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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Working with Curves in Photoshop CC

Jesús Ramirez

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

My name is the Sister Mary Ximen, Adobe Community Professional that I run the Photoshopped Training Channel, which is what most people know me for these days. What I'm mostly known in terms of the type of work that it was my composites. I do a lot of compositing work. This is an example of something that I've done I did not want just for fun. I saw the movie The Jungle Book and I really enjoyed it and I went home and I downloaded a few adobe stock images. Put that together in about eight hours, maybe less. And a few months later it was on the cover of the photo Shop User magazine when I got to write an article about it. So, um, most of this stuff then when a teacher today is are things that I've learned through just working on projects for fun, this classes on curbs And a lot of you may think of curbs as a tool to, uh, color correct and make color adjustments, which it is. But I also use it for my composites. What I'm gonna do in this class is just break it down into different break cu...

rves down into different ways in which you can utilize it to work with your images before we move on. I just want to quickly show you another project that I did. This is my biggest recent project, which is called Make a Masterpiece, which is a project that for Adobe Adobe hired five artists and we re created paintings that have been lost through history because of either theft or damage. You can't really see the detail too well on this slide here about the painting on the right is the original. In the painting on the left is the one that I recreated. So it's a huge composite is roughly 1200 or so layers, and it was created by using about 120 images, which are the images you see on the left and the curves. Adjustment layer was used very heavily to try to match tones and color. Correct the photos to match the original. So, yeah, that's the type of work that I do. And, um, I think we're gonna get started with actually learning about curves. So we're gonna be working with this p s the and I laid it all out and I'm just gonna go through each individual example and again, I broke it down into small, digestible pieces that I hope our not necessarily watered down, but just get to the point right away so you can understand it very easily before we can start talking about curbs. We need to discuss how digital images work because we are working with digital images inside a photo shop. But we need to understand how they're created, and we need to understand color Mo is we need to understand pixels. We need to understand several things. That way we can utilize the power of curves.

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This is a terrific course. I am an intermediate Photoshop user. I really learned a lot about understanding the use of curves for different situations but Jesus provided an excellent base of knowledge about color modes, color interactions, histograms, and blend modes. I have heard all of these topics discussed before but now i feel like i actually understand the technical aspects so that i can make decisions, not just memorize formulas. Superb. Thank you.


This class is fantastic. Teacher has a great depth of knowledge and explains very clearly with great examples. Well paced, well organized and very clear. I had no idea how much power "curves" have, and now I know. Very highly recommended.

Tomas Verver

Good course from an engaging teacher abou the curveseffect. Showing lots of examples what you can do with effect. A nice course about a specific subject! If you need a more general course and have limit amount of resources this one might not for your. If you would like a course that goes into detail this one is a nice to have. Projectfiles are included.

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