head? I'm hoping you could see it at home. Mackenzie space has a big split on it because she's a turner head to the left turn mackenzie right there. Now, mackenzie, you stay where you are, ali and rachel, come forward, excellent, ali jinnah till the top of your head to your sister and now watch how I create two images from one what I'm going to do is get right in here looking at me girls stay there you smiling ladies nice and happy mackenzie turn your head to the left a little bit happy girls don't move now look right here ladies looking up watch how we tilt smiling girls nice and happy excellent so look there's a traditional one and now we change it up by moving to a tilt which we're going to change to a black and white and ultimately changed the whole perspective I screwed up okay? I screwed up because does anybody know what I meet it off? I meet it off of mackenzie's hair so the darkness of the hair wound up affecting rached turn your head a little bit chin down perfect alley you're perfect eyes appear beautiful look right there you're doing terrific stay there girls nice and happy good stay there excellent girl smiling teeth wonderful don't move so it's one of those things go here is that a big problem? Yes that image is ruined the way it currently wass so by changing my exposure I'm all set and there we go I have a much nicer image dona okay keep it simple relax girls so now looking at this I want to start to create a story so let's return to the main area and what I'm going to d'oh the lens I'm going to choose at this point is going to be a twenty four to seventy can I have you have a question when you say meet during your what exactly do you mean, what am I teetering on? Yeah, I'm looking for my exposure is going to basically be inside the bride's face on her pie, and so when you're looking at the camera and I feel really dumb not knowing this was that michael, when you say, you know, you say I'm meeting for in the camera, what do you like? Is there something in the camera that you're put I'm in spot me during spot me during his history, different types of me during modes, and we discussed them a little bit yesterday. Those metering modes are matrix, which means it's me doing everything within the frame, then your center waited a value to me during which is still meeting everything, but putting more emphasis on the center on on this spot where I choose an individual spot. So what I'm doing is right now, I'm an aperture priority, I believe so I'm going to meet her in right on a spot on the face that I like, making sure there's no more than a quarter stop difference between a shadow and highlighted, locked the exposure on it and work from there. Got it. Ok, so can I have all of my beautiful bridesmaids at this point on what I'm going to deal? This is an ideal conditions for what I wanted. You come right over here, miss britney. Good. And I need my beautiful bride. One of the things I want to try to do is always this is one of my favorite shots and also one of the bride's favorite shots. I want you guys to make a circle around her. Now, this becomes a little bit challenging because the likings not exactly what I wanted to bay. So what I want you to dio is I don't have all the props and necessities I need. I want you all to make a circle around it to any of you. Are you really flexible? And we're gonna put you on the backside. Hell, you got good. Just say, if you alec, come on course, you wrap your arms around each other hugging but she's in the middle and I want you all to come down to the ground for me. I want you to all go down well for me, okay, you're going to go down two hundred good just like that and yes, this is an easy I generally won't do it this way unless I have to know everybody squeezing in close together on your heads together now looking up it may good just like this and I want you to lean forward and turned towards the light just a little bit look at how beautiful that is that's pretty nice, isn't it? But what it did could I have done something like this standing I could off but what I need to do I will turn out just a little bit and turn your body's tow you turn your body away but turn your head back to me rachel so turn towards mackenzie turn there and now the reason I do it this way so that I can elevate looking right here chin up a little bit rachel should not looking right and he smiling nice and happy turn your head of what about good just like that turn in just a tad good look right here. Bring your hands on top of the girls don't look like you're in pain turn your head to the right there we go smiling girls just like that told it I would elevate much higher and generally if there's more girls you goes can hop up I'm going to shoot directly down on them that's pretty nice damages in it creating simple soft images finding little elements like let's get a bride in our maid of honor for second can you guys hold hands good separate your starts which eyes for me switching sides because I know where my life is, both of you pointing your legs forward a little bit, turn your body towards me. What? I'm good just like that particular again, just like that. This is not the image what's the image is right here, but I want to make sure I don't want to make it too much aboutthe short dress or the leg so I'm trying to eliminate her leg because I don't want it to be oh, well, keys, pervert focusing on her leg. I wanted to be a story unfolding the other hand how right hand would generally have herb okay in it. So those are the little things. So these are just some of the cool things that we would do during a family in a bridal party session just setting things up. Can I have you three girls? Step back here on what I'd like you to do at this point, it's just kind of have a conversation amongst yourselves, but very animated back here setting them up here and they're talking, they're laughing. You turning your body, kick your front leg in, roll your right shoulder out could wow, you guys really got this fake stuff down over there, serious, good. Let's take a look so what I've done is still to her and crop to heart and take a look you have an animated story occurring in the background which means oh my goodness he created the perfect photo journalistic moment it does doesn't it it's a story so here's what I've done you girls all right you've done what you had to make a conversation but I love how she took you have let's go piss bobby you got into it the fact is letting them have fun and play with it like one of the things I love if she had a cathedral bail I would have her turn away a little bit and then get everybody underneath and look back because there's a photojournalist who said oh my goodness I had twelve bridesmaids and it accidentally blew over all of them and I went well it doesn't happen but if you show it one time is it expected to be seen? He is what I've done I've looked at all the great photojournalist who ever photographed on I've tried to find that once in a lifetime moment that they've captured and from it like we created that's our being able to make the story every time I look at a window what could I possibly do with these girls there let me make them feel individual in terms of it although there are bridal party they're still individuals with inside that bridal party so I look around and I start to see things and I start to see a story on fold so I'm going to shoot directly towards this window over here and I'm going to try to create something can I have my beautiful bride please now in this case it's actually really easy on the reasons easiest because I only have four total brights you know, I have three bridesmaids and a bright so what we're going to do right here is create and try to create a little bit of a story you were going to come right in here and what I want you to do is bring your hands up to the curtains good and I want you to turn excellent pushing just bring that leg in and push look at the hips start to unfold now the key here is making sure you okay now push that hip out a little bit. Note back wow, we could look at you, girl you remember it's about the way you talk to him so out the way you do it. Ok, can I have my beautiful maid of honor for a second, please? I want you to come in here and I want you to take that leg in and looking down, pushing the leg in just like you're doing now oh, god girl look atyou showing it off. Can you do that again? I'm not actually gonna take a picture I just want to watch it happen you remember what I said you're going to come over here mackenzie it's about the story unfolding you're getting a little happy what you have there aren't you girl good you were going to come mackenzie you're going to come in here and I want you to push the lake back. Let me see you back so I just a little bit good looking down miss britney she is ready for action come right over here. Good. So what I realized is I want to get rid off the plant and you were going to do the same thing you're gonna push in here and look back, okay? There's a little story going here that starts to happen. What exposure? Because what are most likely going to do is push the exposure in terms of so I have to watch because right now none of the campus could see it but this is coming into her hair a little bit so I'm going to spread this out. I'm going to spread it out move britney to the next window you're going to come over here beautiful, good same thing did you forget right there this starts to give kind of that sexy look a little bit doesn't it making something from nothing ali, can I have you move closer into mackenzie good girl hip looked down beautiful turn your head to your left good eyes down now I want you to look at what she's doing we clearly know this is post but we don't want to make it so obvious you bring here nice and relaxed hip here ok it's not the greatest area to do this but it's what a half it's what I have looking down on dh I'm gonna meet her directly on the chest of a bride so when I do there she's in a shadow area what's gonna happen anybody no it's going to blow it out and it's going to start to open up in there so let me see what I get care. So right now I'm gonna open up here and I got to make sure that fine, because if I miss this is what's going to happen if I miss, they're going to turn don't move! Look at what happens the images completely wasted ok it's going to go black but watch what happens if I get the exposure correct. Ok, so stay right there, girls. Okay, hold on. Going to get that lock off and now they come down and I try to work around my obstacles and if I get it right, it should start to blow out and create a little bit more of a story and an outline so what I'm seeing right now is I'm not blowing out enough, so I'm going to push the envelope here on what I'm going to d'oh is going to emanuel mode and I'm going to bring it in let me see where I get just like that. Stay there. I'm sorry. Girls will be ready in one second and now I think I should have it or be pretty close. I should have light flaring through. I bought it down. I was up to fifty eight eight. Now I start to have it. It doesn't look like much yet, but I promise you when you see how it looks finished, it's going to be quite the little story. Okay, so look at the widow story, start to unfold. Watch what we can do here. Can I bring you guys off the couch? Can I bring you guys right here and watch again how we change and adjust whips? Sorry, guys. You were going to come right into the couch. Very comfortable. You're going to sit down beautiful, and I want you to sit back all the way. I want you to be very comfortable, so I want you to bring your arms up on the couch, let me see what happens here, will bring in the arms up were flaring avail out over the arms and from here look at what we do. We're going to turn her body sideways. Turn a little more. Course that leg over. Turn your head to me. Beautiful. Good. Now, ali, can I have you come to the back side? Good. I want you to spread your arms wide and not directly behind to come off the side a little bit more, more, more but your arms wide and leaned down to one side. Look at me that beautiful. Turn your head back. Shin up, rachel. But your arm in a little bit on that side, bringing in sight the bender. Bring that hand down. Just return your body a little bit more sideways. Camp mackenzie, come on the side here. We can see. Same thing. Arms open. Push that shoulder and turn your head to your right. Look, it may should not till britney right over here. I want him to do and it needs to be quick. Open your arms again. Bring one hand on her back for me, britney. Now bring your left hand out to the side and push out leaning to you, right, dad, a girl! Turn your head! Put your head back to me, that girl right there, chin up and now everything's got to be quick. So I have split seconds to make decisions I know that I have light right here so I'm going to do is pop on my pocket was it pop on my light and no okay I got to go into their faces with the light so I'm going to go up here and let's see if I can make this work if you should be quick and easy we don't want to take too long doing this stuff so again it's about quick easy smooth transitions but also most of all simple lighting okay so looking at me he a flash on ok here we go looking at me he had turn your head to your right beautiful on the truth is I'd want to elevate myself tilt mackenzie good looking right here girls stay there just like that turn your head a little bit to the right good you are doing terrific let me make sure I'm getting the lighting I want so right now I'm eating and I'm pretty close on my exposures let's see what we got turn your head a little bit to the right for me rachel right now I'm going to pull it up to an even exposure perfect smiling nice and actually be serious go serious good let's see what we get in terms of light if I got it right I'm going for a nice soft light hopefully don't overexpose hold on who's on that's pretty impressive right? Yeah yes alright anyways I kicked my camera look at the light look at the clean cleanliness of it because I have the light soft underneath I'm softening it up the certain things I could do it mckenzie's looking a little rough with the right shoulder if I open it up it's going to soften it up but that's not your ordinary barred from a pitcher is it it's about simple ms stop out step out ladies look at what's happening and bring your hands and beautiful just relax turn your body so I was good just like that opening bring the arms up a little bit no no you see which brings her arms up we don't get what we really want we want to keep it simple enough and we push the envelope we have fun because the idea is to make her feel sexy and we're going to get to that in a second. We want to really try and push it girls out turning look down for me turn your head to the right chin down looking down just like that stay there going wide figuring out the proper angle and let's see what we get against soft light now watch how we start to push the envelope we're going to come in here and I want you to lay flat on your back with your head going in this direction you know land your elbow is actually slide all the way here can you slide down a little bit because I'm looking to get studio light here elbows back, head back but your elbows up on now let me see what happens good head back now no head all the way back turn your head away we got great profile light right here don't wait relax one second good what I want to happen now is I obviously I want to clean this area up I'm going to bring ali coming right here take your legs in here looking actually look away we don't want you looking down to philex here getting a little bit closer slider just like that you had good but come over here leaning in this way let me see across those legs over by the time I'm done it's going to look like a brothel good just like that here do you notice I'm putting myself in feminine positions? I like it to know I'm doing it because I don't know what it's going to look like if I can't possibly feel it looking down head back head down just like that now I have one giant distraction I need to get rid of it little things make a difference so from here opening up turn ahead ali a little bit mackenzie chin down your head back beautiful close your eyes just like that state of turn your head just a little bit britney turn it to your right britney let me see what happens more more excellent stay right there girls and let's say quick and easy and we go straight into it take a look that's pretty sexy, isn't it? It works do you see how simple it is? We're clean lighting now they're gonna buy all of these no, but they're gonna remember that they did something that no other photographer did and every last person has posed down whether it's britney whether it's mackenzie whether it's alley everybody looks good they all have that sexy element ladies you could relax real quick you can all take a seat back down on dh miss can I miss susan before before you take that down doug I'm just wondering if you could explain and I don't know if maybe we could get a wide shot but showing how far you are and how you have that light set up sort of talk through the height and that basically what's happening what it is if you get the wide shot here I am roughly about ten feet away from the couch from shooting with the twenty forty seventy this light is hitting the white wall behind it reflecting back and I'm slowing down the shutter speed I'm a fiftieth of a second because I want the background to burn and that's not an appealing background. Otherwise, if I should get to that background doesn't look good, it barely looks good now what I'm going to do, though, is I'm definitely going to crop right in here so that I could eliminate the radiator. So it's soft light. I'm barely filling. I haven't even right now. The setting is to match what I'm shooting out of their foreign tio. However, since I'm bouncing it is it gonna bounce his heart back? I know it's going to fill slightly under so we're keeping it real simple does roughly ten feet here, maybe a treat? Ok, one of the questions there's a question from wd photo who's wesley from vegas and I've seen this question a couple other times, so we'll ask about how to pose a bride if she's in one of the big princess like ball dresses or someone else describing us. What groups yeah, is it? Is it more difficult to it's a lot more difficult? There are times, so I will tell you that I've asked them to remove the hoops. If the bride has one of those princess hoops, it really limits you because when you sit her, what happens? What I'm a do in that case, believe it or not is used a stool that I plant underneath it you know, and it could be like a piano. I would cry, everything would be different here. The piano would come into a lot more play with that because I would start to adjust and have to hide the lower part of her body. Eliminating and doing sexy photos like this becomes quite becomes about more challenging. Now again, you're looking at this in its roar ist form on dh. What does that mean? You look at it now. You probably know it's nice. You have no idea what it's going to look like when I'm done when I run my actions to vignette my edges when I run my act tions to change my tones when I run my actions to just really stop burning and decreasing and highlighting what I like again, that's one of the benefits that you're going to get to see all that at the end. Especially if you get the course. Okay, what's, right? And so just do you dug it sounds like you do, but you are thinking about how you're going to post process thes poll shoot course I see when I'm shooting, I'm three to four images ahead. I have the album design in my head and I have the post production. I could tell you every action and I'm going to run into someone around a smokeless burn which is going to win yet I'm going to run a starburst I'm gonna run ah blue going to be an eater's I'm gonna push the windows back what an atom a soft and open him up even more you know all of that's in my head I already know every button I'm gonna press that's how I'm able to post produce as fast as idea what you'll see tomorrow if you think a shoot fast you should see me do the post production that's one of the reasons the pilot imaging became so big to me they know exactly what I want to accomplish your post production company should be your best friend in the entire world and is that how do you recommend people get there? I mean clearly you've been doing this for a long time is it just is it just practice is there way maliki or it's not like this is a set posts it's not a suppose visual ice member movies clearly I made a comment that should stick out in your head what was I trying to create the look of here a brothel I was trying I'm not trying to make them look that way but the thought process when you see those old movies and you see the girl sitting around smoking the cigarettes and doing all whatever they d'oh that's what it would look like in my head and then the tones that I pick which you're going to be very they're going to start to be muted tones, they're going to be kind of tooty fruity type tones is the thought process that's in my head that I'm going for there. Doug question from carrie grace in the image with the maid of honor plus one bride's maid how would you cover up the brides maid's arm? And from this question, I'm wondering when you're when you're posing three brides maids with the bride, you're really looking at her arms and how to slim her all right, we are they talking about the three sisters by the window? This was actually much earlier thiss was the image of the maid of honor and one bride's maid if you if you have three bridesmaids and the bride and you're obviously trying to slim her arms or post her, are you just looking at her and her arm? Are you I'm looking, looking at if you look look right in here, I'm always covering, I have all arms up, look hand hand and then the bride's hand is over here on ollie's arm, I will crop to eliminate you hear all the time one of the posing rules is don't use hands well when you know a rule, what can you d'oh break it everything's here girls could have are you real quick everybody come on let me show this real quick who we're going to go live here okay, so let's take a look let's put upright and maid of honor in the middle right over here switch sides for me real quick ladies good turn this way turn this way because we're live right here spent around give a hug right here. Mackenzie you're going to go on this side, britney you're going to go on this side, roll out, roll out hand here hand here just like that looking here heads together till thing just like that turn your head to your right lean forward alley you're going to talk to her a little bit perfect mackenzie glee in a close win floor would take a look hand hand, hand, hand hand and what I'm going to do because I can't cover up the to end girls arms is I'm going to crop through their shoulders so this would be my general crop if I could do it here I'm going to try to do it in camera but it's a little bit more difficult obviously looking at me and please don't judge me on the lighting because I'm not setting it up take a look at where I'm cropping and camera I'm going right to the edge you guys relax so, take a look at this point. C. I'm starting to cut into the arm, the finnish cup. I went into britney's on, but I'm definitely going to go into mackenzie's. You guys gets fight out again once again, thank you. So I'm just looking everyone's arms all the time. I'm looking at everyone's arms, although looking at everyone's arms, especially to sleep with strapless gown, it's, nothing flattering about it. Look at mckenzie's are mackenzie's a beautiful, tall, thin girl, but her arm looks chunky because of may, nothing because of her, just the way it looks to the camera, I need to eliminate her, so I'm gonna crop till it.

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