Wordpress® : Video, Slideshows, and Other Essential Features


Videos and photo galleries bring your website to life. Learn how to add them to your Wordpress®  site in Wordpress® : Video, Slideshows, and Other Essential Features with Brian Wood.

Brian has spent years teaching designers and small business owners how to establish and grow an online presence. In this class, he’ll explain how you can use media to enhance the content on your website the easy way. 

You will learn how to:

  • Make video look great on all screen sizes
  • Add a responsive image-based slideshow
  • Use hosted fonts (like Google fonts)
  • HiDPI (Retina) images
  • Add SVG content

Setting up and running a content-rich and responsive website does not need to be complicated. Learn the how to add video, slideshows, and other essential features to your website in this beginner-friendly class.

Software Used: Wordpress 4.0



  • I found this series good, but flawed, sometimes more so than others. It's a great brush up on Wordpress, a good overview for total newbies, some good insights on how now to mess up and best practices - but the videos sometimes feel out of order, in one case, the bonus materials do not match the content of the training (i.e. the responsive image plugin shown is NOT the one supplied -- the one used in this training can actually be found here -- https://github.com/elf02/RespImage). This is a good 'I need to hit the ground running and make a website FAST' starting point that will hopefully get you excited to learn more. Sometimes you will have to dig around and do some research and extra steps not shown, but alluded to in the video - for example - the smooth scroll up button chapter requires a little leg work to figure out (popping open the added files and reading through the .php reveals a whole 'adding the button image in a specific folder you will create' step) - and I felt the 'adding a third widget to the footer' section was incomplete when it came to figure out how to get all three to fit in one row -- I guess I will tackle that again when I need it, or just find a theme that has it if I need it that badly. There's some fun with the theme - from what I've found, you'll need to edit the CSS for the buttons and menu toggle if you don't want active and hover states to be the blues selected for 'vivo donut' -- I notice that submenu items don't appear when viewed on a mobile device -- little things you'll need to crack into when you get busy with your own design - but at least he's given you the basic tools for doing it and resources for where to read more. This is very much a taster/beginners course - with a teacher who pushes you to figure this and that out for yourself, but again, I point out - he does give you the tools and how to use them to do so.
  • <p>I watched the first set of Brian Wood’s tutorials. I really wanted material that was beyond the basic of how you get and set up a WordPress site. I have the site. I went back to the course list and bought “Wordpress: Video, Slideshows, and Other Essential Features with Brian Wood.” I wanted more information on formatting images for my WordPress site. Much of the material is useful. There were a few things given that did not work with my site. I ran into an issue with one of the plugins used to make images responsive. The part on SVG was interesting but I am a user of CS6 Illustrator so my SVG interface does not work the same way as his. There are a lot of us using older forms of adobe. That really needs to be considered in these tutorials. Otherwise the materials were useful. Owning the tutorials meant I could follow along, stop the tutorial and apply each step to my site.</p>