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What it Takes to be a Professional Photographer

Michael Clark

What it Takes to be a Professional Photographer

Michael Clark

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1 Class Introduction Duration:01:04
2 Choosing a Genre Duration:09:18
3 Perception vs. Reality Duration:10:20
4 Supply and Demand Duration:10:14
5 How to Turn Pro Duration:09:47
6 What it Takes to Survive Duration:05:28
7 Marketing 101 Duration:04:56
8 Consolidate Your Brand Duration:04:38
9 Build a Following Duration:04:30
10 Never Stop Learning Duration:01:21
11 Do Your Homework Duration:01:30
12 Get an Accountant Duration:01:11
13 Stay Up to Date Duration:01:39
14 Accept Risk Duration:01:42
15 Diversifying Your Income Duration:03:55
16 Be Professional Duration:01:55
17 Expand Your Business Duration:09:30

Class Description

Working as a pro photographer takes commitment, passion and tons of hard work. Many think pro photographers are on an extended vacation and happen to take a few photos while traveling the globe non-stop. While many photographers do travel quite a bit, and some go to exotic locations, the reality is quite different than the perception. In this 90-minute class we will discuss what it takes to be a pro photographer including how to perfect your craft, dial in your marketing, build a following and how to find clients that will hire you. By the end of this class you should have a level-headed, realistic view of what a photography career might entail.


Robin Sebastian

I think that Michael makes creatives take off their rosey sunglasses and see the business of professional photography as it really is. You might not want to hear everything that he says but he shares some very honest and important information here that people coming into the business should only ignore at their own peril. Established photographers are probably in full agreement with what he has said here. This class is a must watch for any aspiring pro photographer! Four thumbs up!!