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Workflow and File Management in Lightroom Desktop

Lesson 5 of 6

Lightroom Desktop Workspace Overview

Jared Platt

Workflow and File Management in Lightroom Desktop

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

5. Lightroom Desktop Workspace Overview

Lesson Info

Lightroom Desktop Workspace Overview

and let's look at our images and review what's going on everywhere else inside of light room really quickly. So in light room desktop on the left hand side is the organizational structure, and up at the top is your search feature and your filter. That's your filter. That little, um, funnel looking thing and then on the right hand side is everything you're going to do to the images. So they're all the adjustments that air here. Adjustments, crops, uh, brushes, Grady INTs. All those kind of things air there. Um, you're sharing. Tool is right here. Your cloud indicator is right here, so that tells you what's going on in the cloud. If you click on it. It also shows you all of your information. I've got a terabytes of space there. I can view plans. I can even click on these and it'll take me to light room Web. So if you want to get toe light room Web really quickly to make some changes up there to see what's going on with a specific album, there's certain things you have to do in the Web ra...

ther than here on light room desktop so you can click that will immediately take you to your account, Um, and offline. See that? That says, the offline drive the originals drive is offline, so it's just reminding you that that's offline. As soon as you plug it in, it will show that it's online. Um, and then down at the bottom is things like keywords and information. So if you click on the information, you can see that there's keywords on it. And you can also see that there I can add title caption, location, city, that kind of information, um, and the information about the actual photo itself. And then finally, if you look down here a the bottom, you'll see that there's a filmstrip view. Um, and there are ways that you can view these images. If yet the G key that's gonna take you to the grid. So click on any, uh, so click on any set of images and hit the G key that's going to take you to the grid, and then you're going to be able to choose how you look at those images. Right now, it's kind of that masonry style, but I can also click on it so that it's just a normal grid. That shows me all the information stars, flags and stuff like that. Um, or Aiken, go one by one. Ah, and see as a the d what they call the detail view. Um, And then also, when I'm looking at my images, I consort those images up or down based on capture time, modified file, name, etcetera and then right here below. This is where I actually rate my images. So if I'm looking at a set of images, you can see that therefore, stars here shows four stars here. If I click on this, it changes that to three stars. So this is a rating system. It shows you the rating, and it allows you to edit that rating system, which is a little bit different than light from classic, because light from classic has different places where one place is a filter, and it looks like it's actually where you enter in the star ratings, but it's not. It's a filter for it. So you just have to be aware in light room classic, which one is a filter in which one is the actual entering in? This one is right here is showing you this is the entry point, but you can also enter him in right here is well, so I can four star that that way, and then the filtering system is right up here. Click here and then you can sort by things like stars, flags and and other metadata here. All right, so now that you've seen the sum total like, that's everything inside of light room. So when I tell you that it's simplified, it really is quite simplified. There's not a bunch of modules you don't go from one module to the next. Everything is ever present in the in light room desktop that you notice that the screen in the middle stays the same all the time. And then these things here are. Whenever you want to use something, you just click on the thing the tool you want to use, and that's it. On the left hand side, everything's available here, Um, and if you tab, you can get rid of those things so that you have a little bit more real estate and that's it. It's Zaveri Simple system

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  • Organize your workspace and workflow
  • Store your photos locally or on the Cloud
  • Navigate privacy settings
  • Articulate the differences between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Desktop


Lightroom Desktop 3.2

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