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Wireworking with Beads for Jewelry Making

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Cutting the Wire

Raissa Bump

Wireworking with Beads for Jewelry Making

Raissa Bump

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2. Cutting the Wire

Lesson Info

Cutting the Wire

So again it's not a precise thing of how much wire you need you need a bunch of wire for this and comes again you know you can get it lots and lots of wire if you're doing a lot of this you know less of it and snipping length and I'm working here with a lot of the links I did four centimeters and six centimeters and eight centimetres really tiny is too much you're not gonna get a lot of beads on there they're going to discolor causes the heat peat comes too close to them or they could pop but four six and eight centimeters so different length you can create you khun do samples and see what works for you and the ideas that you have that you how you want to tell her this I lay the wire along the ruler and snip and then I use the same one as my I'm not going to stay with the ruler for every single one the same piece I'm going to use us my guide over and over again so that was for I'm gonna go six and eight step down and the ruler can go down now you sees as a guide and they'll just line i...

t up right? So I'm just letting them right next to each other using my hands to pull them so that there's straight next to each other as well and not any slack and sniping and I might get a bunch of them and then put some down. I wantto consistently be using the same original, measured piece as my my guide. Peace, my, my sample that I'm snipping off of, so keep going, get as many as you need. You can always add maura few miscalculate or something like that. You have all your lengths, and then I put the beads on at this point, when it's just these these lengths. So

Class Description

Create a chain link necklace and learn techniques for working with beads from Raïssa Bump in Wireworking with Beads for Jewelry Making.

Raïssa is a jewelry maker and in this beginner-friendly class, she’ll show you how to create a chain with bead details. You’ll learn how to:

  • Measure, snip, and solder or fuse your metal for link making
  • Connect and shape links of varying sizes to make a chain necklace
  • Add charms or beads for detail

Raïssa will share best practices for working with jeweler’s tools and discuss which materials are the best fit for the project. Don’t miss your chance to learn basic chain necklace making from a patient and experienced instructor.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.

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