What it Takes to be a Professional Photographer


Working as a pro photographer takes commitment, passion and tons of hard work. Many think pro photographers are on an extended vacation and happen to take a few photos while traveling the globe non-stop. While many photographers do travel quite a bit, and some go to exotic locations, the reality is quite different than the perception. In this 90-minute class we will discuss what it takes to be a pro photographer including how to perfect your craft, dial in your marketing, build a following and how to find clients that will hire you. By the end of this class you should have a level-headed, realistic view of what a photography career might entail.



  • I come to CreativeLive as much for inspiration and motivation as much as for instruction. This class was a downer as far as inspiration goes. The instructor made me feel like he doesn't really want people to pursue a career in photography. I get setting realistic expectations, but there were a lot of "If this happens....forget it, your career is over, you're done" statements. I need some "You can do it!", quick!