What it Takes to be a Professional Photographer

Lesson 12/17 - Get an Accountant


What it Takes to be a Professional Photographer


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Get an Accountant

I already talked about this, get an accountant. Sit down with them, accountants are really good at humbling you and telling you, because you're out there shooting and the funny thing with being a freelancer is that your gross income will be bigger, obviously because you gotta fly here and pay for all these expenses upfront, then you get reimbursed, and so you've done the assignment and you think, okay well, I just sent an invoice for $6,000, or whatever it is. But that includes a whole bunch of expenses, then this, then there's overhead, and then there's this stuff at the end, that's what you're making a profit on and paying your bills with. But if you're not really on it, you can think, oh I'm getting a check for $6,000, I'm good. Not thinking like, well that's actually gotta pay off the credit card and do this, you can get into trouble really fast if you're not, and an accountant, they don't have to be a full-time accountant, but if you got somebody you can check in with on a monthly...

basis or every other month or something like that, it'll really help keep a level head. Because that's a place that you can really get in trouble fast.

Class Description

Working as a pro photographer takes commitment, passion and tons of hard work. Many think pro photographers are on an extended vacation and happen to take a few photos while traveling the globe non-stop. While many photographers do travel quite a bit, and some go to exotic locations, the reality is quite different than the perception. In this 90-minute class we will discuss what it takes to be a pro photographer including how to perfect your craft, dial in your marketing, build a following and how to find clients that will hire you. By the end of this class you should have a level-headed, realistic view of what a photography career might entail.