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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Working with Smart Objects & Smart Filters

Dave Cross

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

every so often in the history of Photoshopped, there are things that come along. They're like, Well, that changed everything. So, for example, layers Photoshopped three. Now think about using two versions of photo shop where everything was done. On one level, there was no layers. There was no masking. There was no multiple undoes, so layers was a huge change. For me, smart objects is almost as important. I mean, it literally has changed the way I used photo shop, just like layers did smart objects is right up there. Not an everyday thing, perhaps for some people. But once you see what they do and some of the ways you can use thumb very, very powerful. So it will be talking about is what exactly is a smart object and why would you care? And are there any drawbacks to it? Cause with some features, it's a good feature, but there's a price you have to pay, and this one has a small price, but it's one that, to me, is well worth it. And then we'll talk about how to make smart objects the dif...

ferent ways you can use them. Their advantages where camera raw and light room kind of fit into the picture. And then some interesting things about filters, because smart filters have also changed the way that filters work now in a very positive way. And also, technically, Photoshopped doesn't really have something called a template. But with using camera raw, we can create documents that act like a template, so we can also save time with it. So that's kind of the approach we're gonna take for this class to talk about smart objects.

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Clear explanation of smart objects and smart filters in depth including a wide variety of options. Demonstrations show how to use and why these functions are so valuable. Dave is a great teacher, with excellent pacing and explains every salient detail. Very highly recommended.


Very informative class that provides great insight into a concept I was completely unaware existed. Pace was good and Dave presentation style was great.

Beatriz Stollnitz

Dave explains smart objects, from the very basics to more advanced scenarios, in his usual clear and simple style. A great class!

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