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Lesson 1 from: Working with Speedlights in the Studio

Mark Wallace

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1. Class Overview

Mark Gives an overview of the class and the topics we'll be covering. Mark introduces the production team and explains how to download the bonus materials for the class.
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Lesson Info

Class Overview

Hi everybody. Welcome to Working with Speed lights in the studio. I'm Mark Wallace and this class is everything you need to know about working with speed lights in the studio, it's sort of self explanatory what we're gonna be doing today. But you want to remind you that this class is part of my Essential Training series right here on Creative Live. It's a series that goes through the fundamentals of all types of photography. Studio lighting flash, all of that kind of stuff. And so there might be some things that I touch on in this class that you might need more information about. You can find that in my other classes. So check out my class instructor page, you'll see all kinds of stuff there. Well, it takes a team to create a class. And so I'm going to introduce you to all the people that are here today in the studio. This is Theresa, she's gonna be our model, you might recognize her from Our previous constant light class we did. And Sarah Olson is producing our show today and switchin...

g and doing all kinds of things. You might hear me talking to her behind the camera and Matt Madrid and so matt and I have worked together since 2010, A long time. So all that digital photography, one on one stuff and exploring photography and Adirama, tv, all that stuff really, matt did that and I was just on camera. So we're back reunited and it feels so good. Okay, thanks guys, now we're gonna talk about a little bit about what this class is about, which is speed lights in the studio, but I just want to explain why I'm wearing this sort of casual clothing. The reason for that is we have outlined what's gonna be happening here today, we have our different segments, but nothing has been rehearsed, we're shooting this live and I am intentionally going to be including all of the mistakes, all the foibles, all the little trips, anything that happens here, we're including it because the best way to learn how to do this stuff, he has to see those mistakes and so hopefully I don't make any, but my past experience will prove that we do have some. So it's just laid back very informal and the point is for you to follow along and learn from what we're doing. Now, I do have some bonus materials, you can find those on the class page or some discounts on some tether tools, stuff, some diagrams and some things like that. So check out the instructor page for this class and you can get those bonus materials. Okay, well that's all there is to it. Next step. We need to start and talk about what it means to be shooting in a studio

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Erika Matkovich

This course has been amazing! I have learned more through this class than any other YouTube video. Thank you for being so thorough. You are giving me confidence to add OFC to my work.

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